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 Bu,27l ,'M,y,'n 	b@ Bk 	b  Bn,(,N,5 	b@ Bp 	b@ Bp 	b!"= Bv	b Braf3Bvl @ u	f&@ FsO@w *"# " Bo "	b  Bl 	b  Bl 	b  Bm 	b  Bm 	b!"z(" Bn	b Bv56 ,85"<7@w+;,!~4N;  ,*> " 
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O@q,y,000p+U,"h "  B:,!@ Nz,1P,"SzX4	t 4,t1P+[5pU+Y "" B:,46@y+Y7@j+J4TJ $6@],(,z6@,1,, "Qz	b@3BF+b6TF+i  TF6@j+e - F,	O@y  $ z (z	b;+ @@,d6@y+i,K,,7,	,,
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U,	0,i,u,*,]6`,8,	4,,	*5ld@@2~.*"wO@w *"# / Bv, "/ B:,46@y+7@j+
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,u!"	bB+ 6B+	`!"bBw+s,'f,*U+s7@0,z@@(@@*!>6@0!>*>+@@9:@:,~,>86 9+|,y@@8O@:,~,*U8B$>Zw1B,+l@	`  Q 	`+ ! 0X 0@@0*!	b+@	`  Q 	`+ ! 7X 8@@7*!  0	`	b,*[ F``,,< " 
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W0]x @@0*[M6p7]mb*\lW  @6@y,~ qcDq,[,~@@ \*"1 ] B!"Lu B@@ " B j B,~"]$^(DG"$^2bt+*j3Bt3$t,~+*j``,~ "2 *5``,~  *5gg]?%ric'

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5.~B+b M c d	b6+ `J+6@u+,]++ 0"+	 1B+	 "-`J,e,.w+	,)I+Y>=@CS$teMg:7a=wg tJJWS$P$R$T$V$X$Z,A,C,F,H,K,Mggg222*7 ,k,n,s,w ",)I ,(L6@{7@l+3 "x,)4 l7${ "l, "5)I,*^@te@@e z*"i7,"v4p*j0P1P+71P+=,"+? "L000p "c,
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6@z+*j5">,y7B|,~=B9,,~	Bz+*ja|=B9,,~]Bz+*j,I,yG"3$),	,o5p,4N:!Nz+*jc	d&7,~SX$0	d+$ad:x,~,wa`1B+*j!" FcBo3Dn+*j="],y7D|+*j,y0D+S,I "- $0,	,!~5p,4N4 5,!+)5} "z5B*j+V,I4"-3$5,	,o5p,4N*jcNz," B ; BwO@q,"<,)4 z,)Ob7`2B=+
,E+B7`,~"h,F7+@@,~C"QS$SK&+,Y"Qa$Ua&0,!"{C+3D0*b5"*j,[+@@!(X(*(5p,*k,>k,>	 ",)+ ,^	,^k,*o B:,y,$ Q$B &,"v4p"P=f ,^ "B5'I,>,>,'I yaf0+, $ ,)4 & ,)I=f) ",)I=d' ,)4,'f,^,^,~6@y,~ ~9B*j "!$!&cFocDu "@@l a*$p4B*j``,~,y "b $d,	 #,"v4p<2B$P+9,O e*",~TNuIwA=4'd@R`}Ln@uY>=@xd[@l$`^CS$txeMxt<@w|>=g:7xa=wxa=wx}Ln@uY>=@d[@l$`^CS$teMt<@w|>=g:7a=wa=wEgy[>uiZ7kN. 
