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	TITLE	SOS -- Son of Stopgap Editor

Revision history -- edits since initial release of version 23.

[1]	16 Oct 76	Fix C,file,range from unsequenced input file
[2]	17 Oct 76	Make /INCR work in option file again
[3]	17 Oct 76	Clear command number word after done with 
			command file so subsequent messages are clean.
[4]	17 Oct 76	D^:. sometimes failed on unsequenced input, fix
			supersedes edit number 1.  AC C was clobbered
			if the input file was unsequenced during
			resolution of the '^' symbol.
[5]	17 Oct 76	Make SOS remember input format when exiting
			with a new filename.
[6]	17 Oct 76	N command could lose current line number place
			when FTKIONLY was on.  Fix it.
[7]	17 Oct 76	File already exists message wasn't always being
			typed.  Reload error code so test succeeds.
[10]	17 Oct 76	Rubout to BOL failed if /NONUM was set in Alter
[11]	17 Oct 76	Fix truncation code so it will work if existing
			filename causes the rename to fail.
[12]	17 Oct 76	Fix ?Ill mem ref from F and S when file has bad
[13]	19 Oct 76	Fix message for 'file already exists'
[14]	19 Oct 76	Fix temporary increment in R command
[15]	20 Oct 76	Fix L command so ,S works again
[16]	20 Oct 76	Fix ER so device isn't used for first exit.
[17]	20 Oct 76	Allow K/m:/n to kill a range of pages
[20]	20 Oct 76	Clean up /STAND, /VT52 and /NOLF so /VT52 is
			only set with other compatible switches
[21]	20 Oct 76	Clean up BAKLIN (altmode command) so LPNTR
			is not referenced.  Internal only.
[22]	20 Oct 76	Delete the GIVEO routine.  It wasn't used.
[23]	20 Oct 76	Add the V commands. (By popular demand?)
[24]	21 Oct 76	Increment CHGCNT in V command
[25]	21 Oct 76	Check for !n in K/m:/n. It is illegal
[26]	21 Oct 76	Tell him if he deletes a file with D switch.
[27]	21 Oct 76	Have Help give error message if can't find
			command record.
[30]	21 Oct 76	Clean up the O command switch parsing.
[31]	21 Oct 76	Modify usage of LPNTR so don't have to keep
			recomputing count to change of block.  Makes
			SOSBUF run 12% faster.  Internal only.
[32]	22 Oct 76	Fix edit [31] so W works again
[33]	22 Oct 76	Don't create backup if W immediately followed
			by E during create.  Use the real filename
[34]	23 Oct 76	Fix truncation logic so it works with short
[35]	23 Oct 76	Make sure that unsequenced copy routine only
			reads to end of data (OUTSIZ), not to end
			of file.  Caused junk at end of file if it
			the file had shrank.
[36]	23 Oct 76	Fix DORST so change of PPN works correctly
[37]	23 Oct 76	Fix CX so it devices can be given.  It didn't
			know about edit [16].
[40]	23 Oct 76	Have MAKFIL clear .RBDEV, so error handler
			can type the right device if ENTER fails after
			an ER command.
[41]	23 Oct 76	Give %ILC on bad W commands, not ?ill mem ref.
[42]	23 Oct 76	Use the default path if no PPN is specified, not
			the outer directory.  Invent a new UUO to do
			this (XENTER).
[43]	23 Oct 76	Ensure that output file is always written on
			create mode, even if E follows W.  Beginning 
			users didn't think to look for FOO.BAK when 
			they thought they were creating FOO.
[44]	23 Oct 76	Have W give the right messages during creates.
[45]	23 Oct 76	Add the 'output as <filespec>' message.
[46]	23 Oct 76	ER and CX sometimes lost device on create
			due to create code not going thru CHNTAB.
			Fix it.
[47]	23 Oct 76	Say '%Input file is write protected' if it is.
[50]	23 Oct 76	Extract a more resonable set of messages when
			the file is write protected.
[51]	25 Oct 76	Do truncation of a short file correctly
[52]	25 Oct 76	Update ORGNAM after save
[53]	25 Oct 76	Detect /R and newname as an error.
[54]    25 Oct 76	Keep proper track of filename and format changes
			when W gives a special filename argument for
			subsequent W's and the E command.
[55]	25 Oct 76	Type the filename as '[dev:file.ext[path]]' when
			user give a W command. (But not on Auto-save).
[56]	25 Oct 76	Make the 'reject' option of extended search
			option actually reject the line.  Ancient bug.
[57]	25 Oct 76	Treat [1,2] as owner for purposes of
			setting file protection.
[60]	25 Oct 76	Fix edit [35].  It was losing track of one
			extra word per block.
