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CS001 Relational follows arithmetical or logical                              
CS002 Logical follows logical                                                 
CS003 Value was required                                                      
CS004 Illegal AUDIT command keyword                                           
CS005 Date-Time specification required here                                   
CS006 CHECKPOINT, CHECK, or an integer required here                          
CS007 Over pushed an @FILE level (10 is max)                                  
CS008 Checkpoint name required here                                           
CS009 AUDIT MERGE illegal in PL1022 segment                                   
CS010 Illegal without audit file open                                         
CS011 Keyword AUTO or MANUAL required here                                    
CS012 Arithmetic overflow in number, or non numeric char                      
CS013 Out of room inside command buffer                                       
CS014 Keyword NOTHING, QUERIES, or UPDATES required here                      
CS015 Unexpected left or right paren                                          
CS016 More right than left parens                                             
CS017 More right than left parens in a basic selector group                   
CS018 Needed an attribute name                                                
CS019 Unbalanced parens in an attribute grouping                              
CS020 Unbalanced parens in a command                                          
CS021 Hit a null paren group   ie  (  )                                       
CS022 A NOT follows an arithmetic relational                                  
CS023 Expressions nested too deeply                                           
CS024 Invalid command                                                         
CS025 Invalid attribute for specified dataset                                 
CS026 Bad # command                                                           
CS027 Illegal FILE command keyword                                            
CS028 Period expected here                                                    
CS029 Value buffer overflow                                                   
CS030 Keyword DAMAGE expected here                                            
CS031 Dataset not OPEN                                                        
CS032 SAVE file not allowed in SEARCH                                         
CS033 Bad file or device specification                                        
CS034 On clause hit twice in PRINT command                                    
CS035 Too many attributes in a SORT description                               
CS036 Out of room in a buffer                                                 
CS037 TEXT attribute required for CONTAINS or BEGINS                          
CS038 Illegal or repeated parameter                                           
CS039 TOTALS list not at end                                                  
CS040 On clause in illegal position                                           
CS041 Unexpected reserved word                                                
CS042 Filename too long (3 characters maximum)                                
CS043 Function has no expression                                              
CS044 User id or keyword CLASS required here                                  
CS045 Text in arithmetic expression                                           
CS046 Incomplete command                                                      
CS047 Unexpected operator or right paren                                      
CS048 Null text literal                                                       
CS049 Unbalanced parentheses                                                  
CS050 Unrecognized word                                                       
CS051 Data not of expected type                                               
CS052 Unexpected left paren                                                   
CS053 Unimplemented data type                                                 
CS054 Null TOTALS clause                                                      
CS055 Not an integer                                                          
CS056 Out of legal range                                                      
CS057 Command out of context (eg. REPORTs)                                    
CS058 No PRINT in REPORT                                                      
CS059 Character not allowed here                                              
CS060 Attribute as value not allowed in FIND                                  
CS061 Attribute referenced twice                                              
CS062 UNKEYed attribute                                                       
CS063 Value too large                                                         
CS064 Contains not allowed in FIND                                            
CS065 Needed logical or attribute                                             
CS066 File not found                                                          
CS067 Text length (an integer) required here                                  
CS068 Not in REPORT                                                           
CS069 Extra word in command                                                   
CS070 Attribute protected from ADD or CHANGE                                  
CS071 Illegal octal ppn                                                       
CS072 Expected a reserved word                                                
CS073 TECO expects text attribute                                             
CS074 Not in PL1022 segment                                                   
CS075 Already in PL1022 segment                                               
CS076 Errors seen, PL1022 or REPORT execution stopped                         
CS077 Bad relational  eg. EQ GT                                               
CS078 Cannot KEY text gt 80 chars                                             
CS079 Not a data symbol                                                       
CS080 Variable must start with letter                                         
CS081 Invalid dataset specified                                               
CS082 Multiple match to datasets                                              
CS083 Already defined - can't redefine                                        
