Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - cuspmar86binsrc_2of2_bb-fp63a-sb - 10,7/sysdpy/sysv52.exe
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+ @` '*"%: >*> '@O@+"=+=+"?U"*B?l (	b@@ BN (	b )XByPBz ),~(bE".$ D"ZD@@ *,|`bO@ *, " BL "} BW	`\",~`bl4,0 ,~4B] BM ",~6`n+6 +V`T " B	 ,| " B
ZM,q6@l4@,+7@`t@@+` "! BW " B.@@at`T@7ll4 + B! ,*",p""' B,o,<,o,<f,O@,W7@+jl4,)6 R+ld4itat +r,6  -,*`t,at+ /,o@f@@R@@Sd4,n1Z :`Z :P e\@`t,L:S18(+wat+ <
@l!*x@ /1Z+/`Z :PeZ@*j5*
zZ&&(*0H8,i0F0,b <h,*9
,o,<dt+at+: V,x,.757j *'l*
	j,1 *'`T@+5,.7+aT+
 +`t+c`tat; +h+ad0*00j=7/*!"p[60D(1D,+(*b 0*0j+'/**
+0*l4 +d4 7$6+,,@@@@
$6@;x,~6@ *,~@p
(0<0|,~$0.0wh92%hIXFdPdXn0o~8H}U`YxW[V(XpZ@p}@0	@ 	@P}@h|@@Y@J@P'@ @`
M@PL@7b "
`T/".B+M7b "
"`T.".B7 @@@@ZW0"|0b},~ ",~7@ @//"	7 .B7 @@,~L@,~L@
 $L&"2 B7@h6@l,~,>Z0B.1B "XB,^+,n`tdt(	`"
Q	j *`j+l6@
&k	`.KJOB
.	bd4,0+]h,~ *ht+x	j+ \",~"3 B
	b+ ""t BV7B "t B,~d4	j(+8 "7@
	b+   B,~h4,~l4,~ 0p 0$0t1p 07@
@ P P,~`t,~ 3*"0 4*"2 4	b6+Bl4,~@ INXWh1ggLY>8 :,@bS@@R $,n`Z :A:?1Z94B*,=b*,:S18(+ :, :,@bS:R18
+,~??+ Z?,~JYou do not have either PEEK or SPY privileges.
,Op)  +,*5JThis monitor does not support network statistics.
,Op)  3,*5JThis monitor does not support Systems Communications Architecture.
,Op)  <,*5JThis monitor does not have any CI-20 interfaces.
,Op)  D,*5J? Can't create/append log file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-]
This display will be automatically replaced by the normal display.
Type any command to effect immediate replacement.
,B,),:  B7@+^ +t "!$@
+s  @ 5!&F+; " (.".b(3b+i	b+D (!X&@F7+I D&//"$"l$A` 4\q\=bo <\ +t  v,6,=+Y,~n+	Advance screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
n-	Retreat screen by "n" or approximately one screen-full
A	Toggle Auto roll of all jobs
C	List DECNET link status
E	List Ethernet status
F	List file system statistics
H	List this text
I	List incremental statistics (where applicable)
J	List only jobs (in multiple columns)
K	List CI network status
L	Log screens into file DSK:SYSDPY.LOG[-] (Close on ^Z)
M	List virtual memory data
N	List normal (some of everything) status
O	Toggle suppression of [OPR] jobs in "N" & "M" display
Q	List the system queues
R	Refresh entire screen immediately
S	Toggle System or expanded job statistics in "N" display
T	Topology for network display
V	Toggle cpu and core priority
Z	List LAT server statistics
nW	Set wait time to "n" decimal seconds
\	Display network statistics
n!	Toggle non-idle jobs; "n" specifies runtime threshold = n/100 seconds
#	Toggle PTY number or controlling job number
%	Toggle runtime or percentage of cpu
^	Toggle skipping system statistics in "N" display
*	List DECNET node status
^A	Toggle alarm (flashing) mode (if applicable)
^C	Terminate SYSDPY execution
^R	Toggle reverse video updating (if applicable)
^Z	Terminate SYSDPY execution
<ESC>	Freeze screen as is (any subsequent command will thaw)
SPACE	Update screen display immediately
ml,)O@d@,@@C J*"H`T+,/<.B<at < B< J, @ BA,"
X*lt+`T,aZJK,*`T+30M,*,C`TN`T,*+R,*3BTaTaT1,*,) E3B0+W3BQ+Y,p,W7B+*4"*Z	b&+*2B+(!"=+*	b@@+* @,
ab:D`t+5abl"I:[1\MSaB+3Z(BzX(B`B>S,V E,V,<.PF.RF.VG,#,(at,E!"m``l!"=``l+e!"}``L +e!"i`L+e!"h`5,e!"- !0@aLbQJ+d$[&$$& #(BA[!0D;+J!0cQJ+d!"@`L!"