[61]	25 Oct 76	Implement /EXACT.  The code to set and clear
			the switch was included, but nobody looked
			at the flag in the search code.
[62]	26 Oct 76	Fix /TELL so that directory always prints
			even if no changes since last save when
			directory is not users PPN (outer level).
[63]	26 Oct 76	Make input FORMAT be sequenced if BASIC mode.
			This allows user to exit without typing ES.
[64]	26 Oct 76	Clear all traces of the default extension if
			ER finds the file with null extension.  This
			caused strange effects on next exit.
[65]	27 Oct 76	Do not use a default extension if a new name
			has been given with a null extension.  Check
			NEWNAM, not NEWEXT when selecting the source
			of the default.
[66]	27 Oct 76	Make WR, WQ and WD illegal.
[67]	27 Oct 76	Do not count a W down as a change for /SAVE.
[70]	27 Oct 76	Fix O command so it diagnoses the NLN error.
			AC T1 was being clobbered so the first call to
			ONMOV always won.
[71]	28 Oct 76	Fix the set of .RBEST on endcopy, saves and
			final rename.
[72]	29 Oct 76	Make command file lookup block the right
			length so chained command files don't get
			address checks.
[73]	29 Oct 76	Fix rewind of unsequenced readonly file
			so junk is not found at beginning of file by
			clearing use bits.
[74]	29 Oct 76	Don't avoid setting default extension flag 
			because the default is null.  This cause the
			default extensions for the @ command not to
[75]	30 Oct 76	Avoid ill mem refs when user with a large
			programmer number goes to read the option file.
			XLKPFL thought it had a path pointer.
[76]	1  Nov 76	Suppress page number typeout when a form
			feed is inserted from a command file.
[77]	1  Nov 76	Add QZ indicator to the =BAK command.
[100]	1  Nov 76	Handle rubout (non-alter) correctly when
			removing the last character on a line.
[101]	1  Nov 76	Avoid typing [0,0] in L command after
			after filename has been changed with _name.
[102]	1  Nov 76	Allow formfeed as a null command, then fix
			the command file logic so that formfeeds can
			be inserted from either sequenced or unsequenced
			command files.
[103]	1  Nov 76	Add the /PROTECTION switch to do the obvious.
[104]	2  Nov 76	Get the protection from the input file, not
			from SVPBTS.  More correctly matches the message
			this way.
[105]	2  Nov 76	Clear ACCUM before each command.  Caused B
			command to fail after erroneous PP command.
			Old bug from version 22.
[106]	3  Nov 76	Fix List command so that page numbers
			in the heading are correct when we're just
			starting a new logical page.
[107]	3  Nov 76	Rework the _RUN command.  Make the value
			the same for both of the CX files (since
			can only run once), and allow a path or
			PPN specification.  Also, get only one
			TTY buffer (the second one was useless
[110]	4  Nov 76	Fix CCL IO word so that /RUN is saved again.
			anyway) so that SOS can still run with
			2K low segment if desired.  Edit [111] broke
[111]   4  Nov 76	Issue OFFRUB before typing CRLF when user
			types ^U in ALTER mode so non-DPY mode users
			don't get a pair a backslashes on the new line.
			(Old bug from version 22)
[112]	4  Nov 76	Clear VT52 from _M33 as well as _M37.
[113]	5  Nov 76	Do not call the input file write protected
			if only the backup is.  Just ignore the backup
			file in this case.
[114]	5  Nov 76	Make change of protection count as a change
			during E and W commands.
[115]	5  Nov 76	Delete some questionable code in SOSEND
			to lower the file protection.  With the
			_PROTECT command, the user can do this
			for himself.
[116]	5  Nov 76	Allow newname if /R (for changing name on
			listings), but warn user that output file
			will not be written.  Change to edit [53].
[117]	8  Nov 76	Do not allow junk at the end of a V command.
[120]	8  Nov 76	Fix protection problems relating to files being
			edited in non-owner PPN's.
[121]	8  Nov 76	Clean up of SOSEND.  Fix problem of wrong
			directory being printed if it was changed with
			an argument to the E command, remove some
			wasted code in NSCAN, add the routine GETEST
			to do file size estimates, and fix a bug
			introduced in [120] that cause W to stop
[122]	8  Nov 76	Edit [111] forgot that the TTY buffers get
			re-allocated after control-C.  This caused
			address checks and illegal UUO's.  Make
			SOSERR know that TTY gets but one buffer also.
[123]	9  Nov 76	Fix SOSINI so that it returns if it gets errors
			trying to setup a co-edit
[124]	9  Nov 76	Fix the SOSERR so that fatal errors during
			copy search or co-edit don't bomb the first
			file.  Instead, just return to the first file.