CS084 Command not allowed in GROUP2 REPORT section                            
CS085 Starting GROUP2, no driving PRINT given                                 
CS086 HEADING or FOOTING inside main REPORT section                           
CS087 Unauthorized command -- ADMIT protected                                 
CS088 Unauthorized attribute -- ADMIT protected                               
CS089 Unauthorized attribute, need password                                   
CS090 Already an attribute identifier                                         
CS091 TOTALS function not allowed here                                        
CS092 Function requires leading parenthesis                                   
CS093 Can't nest TOTALS functions                                             
CS094 Invalid PRINT assignment construction                                   
CS095 Initial section must start REPORT when used                             
CS096 SECTION INITIAL must be the first statement in a complex report         
CS097 Value cannot be user assigned                                           
CS098 REPORT section out of sequence                                          
CS099 Not allowed in new REPORTs                                              
CS100 General internal error -- please report                                 
CS101 I/O error in reading                                                    
CS102 Not called from HOST LANGUAGE                                           
CS103 Continuation label not provided                                         
CS104 No attributes qualify for command                                       
CS105 SOS cannot be used to CHANGE attributes                                 
CS106 Indirect file could not be processed                                    
CS107 Only DOUBLE INTEGER supported                                           
CS108 Variable name required here                                             
CS109 Repeated, unknown, or illegal clause                                    
CS110 No input data specified                                                 
CS111 APPEND-TRANSACT from SET excludes DESC clause                           
CS112 No output clause specified                                              
CS113 Bundled datasets cannot have a data file                                
CS114 No LOCATOR list specified                                               
CS115 Multiple LOCATORs for unsorted TRANSACT not supported                   
CS116 SYNC option requires SORTed TRANSACTions                                
CS117 DATA clause requires DESC clause                                        
CS118 DESC clause is required                                                 
CS119 Types incompatible                                                      
CS120 '(' required here                                                       
CS121 ')' required here                                                       
CS122 Argument of illegal type                                                
CS123 Unrecognized symbol or reserved word                                    
CS124 Internal inconsistency in GVLD - Please report                          
CS125 System function not permitted here                                      
CS126 TOTALS function not permitted here                                      
CS127 ',' required here                                                       
CS128 Illegal variable name                                                   
CS129 DOUBLE INTEGER arrays not supported                                     
CS130 Too many dimensions (Maximum 7)                                         
CS131 Array bounds must be integers                                           
CS132 Array bound out of legal range                                          
CS133 Lower bound greater than upper bound                                    
CS134 Variable previously defined differently                                 
CS135 Checkpoint designator required here                                     
CS136 Keyword INTEGER required here                                           
CS137 Invalid user name                                                       
CS138 DBSET -  dataset not OPEN in PL1022 segment                             
CS139 String too long                                                         
CS140 Quoted string expected here                                             
CS141 Illegal conversion of constant required                                 
CS142 Improper constant subscript specification                               
CS143 Constant subscript out of bounds                                        
CS144 Illegal reference without dataset open                                  
CS145 Unterminated literal ends command file                                  
CS146 Unterminated REPORT or PL1022 segment ends command file                 
CS147 Both FROM and SINCE clauses may not be specified                        
CS148 Keyword DATA required here                                              
CS149 Not an unbundled dataset                                                
CS150 May only go BACKTO version 113                                          
CS151 Back selection failure in PTPBLK - Please report                        
CS152 Unterminated PL1022 segment in a REPORT                                 
CS153 Filename expected here                                                  
CS154 Outside PL1022 segment terminates in a REPORT                           
CS155 Required clause omitted                                                 
CS156 Password required after ADMIT CLASS                                     
CS157 TRANSACT or APPEND to same dataset not allowed                          
CS158 Boolean value not permitted here                                        
CS159 Boolean value required here                                             
CS160 Illegal control structure (missing END)                                 
CS161 ELSEIF or ELSE not allowed here                                         
CS162 END not allowed here                                                    
CS163 PL1022 back selection failure - please report                           
CS164 Illegal conditional environment change                                  
CS165 THEN required here                                                      
CS166 DO required here                                                        
CS167 Command not allowed in PL1022 or REPORT                                 
