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This failsafe tape contains the circuit analysis programs:

        SPICE SINC and SLIC

described in the Applications Software Bulletin Volume 4.


SPICE requires FORTRAN-10 version 4 because of  its  use  of
Right adjusted Holerith data.  Executes in about 47K.

SINC and SLIC should work with F40 and F10v1A but  have  not
been  tested with anything but F10 version 4.  SLIC requires
about 50K of core to execute.

FORTRAN-10 version 4 should be able to compile all three  in
less than 50K user core.

Note:  at one time there was a  hacked  up  version  of  F10
version  1  which  was  able  to compile SPICE.  It was only
guarenteed to compile the version of SPICE on this tape  and
had  many  severe  bugs.   With  this distribution I will no
longer make any attempt  to  distribute  that  compiler  nor
answer any questions on it.  -ADG


Of the three programs, SPICE is generaly  reguarded  as  the
most  useful.   The  optimized version is roughly 1K smaller
and about 20% faster than the non-optimized version.

SLIC and SINC are about 10% faster when optimized.

Under 6.01 SPICE has  the  following  paging  profile  while
running the test data:

        phys page limit                 cpu seconds

        94 p                             16.2
        85 p                             22
        80 p - 45 p                      25
        40 p                            127
        10 p                            over 6 min.

I/O units

SPICE reads via 'DIALOG', writes SPCOUT.DAT

SINC reads 1 , writes 6

SLIC reads 5 , writes 6 and 2

This failsafe tape contains files named after  the  programs
                                                      Page 2

with extensions:

        FOR - the source program
        IN   - a test problem
        OUT - sample output
        SAV - the 1070 optimized core image

it also includes this file, the FOROTS to go with the  SAVes
and the source for SECOND.MAC, the timing routine.  SPICE is
broken into three parts:  1SPICE.FOR, 2 and 3.

There  is  a  printed  document  to  describe  each  of  the
programs.   These  are  included  in  the DECUS packet.  The
documentation and programs were origionally developed by the
E.E.   department  of  the Univ.  of Calif.  at Berkley on a
CDC 6400.  Except to convert the FORTRAN to the DECsystem-10
no  changes  have  been  made to the programs.  For the test
data SLIC and  SINC  have  shown  a  slight  variation  with
respect to the 6400, SPICE shows no variation.

Good luck!              Ashley Grayson 27-NOV-74

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