[125]	9  Nov 76	Add the message "Too many co-files"
[126]	9  Nov 76	Add the message "Illlegal filespec"
[127]   9  Nov 76	Allow users to type encryption keys for ER
			commands, copies, and co-edits.
[130]	9  Nov 76	Fix the transfer command so that ITD error
			is not followed by an illegal memory ref.
			Also make SOSCPY somewhat smaller and faster
			by deleting the pre-check for core now that
			the error recovery works correctly.
[131]	9  Nov 76	Fix SOS so that a _name that changes the
			directory doesn't cause the editor to die
			if the new directory is does not have a UFD
			on the same device as the file is currently
[132]	9  Nov 76	Have CCL read routine check a version number
			in the file and reject the file if there
			is a mismatch.  A mismatch can cause all kinds
			of strange errors.
[133]	9  Nov 76	Setup up ORGDEV in CREAT too.  Else get
			OPEN failure when we go to look for
			a backup file.
[134]	9  Nov 76	Make sure that a new file specification for
			output always has a default device of DSK:,
			not the input device.
[135]	9  Nov 76	Rework the TOFNAM routine so that we always
			get the right filename even under the worst
			circumstances.  (Like change of name giving
			new ersatz device, then W, then E).
[136]	10 Nov 76	Increment STRNUM if the user types a device
			with _NAME so it types back.
[137]	10 Nov 76	Diagnose an encryption key typed for any of
			W, E (but not ER), O, _NAME and @ commands
			as an error.
[140]	10 Nov 76	Fix error recovery for file obtained after
			write protect failure.
[141]	10 Nov 76	Add the message 'Illegal in Basic mode'.
[142]	10 Nov 76	Have CREATE code call GVNAM to give the
			output file name instead of GIVEI to give
			the input file name.  This way, we always
			get the correct device and path.  (This is
			necessary due to some of the above fixes).
[143]	10 Nov 76	Avoid ill mem ref in SOSCPY if very near
			page boundary at start of copy.
[144]	11 Nov 76	Fix message from create code when a Lookup
			fails to say '?LOOKUP failed...'
[145]	11 Nov 76	Have SOS return to the co-file if there is
			one and a fatal error has occured in the
			first file.
[146]	11 Nov 76	Allow line ranges in O command to start
			with ^ , *, + OR -.
[147]	15 Nov 76	Clear RSW in NSCAN in case he types ER with
			no filename.  The flag could be left over from
			a previous command (co-edit or copy).
[150]	15 Nov 76	Make sure that the buffer is large enough on
			a create.  If the cluster size is 3 for the
			output structure and he didn't give a window
			size, he could end up with a three block buffer.
			This can cause mysterious things to happen as
			SOSBUF sometimes needs four blocks.
[151]	16 Nov 76	Delete the reference to .VNCCL in SOSINI and
			replace it with a reference to DVNCCL which is
			external and defined in SOSDAT.  This way, there
			is no way to build an SOS where the two do not
			match.  If they don't match, /CCL doesn't work.
[152]	16 Nov 76	Allow both device and a PPN to be given in
			the set run command.  Edit [107] which
			improved the default broke this and the
			device always became 'DSK' if a PPN or
			path was given.  Also make the default extension
			null so the monitor will use its defaults.
[153]	16 Nov 76	Allow /RUN switch to have a device if given
			on the command line.  Also, make it smart
			enough not to go eating part of the next
			switch so /RUN doesn't have to be the last
			switch given.  Old bug from version 22.
[154]	17 Nov 76	Re-do edit [73] to do INPUT UUOs to clear
			the use bits instead of clearing them
			ourselves.  Under certain circumstances
			the do-it-yourself method gave address
[155]	18 Nov 76	Write zero length file if user deletes
[156]	18 Nov 76	Clear COMFLF flag before writing the CCL
			file.  If this is set when the edit
			restarts, SOS will act very strangely and
			die with an illegal memory reference if
			any errors occur.  Old bug from version 22.
[157]	20 Nov 76	Avoid illegal data modes from O command
			if device isn't a disk and re-open the TTY
			after O and L commands in case he did output
			to TTY (perhaps becase of ASSIGN TTY LPT).
[160]	20 Nov 76	Get core with CORE UUO before doing INBUF
			so we can give a better message (NEC instead
			of address check) and save his co-file if
			he has one.
[161]	20 Nov 76	Fix problem of getting CCL file from the
			wrong area:  First, move MYPPN out of the
			CCL area and second, always read and write
			the file from/to the logged in users home
			area.  (PPN as he logged in).
[162]	22 Nov 76	Allow the [-] construction to indicate
			the default path.
