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;;Macro used in each module to invoke the edit history comments for each
;; edit installed in that module
;	ZZZ==-1
;	IRP N,<
;	IFNDEF	ED.'N<IF1,<PRINTX %Unknown edit number 'N>>
;			ED$'N==1
;	IF2,<IFNDEF ...'N,<PRINTX %No reference to edit number 'N>>
;	>;;END IRP
;	IF1,<IFG ZZZ,<PRINTX [Assembling in Tufts Edits 'N]>
;		IFE ZZZ,<PRINTX [Assembling in Tufts Edit 'N]>>
;;Macro used in each module at each location of the edit so that the
;;CREF will note the locations.
;	IRP N,<
;	IFNDEF ED$'N<IF1<PRINTX %Edit 'N is not in the Edit History>>
;	IFDEF ED$'N<...'N==:1>
;DEFINE ...NAM(N),<...'N>
;;Macro used internally to simplify the HISTORY macro
;.EDIT 1,<
;;1	Create compatibility mode with SOS version 21
;.EDIT 2,<
;;2	Read and set the backspace character from TRMOP. UUO. Dont
;;	assume it always to be ^H (INFOTONs are different)
;.EDIT 3,<
;;3	Add /BAUD to prevent alter mod fast update, but allow the other
;;	nice features of "smart" terminals on slower speed lines.
;.EDIT 4,<
;;4	Add exit continious option to strip sequence numbers and page
;;	marks. Also, smarten up inserting page marks because of too
;;	many lines/page on unsequenced input.
;.EDIT 5,<
;;5	Allow <FF> terminator on commands, and do the correct clear
;;	screen function for terminals (VT52's) that cant do it themselves
;.EDiT 6,<
;;6	Clear ^O before promting so user known when printing is done
;.EDIT 7,<
;;7	Add range specifiers BF =^/^, :EF = */*, and EF = ^/^:*/*
;;	to make life easier (and like SOS 23)
;.EDIT 10,<
;;10	Fix .ASSIGN TTY DSK; open physical TTY to prevent loops
;.EDIT 11,<
;;11	Fix ?ill mem ref or such with push/pop of T1 in ^C exit routine
;.EDIT 12,<
;;12	Allow a repeat count on a command file if it fits in one disk 
;;	block. This make iterations easier without disk thrashing.
;.EDIT 13,<
;;13	Change name of help file to .MAN from .HLP. Its really too long
;;	for a help file!
;.EDIT 14,<
;;14	Allow F/S options to be specified in any order
;.EDIT 15,<
;;15	^E pattern matching extensions for F/S searches
;.EDIT 16,<
;;16	New F/S options (Delete, Mark, printout)
;.EDIT 17,<
;;17	Add support for XSOS and monitor set default editor experimental
;;	bits. (try to keep the sources the same, but check the bit for
;;	differing functionality)
;.EDIT 20,<
;;20	Fix CCL switch, and properly release channel so the DDB doesnt
;;	hang around wasting space.  Also, prevent garbage on initial
;;	command scanning errors if %UACCL turned off.
;.EDIT 21,<
;;21	Setup a few different defaults in SOSINI
;;	ie /REFDLY /BAUD and /START/STEP (defaults to 1 if readonly)
;.EDIT 22,<
;;22	Allow protection specification of <nnn> on all file specs
;.EDIT 23,<
;;23	Add I/n to add text starting on a new page (like SOS 23)
;.EDIT 24,<
;;24	Add fast print for smart terminals with cursor addressing
;.EDIT 25,<
;;25	Support all Tufts terminal types (see edit 24)
;;	Improve terminal specifiers with improved terminal type macro
;;	to make adding new terminals very easy.
;.EDIT 26,<
;;26	Add /PROGRAM (/UC) and /TEXT (/NOUC) switches like some doc says