`+d0DJ 1D`+O0DJ +R \,V!0DJ +d+d1DJ  \1D` ],Q+d0D+@+W$]4DceDm
.$)B+c0D]`+d$^1D!"Z`1D!"\@1D!"[1D!"[@0D1D!"Y@1D!"U@1D!"Y1D!"Y  0cQJ+d!"\`+d:G:H:H`t+i,"al+i <,X7AG+v7CG+^4"o,> 
6EE+q <  D`d+u+t <,X+v E <3D/ <'3D0 <'3D/ <,X,^@| 2P <+,[ Aat BaT+} < D,,01,JaT+,W Aat C,b,W Bat C,b,W H,&6CI,&,)d4*j	,.`T,~+nab,~S $(F)D5F
2$2$	,~/ .,Q$
+	d,~(D{A$4D% .,Q$+q ,~ _&$8QFx6@,[x.&F,~"@S`XGZ0F(*d7 :x,~O@J,> D`d.PB,^,~6)D+(`3HI+2HI3HJ:x,~[4b+!2cSN.GSN.A0.PE,~ /A7 ,~6@l47@A6@B,~l4,~ F/B5"6 F@AB@AC@AC.CB BA Gd"`/C.CC BA Hd"`/C.CC BB,~@0` G4bCZ*
ab+A2`+B[F/*Q R0aab2aQ R0b P0b.P[[4bN/@6AN+M..gZ;N@.A0.A2,~ M.",q4BT`b(D(DRd",~ M.",q4BY7 (D(DRd",~,>@al+`0c..PE "07!F "9@7qG+j,>Z
 Da|+j0c*/@ N.@*
1\.PE1B9@+j "07!F "9@,^!0B,",^6@,X+W,!,w,)`T@+a,~  c,* <,J,) d,+d B/" B f,~ B g,~0BgO @0B1BO@  g`t,*  h,*  k6`,*  k6@,*,)O@:
 l., l B(,"@ m.,~0b  m o.,~`b  o`b@  q`b  s`b  u @(4@,*+B v.,~/(#.B(#at (# B,W w.,~/(*.B(* B w.,~/($/(*.B($at ($,~,f,W x.,~/().B()at (),~,f,W at (*,~,f,W ,J,W x.,~/(/.B(/at (/,,f,W y.,~/(6.B(6at (6,,f7@+8,W y.,~/(0.B(0at (0,,f7@+B,W z.,~/(5.B(5at (5,,f z.,~&{1"@ B(N,)+,  {,*O@:
6@(+E (,V .,~/(;.B(;at (;,,e,W .,~/(<.B(<at (<,,e,W .,~/(A.B(Aat (A,,e,W .,~/(B.B(Bat (B,,e,W .,~/(G.B(Gat (G&"@,,e,W .,~/(H.B(Hat (H&"@,,e,)+E,   @O@:
6@(+k .,~5"k .,~4Bkab~+kSB6@,*@@ (," 
,+k,   @O@:
6@(+z .,~5"z .,~4Bzab~+zSB6@,*@@ (," 

,+z+.,S"0.X"(,5))z)z#((`t#((atBb(M@bb)&0f.$ ,W,n*l5)0S0T0s0t0003040S0T0s0t, 
,*/.Bat., ,   ,~ ,,),6@+V ,~4BV  ,*@f,q7J+8.",q,>.",q.,^.",q. ."+0,>,>,
0Z`+B0#,#.Z*l<,^/.Bat ,  
@.",q0P.",q/p*,~,<,X,z<,X,),,~4Bj,*/.Bat,~.Bat$,/,~,4B/ #, "V.+ #,|/ DC  $(Q, B3BB2B1+&   (Q3BB,*2BB,  $ G,  % G,   H,   H,,)  & F,   F2PF,  ' F/F.E,   ,| ,  (,* E B(C$02&,n,)O
 ),~4B>  )1"  *#p,