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N,	),	,~ z8B*j  $\&z	b;7,~6@+	@ p`d,,,~&(7b+	G0"+	F0b(B1b(B(B{2& Q ,
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79  TF,~,*^ * ,i@@0 l B0O@0 Q"	b+0 06@3B=+0 B( 0 B(U" B( B(@@(.*+'/*.Jj"`S`X* J,~,*a .Z\1BZFXB\@@D " BD7B\ F BE *E ,]Q*}7@0,~@@( 04NJ $ H@@
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+Ve@+Za@,<,~,@,~  A7@+_2D*b\,~ D,~ A7B*d`5$*j@@+*j,e6 :x,~ A2B*de5$*j@@+*j,>,y,'I,^,)45'f,*^`@+s ,
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CZQ0B[Z1BV,~1Bm1,~1B);@A1,~[Q,)IZQQ"Iw,),)I Q,)4[Q1B-,),(~,~ H@@I*"Q H BIO@JO@J,~ ( BH,
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r,> $ D N D / D u w D w D x D z D,^	b@55,~``,~,| " $,
r,> $ D N D / DQ$zX$ z:@*$,>,*",^* D $ Da`+
f $ D y D x D z DQ$~X$	 ~:@*$
$N D H D u w D w D x D,^	b@55,~,>,> " $  (, ,^.",^S`X$ &Q!${LX$5 "Q,~``,~ "
r,> $ D N D / DQ$zX$ z:@*$,>,*",^* DQ$~X$ ~:@*$
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(,>,'I`lE`l F`l G`l@ H`l  Ia`+JZ,)4 xaB+kZ(Q"Iw,),)I,^aB+sZ(,)4[(4Bs,>,> K*<,x,^x,^`l,`l ,),(~`l+~`l+y K*<,~,(~`l+} N	b!"bBw,e,u5`,$.!,a`cLw5`?lo5`+t L`l L,
,>,>K*<,x,^x,^,)4`l,,access failure,(~ "
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/@@Q**d *56@l"6@l" B( D( F(6@ H( "(7@>,~}Q
.0$x8x0X>xxeX4>TPlease]KJOBQorDETACH,];r@I-do not haveoJACCT,]a{job numbera PPNaorusername\SFDssillegalsinoPPNspecification,]E&:83$No jobcnumberospecified,]jY@)@[8\6n2}xea PPN,tpath,,oruserynameInvalid path specification,] 2No such PPN as ,]E%lx`7Device not a physical terminal ,]EdKZ`:$Terminal in use by job ,]EVJ:`@Terminal is your job's controlling TTY,]J<`DTerminal is FRCLIN,]J3pJTerminal is slaved; ,]EfJ9`MFrom job ,]ETjWQATTACH to terminal failed,]`TNow attached to job ,]EUh5XAccounting profile not available,]`\a=w|a"PASSWORD" missing in SET PASSWORD command,]9@bpassword may not be changedyour old passwordOld password: 
@0x	FPkUser name has been set,][YQ&P+Password has been changed,]
"Accounting files locked; ,]ELV'May not ATTACH ,]@+][P@+May not LOGIN ,]@+][V@/files-only PPNlocalremotedata setremote CTY or OPRas a batch job subjobas a batch job@@
P&@zX5XPPN has expired,]
AxPPN will expire on ,]EV
E8Password will expire on ,]EV
85@6pj@3 jWrong profile version; found ,]@2~}Y Q when expecting PPN not valid for this time of day,];zW2x@0
,hLB;x2xPv$`,/+	gkeyword,]EfZ{@iAmbiguoushkeywordc,]Ed{@lExcessargumentsnstartingswithn,]@EL^@pIllegalHcharacteru,]@EM@u"dfollowingword"LPe|Illegaloprojectcnumber,]EMT{Illegaleprogrammerynumbert,]EMhNobPPNYinpath}specificatione,]E%lrIllegalPPNrinupathospecificationj,]E%AWildcardedAPPNminipathqspecificationo,]E&|s,]hy=your nameName: 