[163]	22 Nov 76	Check CHGCNT to see if any changes this pass
			in end code and avoid finishing the current
			output file if we have already written one
			that can be used instead.
[164]	23 Nov 76	Add the CT and CC command to allow copies
			and transfers from the co-file.
[165]	23 Nov 76	Don't give an error message if the user
			types CRLF to 'source lines='.  Instead,
			assume he didn't want anything and continue.
			Also, do the CLRBFI before typing source
			lines or part of his input might be eaten
			if the system chose to context switch him
			at the wrong moment.
[166]	24 Nov 76	Fix problem of losing track of CPG and BIGP
			when transfer has to insert a page mark
			to prevent order error.  (Delete SUB T2,PGINSD
			at NOPGIN+1)
[167]	24 Nov 76	Protect hapless users who type control-C in
			the middle of a W or end copy from losing
			their files.
[170]	24 Nov 76	Do long read if final page of the command
			is different than current, not just current
			logical page/physical page mismatch.  Makes
			searches go faster.
[171]	24 Nov 76	Re-type the line for him (a la control-R) if
			he comes back in after control-C from alter
[172]	25 Nov 76	Add the A switch to the O command and no
			longer take append to be the default.  If
			the file already exists and no switch was
			given, ask him if he wants to supersede it.
[173]	25 Nov 76	Put the filename in .RBSPL of the .TMP and .TEM
			files so directory will give the orignal file
			names as the alias.  This makes it easier to
			do crash recovery.
[174]	25 Nov 76	When deleting the input file, first rename it
			to FILE.X??, then complete the ending 
			operations, then delete nnnSAV.TMP.  This 
			way, if the system crashes between the first 
			rename and final exit, we can still save the
			users file.
[175]	25 Nov 76	Get the mode right on unsequenced output files.
[176]	29 Nov 76	If the extension for the file to be edited is
			.X??, use a temp file name of .Y?? if necessary.
			Extension to edit [174].
[177]	29 Nov 76	Clean up the 'Lines deleted' code to handle
			pages on which no lines were found.
[200]	29 Nov 76	Add code to SETTFP to check for project leader
			and set protection accordingly.  (UA only, under
			%UAPRT conditional.  Requires project leader
			privilege and supporting monitor code).
[201]	30 Nov 76	Fix the move command so it always places the
			current position pointer at the top of the
			page if no line number is given.  HILN was
			not being cleared.
[202]	 1 Dec 76	Don't call it a change if there is a protection
			change, but the protection change is caused by
			editing the file from a different PPN, not by
			the protection switch.
[203]	 1 Dec 76	Allow P:n as a valid command (implied dot).
[204]	 1 Dec 76	Don't do CLRBFI following [CMEND] message so
			user can type ahead.
[205]	 1 Dec 76	Do implied dot in command scanner after the
			colon as well as before for all commands except
			R and D.  (The latter restriction is to protect
			against errors and line glitches).
[206]	 1 Dec 76	Fix the _NOEXACT command.  The flag variable
			name was misspelled.
[207]	 2 Dec 76	Allow implied dots on R and D commands if the
			user has /EXPERT set.  If not, allow any command
			string except a completely null range.  E. g.,
			D:. and D^: would be legal, but a D with no
			arguments would not.
[210]	 2 Dec 76	Use the CHKACC UUO to give the message 
			%Input file is write protected to ensure 
			compatibility with future monitors.
[211]	10 Dec 76   **  Sometimes SOS would lose a character in the
			middle of a file that was being read in
			unsequenced input mode.  This was caused by
			OCOMPL calling DATAIN with a count of zero.
			Cure:  Fix the order of the tests.
			At OCOMP2+12 (SOSBUF) change
[212]	10 Dec 76	Copy the .RBVER and .RBMOD fields correctly
			for save the world and normal exit.
[213]	13 Dec 76	Clean up calls to CPYFIL in SOSEND.  Do edit
			[155] for save the world also.
[214]	13 Dec 76	Make CC<line>=<filename> illegal.
[215]	13 Dec 76	Clear Co-file flag at start of copy command.
			Else cannot do non-co-copy until co-edit is
[216]	13 Dec 76	Check for typeahead in the VT52 printout
			routine and avoid letting the screen update
			get more than 1 line behind.  Also fix a minor
			bug with the S switch to extend.
[217]	14 Dec 76	Fix the NA command so that the numbering will
			start with the next line if we are currently
			not pointing to any line at all (either at
			beginning of a file or page or pointing between
[220]	15 Dec 76	Fix the Copy and Transfer commands so they won't
			copy to line zero.
[221]	16 Dec 76	Fix exit from alter to do enough line feeds
			so that the next prompt doesn't overwrite
			part of a wrapped around line.