CS168 Incorrect block terminator                                              
CS169 Command only allowed in PL1022 or REPORT                                
CS170 Feature has not been purchased by your site                             
FI001 Attribute not KEYed                                                     
FI002 SAVE cmd or fileclause OPEN or ENTER error                              
FI003 Fileclause file not found                                               
FI004 Attribute too long for MAPping                                          
FI005 MAP to same dataset not allowed                                         
FI006 Not a DMV file for current dataset                                      
FD001 File damaged -- key table                                               
FD002 File damaged -- key table                                               
FD003 File damaged -- end of file reached                                     
FD004 File damaged -- index check                                             
FD005 File damaged -- record retrieval error                                  
FD006 File damaged -- key table                                               
FD007 File damaged - index out  of order or duplicates exist                  
FD008 File damaged - index check on value deletion                            
OP001 Device not available or not disk                                        
OP002 Dataset not found                                                       
OP003 Wrong password                                                          
OP004 Not a 1022 data base file                                               
OP005 Unauthorized access                                                     
OP006 Password needed                                                         
OP007 Data base file protected                                                
OP008 Out of IO channels                                                      
OP009 Dataset incompatible                                                    
OP010 Internal dataset not found                                              
OP011 Protection failure in OPEN from PL1022 segment                          
OP012 Dataset has been superceded                                             
OP013 Inconsistent ENQ/NOENQ file status during OPEN                          
MI001 OPEN error                                                              
MI002 ENTER error                                                             
MI003 TECO expects 1 record                                                   
MI004 Not enough IO channels for TECO or SOS                                  
MI005 Not enough channels for KEY program                                     
MI006 KEY scratch device not available                                        
MI007 KEY TMP file ENTER error                                                
MI008 No records selected                                                     
MI009 DMS device not available                                                
MI010 Cannot ENTER DMS file                                                   
MI011 Unauthorized cmd -- one or more attribute is ADMIT protected            
MI012 Conversion not implemented                                              
MI013 Can't write TMPFILE                                                     
MI014 FILE command aborted due to errors                                      
MI015 SYSID illegal here                                                      
MI016 DBSET - dataset not open in PL1022 segment                              
MI017 Cannot restore 113 compatibility for this dataset                       
MI018 Reference to non-existent dataset in report -- file closed              
MI019 Can't find SYS:EDIT.EXE                                                 
MI020 Error setting up fork for editor                                        
MI021 PUSH command must be issued under TOPS-20 operating system              
MI022 Cannot find <SYSTEM>EXEC.EXE                                            
MI023 PUSH command illegal with a dataset in update mode                      
MI024 Version skew between 1022 and TE1400                                    
MI025 Bad format in filespec for RELOCATE DATA command                        
FO001 Can't OPEN output device                                                
FO002 Can't ENTER output file                                                 
FO003 Output to unassigned device                                             
FO004 Not enough digits in PICTURE specification                              
FO005 Picture too long                                                        
FO006 Zero repeat count                                                       
FO007 Missing ) in repeat                                                     
FO008 Illegal character in numeric specification                              
FO009 Invalid use of periods in spec                                          
FO010 Invalid format specification                                            
FO011 Invalid number                                                          
FO012 Missing or bad format specification                                     
FO013 Numeric specification and picture combined                              
FO014 Too many paren levels                                                   
FO015 Invalid C specification                                                 
FO016 Unended ASCII literal                                                   
FO017 Bad scrolling specification                                             
FO018 SA does not follow S spec                                               
FO019 Scrolling not assembled                                                 
FO020 Too many scrolls                                                        
FO021 Scrolling past col 400                                                  
FO022 Output device already in use by user                                    
FO023 Illegal picture switch                                                  
FO024 * or $ after numeric specification                                      
FO025 Illegal value in display numeric or display date field                  
FO026 TAB (nT) column is too large or illegal                                 
UP001 Can't OPEN dataset for writing                                          
UP002 Dataset structure changed by another user; file must be re-OPENed       
UP003 The currently selected record has been changed by another updater       
