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K F L+I1J  , LK@ 
 "/K/G&G4B JN LN NM PLl K.G/< .G3<+],/<*,$/<*+X.< :,$R,,$S,,$R,,$`@@,~ N,$.<"$d@&".$d&".$d/"b,$.G.<@,$,>`` +v``+s,T+,P +p,T+ ,J+r+s_5z"``z@ ,J+r(Zx,J+r $ @,T+R(R~ ,J+r(Rx ,J+r=d| ,J+r+{1D+@+} 8[
[2* S".b; $2.2,>QFZ*2P $w}&G&$0F.$$G < 2,Q+ ,> :,$ 2,P+ ZF.*XKF,^,^ JFXN(QL( 2,K 8S$.D+H@`@,P+  O&" DO/P4B'.BP$"@QB<4D%7`O+%,P+ +#,z<+' @@K@+, K :,$ M2BF,; M, N :6@Bl,$`@@,~.< N/P,$.G/< P,$,?,;$``+A1X,w++Aa@,_@@I,p,w+Ha`0 @@K@+G,+H+F L.BI K,<`Z " :,$,;m@
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&*,?a`+^@@K@+]+O1X+N+!2-d ,y+b,>,,u,N,];+e , 8Z(B BG." BG[0b 0 (D"`QD;[(D.8 D( D8<3d+q	d 3<bt,N,];+t 7l,~,w+a` < a` d RA	r@4RA2@@41R:41R>47@4 ? 2'7 4 2 R@
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 \a` a`+9!"D@ BED `+D < 2,Q+? :,$.G=; < 2,Q,~4ZI 
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$  	,~? D+\RC,~d+Z 	 	 	@r@,B0X1X+e080x08 0x-,~0$+`1Xx0X+in/ $/8X`9`7	 $@,B081dgh,~$.2gh+m@@@@+s!"  BO@@@!"Lu BA B@@@@,~!"  B@@O@@@ A BP@d ,^5R1X+1X-+1X+1X,4X0X1X++{1X+l` 	 R TD R+|,^l`  	RR TD R+|l` 	# Ra`0 RA+{l`@ 	',k0X 	*1R[@SR,k1RZ@XR+|l` 	-,kr	1+|6B+ 	b @ B7@6@l  	1*"+D@@J 	2*"K0X,~,^7@ 	2d " =D/3F+-=""a@ 	6[&Al Z&Ad `aA+00X+0(+/Z&F[&F,  Rp+l@ 	9 (+$ &= 	< &= 	A,k02&2,~ AG B A GPB,~d,r,w,~ 	D*" 0X+>,r,w,~l"	D BB+Da@+A
"V,~1X+B:x,~,>,>,>4	E147Z
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H,Q+ \K ZLaT+l.<,R,Y,/<42  DD3N2Z+ B D.<,"4Z`B/"."$"$	G."$"$." BMb	G("zb	Hl  LL:~,~R3N2Z++ 
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Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Dec-G?Id]I'XzKbN@M?X:Qfet2iPigPupx~~9FW~~K~~L~a~~~0M@g=Y7Kc&( k;.92CN a92"BPo".) cV..  `VJ`M8J`M8K,>!"GB,^7@4+J,> #2B?" B?,^:x,~,>!"GB x #3B>+	N B>,^6 4+[	b,>
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,^>:x,~,>!"GB,^7"4+b:>Cx1:x+D,>,>,>,>,>	O!}#`&"@<"n:>B1+y470F@f	O.fx.}Z6Q&.(?*&+f4dv:>B1+y*71&+j1x.&@.}Z6Q&,(.(*&,^x,^,^,^,^+D:}+v,>!"GB,^7 4+:?cx1:x+D7 5
eEIllegal character "^@C"
eEMLine too long
eD;2Command error
eFZqUnknown command "@E"
eD1Ambiguous command "@E"
eFK9Too many segments
eDlRFORMAT command requires DEV:density
eDiFORMAT only works on floppy disks
[RFXFOS Format operation starting]
[RFXFOC Format operation complete]
eDKPDevice is not available
eEQIllegal format code - SINGLE or DOUBLE
eE3I/O error during FORMAT operation
eDKvDevice is not ready
eDKsDEVOP. error during format <undated>< unused >             
Total of  block9 in  file
 free on :
eEIllegal device combination
eEkrNot an output oriented device @A:<eEIllegal data mode for output device @A':<eE|Open failure on @A':<eD[ZEnter failure @H2' on @I <eEdkFile @F' not a /10BINARY file
eElrNo such device @A':6eF
ZProtection failure for @I'
eDJ3Directory is full
eD)Bad directory segment0

5eEi9Not enough consecutive space for @F(Z+w5eDmFile @F' too big 'eE}:Output error @G1' on @IHeDlyFile specification requiredFeF
ZProtection failure for @F'
Files Deleted:
 Block freed

Files renamed:

eD\RError reading directory
eERInvalid directory
eEhiNo core to expand directory buffer
eD\RError @G1 reading RT-11 directory
eDYExplicit device required
eDKRDevice @D': is not supported (DECtape or Floppy)
eD:2Cannot init @D':
eEhhNo core for directory segment 1
eElrNo such device @D':
eE|Open failure@
eEjNo help available ?  @DeE4Illegal data mode for input device @B':DeE|Open failure on device @B':DeEJxLookup error @H2' on @F
eEj2Not an input oriented device @B':INX
eE|Open failure on device @B':DeEXInput error @G3 reading Dectape directoryeEXInput error @G3 reading' @JDeElsNo such files @FeEJxLookup error '(@J) on :[].UFD[1,1]
DeElrNo such device @B':H n	
eD]rError @G1 writing RT-11 directoryHHQDeEXInput error @G1' on @F  DeE}:Output error @G1' on @IDeEXInput error @G2' on @FDeE}:Output error @G2' on @IH<DeDITDouble filename illegal "@E"DeDI4Double extention illegal "@E"DeDIDouble device illegal "@E"DeDLDouble ppn illegalDeD)YBad file spec.DeDLDouble protection illegal6$R	 J
eElyNull switch specified
eFZyUnknown switch "@E"
eDYAmbiguous switch "@E"
eEk0No modifier allowed on switch "@E"
eEIllegal switch "@E"R@6$6$.0
DeDJ2Directory is emptyH-.,^+\@yeF}qObtained wrong word count for @D':p7PxPeR5NQ3'VP6