[222]	16 Dec 76	Fix number command some more.  If one does an
			N command (not NA) and it not at the beginning
			of the file (line 0), point him to a real line.
			This way we can leave the pointer at least close
			to where he thinks it is (half a line off).
[223]	18 Dec 76	Fix control-U code for VT52's to reposition
			to the start of wrapped lines before erasing.
			Also, be wary of the user who types in a
			very long line.  There was no check for this
			so the user could write over part of the data
			buffer if he typed in enough junk.
[224]	18 Dec 76	Force wraparound if space cannot be made by
			dumping a block from the buffer (line being
			inserted near the front of a full buffer).
			Also, delay incrementing the change counter
			so the above wraparound can be quick if no
			other changes so far this pass.
[225]	21 Dec 76	Close the input file before creating the
			backup file.  This is suspected of causing
			NER stopcodes in some monitors.
[226]	21 Dec 76	Save and restore the new line flag used
			by the read teco routine accross call to
			alternate file copy.  This edit changed
			the flag name to L1.NNL and move it to
			FL from FL2 (to make saving it simpler).
[227]    3 Jan 76	Allow user to control-C if SOS is prompting
			for a new filespec from ending code.
[230]	 4 Jan 76	Fix the alter D command so that VT52 mode does
			not get confused if a D command is issued at the
			end of a line that is exactly a multiple of
			the terminal carriage width.  It would cause
			the cursor to be placed one line to low because
			it was outputting an unecessary eraser.
[231]	 7 Jan 76	Do not erase the line on a VT52 if the user
			types Q in ALTER mode.  This was a bad idea.
[232]	14 Jan 76	Fix the O command parser so that O:file,:*
			is legal.  Add ":" to the list of characters
			in the NUMCHR bit table.
[233]	19 Jan 76	Add give commands for /BASIC, /BUFFERS, /CCL
			and /R.
[234]	21 Jan 76	Fix scanner so that a six character numeric
			file name is legal. (Old, old bug in all
			previous versions of SOS).
[235]	24 Jan 76	Fix the VT52 version of ^R to use the ^U
			logic for cursor positioning.  Also fix
			one instance of the ^U code, namely, the
			case where the display width is exactly
[236]	28 Jan 76	Message fixes.  First, if an ER fails
			and was given from a co-file, type the
			'now editing' message when we drop back
			to the first file.  Also, if a Q is given
			by an expert, give ILC instead of the long
[237]	 3 Feb 76	Add the 'Line longer than 640 characters'
			message if we find that DATAIN is about
			to do a wraparound BLT.  This is better
			than an ?Ill Mem Ref.
[240]	 7 Feb 76	If a J command was issued and the second
			line crossed a block boundary, SOS would
			die with an ?Ill Mem Ref.  BLKCHK was using
			T4 which contained a byte pointer setup
			by the JOIN command.  Cure:  Have BLKCHK
			preseve T4.

[241]	 7 Feb 76	If a file was edited in an area with little
			space and SAVE (as in W command) could not
			do a successful ENTER on the first pass
			of the edit, SOS would die a horrible death.
			Cure.  Fix SOS to do a special exit at
			CWTOF, being careful not to do anymore ENTERs,
			(we know we have written at least one whole
			file if we get there).  Also, fix up the co-file
			logic so it doesn't get confused.  (A number
			of perverse conditions are possible).
[242]    8 Feb 76	Set the CHGLNF (command can change line size)
			flag for the '/' and '\' commands in alter mode.
			If one transposed a pair characters and one
			of them was a tab, the VT52 display would
			get messed up.
[243]    9 Feb 76	Add the message '%No room to desequence--keep
			line numbers?', for the case where insufficient
			room remains on the disk for a copy but a
			renameable temp file exists.  Also fix a date75
			problem in the .XAC file and fix the references
			to NEDCRF so they don't clobber R2.TSC.
[244]	10 Feb 76	Give user choice of quitting or exiting when
			we can't make the next temp file (if the
			original file has not yet been renamed, that
			is).  Generally clean up the code a bit so
			that more of these situations are recoverable.
			Also, if he has specified that the file was
			to be desequenced, warn him that we are
			going to save the line numbers.
[245]	21 Feb 77	Do not give a free CRLF when a user rub back
			to the beginning of a line in non-VT52 mode.

[246]	21 Feb 77	Allow editing a file with a huge number of nulls
			at the beginning.

[247]	21 Feb 77	Reset the save counters after an auto save
			even if the save resulted in 'no changes'.
[250]	21 Feb 77	Prevent page counting problems and resulting
			internal confusions when LSRCH crosses page
[251]	22 Feb 77	Allow numeric option names for /OPT.
[252]	23 Feb 77	Fix LTL logic on TTY input again.  Edit
			223 broke it.
