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    [COBOL.BWR]           1-Jul-80              Dan Daigneault x-4165

    This file documents 2 minor  problems  found  in  COBOL  12A
    these have been SPR'ed and will be fixed in the next release
    of COBOL.

    1) The "BLOCK CONTAINS n CHARACTERS"  clause  now  works  as
       documented.   This  means  that  if  a  block  contains x
       characters clause is used each physical block in the file
       will  contain  exactly x characters.  In previous COBOL's
       this clause was taken to mean the  file  was  blocked  0.
       Files  created with this option of the clause will become
       very large.  Files  written  under  COBOL  11  with  this
       clause and recompiled under 12A will not read properly.

    2) The features of the DX20/TX02 tape  system  will  not  be
       accessible  to COBOL 12A users at this time.  This is due
       to a coding error from marlboro  where  the  wrong  codes
       were checked when checking for the controler type.