Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - cuspjul86upd_bb-jf24a-bb - 10,7/snup/snup.rel
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 09lyH  	  _B4&*QX$*$ F@@@@
Z*",~_B4&0QX$*$(F F@@@@
,5<,G,	*T
 ,g,B 2b+4(B:*,* ,~ 0b +:"`S`7D	* A
"+% d&@ FH."*d"7B,~0b +@"`S` d$@ Dh*b(,~	*E"E*4B-6$H+D`d+J=b+7B%,~6$h+O`d+U=b.,~d"@&"QDx	"36@,2[xbW."
$j*Y;0E$YSQ&U;]?YiW6~t8 P "H	b	*Q
&W,N,T [	b?+@!"	b?+@,~
&\ B
'	`^_a	*U(T*Dcehmoqs y	b+` B y	b+` B z	b	*U"P(L+` B " B@@@@ z	b+` B {	b@@ B {	b@@	*A(U B |	b@@ B |	b@@ B }	b@@ B@@ }	b+`	*U"P ] B
+[0D+Z`0b@+	(@D(f B
,~,o@@A" ./"`3n	 	Q,"`.N	6 	,~,	(P@n+h "',4d,>,> 
.,<*| 	"E P w.","0B+u" "B	 .", D	,^,^ 	aDe l 	*AA
 	5 	."d B	,>(B{ ( 
.	 E
4D.,+( xA"7JO@x,^,~(B	*T*@)+
` ,~+- J*g(&.*,*b	 D ,~`B4 aB5 ,~ J d$@`t@l$ D	 
(L (H F	 U"Q
!Fd&@5F) K D
6 (H+& 0 D	,4 
 D0 	l$ D(H=j7J-	"A*E"*,~ (h FFd&@5F3 K F
6 (h+0 ( D	,4 
 D( 	l$	*U*2 D(h=j*,~,>,6,^,~!$ 	3B
+=cD+<bD	+A B
 	(U"; B	,~cD	+A+>cD,~!$GD	!$BD	,~!$GD	,~7J,~	 
(L[0(T(] 4(}Q4` T0=jC,~/248	*P L<>@Bd "	b7J,~0"0b7h@+F "	b
+N	 E*Td"(B B\ $@.B]=$V.B.B 
(L.B0=jZ,~(]]	*U*U*},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,	*U*U*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,	*U*U*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,	*U*U,,,,,,,,,,,,,*/>~Q>,"\	"*,"x]*.^,B,1:,B,B,b? Called GETADR with negative 	 D(count
&%	`+)? Called SETBRK with negative word count
&*	`+/	 0? Too many breakpoints for this monitor
&0	`? Too many breakpoints for SNUP sub	 @9routines
&5	`? Too many reference symbols for SNUP subroutine
&;	`? Und	 "Aefined breakpoint symbol(s)
&A ,1	`? Multiply-defined breakpoint symbo	" Jl(s)
&F ,1	`? Undefined MONREF symbol(s)
&L ,1	`? Multiply	 @R-defined MONREF symbols
&Q ,1	`H7Unable to reduce core but continuin	"[g
X?SNOOP. failed -- Not an errorIllegal argumentNot privilegedSomeo	 cne else snoopingExceeded max breakpointsFunction illegal when breaks already ins	 lertedNo monitor free coreAddress checkIllegal if not LOCKedChecksum o	 tf running monitor doesn't match disk copy (hpx	 }0? Can't open device where monitor lives
&~	`? Can't find monitor on t	 @he disk
&	`? GETTAB failed (trying to find disk copy of monitor)
&	`	(x
? Error reading directory of monitor
&	`? Bad .EXE file -- header	 " code not good
&	`? .EXE directory too big for program
&	`_D	ZD		(+}<x? Desired address not in .EXE file
& 	`6$ 
? EOF before address	 D' found
&%	`XJ? I/O error reading .EXE file
&*	``JLOCK 	 0not implementedno LOCK privilegeIf LOCKed couldn't run largest existing job	 8If LOCKed couldn't guarantee corminNo room in EVMIllegal subfunctionPage unava AilableTried to LOCK again in an illegal way
'	` H	 I;yH30'654
#xR54t@R54/^R54VW b614[	D R6161]b61P"61SMR6:m%7^
HY^=bHY\	D"HY_;hKi(LCTLC:ZLCN9VM9M@gRW	`aigs
	D"gr{]gs-	}R}	
w+\	S[}K	`HHCg	D"HFwHRTHS!?G?:9?w
(zkB({%C(T	D"(T6H(Tm7(Tv]u(Tv]|(Tvgo(Ty"	`.bg}1D}g`WD\!+	"Xwh@^Z|(J^at*^bQ4-S_Y\ a&\!.T&?T&?-	D",.	`(XsGH(XtJ(YIMN(YITN(a@TH&:0 THE, De)M4	D"SMdg	SMsg
YGCM)YT$_&gp:<pFgpUg	2x

@Fr3@X<!*KV\!"MP[L>MPm4%	"MPvg,	`
:	`?SFB(eD
`W%]g	"UYx]xUYy	~UY\s4Y]1x	Y]GZ/$AN$$<yF=UbW@:wc	wiwiwjwjx9	x9x:x:\2g'W4=W42]WGEWGSWH-WH8WH?	HS300HS30HS30hHS30`HS30HHk(b0Hk(b0pHS30pHS30PHS30PHk(b0P(