[253]	23 Feb 77	Fix SOS so that it can find a named option
			line even if it is the first line in
[254]	25 Feb 77	Fix N command in Alter mode so that VT52
			display is correct for multi-line lines.
[255]	26 Feb 77	Make the formfeed command clear the screen
			on a VT52.
[256]	26 Feb 77	Clear .RBEST on a create.  This may still have
			something left in it if SOS is starting with
			an ER command.
[257]	26 Feb 77	Be sure that the line image is updated when
			exiting from alter mode.  If REFDLY had not
			expired when the user typed E, the image was
			never be updated.  Also set DELBAK during 
			insertion to eliminate some unnecessary retyping
[260]	26 Feb 77	Fix calculation of ^+n constructions.  If the
			the first line really existed, it was one too
[261]	28 Feb 77	Add the message 'Illegal when read-only'
[262]	4  Mar 77	Fix the insert and copy commands so they
			won't generate funny increments, and add the
			I!n construction to denote an increment that
			will allow the insertion of n lines.
[263]	8  Mar 77	Fix O command in ALTER so it exits neatly
			if one types CR as the argument.
[264]	9  Mar 77	Add /VT05 and /NOVT05 so VT05 users can have
			the fancy VT52 style alter mode also.  Also,
			add XCT TMF??? so it is relatively easy to
			implement this feature for other terminals.
[265]	9  Mar 77	Re-implement GENSTR to use the DSKCHR UUO so
			that it will work if a structure is defined
			with more than eight units.
[266]	10 Mar 77	Add the # special symbol, means top of last
			range, and %, which means continuation of last
			insert.  Makes line range specification a little
			more flexible.
[267]	10 Mar 77	Add the [Edit aborted] message.
[270]	10 Mar 77	Make /INFORM a default if SOS is assembled
			with INFSW turned on.
[271]	16 Mar 77	Optimize the display alter routines so that
			less characters are needed for ^U, Q, -<tab>
			and termination of insert.
[272]	18 Mar 77	Go back to beginning of line for wrapped lines
			when doing a -nJ in alter mode.  Aesthetic patch
[273]	19 Mar 77	Fix Delete command to check for 0 lines deleted
			and issue an %NLN error if so.
[274]	19 Mar 77	Add the routine FINDLO, FINDHI and FINDCL to
			locate the LOLN, CLN and HILN easily.  Saves
			about 50 words in the high segment and makes
			the code shorter.
[275]	20 Mar 75	Make edit [242] a little smarter.  Since the
			the problem can only happen when one of the
			characters is funny, check for codes below
			ASCII 40.
[276]	21 Mar 77	Enhance the = command to allow =% and =#.
[277]   26 Mar 77	Enhance the H command to accept multiple
			character arguments, and switch arguments
			using the form H/switch, to allow switch
			specific help.
[300]	26 Mar 77	Add the messages "%Ambiguous parameter
			name" and "%No such parameter" and use
			them for _ (set), = (give) and H/switch.
[301]	27 Mar 77	Implement support for the default protection
			by job provided in 6.03.  Use old code if
			the new GETTAB fails (table not present).
[302]	27 Mar 77	Use the GETTAB to determine what the unit
			of core allocation is to decide whether
			to return core, not the KIONLY feature test.
[303]	28 Mar 77	Fix ALTER so that it works on displays with
			TTY TAB enabled.  Have SOS turn off TTY TAB
			during ALTERs and restore it otherwise.
[304]	28 Mar 77	Add the message '%Can't delete input file' if
			DELETE UUO fails for ED (or EN).
[305]	28 Mar 77	Fix /LFxxxx string to work correctly when
			TTY TAB is enabled.
[306]	18 Apr 77	Fix WS so doesn't get fatal line to long message
			on a short file.  PNTR was being restore when
			it shouldn't have been.
[307]	18 Apr 77	Diagnose illegal circumstances for ED exit.
[310]	18 Apr 77	Add 'multiple filenames illegal' message.
[311]	18 Apr 77	Add 'null filename illegal' message.
[312]	18 Apr 77	Fix ALTER G command to accept string
			currently being pointed to. (Also M and Y).
[313]	18 Apr 77	Add /CRLF:n command
[314]	 3 May 77	Fix INC1=order message.  Broken by edit [262].
[315]	 3 May 77	Fix =SEQ command.
[316]	 3 May 77	Diagnose all cases of 'no changes' on new file
			if he doesn't insert anything.
[317]	10 May 77	Re-do prompting logic, add new prompts, fix
[320]	10 May 77	Fix rubout logic so it can handle all altmodes
			correctly in search strings.  Some were being
			prematurely handled as break characters, making
			it impossible to rub them out.