qtCannotvsetuaccountpstring; ACCT.sUUOierror,]ELlp!Cannotcsetaaccountstring,]|p	$HrHrtSetomaximumvirtualEand3physicalnlimitsrfailed,]=V6$lXSet default file protection failed,]9X#Set ATTACH failed,]83(Set default buffers failed,]8W+Set default big buffers failed,]8Q0Set DSKFUL failed,]95BpCan not set disk priority,]99ENQC. UUO failederror code = ,]EL]3	>Set write to OPR privileges failed,]=zDSet batch stream number failed,]8YI(= ;Error from [SYSTEM]IPCF,]\t	OSend to [SYSTEM]IPCF failed; error ,]EN=	SReceive from [SYSTEM]IPCF failed; error ,]EN)T	YIPCF quotas may not be set correctly,]9(>LOCATE UUO failed,]M3fHDECan not set path to ,]E$<xjCan not set /SCAN switch,]<yn$v$v0&&x&CPU class quota is zero; You would never run,]=yu@(SCHED. UUO failed; error code = ,]EN8s	{Set time limit failed,]=Set spool bits failed,]<qDqSet OPR privileges failed,];x	Set deferred spooling failed,]9
MoreUthano,]A2]&.Ustructuresindsearchhlist;Icannot addestructureSFDsknestedrtoosdeeply,]A:;R/SFDlenter failuree,]A9V933;ifile:n.SFDDSearchrlistudoesnotaallowicreates,];Q8Search$list is empty,];=}`x!j0Waiting for ,]A>vyY@B; please start overP	IIUFD interlock busy too long,]XZIY>=@$$vRH*HC8CH--  at  --hUnknown ACCLG. UUO error ,]AX~X2!@TJob capacity exceeded,](r@XBatch job capacity exceeded,]*Q@\Illegal argument detected,]S!@aDecrement tried with JLOG on,]+!@eDecrement tried with PD.LGN on,]Hy!@jAttaching to job ,]AZoDetaching job ,]ETJQr running  in user mode in monitor modeNo operator coverage,]kqzSystem not available,];P ~No remote users,]lZOnly batch users may LOGIN,]xZJob PPHH0String translation error; ,]Aa~= 
Context-run failed; error code = Unknown CTX. UUO failure,]Av=2$   WednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayMondayTuesday detached jobs logged in under  detached job logged in under   Job  runningB stopped	?(5)|E?(4)|F?(3)|G%,H[\I[,)I+hQ,; Please call the operator executing a  commandTarget PPN:    New terminal:  "T,)4 s5)   Name: Accounting PPN: mn@_C\@hTimesharing is over,]J7 \Timesharing will cease in ,]BVHt` hours  minutes at Account string too long,] g,]Bp u in account stringXF[M@
"H#You have new mail; to receive it, type MAIL,]pO`~Other jobs same PPN,]B%,xwMay not LOGIN using ,]E%[ {kHIHkUnknown QUEUE. UUO error ,]B6\2 Illegal argument list,]6 Illegal function code,]Q 
No monitor free core,]iQ ,] Component not running; no system pid,];YFatal error returned from ORION,]YWInvalid message from ORION,]7Not privileged,]l "No response from [SYSTEM]ACCOUNTING,]lP%GSHH	,FP5IIJQ@@I $M*( ^k@@l,*d[,*M FI,*MZFS`F[`F 
,*M[FUZ`,>,*M7@ & FS4FGSX(j[0f	 &	*(j,*M[FVZFV,*M FW^0O@k	b
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,eQBS Q( BR\",	b7+a@b!$Lu
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6+O@,!~4pm4Nl4N1P8Jl $O7 ,!+w4p1P+t
6m0,"+qO@ZI^0 PX+z I,!+O@0P,"h!$cDWO@7`@@YZIZ"/,~
6m0,"5p~O PX,~,$- x Dl Q( DR,*d X ^k,8,*M[FNZFO,*M`faF+
[FOZFP,*M[FPZFQ,*M[FNZFQ,*MZFRZ^:@X+6@6@++2^k+R RYB(!"bBW+Z(2B	b+ 6@+6@j+6@[+6@,$:3P$P+$P7`^0Z","k,$-O@@@@@	6@N,N6@+$,z5B,H,J,, ,0P +*4"*!$bDW+T+R 
1+0d5@l7@|7A$7A<7A,7Y "bBQ6 +E+8:@+V "bBQ+@ Q`b!+W7`Y6`Y+W7`Z6`Z+W7`X6`X+W,P+K4JK QaBaB+D7 +UO@: "bBQ+J QbB$R+XL[7@6 [+X,O,d4,S5p&6`]+*6@,~6@j+6@+6@,~+,e@@Y 0+%,$- ^kO@,8,*M 