[",~,+6P,`,,~6,,,~)"-7P6@,  6P, -,~  .6P, .,~  /6P, /,~4BP  0Z,  [, *,~A"  06P,0*,)  1 D, C/D4PX  *, 1,~5B[ @/"   , @/03p+  ,  2 D,,)6"R0b+q,@@W *  3,*=je,) * W	b+p4Bp BW BY 5	d+p,V \,[,W Z,[<Jf,W+g0J,)6"R0b+	, * J ,+	ab+	
,V0z4P8,[,W < `D,X <$`D,X=j	,)m
,W " ,q+v0J,),~,)  9,D,-,<,H+	,>  ;,J,D,^,~@@W@@x ?*" W	b+ 4B	E BW BY,K 5	b+	E  ?,J \,M,N Z,M,D _ BY 5	b+	 BY,R _60d6@X1 B@x,K  7,J6@X7@ _,K  A,J Z7@X,M,N g,S h,S h,S i,S i/j/k,S j/k/l,S,D`T@+	@d4RYd"4B	;!&x7 ,	n(B*f	9!&w[
d4*f	;dt,D6Bc3BX+	C _7@X PX+	!@@X6Bg+	!+	,D,H+	K,>  A,*,C  t,J,D,^,~@@X!(x7B x+	` BY,K 5	b+   7,J6@X7@ _,K  A,J j,S k,S k,S l,S6@X+	\ ^ l`T(B B/b,U,D6Bc3BX+	` _7@X PX+	M@@X*h	L ,~4B	m ,D  D,J[,S  FdH,J  FdH,J  GdH,J  GZdp7 ,,D,~  
7A,~,R,R,R,Jl4,~l4,> U/S1 ,P  Hmt,J,^,R,J5Ml4,> U/S1 	,P  Hmt,J,^,R,J7 5p,~RHBOFLHWPSWPSAFPRFNNAAWL2PTxJKhLpMNOO P`PXQPRhS(T8U0VHW@X@	r@	r@	r@	r@	r@	r@	r@	r@	r@	r@	r@	r@	r@	y@	y@	y@	y Y,~aB+(  Y,D,:  [,* ,| 0,v  \,* ],| 0,v  ^,* _,| 0,[,),&	0A@@:@@:  _,*!*| (k,* n,|."(!"X"0,|/(.B(at7( .P:aJ"P;,v o,|."(!"X"0,|/(.B(at7( .P:aJ"P;,[,)*j
*,'(	0B  o,*!*|X* (~,* ,|."(!"X"0,|/($.B($at7($ .P;,v ,|."(!"X"0,|/().B()at7() .P;,[,)*j
>,&*p:  ,* :,v  ,* : <&L&,>,[ <,X,^$02&,[  ,*,)  ,* 	,|*
"`!*(X*@p#`;Q"(X"0,|/ 0.$"2&;X00 <10,X,[,W  <10,X,[ <,X4B
l,W."( <,X=b
,* :,v  ,* : <&L&,>,[ <,X,^$02&,[  ,*,)  ,* ,|*
"`!*(X*@p#`;Q"(X"0,|/04.B04at 04$"2&;X00 <10,X,[,W  <10,X,[ <,X4B
,W."( <,X=b,).,*j
,D,:+,15B,Op),~,*+Jat@@+!,>!$x,E	b+d"`D."@B*d"XB,^b7p+,?+=p,)O@7`8888(80888@8H8P8X8`8h8x88 ',~aB+0@@$1 (*"${ d,+("
S` L$1@Z(B.*,~6@: +l+ X$4 "$4	bE7, $5 B0$1*lS4P:  ,,D  .,*!,x,WZ,g*l^,) 
$17 0$1+s7@71  1,*Z6@,[  0,*!&x,W 2l2 B$4ZF$5 8$4	xEg $5dbm" l"dBm!lZ$53X0$1 3[,XZ,X*fg,)*la 
$1 &
$&0SX"# B$< 3 B$=!"uX"$<6 0$1	b9O@0$1*lt,E  4,* 
$17 0$1+
