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	RX20 (un)support package for TOPS-10 7.03

    Contents, Installation Instructions, and General Cautions

RX20 (un)support allows TOPS-10 running on a KS20 (2020) system to (un)support
up to 2 RX211 floppy disk controllers, with up to 2 RX02 drives on each
controller.  The (un)support provided is that of a non-file-structured device.
Some preliminary utilities are provided which may read DOS (or KLDCP or
RXDP) and RT format floppys.  

Installation instructions:

To install RX20 (un)support, you will require the Field Image TOPS-10 7.03
The following files from the customer (un)supported tape are required:

Monitor modules:
	UNSUP.FIL	- Adds new modules to assembly and LINK templates
	RX2SER.MAC	- Device service routine

	RX20.DOC	- Monitor Calls insert for RX20s
	RX20.INS	- This file

Actual installation is fairly straightforward.  Perform the following steps.
	1. Use the MUNGEN dialog (in MONGEN) to INCLUDE the RX20 questions.
	   Procede thru the HDWCNF dialog.
	2. Ensure that the files from the customer supported tape are in
	   your build area.  UNSUP.FIL will cause the distributed monitor
	   build procedure to assemble ALL of the KS unsupported modules.
	3. Finish building your monitor according to the 7.03 Software 
	   Installation guide.

Hardware Installation:
Installation of the RX211 subsystem is performed exactly according
to the RX02 User's Guide and Technical Manuals.  Note that the NPG jumper
must be cut on the SPC backplane.  A convenient slot for the M8256 module is
in the tape RH11 backplane, which on all supported KS10s has 4 free SPC

Un(un)supported Un(un)supported Tools:

Format conversion utilities:
	ASC210	- Converts PDP-11 ASCII files to PDP-10 format.
	ASC211	- Performs the inverse

	Command syntax: output.fil=input.fil

Foreign media readers:
	DOS210	- Extracts all files from a DOS format diskette
		  Help provided when run.  Use ASC210 on ASCII output.
	RTFLX	- RT11 Floppy PIP.  Also will format disks under TS.
		  Use HELP command.  RTFLX.HLP.
	WPS	- Reads WPS-8 diskettes and produces DEC Standard Runoff.
		  Provide WPS document number, output is WPSnnn.RNO.
		  Read document 1 (the WPS index) to locate documents.
		  Don't specify a drive number.  .ASSIGN RXan: RX:

	RX02	- Diagnostic bootstrap.  Modified DDT11.  Command is
		  (EXEC mode) /UBA:3/CORE:28K/PATCH/LA36/GO <CR> 2000$G
		  Useful Diagnostics:
		  These may be obtained from your friendly Field Service Tech.
		  * is a variable revision level.  Some may require the
		  diagnostic supervisor.  Be patient--they are S L O W.