,*Md&/&( FMZJL[.&( FL,*M FT W,$-2^k+R,H3p$P,N3p$P,~Z"7@7@,"k^0,+h X5pY,z:@k?@k+\ T,m+\1P+c0P +l!$bDW+T,e4p\5Y,*d,>@@,>Y,>Y@@Y@@Y,>XZ^X,>l,>k $  Dl ,$ Dk7 +z 
[@@[,0+JkL[,*M5F}\&	f+!afp+!6@j+!FT7,$S*"R@@S$S*"\O@X$T*"[,f,17@k+:@k>k>@k:k*80OpX@@Y,!~T`bp+$Th"*b@@T,~INXg^NHtS:O@@	@@ x Dl ^k W1D $5d.7 @@W6`@@#`,$- $ X6 3P$P $7@j6` $.Dx7`@@W^Y6` DW2P$POpX4BH[,*M FI.&Q& FJ,*M[7@7$XQ( HKZ7@7$XQ( HK,*MZ7@7$XQ( HJ,*M2F$X+G\&	f & FM7`X@@Y@@]O@k,*k6 ,7 ,@@\@@{,*o,~^0 PX7@S7@j5$:,#x,~
2	b+S-"$SL$\-"$KNl$`-"$I
$b-"$M6|$e-"$M6L$i7$p $s,>d,$B ,^aD+$,)4 ,(L6@{7@l+c "$s,)4 l7${ "l, ",)I+$,5"v "7@j BA7@j PA7 \06@>,#x "j $	,d7BlU"8v Bl7@kO@k7BkSS Bk7Bj+v	b`b O@@? A+x\"4pv7 +v1P5"k .jOd-"$UL$u .jOd-"$i6L$x,$-7B[,~1B+${,*U4"$:
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?SCNRLF Run failure -- "E 1" for code .[O@-"$e^L$},*[ \,1+O@\,", f1P+=4N6@O+,+,!) NO BPO@\1P+B0P1P-+J1P+I1P+E6`]0P7+H6@\7 7+)1P+81P+7@O,+!&GFQ &1P &1P &1P &1P &f$R \,~@@O %*$\O@X $T*$[6@O6@7,O!"GBQGBQ,~,+,"7+Y5"c`b+d7@\:\+dL|4N	5B6@O+
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6@`n`N+RNRRBR,`,!)6@`n`N+YNRYBR+*R0P+a.*0*X+O@Z,f@@Z,!) N(DB(4N+Z0P.1P75p5pO@\+1"0+e+&{6@\7F6&k,0d-"$EN|%6hY2(Y+-"$C
|%,>7 ],,^,~ Qd&DGF Qd&GF (w0h ("`S` 	3F$X  X F	:*h
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*"N@@]6@N,N@@D@@D,>D,>D@@B %*"J,^D,^D!"BBDBBD,~,*^,!~4N*j:\:x,c7+"5bh.k``n`+%h.k`,>(N,c+%
,^!"0cC0+Q,@@,\1b+(Z00"O0b[7+(2"L2bL+,0Z`daN7/8`dQ.5Nl@@m %*"{!0`d+%4,\`dQ"6@+B1P+;6+84p8+\0F+80P,"h+;`d@+&ab5B5"\,!~ %,!+ ./.`A.+\,^2N%5N .!$ bE0!. 0h"`ib`5B+
4"j %,!+%6 5Jm 
,$K*%0j*/*+*j",~O@,~,!@+,!N+,!1+,!b+%*"j,406@R1L$K7+%Z[06 7@+{6@T+{+ ,d %*"\5*j%,!-6 Z3NZ+6 +% NZ \7 0H+ NM0P+*j,!-3.Z+(,~%  07@O@ .,~%!,!~d4N0P+,>,!s,^ &!$qbFl*d6 >"$S`X$l %#	f7+*j,> INX+!`PS!$K8@f`+,^ $
%4J3 .+1,)G=n1 "%2,)4 .,)I (,)*j/,(~=l*,$3+$#,*d ,,(~ "%2,)4,(~!$~,)H[,)I "%4,)4Z,)4,(~*d9,(~ "%/1L "%0,)4,(~,(~ 
% 4JxZ/"8ZK.1L 
a0L ZK.1L 
o0L ,>,>!$~ &[bH,)IbH.&*dL,)I1f9O (,) "%4,)4,^,^5dY4DV`h+Y+k`h+X "%5+x "%6+xZah+] ab+x,+x[`h  !$y[z3F+c*d` "%7+xZz,)44Hx!$~Z3B+g*de+x "%9,)4[ , ",)I+xZah+o ab+x,+x  ",)I+u,>0%:.0,"+%:,^,)G @,)*pq ",)I7,)4,(~*jC=l=,~CMt%;CN%=CN%>D<%@D L%AD l%CDl%FCwt%GCw,%ICx4%KCN4%LDL%ND\%PEToELpEd!-Eq@%R<%V|%X4%[[06D 0`d `d +
4.%2n+$,~ 0 0P
`j$+%]d,6@R1L$K++%cad`l$	(%f0h+00H:"6l3B$X+0H4B`jh+%fO(BQD"2B+`j 0H+$!`1Nm.`NeY`GN`N5?[`BN5?nO@1(b\70H5?d$0$O0d[+,/$
Q>Q2Q0Q[[|Z	k>Q2Q0QkQ@Q$Q[deX4Q[???D|!-l}D
S;H6g^NHtiF@CJ>[2KZ-`_ aJ,j<M'=G>vJ7

C&)9-"$It%n-"$o4%p-"$]4%s-"$I4%u-"$ID%w[`-"$G%z, `-"$I%}[`-"$e%aN[`-"$SBT&aN[``n+-"$SB<&-"$SBt&	 .O $-"$g$&-"$]N4&-"$k/&-"$C&-"$]O&5"-"$kO4&-"$CO4& 0-"$k&6@T+? 0-"$INL& 0-"$]6
& -"$gZd&#-"$gZt&% 0-"$g[&(-"$YZL&*-"$a:$&/@@]-"$k?&26@\7 7,~6BO BB6BO BB P6@ DC6BP BC &5!"bBQ*$J Q QBDDGBDGDD!$| X2B$X BK*d76@P5P,~,"@@@@:0P+>:,"5H,"@@O@0P+B>,"5H,"@@@@0P+F:+H0P5H>,"6B BO@l &5*"p,*" B|000p+N+r,!4N Q  `,!+ O ./. R0.+a7B+ J B[|&$/7 ..R|6 m/.S.,>, 8Zx,^P7`+^3.|.&6+ , .&63d| + , ./. U0n+g No0P+ P,!@4n I0n+ K Nn+ 