$&0  16@,*Z6@,[,W $B`t/%,b,W $B`t/% <&L B,,W $B`t/%,b,W $B`t/%,,W $A`t/%,W,b,W  <,*0=1P+>,g,)*l}  ?,* 
$17 0$1+
+ &
$&0  16@,*Z6@,[,W $>`t/$},b,W $?`t/$~,b,W $?`t/$~,b,W $@`t/$,b,W $@`t/$,b,W $A`t/%,b,)*l
$1d47 0$1+
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>  Gmt,*  16@,*Z6@,[,>!,y 8$<.0
@0.8?:`t/ 0
, H*"%:,~$HH$HH$HH$H	H	$H	H	$H
d,*00,[,W8e `
,W,W 0`t/(#.,b,W 0`t/(#=,b 0 P(#. 0 P(#=8
,) ,
|,>  ,
,W,W 0`t/(#.,b,W 0`t/(#=,b 0 P(#. 0 P(#=8
i,^ ,)  e,*,) ,
,W,W^0,,*0n,[  n,*0o,[ ,
,W 0`t/(#.,b,W 0`t/(#=,b,W 0`t/(#L,c 0 P(#. 0 P(#= 0 P(#L8
Q,~ p X"A 8 :"C"B5
?:#"B5"A 8
?:#"B5"A"8S:#"B5,>tQ8B,>x,W <,X>`+
hZ,*,^al++@`,D,S,*  #d,*  ,*#[#\\8 X#] 8#[	xH+  
,W0,b*l.&*f,),:,<  B ,7D+",+&!0m P *0~,#+&,+&2D+ &~[Z1P"+  Q A` 2P+ 0\+``+,6?`~+.+ ~`p+,=+,~,> ,~ B,^6D+  5*,Op:  ,*,y,W,~,OpN  ,*,O
pN " X3 83	xC,~ 
4l%  44XH X"5 " X"5 8"5	xC+H8#`T@4XH`T+$ "5,",W0'7 "6,c,W0',f,W0(,f,W0#6@+(,W "7&"4B+ ,f <,X ,e,W7@"7+,  "7,*,):=,2,~,~,Op:  .,*,y,W,~,OpI  1,*,O
pI7L@@S` L": 7 P"9 0"9	pC77@":,~aT+YZ";1B=`+S_
":7 +9 ,[7@">+^  :,* ">,p,W7B":+;,",WZ":,f,WS";,W,",W["=4Pf,c,WZ"=4Ph,c,W[";A0,r,WZ";A0,r,WZ"<,f,W["= `,*,WZ"= `,*,)+S@1p @y1P  =1P=  =1Pd  >1P  >5@*,W5[??@@AABBCCDDEEFFG?GHHI>IJJKKLLMMNNOOPPQQH<HRHSHTZ 0 U	`21@:x,~Zl2 0 U	`21@:x,~,,~ U P@@@@ B V	p1,~+,,~ 0 P@@@@ B V	p1,~+ 0 P@@ D B V	p11+0P1P1,~ 0	p
+& *,~ $ab $ DN V,~Q"ZBO BP W,~Q"ZBO BP #,~ B, B<@@ ",+9+9 R	b
!BQO@ W,~"X0B+>`t@+B@@ Q	b&+B:!"=	b+O@ B !,~6@ B0\",|\$	dm$3D0ab7l4 DQ ,| BR ,~6@ B/ X,~ B/ Y,~ B0 !,~6@ B1 Y,~7@ "	 B
Q,~4B] B# ZQ&~1B
vZFI1B	;ZFJ*fY*dU ,~ BM4Bf $`b $ DL`b l4 ab+f  ,~[B.ZB	 ,~ B ,| BK"D@ZB@ZB{.@ZBAZB|Z( DK Z"24Bu"3d`t@,+u+udT+uX XR $+{ (Z XB$1 @. D(3d+z	d+~@d2*hnZN.@> B,~
&[	`	`"@S`7D+[. +!X$	d+*}`t  * @A@d$4D ",q C@ ",q C@at + .",q`B+QC@*h 
Q @2B]3BRl4 ]$25D$1"@!`Z X*3 ,~ B.
