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                         703A TOOLS SAVE SET

The various programs in the tools save set have been found useful  for
performance  analysis  or  debugging  or looking at crash dumps.  They
come as is with no warranty express or implied, and are admittedly  of
uneven  quality.   They  are here for your use if you wish to try them
following the rule, "USER BEWARE."


The software in the "703A Tools" save set supersedes  the  TOOLS  tape
shipped with TOPS-10 Version 7.03.  The new software includes:

     1.  BLD.CTL - This file has been updated.  It  can  be  found  in

     2.  DECNET - This SFD contains all the DECNET tools.  DNSNUP  and
         DNTATL  have  bug  fixes.  DNSNUP.EXE and DNTATL.EXE will now
         run on both KL and KS processors.

     3.  FSCOPY   -   This   is   a    new    tool.     Please    read
         DSKB:FSCOPY.HLP[10,7,FSCOPY] for a description of this tool.

     4.  GALAXY - LPTLAX.MAC has been replaced by LPTTTY.MAC.   LPTDQS
         has     been     replaced    by    NEBULA.     Please    read
         DSKB:NEBULA.DOC[10,7,GALAXY] for more details.

     5.  SNOOPY - This product has been rebuilt with  the  changes  in

     6.  SNUP - Since this product has changed, it is  suggested  that
         any program using SNUP be rebuilt.

         SNUP was changed to use register R instead of register 3.  In
         pre-7.03 days, R was 3, and some programs were coded to use R
         and others were coded to use register 3.  In 7.03, register R
         was  changed  to  be  register 17.  The user's code should be
         checked to make sure the actual SNOOP'd  code  uses  register
         %R, and not register 3.