Z1D]7nU7+,1D&]+&61D&^+&8/$[0d+p[|..S`6hl+Y=-"$[&9,!A4.I0P"+y7?B4BJ0.+K Nn,",&85.Qn+&0P+0n+K4NL$Nn,"000p+,!A4nI0n+K*n0n+*K+	,9+!7@+7 ".|+ ,,!  ,!+ M ./. U No0P+ @n,"000p+ $...Gh9 4B N0B0b+ N &$2&&1bO@1BO@ Ho Fp Dp>n>o, 87`+  " Bm Bm " Bn,"7+Y |,*
+K0Nn0P+&B,!@0.+!K4.I,Nm0P+&B,!@0.+!K4.I(Nm7"n`"$"6m.m$"6m.m,$)w'"Q@++*j-"$]:$&H-"$]B4&K-"$Id&P-"$IT&S-"$kl&U-"$S3&Y-"$kt&\-"$[$&`-"$IRl&bo%i9i#.,rMJLH<g&\RgVtH<[>tH<iV.9UvX9M-0[:CC[HUVtPUVgCV>\zgI6,%xR]?4[1I[1sI9i>$(i>m|YY>=@]>}`[&%j3YVt:I&ui9$U~,!Q,"@n0P+cl5!hO@0P00N5!j5m,"@n0P+!jS..$,"O@+!	O@0P+ wO@,"0P+ p(D(Nl+ l000p+ t($l(N..Gh+ l@@,!W6@O@O@)D+!	 ") B{ " &e &f,","6@Z+!0P+ ~`fpB+!,"+&f`fp`/0`hpP.0,"O@+ {0P+!	/0`hpP,"O@afp+!	B+!7@ $ D|5!^ 5*>,","@n000p+!`np+!((Np&j,"+!,"+!000p1+!(," $G`4B&k$"
(B{6"1P%6"1P& "	1P#@"0P,~O@5","000p75!O,!j &u1N4B*j 0-"$Kb&v,","@@l &5*"{\")) B{ &u6`Z+!q0P7@[+!q,",~3B&z+!}P,"+!m,","@@l &5*"{\")4 B{ &z6`Z+!{0P7@[+!{,",~3B&{+!}P,"+!w-"$Z4&{," . ") B{ &e,"+!^/0`bpP,"+",",","5","@@l &5*"{ ") B{ '6`Z+"
,"1P+*j,~0000p=7+*j000p-,~0p00:x,~,"100,~1p=/0,~1P6@Z,~6@Z,~+PZ7@,~,"37@Z0P,~,*k7&f+$,"34p")1P+"),"00W0p-+"1/0`bpP+"#0P,"h!"{X"(c,*>+"./"(c50,*o,~ 5""0-"$k<'-"$C<' -"$S<',>6@W+'6@Y^Y@@Y6BY+6`^0-""S+"R+"8+"@-""Q-""S+"O+"=+"@+":-""S+"O+"=+"?+"HQ0-""M-""S+"K+"C+"BQ0+"I7@Z+"EQ0+"I-""S+"K+"E+"GQ0-""MQ0-""M1P+"@+":!","k7@j^0+":\PY`5"Q-""Q6@W+":+"8 BY PX,^,~6@W+'
8+ 7  "
3'+#6@U7','+@,#,~1P*00P1P507@6@j,~7@6@6`,~0Pk "j $s &u,$
+$ " Bu "> Bt uQX$x4B#(ab*$| $xab Du,*o,#B+#A60>ap`6@5#3,#33P$P+#A,> >aB+' ",#33P$P+#A=b#0,^0P,~> ?+#>7@>+#A:@ 0G4P#:,#B+#A70@+#A0p@@+#<
` +#A ? P? +#3>000p+'@@,~,^^0,~,*k7`+#K[t0BK8+#K 'Sv7@Rv '	b+#K$" B? ' B>+#\
s+#m0u+Bu,$	dadjg6$@u+#]bBuew(BrQ"[I7DugadS+(	h6(,$5H#d,>(6"|,B(+#i@@@@+#k .jO@-"$Sd'^0,*o,~[t0BK8+#tQBv "LuQBt[v7@ZSPS Bv@@uZ`@+#E .jOd-"$S|'0D	1D
+*j<d*j9*j7@j,~6@>7`+$O@7@>+$,#B+$@b@f + +$ ' Sv7@Rv '	b+ @@j@@  A@@A@@> ' *"@,~ .jOd-"$S^L'! (}5)7Z,> ,$B+$7Z ()+$7Z ()
,> ,$BaB+$,)I , +$7Z,> Q,$BaB+$,)I4.$[,)
,)IZ,(6@,$^"7`7@j7 BX,(~,(~ X7@T@@[ k7 +\7Dl+$, Dx "7@+) D}X$*g Dx+,$:	`7@	,~@@	,> X6@>+$3
27@7 ^0+$6,>
66@>5p'%2P$P^0@@W@@Y@@Y@@Z2P$P^0 PX,^,~,$-,#x@@@@@@6@V5V,*U+$@	`	b,~7`
&'&	`,*kZ[`6@Q"8wQ$6@TQ$ ~Z&,'. B~,>6@T,#x,^,*o,~,F,T,a,oYI,eVpgR-t$N,N5p+6
QC$POj0SkX2B++No option ]>t$V$W?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Indirect file illegal in this contextEqual sign missingDouble equal sign illegalFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
$mIllegal character "S2$q" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@[O@5$:C1PWildcard illegal in /RUN specificationipO NR BR+ZhPR/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlapi0Kh Bh.k`+,^5b+mPm[ .8+R]>tP!.+\C2` .+\T` 4"gO@+g~,F5b*j4*m4Jn +jip] 0`f+w,R5{+wkXOMinsize:maxsize6@T++ Exit programNam:"ASCII string"Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format,5+4% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Flags are: - :	Stand-aloneYes/noProcessor type (Max=<@,^+vDecimal numberOctal numberCore value"ASCII string""SIXBIT string"Multi-word SIXBIT stringSIXBIT wordDate/time pastDate/time futureDate-timeFile specificationVersion expressionBlock size wordSwitch does not constitute a commandSwitch is globalOr bit values from switchSwitch value requiredZanen1B+4B0"	+$ "(B?X+`j+,R5?