^*d*hNQ`@@."*#,~8^0x9,>,`!,^9())+-458W>A?@.Z5* d"~,~ 5[,^,^+[5[: &0Z3p+2 <,X+/Z5P[,~Z5[ d"~,~: C`,~ :sP&,>,[ <,X,^5[ <5X <5X <5X <5X,Op),w+E,Op),x,W,~,W,/<.B<at < B<  `t,*,5)|0\e4mt+O,~ S R FS HR <
&,~o<O2"P2"P+xSn`SX2 "	b!@,~at@+{abA"3b
	bg,~ <5X,++ H,~,@,~,,~5 H+,,~5HH+at@56a16,~ZM.6 \Z4\%2|
+[7  Q<a6<pz+8\<b1<H,~av 2.2\:x+l6@	22@+7 	+b.	+	b,~+ .^e	b,~	d,~	f,~	h,~+ f g4\%.<,X`vp+",~ g.<,X`vp+&,~  ~a``Q A`4\%,X++ <+X <+X <5X <5X P,!"p ,  g ,{ <5Xa``Q A`4\%0\+;:6@,<> +77`,X+770R+107`1>x/0
50.p50@@+ <(aT <%5X`T+I!..A0,[5WQX"!,~Ah BQX"!,~AhXB@@[J4RP,\ "Q+  @    @` 2`5W,> 0P&0HQP $02,^&0HXP,~,C h,~ B,\ "d+i@(% j  %k` l@X%m @`,~1ps+r&020p15[,[ <5X1p1+w&02 <@,X <,X &0 <@5X <,X <1p,X5[ $02&(R22.05 $02&(R22.0,~$"'&&"2 ,g,/ 5g8J,W,*+[,"+[8J	,W,*5p8J,W,*+B L X5 $0&(R228&0,>,,^ <,X5[7 <&L*&5[7 <&L*&,~$02&(R228&02,>,e <,X,^5g,>,> n..,+(.xQX"..,>:,^,^,~,> "0**x@@@@@@@@,~,>R,^,>S,^,~6@+5 4"%/.b5"%@@,~@@ 6@ B,~6 ,~,> 4B;@@,,^+,>@@7 R+@: 2<O@+C6@6@+CO@  \,^,~,7+G,),.::5<,^,>:,~,7,~5*,7,~5",7,~5[,7,~5W,D,R,R,R,7,~5W,7,~5v,7,~51,"7n <at7 R,~A<?1\+j1\+r7 S+d1\+,nA:1\ <h`\ :p2\l@|:S2xUO@S,~at,~,>,l,r,W,W,W,W,^5X <,X6 S+j T XS U XV,~ R$8(.S&8.h%:,~:R3xS,~:
. ZS*T.T0x(+t XU7V:V XU `N3xT+z8
 XRdt,~$8(.>&8.h%,>xA<?,X6 S+,^+) S: V:V/`N,> <,X; x+,^,~:T,T"TTT(T x XT8 XT XS:
. XU8
,XR8+XU,XV+,xx5aT+,Op&p,~aT+&l4,)6 R+"d4,O1,~l4,)6 R+&d4,('p,~6@,~,>A<?,.,^(\{5\+,~?`>,<\=,~ 5	x5X;!8M	x!$MaXg "l`axd!&=
	`!$N@fb+",~,5+36@+>&"P7P+F,[ <",X&$ 0B,g1B,[,- 5g$"2&L3"o+R&o ,g,-&$8 ,g,-&&2 5g&"8 ,g,-&$2 ,g,/ 5gA0,>(P~,Z,^A05Z7o . <50],X#`&08QRx6@,][x.<0|.<+X 
5h7pdp5h7q(q5h7r r5h3s5h/.ZB&08.2QRx*bk4Pm,i[x5X5"lZ,X*bn+l,>[x4Ps.,[,.Zx.,[,^,~+[,[+Ws,*,We$g&I[,|,**f|`B=z,~ ,|&" 0 ,g &" ) &   0 ,,W ,|+J  t,* <5J ,7,~5~ 04"% (p
#!#& "$&

$6$!$$!$!$!~``h$hx L(
@P"Sd Type H for HelpH$! <|+A*&*t	j
,~<!(.!X10.ggL? LOOKUP error () for help file HLP:SYSDPY.HLPZ1P+s  5,	  7+t? Insufficient memory for reading help file text!
