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DEMO provides an example of how to create an application
and interface it to ORION.  It consists of four files:

	DEMO.DOC	This text
	DMOPRM.MAC	Parameter file with symbol definitions
	DMOTAB.MAC	Application command table to be linked
			with OPR and ORION
	DEMO.MAC	Application server program.

In order to use DEMO, do the following:

	1. Run GALGEN and include application support.  The add
	   DEMO as the name of the application and DMOTAB as the
	   name of the application table.
	2. Compile all modules of the OPR and ORION programs.  
	3. Compile DEMPRM, DEMTAB, and DEMO modules.
	4. Link OPR and ORION with DMOTAB.
	5. Link DEMO.
	6. Start the ORION and DEMO programs.

When the DEMO application server signs on to ORION, it will display
a startup message on the OPR terminals.  At this point, give the


command to OPR.  There are only three commands: HELP, SHOW, and TEST.
The HELP command looks for HLP:DEMO.HLP which should be constructed
like the OPR.HLP file.  The SHOW command causes the DEMO application
server to report it's version number.  The TEST command takes a line
of text as an argument, sends it to the DEMO application server and
it gets displayed on the OPR terminal.