;REPEAT 0,<	;Fixed in U of A SOS 23D(444)
;.EDIT 27,<
;;27	Fix infinate wrap around problems when step.GT.start
;.EDIT 30,<
;;30	Allow the user to create a completely null file. Some try it
;;	instead of .COPY =NUL:file
;.EDIT 31,<
;;31	Fix SOS being too smart about protection codes and FILDAE
;.EDIT 32,<
;;32	Add a powerful MACRO capability. More about this later
;.EDIT 33,<
;;33	Add /INITIALIZE to do default readin of an indirect command
;;	file. This may be specified in SWITCH.INI or while in SOS.
;;	It takes effect immediately
;.EDIT 34,<
;;34	Fix missing %No such line(s) message with V class commands
;;	when no lines were in fact found
;.EDIT 35,<
;;35	Rewrite error macro to not include CRLF and to have table
;;	XWD [ASCIZ/expert msg/],[ASCIZ/novice msg/]. This saved
;;	171(8) locations in the high seg
;.EDIT	36,<
;;36	Improve question option in Search; allow Y and N and make a
;;	help option.
;.EDIT 37,<
;;37	Dont allow .+n or .-n to give first/last line if the line does
;;	not exist. Instead, give %NLN message. Redefine L1.PTP to be
;;	L1.MCM to allow *+1 in MARK command to win (ie not do above
;;	actions.)
;.EDIT 40,<
;;40	Add the =RULER command to type out RULER number ruler
;.EDIT 41,<
;;41	Fix scanning for certain ranges in O command so $ and EF work.
;.EDIT 42,<
;;42	Fix ^G^G giving ?ill mem ref when initial parse fails and returns
;;	to "File:" prompt with BELLF flag set. Cure: Clear it
;.EDIT 43,<
;;43	Make SOS do less UUO's. In specific, remember echo status so we
;;	dont have to SETSTS every command, and check with STATZ in
;;	rubout processing. Also, remember GETLCH settings, again so as
;;	not to have to reset it every command.
;.EDIT 44,<
;;44	Fix losing TTY TAB when user ^C's out of alter mode.
;;	and also restore it correctly if he types CONTINUE
;;	Also fix ^C reenter from alter mode leaving echo off.
;.EDIT 45,<
;;45	Add /UNDERLINE switch to not turn xxx<CR>yyy into a new line.
;;	However, I'm not sure everything likes a line like that!
;.EDIT	46,<
;;46	Change buffer algorithms and defaults. In specific, use default
;;	algorithm if readonly (dont use 10 blocks), check that cluster
;;	size is .LE. WINMAX (some have cluster sizes of 200 or more!)
;;	Allow bigger /WINDOW (dont require .LE. 100000) change
;;	WINMAX to 60000(8).
;.EDIT 47,<
;;47	Give a better (stronger) message for M option in ^C dialogue
;.EDIT 48,<
;;48	Force /X to suppress line numbers all the time, not just if the
;;	file didnt have them to start.
;.EDIT 49,<
;;49	Use the orginal logged in PPN rather than the current PPN to
;;	read SWITCH.INI. The idea is that if we pivot, we do not want
;;	the options read from the pivoted PPN, but our first logged in PPN.
;.EDIT 50,<
;;50	Add /[no]XINSERT (default =NOXINSERT) to control inserting NEW
;;	lines when the range of lines for an X command terminates and
;;	the current increment allows for insertion of new lines.
;.EDIT 51,<
;;51	Fix N command in alter mode not to destory HILN in the range,
;;	as otherwise alter finishs after first N command, even if range
;;	is not completed.
	SUBTTL	Minor version changes