  >+t? I/O error reading HLP:SYSDPY.HLP
  E+tX8DJob  Who  Where What  #     Virtual          Physical       PGR   State Runtime     Reads   Writes    Userw?/  W,"+#wN-I^ Y,"+#*|i_%I^%S>Mkz4IJ,W+v$*ULUM*%M$K*LUL UP:` "6@ "+ux0 (+)	ID	OV	LS	 UPTIME	CTX	UUO	DBL	CSH GC+p	(Not Running)p	(Not Scheduling)	(Suspended (???))	(Detached)	(Removed)(Px800hh!	DSKI	DSKO	SWPI	SWPO	MTAI	MTAO
HPX``h	CH0	CH1	CH2	CH3	CH4	CH5	CH6	CH7
@@	PI0	PI1	PI2	PI3	PI4	PI5	PI6	PI7
@NX0ANF In:	Out:`0	Cor:0<DCN In:@<$D	Blk:/0AETH In:8A	Dgm:@AHATTY In:@H	Cnk:IPCF S: 	W/P:`h@`P8PMem: Shr: JRN:Use: Swp: ASR:hKSYS:+KSYS:-HDE: (STP: MPE:`RIB:POK:SCH:Job:@ Det:Struc  Mnt  Free    pYDev   By How	Det	  7,*+		Disk Status forUnit or F/S	Free	BR	BW	DR	DW	MR	MW_x Mnt:8qc@)	Swap Unit	SR	SW	PR	PW	Used(Swap errors:  CHK DEV DAT   Lost:    Errors:HDEV:HDAT:SDEV:SDAT:RETRIES:SER:RER:CER:PHUNG:THUNG:NTHUNG:SHUNG:LBN:1CONI:2CONI:1DATAI:2DATAI:ANF Statistics forNTCOR=	NTMAX=	0NTBAD=	0Unnumbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
0 DAP/DATA	1 ACK	2 NAK	3 REP	4 START	5 STACK	6 NODE ID	cdefghi80 0Numbered CTL	XMIT'ed	RECV'ed
0	 1 CONNECT	2 DISCONNECT	3 NEIGHBORS	4 REQ CONFIG	5 CONFIG	6 DATA REQUEST	7 STATION CTL	ssuvxyz|@0(0XMIT'ed=Average=/sec 2**N	0%   20%  40%  60%  80%  99%
H06$RECV'ed=00ANF Topology for(The T command can only be executed if:
1.The requester has SPY or PEEK privileges.
2. And the monitor was built for network support =603
,=+,~aP`,WaP|,W,p9. F$1 "6@ "+Q 
CI Status of
Open Paths:
CI Node     0CPU6
Packet counts:
	     XMT	 Avg/sec	     RCV	 Avg/sec	Discarded	    Node
      $CALL  =,*+

	   A ACK	   A NAK	   A NRS	   B ACK	   B NAK	   B NRS

GH${CRC:MVRPAR:CBUSPAR:REGPLIPE:DATAPLIPE:/MCHN:CoEBUSPAR:SPRCHN:CBUSoAVLTMO:pbSPRRCV?ATTN:f-SPRXMTrATTN:k-XMTBFR?PAR:XMTTMO:EthernetStatus ofChan/Kont	State	  E-NetiAddress		miDgmXmtRe-XmDgmRcvETH-F"AProtocol	State	Kont	ot User	  DgmXmt	  DgmRcv    FQESystem  k,*+
#^P#^Queues for [~+? Queues cannot be listed
  DECnet Node Status for System Node	 Delay	Hops	Cost	Links	Address	   Circuit F"6F"6$D"68#4XH8$4XH+8H"6$$"6H"60$4P@,e+@     *,*+D  <,*+H  DECnet Link Status for System Job	 Node	Chn	State	  XMIT	  RCVD	DOBJ	SOBJ	Seg	XFLOW	RFLOW@NRTSER  8,*+[_  --  ;,*+`DTRPSTMAIL **ANYFALURDATSCTSTCVOSINRM70G80G90GTPSRDAT2THT2RSTCV2TLKRTLNICEMTPHNCTNRTCTHLBMERCVVPMUFTSPHONDDMFX25GUETPVMAIX29SCALX25ASNAGSNARCTRM None Seg  Msg @ P%X%P0(`H0#~83?Need More Core
GSH~h66$(+) Y6 J6$M0
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