[321]	11 May 77	Make EQ do the abort a copy-search without
			prompting for a line range.  Make errors and
			null respones go back into the search file
			so he can look around some more (or type EQ
			to get out.
[322]	11 May 77	Add the ';' command for commenting command files
[323]   15 May 77	Have a +n line number indicate if it goes past
			the top of the page so certain commands can
			take appropriate action.
[324]	15 May 77	Fix X command so that it will continue inserting
			if a CR is typed at the end of a line.
[325]	15 May 77	Fix A/p1:/p2 so it doesn't mess up CPG and
			will work.
[326]	17 May 77	Fix ^R and P commands in alter mode so they
			retype the line.  This is necessary if the line
			gets munged by system messages or something.
[327]	19 May 77	Allow N (-N) in Alter mode to cross pages.
[330]	19 May 77	Add increment (temp and permanent to the X
			command.  The new forms are:
				Xrange;incr,S   and so forth
[331]	25 May 77	JU command sometimes messed up the file if
			execute as the first pass of an unsequenced
			file.  Cure:  call GETLTH before using data
			to ensure that the whole line is in core.
[332]	25 May 77	Insert re-enter protection into the Help
			command to prevent address checks.
[333]	25 May 77	Clear flags in FL before restore from CCL
			file.  Else DPYF, READOF, EXTOG etc don't
			work correctly.
[334]	25 May 77	Move CURINS, LSLOLN into CCL area.
[335]	25 May 77	Fix SETTTY so it does the correct thing
			with ECHO and NOECHO relative to the setting
			of DISF.
[336]	25 May 77	Call V52TPN instead of V52TYP in Alter C command
			due to an obsure bug in SCNSER which causes
			SKIPNL to skip if the last character was a
[337]	25 May 77	Watch for CURINS during renumber operations
			and fix if needed.
[340]	27 May 77	Fix illegal line format from Alter J command.
[341]	27 May 77	Fix case of ^R in alter mode on VT52 when
			cursor is at end of line.  VT52 refresh code
			was being too clever.
[342]	 2 June 77	Re-prompt user if he control-C's from TI state.
[343]	 2 June 77	Reset the value of # on a substitue command.
[344]	 6 June 77	Allow TTY type devices to use Line Editor
			mode input for correct CTLR/R and CTLR/U
			processing, plus rubout through altmode.
			Make /STANDARD include up arrow echo of
			control characters by default.
[345]	 6 June 77	Fix interrogation routines so they don't have
			a hair trigger and add the /DELETE and /NODELETE
			switches to get confirmation on ED's.
[346]	6 June 77	Move DPY, FCS, EXPER and M37 flags into the
			shared co-file area so the switches can be
			set at any time.
[347]	10 June 77	Get correct device and path into ESF file
			on a copy/edit to a new device or path.
[350]	16 June 77	Fix Q option of control-C trap when SOS
			prompts for a new file name on EQ exit.
[351]	16 June 77	Clean up .TEM files if _R is selected
			after edit begins.
[352]	 8 July 77	Rework /CCL save stuff a little so that the
			last file examined or edited is always found.
			Also, don't write the ESF file if he says EQ.
[353]	21 July 77	Change S switch in P and O commands to "U".
[354]	24 July 77	Decrement auto save counter when doing N
			commands in Alter mode.
[355]	24 July 77	Allow Alter in Readonly.
[356]	24 July 77	Allow / for setting switches during the edit
[357]	24 July 77	Fix Alter so change count is updated only
			if the line is actually changed.  Do a
			compare on the resulting line against
			the original to decide.
[360]	24 July 77	Add synonym switches NOVT, NOFILL, NOCRLF.
[361]	16 Aug 77	Optimize the VT52 refresh code some more.
			In particular, the X command and DPYALT entry.
[362]	16 Aug 77	Diagnose junk at the end of /page constructions
			(implied move command).
[363]	16 Aug 77	Fix R<line>!<count> so more than one line
			can be inserted.
[364]	16 Aug 77	Fix X command so that it won't give order
			errors if the previous line ended with a
			line feed and the current one ends with
			a carriage return.
[365]	16 Aug 77	Move COMFLF (Command file flag) into the
			co-file common area in case command file
			changes co-files.
[366]	13 Sep 77	Light BELLF flag at command dispatch.  It
			can be zeroed by copy.
[367]	16 Sep 77	Clear setting of /CRLF in alter mode.
[370]	16 Sep 77	Allow /CRLF to work from SWITCH.INI
[371]	16 Sep 77	Ensure "." is set correctly after X command.
[372]	16 Sep 77	Don't change the value of "." on =# or =%
[373]	4 Oct 77	Redo <bell> <bell> logic so it really
[374]	8 Oct 77	Redo =CASE so that it can be understood.