SO001 Not enough IO channels for SORT                                         
SO002 Illegal scratch device                                                  
SO003 Can't OPEN SORT output file                                             
SO004 Too many SORT fields                                                    
SO005 SORT IO error                                                           
SO006 IO error SORT file                                                      
SO007 String function result must have same length for each record            
IO001 Error reading disk                                                      
IO002 Error writing disk                                                      
IO003 INFO IO error                                                           
IO004 SAVE cmd or fileclause IO error                                         
IO005 SORT IO error                                                           
IO006 IO error SORT file                                                      
IO007 KEY TMP file read error                                                 
IO008 KEY TMP file write error                                                
IO009 IO output error                                                         
IO010 IO error writing DMS file                                               
IO011 Non-recoverable OUTPUT error                                            
IO012 Non-recoverable INPUT error                                             
IO013 Input file READ error                                                   
IO014 Output file WRITE error                                                 
IO015 File RENAME or DELETE error                                             
SY001 SORT file not found                                                     
SY002 EVAL fatal error                                                        
SY003 System 1022 fatal error--called from location address                   
SY004 Out of IO channels                                                      
SY005 Bad buffer allocation                                                   
SY006 Bad spec in dispatch tree                                               
SY007 KEY TMP file LOOKUP error                                               
SY008 Double precision operation illegal from host languages                  
SY009 Buffer management failure in EVAL                                       
SY010 Internal inconsistency (Illegal conversion)                             
SY011 Internal inconsistency (Universal selection failure)                    
SY012 Internal inconsistency (Back selection failure)                         
SY013 Internal inconsistency (Illegal function number)                        
SY014 Illegal EVAL operation from Host Languages                              
SY015 Unimplemented conversion                                                
SY016 Cannot access KEY TMP file                                              
SY017 No free channels                                                        
SY018 Unrecoverable sorting error while processing keys                       
SY019 Too many records in dataset                                             
SY020 Memory management error - internal buffer overwritten                   
SY021 Internal error: dispatch on zero - please report                        
SY022 Invalid home block format for dataset                                   
CO001 Out of core -- complex FIND command                                     
CO002 Out of core -- ADD command                                              
CO003 Out of core -- SET BUFFER command                                       
CO004 Out of core -- SORT command                                             
CO005 Out of core -- SORT command                                             
CO006 Out of core -- TECO text editor                                         
CO007 Out of core -- OPEN command                                             
CO008 Out of core -- KEY command                                              
CO009 Out of core -- KEY reformatter                                          
CO010 Out of core -- LOAD command                                             
CO011 Out of core -- APPEND command                                           
CO012 Out of core while processing KEYs                                       
CO013 Out of core -- I/O buffers                                              
CO014 Not enough core to sort keys                                            
PL005 GETREC, no record                                                       
PL006 Call level exceeded                                                     
HL001 Numeric data requested in text argument                                 
HL002 Invalid attribute name                                                  
HL003 Invalid relational                                                      
HL004 Attribute not KEYed                                                     
HL005 Invalid or no value                                                     
HL006 Invalid logical                                                         
HL007 DBVAL called before DBGREC                                              
HL008 Double attribute in ADD or CHANGE                                       
HL009 Too few args                                                            
HL010 Out of core                                                             
HL011 Dataset not OPEN                                                        
HL012 Invalid COBOL DISPLAY type                                              
HL013 Sav. argument not sequential or not in range                            
HL014 ADD or CHANGE on protected attribute                                    
HL015 Illegal type conversion                                                 
HL016 Too many SORT fields                                                    
HL017 Illegal or repeated SORT specification                                  
HL018 Unauthorized command                                                    
HL019 Unauthorized attribute request                                          
HL020 "FILE" invalid in SEARCH                                                
HL021 Invalid file descriptor                                                 
HL022 Invalid password                                                        
HL023 Invalid keyword                                                         
HL024 Already an attribute identifier                                         