Edit	Date		Comment

1-33	1979		Add edits 1-33 (dates lost)

34	25-SEP-79	Install edit 34
35	25-SEP-79	Install edit 35
36	27-SEP-79	Have I/n print new page number
			and check for correct terminator
37	27-SEP-79	Fix PEF not printing first Page 1 title
40	27-SEP-79	Allow BF to position to beginning of file
			like B command does, but its consistent with
			BF range specifier
41	27-SEP-79	Add edit 36
42	27-SEP-79	Add edit 37
43	30-Sep-79	Add edit 40
44	19-Oct-79	Change to use new terminal type and display TRMOP.s
			(now that 7.00 finally has features Tufts had!)
45	31-Oct-79	Reassemble to do PAGE. UUO, and change MACRO
			routines to allocate pages for macro text
46	31-Oct-79	Force /START:1/STEP:1 in readonly mode even
			if he gave those switches (probably SWITCH.INI)
47	7-Nov-79	Now, with 7.00 default /DISPLAY always, and be
			sure to get INFOTONs right. Also, dont do cursor
			addressing in SOSLST if the terminal needs CRLF.
50	9-Nov-79	Add edit 41 (fixes O command). Also do smart
			things in OUTLIN if terminal has tabs.
51	10-Nov-79	Expand ^E stuff to allow ^EVL, ^EVU, ^EVV on
			output strings to return the case converted result
			if the input match string (Also, allow ^EnVU, etc
			to return the case converted n'th match string.
52	11-Nov-79	Add edits 42 and 43
53	13-Nov-79	Add edit 44 (fixes ^C from alter and tabs)
54	15-Nov-79	Improve edit 25 with better terminal type macro
55	16-Nov-79	Merge with new U of A SOS 23D(444)
56	27-Nov-79	Fix position computation if the line wrapped
			around the screen so print shows the line correctly.
57	20-Dec-79	Change check for experimental editor by testing
			program name for XSOS, not the monitor bit
60	 2-Jan-80	Allow "" inside /DEFINE to quote a quote in the
			DEFINE text, if user uses quoted form.
			Read correct .INI file if /INITIALIZE (not always
61	 5-Jan-80	When writing macro file (OM command), turn quote
			into "" to avoid quote problems when we read it
			it in later. Also, clear repeat count correctly for
			nested macros.
62	 9-Jan-80	Add edit 45 (/UNDERLINE) **NOTE** Incomplete!!

63	 1-Feb-80	Change OM command to write out macros correctly
			if nested macros and /MACRO on.
64	 7-Mar-80	Add edit 46 (better window handling)
65	13-Mar-80	Support VT61 terminals too
66	 9-Apr-80	Add edits 47,48. Patch so TSG SOS always looks
			like XSOS.
67	 4-Aug-80	Look for SWITCH.INI in logged in PPN, and not
			the pivoted PPN. (Edit 49)
70	11-Sep-80	Fix bug in cursor output that thought VT52 could
			direct cursor address to column 95. It can only
			go to 80.
71	31-Oct-80	Improve edit 44. Change things to use TRMOP rather
			than GETLCH/SETLCH for TTY TAB setting. This also
			fixes (gets around) monitor bug with GETLCH echoing
			a defered line too soon. (with TTY DEFER set)
72	 6-Dec-80	Change XSOS alter mode commands a little. Make
			"D" be immediate action, and add "K" to take
			a unit specifier (like "D" used to)
			Change =COLUMN to =RULER. Add edit 50 to control
			inserts of new lines in X mode.
73	 7-Dec-80	Add edit 51 to fix N command in alter mode.
74	30-Dec-80	Merge with SOSX 23D(445)
75	31-Dec-80	Merge alter modes into the same SOS. The switch
			/[no]NEWALTER toggles. NEWALTER is default for
76	28-Jan-81	Change /COMPATIBLE into /OLDCOMMAND (default) and
			/NEWCOMMAND. Improve HELP scanner to allow
			E/NEWCOMMAND and E/OLDCOMMAND to list different
			parts of manual.
77	19-Feb-81	Fix ?Ill mem ref when editing large files due
			to wrong ac used by TCS#46


	RELOC	400000
	SUBTTL	Internal GETTAB for Original Logged-in PPN
	.GTLPN=:-10	;Sigh