+0[0BaB8+Z`nh`B8++ ,"0P,"h+(Double file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberImproper programmer nameSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisj EmHm8R|X.+YR|+oMnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+ #3"|+ 2b|_XDate/time out of rangeNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0P+!,"000p/+!+ 0
$ "d&j,"+!0P+!(,"+!"B
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JH lMultiple characters illegal in switch{Hl{Input string exceeds the size of input bufferHl0P,~+"
{Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word W@@W1P 0+"R W@@W1P^0+"T^0+7@@,~Z"+"o@@Y+#,,#,U
(,^,~6@O@,~x|H|Indirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect deviceg`>Wildcard illegal in indirect specification,"3+$3

. &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@	+'3
8+ O@	,'I,)I,'A ,^abS``H,),^`FaH@+'= ",)IZ,)
 ",)I,)IZx`H,)4,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`f'I(B}D	[`G	d"`Bl7@l,~c,*[ 
'M	j'5(~,~'L,> "( B
 'y B
,^,~6 7'z ",>,'\,^,)I5'f,*k,'\6B+'Y\"	b@ B,),*o6 7'z ",)I5'f "@@,'u	b'+ ,~	b+,~:x+'c	b+,~:x B5'M?`
0B,~,> "B
7@+'l " B " B '{	b'
&,^+'Mg " B "!,'u	b'+ ,~ B "6 .",'u	b'+ ,~ B0"0b7'{ '{7@O@,~H*,~,*[ 
7B(+(,)"/,)I(,)(",)I7B(,~,)R((B}l"`,)7@(,~"(5(Z8,),)F  [ 1DYR5b)L,) ",)IR ,) " 5( 7B +(,),)F  ,)R !$bD bD 4F( ",)I ,) " l" 7B +)M`h+(`b5) ([/",>Q(} "-,)I  2B)P4")P6 x+)Q,)	*H((6 x:7@ +((,)G  ,)+($,^x+)!`)"w,>!`,(-,)G,^iB5)E  & ")B5B(2=f(/ ")B."`d ",)I=f(1,~,*
(c?",)I,^,)}"5)I1"05)I/",> ",)I,^5)IK>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXz ")Z6@,)
")Z4B(o>&" ,)IZ4B(s ",)IZ,)
 ",)I$)[4D)L ",)I 5)
`B?5(|,)[+({4B(| )\U$*D(z,)\bB+(|&"7!(+,)	 ".5)I 4D)L ")B.",)I+),>[,)
,)G,^Z7)^ &5")  ",)I &#`QDx6@,)[x."0b."5)I7)^ (5")/&l(#&" QDx/&0B,)5B)4f) "`h?")_,)I=f)`h,)B[x."0b."5)I7)^ (Q(5) &  ")B.",)I=f)$,~,>,>!$A`+)+,>,>!$B,)/4B)-,)I+)+,^,^,~,>*C&)0`fl"*XD*,^,~Q"A`aB,~,>x4B),)I+)6 B@@ "5)4,)5)F,>,)C,^ &,)"5)D,> 4d)A,)I=)?,^,~ "5)I "5)I "5)I "5)I "5)I "5)I "5)I "aB,~6@5
",~,)+([1D7@ ,~+(,)+($  ,()+($L\-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@0$$B
?X,)+)$,*a7N!.Lu N 
!,>9	laLd*@ 
+@ ,`j@!,an+)j`Jl
 L6NL5N*j  N6Nh`N,~ N.*
(N .!*cJ+*L5N*j anPIaNXI N7@+*@@ S* X* **  N  *!,}X, 7N(+* N0L(5N*j.**l)| .  N[
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 .(N|0l N0j
7.0l3N*j	n
$,>4"*[."~L&":X(D&$:XG&&&Z(H(B.$"2."n `D+*&$27@aDg &/"V$":5F*1(+*>!$z3(*7+*."*d*/*6.*xd"%*=),^,~ *=	b "5B*6	b		d,*[,>&$:0d~+*2&&.*6 *0& * .$&$0F *.(} $$6.^$m4d*1&$2/0F1.0hO@,^ $)w'*=2d*>."Q,~-<KZjy'6L\X
&.5"*Y,*^,> ,*R  
,^O@: `f+*H(FFdA4F*j+*KF4F*jA5F*K :*b*CZ4L*j ,~<$*N7 &:,~>  F:,~ "!$pbFG(D}5D*S,~	b
"`	b+*Z`b;xO@,~O@,~ ",~*
xQ*x,>,>,>,*k>~,^,^,^,^:x,~-j(,>,>,>*~,> ~,~,^,^,^,^*x,~ J[,*M`FX!X ahQ[H
+*{,*MZF[ F,*MZF
 FRd(x(HRH,*MZF,^5J0S "	b 0U B@@ 0V*"
 0VO@	b$@@	b
+  B7@ B7
,~@@ 0W*" J1 J1,.D"0W1B "0B1B++0B++ (.
