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This  tape  contains  an  initial  release  of the University of
Arizona RIPOFF.  It is being distributed at  this  time  at  the
request   of   other   sites.    The   original  intent  to  our
modifications was to make it useful to us, not to distribute  it
to  the  outside world.  We feel, however, that it may indeed be
useful  to  other  sites  and  are  distributing  it  with   the
understanding  that  we  are  not committed to it's support.  We
will support it to whatever extent time and resources permit and
will gladly accept bug reports, suggested fixes, and the like.

It  has  been  rather thoroughly tested under our version of the
6.03 monitor with our configuration, a copy of which is included
for  your  reference.  No attempt has been made to test it under
any other monitor or configuration.  Therefore,  do  not  assume
that  it  will  work  perfectly at your site.  TEST IT CAREFULLY
BEFORE PUTTING IT INTO PRODUCTION.  Specifically, it  has  never
been tested on a monitor without SFD support and it may not work
under this condition.  I am assuming that most  sites  have  SFD
support  turned  on.   For  those  sites that don't, let me know
under what conditions it fails and I will see if I can fix it.

The most notable external differences between  this  version  of
RIPOFF and the original UTHSCD version are as follows:

  1.  Full SFD support has been added
  2.  Block numbers are now always printed in octal.  Decimal
      numbers are followed by a dot unless clearly unambiguous.
  3.  The /ETS, /ETL, and /ETN options have been added
  4.  The /F switch has been added
  5.  A range (e.g., 10<30) is now allowed in the /ET command
  6.  A startup option similar to ONCE/TWICE has been added
  7.  The /SU option has been removed
  8.  Two commas are now accepted between half-words on
  9.  The /W switch has been added
  10. The /DA option has been added
  11. The /PU option no longer prints the HOME block
  12. The /C switch has been added
  13. A ^C intercept has been added to ask the user if he
      wishes to close the listing if it is being written
      to a file (no one remembered to type /X)
  14. The date is now read as dd-mmm-yy instead of yy/mm/dd
  15. The radix change operator (^D, ^O, ^B) is now strictly
      local to the next expression in the command string.
      The default radix is always octal.
  16. The /DM option has been added

In addition to these external changes, a large  number  of  bugs
have  also  been  fixed.   See  the  revision  history  for more

The following files are included on this tape:

	RIPOFF.BWR	; This file
	RIPOFF.MAC	; Source code
	RIPOFF.EXE	; EXE file of above
	RIPOFF.REL	; REL file of above
	RIPOFF.HLP	; List of switches
	RIPOFF.RND	; RUNOFF format DOC file describing
			; the features of RIPOFF
	RIPOFF.DOC	; DOC file generated from above
	LNKRIP.CCL	; LINK command file to load RIPOFF
	LNSRIP.CCL	; LINK command file to build RIPOFF
			; symbol file
	DEBRIP.CCL	; LINK command file to build a DEBUG
			; version of RIPOFF (RIPDDT)

Total of 10 files

Any problems can be reported to:

Joellen Windsor
Computing Center
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona  85721
(602) 884-2441

Addendum:  Since this was written, RIPOFF has been modified
to run under 6.03A.    The 6.03 and 6.03A versions are
incompatible due to changes in the specification of the
DSKCHR UUO.  The distributed version uses the 6.03A DSKCHR.