			Simplify the case folding switches and
[375]	8 Oct 77	Add the /ENCRYPT switch which prompts for
			for passwords.
[376]	8 Oct 77	Fix N command in alter transversing into
			a group of null pages at either end of
			the file
[377]	26 Oct 77	Fix change count to recognize that format
			changes are real even if no changes since
			last save on a creating edit.
[400]	26 Oct 77	Allow exit from copy if in first file and
			co-editing.  Tests were in the wrong order.
[401]	26 Oct 77	Set logical page corectly when doing N's in
			alter mode that cross page boundaries.
[402]	26 Oct 77	Handle T/n,range correctly.  Need a special
			check for line zero.  Convert it to an
			ASCII zero.
[403]	29 Oct 77	If /CCL was selected, as well as /ISAVE or
			/SAVE by command or special option, and
			was not selected by the main option in 
			SWITCH.INI then a set of superflous messages 
			was typed.
[404]  1 Nov 77		Fix default page in copy from alternate file
			without search.
[405]	7 Nov 77	Add logic to add formfeed when line number
			wraps around when reading unsequenced input.
[406]	7 Nov 77	Enhance the 'File already exists' message
			by typing the file name also.
[407]	7 Nov 77	Make the value of ^ on a null page INCR instead
			of 100.
[410]	7 Nov 77	Restart SOS if the user types CONTINUE instead
			of typing EXIT.
[411]	7 Nov 77	Allow output file switches.
[412]	23 Nov 77	Don't assume original file was unsequenced
			if a copy-search was done to an unsequenced
[413]	25 Nov 77	Make searches go a little faster by not
			computing the line length before searching
			each line.
[414]	25 Nov 77	Clear FRCPAG before calling scan.  Edit
			[404] didn't fix transfer.
[415]	26 Nov 77	Clear STARF before doing a /N command to
			position to top of page N.  It was only
			cleared by GETL before.
[416]	2 Dec 77	Fix illegal address in UUO when doing several
			auto saves on an unsequenced file from the
			Alter N command.
[417]	10 Dec 77	(DEC-10 Memorial Edit)  Have Alter-N command
			update HILN so behavior from auto-alter and
			when altering a line range is more straight-
[420]	10 Jan 78	Fix temporary file write algorithm so
			EDS file can be written to disk if TMPCOR
			is full.  Coding error (.RBLEN not setup).
[421]	19 Jan 78	Clear CNTF at COMND so we don't get garbage
			line number if we do a co-create immediately
			following a command using a count range.
[422]	2 Feb 78	Make sure that .RBVER gets set to zero on
			an ER command.
[423]	9 Mar 78	Add OBUF+3 (so encryption doesn't lose) and
			BUFBLL (so don't do loose piece of line) to
			to alternate file copy save list.
[424]	30 Mar 78	Make version right in second .TMP file.
[425]	10 May 78	Make =DSK work in readonly mode.
[426]	10 May 78	Eliminate spurious F* and S*
			prompts when reading from a command file.
[427]	10 May 78	Fix destination of copy to a null page.  New 
			text ended up on the following page.
[430]	18 May 78	Clear CTRL/C trapping when prompting
			for file name after ER.
[431]	18 May 78	When justifying, leave at lease
			two spaces following a colon,
			only one after a semicolon.
[432]	18 May 78	Don't allow N command in Basic
[433]	16 June 78	If user specifies a line range
			on a resequence, make sure that
			the result in still in sequence.
[434]	16 June 78	Add support for ^W.
[435]	15 Aug  78	Don't attempt to create an SFD if
			the user supplied no path information
			at all and the default path does not
			exist on the specified device.  Say
			SFD not found instead of ?ill mem ref.
[436]	15 Aug 78	Handle ^W that cause a free CRLF to
			happen when it echo on input in display
[437]	30 Aug 78	Do TRMOP.s to get the terminal type in 7.01
			and later monitors.  Set switches appropriately.
[440]	8 Sep 78	If ENTER fails because .RBPOS is set to an
			occupied block, clear .RBPOS and try again.
[441]  19 Sep 78	Save the input encryption key across copies.
			Else, bad things happen if the file being
			copied from has a different key.  Thanks
			to JCH.
[442]   4 Oct 78	If users gives a copy command in readonly
			mode, give the message IRO instead of ILC.
[443]   21 Oct 78	Allow R SOS[path]-command. to work.  In
			the past, the path messed up the command
[444]   21 Nov 78	SOS looped if the starting number was smaller
			than the increment for an unsequenced file.
			Fix it so it doesn't loop.

[445]	8 Apr 79	Improve error messages on exit.