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                pdp-10 demonstration package

                 submitted by: r. l. fisher
                          may 1971
pdp-10 demonstration package                        PAGE   2

     the package of programs  you  have  received  comprises
several  different  programs  designed  to  demonstrate  the
pdp-10 system.  the programs were written by high school and
college students.

the programs are:


                      picture package

                       "super basic"

following is a description of each program.


     these "basic" programs play two familiar games.  yahtze
and  monop(oly)  are  played exactly like the board games of
the same name.  routines prevent cheating and give  constant
score   information.    instructions   are   provided   upon


     casino simulates a  las  vegas  casino.   it  can  play
blackjack, craps, roulette, slot machine, and chemin-de-fer.
instructions are supplied upon request.

     it is suggested for these "basic" programs and those of
the  users design, that "super basic" be used.  this version
accepts all basic commands including print  using.   an  end
statement  is  not  end  program execution type
cntrl-o (if output is in progress) and then one  escape  (or

     another  feature  incorporates  edit10.    typing   the
command  "edit"  transfers  control  to  edit10.  typing "g"
returns control to basic.  edit10 uses basic line numbers as
sequence numbers.
pdp-10 demonstration package                        PAGE   3

                    ***** warning *****

edit10 must be on the system! resequencing in edit10  should
be  avoided as it only resequences the sequence numbers, not
go-to and other "jump" instructions.

fortran demonstration programs

     xyplot plots an array of points (x,y) on the  teletype.
scaling is automatic.  see the routine for instructions.

     snoop.f4 and snoop.dat print snoopy in asterisks on the
line printer.

     "picture package" is a program (and specially  prepared
data  files) designed to print well known works of art (mona
lisa, etc.) on the line printer.  to use the  programs,  run
the  program  pict.f4.   when it asks for a unit number give
the logical device number for the unit the data file is  on.
then  type  the  data file name (omit .dat extension) of the
picture  you  wish  printed.   pict  will  then  produce   a
masterpiece  for  you.   pict.f4 indicates a data file error
with the message "?n" where n is  the  line  number  of  the
faulty  data.  pict continues the program, however, ignoring
the bad line(s).

     for additional information on the package contact:
                        r. l. fisher
                 500 wall street, suite 618
                 seattle, washington  98121