1!"@cB(++!">9	b`BO@/!$(X$*$! (,0K	d $[	d7 & (,0K	d1Fm6l$_ Dh$_hd_ad7++-6 +0Xh$_hd_ad 7++-O@"++VO@"L(G(4B-8[(7@"0BYRL(5B+; $(Q$}7@6@7++6L5B+;:*d+2L(3J1`B++;!"bB(6@"++V "++=Ob-6@"++V 0Z	d $ad++G B-`dO@0@@#,0	++B 
15"+U7 ->-!">9	b`BO@/++I!1B>9,0C++V 
1,0(5B+V!"@[(0Hi;cB+-6@07@0+- 0Z	b 0U2B)+- ( B@@#,0	++S 
1,0C6@/++I6-@@-:$!"6@)bB(++Z@@(@@(,0P h(hhah++ (bH(l(0[h0[ 
1 :@f 6(H@@ @@ (H7` A+,@6@(++l?  :+, &6@" &.f >6@".&* D4B+d6@".&
[D6@"++t1D9R5H,7  )++d1DYR4H,(H.(( &6@:7@)+0\5F+d:' F(SF(cF(`h ++|+,O.
3j1++x++d7@:7B) O@ A +,6  )6@(+,!&bF+0^O@(++t@@((H.((7@:7F)  4F+d : B6(F BO@7@:7@)7+,F bB ++d5F,6B `b+,  `b|`d|+,++d::1h+,>:++d & (F.&(1H+,6@)4H+~L4D+~6@+,:':(6 -+,N@@ A " 6@" " B :@@ >,0PX"6@"l`
+.b7@"+,'6` A+,@ "2 B A+,<@@6  6@@ 61h+,-!$9R (5 & F67@7 6+,/!$YR 7@  B D H $ D@+.d,,J@@66H: B 6[A"~Q" 7D6  (	h  ( $S5H.e :: A0b 0_ $@+,L
  +,L " 62Dl   
1 :6B )+0`?(:++I@@ 6>  A+, ++d  "S,~ ++d ([(:':% BSD  
*&,*P7@776 &55F,V!(bH(  ,*P ,*PR,*P &,*P ,*P &,*P5d,\ K
L"6@" $ +0O6@"6@"7+0O 
 &0b(F6@"g"0b$"j0A$.,*% B2 
 A$ ",*% B2 1,,u+,p"0c+
RF !"bB d$ F cB `d,~7B+-
ab 3B)+-
6@),~7@ +-
 `b+- $ Q"} F7@7@bF,~7@+-
F 6@ 7@ bB ,~  26` 	3b 	3" 	,~0d
6@"+0O 26` 
6"1d+0O63b(3",~+0O.3h1;x61+I46@%+-46@'+-66@'+-)6D$+-.6@$+-& 0p,/t+-:,/q+-: 0r,/t+-:,/h+-:6@.+-;7@(+-0 0s,/t+-:,/h "0s,)4+-: 0t7@.,.n+-; 0w,/t+-:,/P+-; 0z+-670} 1+-671 1,/t+-:,/`+-: 1
1++[,*M  H[`  H,*M[FZF,*M[FZF,*M[FZF,*a 
@h(!"@bB0l( 1bB0l!$>9+@aDd 0 D(+@ Dad+-P "bB0l"1b1
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 "."?(B| 0d B( 0
0d3B1@@ Q"~." B 7B07870O@,.-+.# B(7B0TUd,.%+.#RB([ (0DYR,.' B( "!$cD0+. 0 0abl$abPaBlaBX,.-+.#7 ,.'`baB+."7@0+. B@@@@!*}7B0+-~ 0,.%+.#4B." B(.,*j-{@@( " 
.B(1B(L$,.-7+.#7@ab1 7@ad.6@7@+.7@(2B+.f1`b @@+0O 1,/u5(~  ,/r$15/   5/	71 1+.$71" 1',/u5(~5/J,.-,~:x7D,~ "6@`dp+.+(D+.(`bp,~)B+.( ( &(F cD+.0=(.-+0Of,.3,~(F G+./,>,> >"+.< "*D.9[+@1)1F+.;+.<:[1&7@+.B B &(FbF+.56b "+@
1/"(FA&: D,^,^,~!"bB(,~GB(!"bB(+.U[(1BYR+.P"0W1B "0B1B+.P3J11B+.PL(L(aD4B.\ 10 $(7F> F6@O@ F.$*b.Q+.Z ( abPD(ab\`(aBXD(aBT`(!"@cB(GB([(0BYR,~ *(O*( B( D(@@(@@(,~ "10,.O@.++I,,J6H: B 6d$4H12>(0D	1d7@/+.i+.j,.n+,@1D	 $7@ $2d$ D$+,@O@.!"@bB0D7+13,/(+.r5/P $1D $,/(+.u5/G
5/P? +.y+0O,/[@+.w,/[
5+.w,~ "0u,> 16,/u+16,^,/q ,0K	d+/$174D/ "18,)4Z,)
6 &gO@SX&*&!1d+/`fO@ Z!"@bB0D7+1:!" bB4D0O0D	1D4H/6@/4D1;!"Jr,>,> $/t6@ $/u,+1<,^,^,/.5/J7@/+/">'>'>%,~ 1>,/t5(~5/P,*[ 
/9*b//4"/3 "1@,)4[5)
/90D5)4,)4(Fr "6@,)I6B,)
1P1S$1U,1W41Y,>,>,> 1[,/t+1[ ,)
,^,^X"1],)4,^d@,~,"1,/p5(~SX"*"![0BYR+/V7D!	3BdD@d@@+/P "@",)I,/q7@,/i,"1K6@!"1`6@l"1R,)45(~a"1`,>[1D9R:"1a,)4,/`,^5(~,>[1:G*x+@x+/:,^x,~,/q[hYR4D/R@,)R!"bB4D/gO",)I ,)5/i	"1c,/q,>,>6B)+1dL+3B4D1e+"l",(,^,^,~,)4+"1i,)47B,~,>,),^5)Fg@$#6B/!"+0O7@/+0B #6@0+0.7@O@ 0U	d+0B+076@06@-+00+01	b+0B+077@O@ B4@@3 1l	b 0U B3 "3	b+0B 43B1