HL025 CT not allowed in FIND command                                          
HL026 Invalid dataset specified                                               
HL027 Invalid DBAUD sub-command                                               
HL028 Audit file not opened                                                   
HL029 Illegal audit file block type                                           
HL030 Illegal DBAUD 'START' keyword                                           
HL031 SYSID illegal here                                                      
HL032 DBEND not allowed here                                                  
HL033 No return address for DBRETN                                            
HL034 Invalid dataset specified -- dataset name ambiguous                     
HL035 Invalid system variable name or number                                  
HL036 System variable not user assignable                                     
HL037 Scaling not supported for COBOL arguments                               
HL038 Invalid argument, literals cannot be changed                            
LD001 Not enough channels available                                           
LD002 Cannot OPEN description file device                                     
LD003 Cannot find description file                                            
LD004 Error reading description file                                          
LD005 DDL errors encountered                                                  
LD006 Cannot OPEN input data file device                                      
LD007 Cannot find input data file                                             
LD008 Error reading input data file                                           
LD009 No data found, loading terminated                                       
LD010 Dataset allocation unsuccessful                                         
LD011 Error OPENing channel                                                   
LD012 Error writing data base file                                            
LD013 Can't ENTER DMS file                                                    
LD014 OPEN error on scratch channel                                           
LD015 Unable to open channel for KEY TMP file                                 
LD016 Can't ENTER KEY TMP file                                                
LD017 Can't find spooler file                                                 
LD018 Can't OPEN spooler channel                                              
LD019 LRECL specified is incompatible with LRECL in DMD                       
LD020 No input file found                                                     
LD021 Out of core                                                             
LD022 KEY conversion not implemented                                          
LD023 Can't ENTER DATA file                                                   
LD024 ISAM data file illegal here                                             
LD025 ISAM data file of infinite length found - use SETEOF first              
LD026 Could not ENTER DMS file                                                
LD027 Attempt to CREATE a dataset containing more than 262143 records         
TR001 LOCATOR not KEYed                                                       
TR002 LOCATOR conversion not implemented                                      
TR003 No records selected for sorted TRANSACTION                              
TR004 LOCATOR protected or name does not map to master                        
TR005 Additive conversion not implemented                                     
TR006 No input file found                                                     
TR007 DUMP illegal in GETREC mode                                             
TR008 Unauthorized attempt to read dataset                                    
TR009 Unauthorized attempt to write dataset                                   
AU001 No free channels for AUDIT file                                         
AU002 Can't open AUDIT file device                                            
AU003 Could not enter AUDIT file                                              
AU004 Can't get at AUDIT file                                                 
AU005 No free channels for AUDIT file                                         
AU006 AUDIT file not opened for DBAGET                                        
AU007 Illegal AUDIT file locator code                                         
AU008 Invalid keyword                                                         
AU009 Can't find AUDIT file                                                   
AU010 AUDIT file damaged                                                      
AU011 Can't find checkpoint                                                   
AU012 Wrong AUDIT file version                                                
AU013 Not enough core                                                         
AU014 Audit Backup ABORTED                                                    
AU015 AUDIT verification failure                                              
AU016 Not enough IO channels for AUDIT LIST                                   
AU017 Can't enter output file                                                 
AU018 Can't find input file                                                   
AU019 Not enough channels for merge                                           
AU020 Couldn't start AUDIT file                                               
AU021 Comment not written                                                     
AU022 Checkpoint not written                                                  
AU023 AUTO AUDIT failure                                                      
AU024 Access not ALLOWed until damage fixed                                   
AU025 RETRY not supported                                                     
DB000 Debugging error                                                         
SP001 No free channels for SPSS command                                       
SP002 SPSS command illegal in GETREC mode                                     
SP003 Internal error in SPSS command - conversion                             
SP004 SPSS command aborted due to errors                                      
SP005 SPSS system file not created by 1022                                    
SP006 Attempt to add a subfile from a different  dataset                      
SP007 SPSS file damaged - EOF                                                 
SP008 Too many subfiles                                                       
SP009 No records selected