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entry ;
comment file: FORT.SAI[50,752];
.SEC(FORT.SAI - numerical routines from FORT lib)
.index(FORT.SAI - numerical routines from FORT lib)
                        Richard Gordon
                     Image Processing Unit
                   National Cancer Institute
                 National Institutes of Health
                     Building 36 Room 4D28
                 Bethesda, Maryland 20014 USA

                      phone 301-496-2394

FORT.SAI imitates a number of standard Fortran Procedures.

begin "FORT.SAI"

  real Internal Procedure RSIGN(  real arg1;
				 real arg2  );
  begin "SIGN"
    if arg1>0
    then return(abs(arg1))
    else return(-abs(arg1));
  end "SIGN";

  real Internal Procedure TAND(  real angle  );
  begin "TAND"
    if angle mod 90 neq 0
    then return(sind(angle)/cosd(angle))
    else return(RSIGN(angle,1.7@38));
  end "TAND";

  Integer Internal Procedure IFIX(  real a  );
  begin "IFIX"
  end "IFIX";

  Integer Internal Procedure INT(  real a  );
  begin "INT"
    return( if a geq 0
	    then a
  end "INT";

  real Internal Procedure ASIND(  real a  );
  begin "ASIND"
  end "ASIND";

  real Internal Procedure ALOG10(  real arg  );
  begin "ALOG10"
  end "ALOG10";

end "FORT.SAI";