( *
( :0&g  ++w: )++txD@@ )4",GO@ )+,
 0O,r0O,n0O0O0O0O,t,q,r,q,r,t,t,t7@%6@&+-3+-;Search list empty for device g2,0mNo such d]N$0qDIl0r is empty	Non-existent]b$0vSome files protected g0xAll files protected C0{Some directories protected g0~All files rejected by conditions C1No such files as ]N41No file name specified ]1	d
0$0pP7B( ab 3B+. B(  B(+.OPEN failure on g|1$Null name in output wild-card]|1Null directory in output wild-card]:|1Too many wild-cards in input for outputi^1Insufficient wild-cards in input for outputS^1#+  ".$ 8af +.@.8`fg +.@ 8[8+1)+1+Pdirectory on ,.s+,@:&,~Open failure for I|14,^5(~$ in use by job >%:%,~>%,~,^,^5(~]c,0v,^,^,~Lookup/enter failure  failureNon-existent UFDProtectionFile being modifiedAlready existingRIB or directory read errorNo roomWrite lockedCan't supersede directoryNon-existent SFDSearch list emptySFD too deepNo createError S>,1Z,^,^,^,~ while reading MFD.UFD.SFD file  directory irectory  BO@+/k[0BYR+/m  B  D+/m on 
`E	d
FJ`D+0)+0= 3D,~ D  D+0E p,>,>,>,>( QDx@ &,>=f1w (y 2,	f 2,	d
+ 2D72- 2- D  $ D Z$ D Z$ D  &  F  $ D@@ BS$ D72.!&>9 F  Q$	d67+20D	1D
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74D7S48SNt8S>,8G$8Y,8 e,8#GK8&S8*K,8-G80GN|82GO89g:$8=k$8@k&8Da48Hx^Z1UFD interlock is busy for @A; please waitp'pp	U$
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<  ::,kError on @J; @Kfile damageclosed after a crashtape read error restoring filehard data read errorhard data write errorsoftware detected checksum error(e	bf	b?7xR(R@'h
?-m1No UFD created on @A
7p@'HP*	Q6$Rhf,i2@A file errors exist8qc A8$$
7,8zCould not perform UFD compression on @D.UFD`0

Q,R][ZStructure @A mounted\K7Structure @A dismounted^)Recomputing disk usage^@A@I@D@I-m9No UFD exists on structure @A\vStructure @A added to the system search list^,vStructure @A removed from the system search list\VStructure @A added to the search list of job @F^*VStructure @A removed from the search list of job @F,<zCan't set UFD interlock for @DCan't clear UFD interlock for @D?e-}XOver quota by @H blocks-rDirectory I/O error @B for @J
7-JxLOOKUP error (@E) for @J-0
xinfinity In: Out: Used:Illegal device "@A"Improper structure name "@A"Directory I/O error @BCan't access directoryLOOKUP error (@E) for @D.UFDRENAME error (@E) for @D.UFDCan't read search list for job @FIllegal function code (@G)ENTER error (@E) for @D.UFDCan't change search listCan't reset original search list after structure status change failedCan't change structure status for @DStructure @A not dismountedUFD interlock for @A is busy too longUFD interlock for @A cannot be clearedProgrammer number generation failed