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                          UCI LISP

                        Random Notes

     The files on this FAILSAFE tape constitute the UCI LISP
system.   They are for  the  most part documented in the UCI
LISP Manual,  available from  the Department  of Information
and  Computer  Science  at  the  University  of  California,
Irvine,  California.   There are  a  few minor  points which
should be  noted,  particularly by  any  systems programmers
charged with modifications to this system.

    1)  The  file  "EDITST.LAP"   contains   a  hand-patched
        version of the compiled LISP code  for  the function
        "EDIT*",  a part of  the UCI LISP  Editor.  Due to a
        bug in  the compiler, this function does not compile
        correctly.   If  the  file "EDIT.COM" is recompiled,
        the former file must  be edited  into  it, replacing
        the code produced by the compiler (this  has already
        been done in the version supplied).

    2)  The system as  supplied is  set  up  to  handle only
        standard  DEC   numeric  project-programmer  numbers
        (PPN's);  if your  system  has other types of PPN's,
        you will have to change  the  code  in  the function
        "CNVPPN"  (in the  file  "UCILSP.MAC")  to recognize
        them, and reassemble that file.

    3)  The  two  segment,  reentrant version  of the system
        does  not  include  or  support  the   old  "BIGNUM"
        package.   If you  have  it and  wish to use it, you
        will have to create either a non-reentrant system or
        load  it into  the  basic system  before it is saved
        (and  the  high  segment  thereby  write-protected).
        This  is unavoidable,  as the package modifies parts
        of the reentrant code.

    4)  The  ".DOC"  files  supplied constitute the UCI LISP
        manual,  in  upper-case  only,  ascii  format.   The
        manual is available in  a much  more  readable upper
        and lower case format as noted above.

    5)  The  compiler (files "COMPLR.*") is based on the old
        Stanford compiler,  with UCI additions  and changes;
        it is not supported, although we do try to fix major

    6)  The file  "CHANGE.DOC"  documents  changes  from the
        1972  version of UCI  LISP, for the benefit of those
        who have previously used this system.

    7)  The  LISP  LOADER  previously supplied with UCI LISP
        (Version 25 of the  DEC LOADER) has been replaced by
        a slightly  modidied edition of the  current version
        (57)  of the  DEC  LOADER.   Since  this  version of
        LOADER supports the  use  of FORLIB,  the arithmetic
        interface  package,  ARITH,  has  been  modified  to
        accomodate it.

    8)  Since LINK-10 can  correctly  load LISP  itself, the
        copy  of  version   52a  of  the  LOADER  previously
        supplied  with the system has  been  discarded.  The
        system  generation  procedure  has,  therefore, been
        modified.   To  procedure  the  various  LISP system
        modules, perform the following:

             <produces file LISP.SYM>
             ALLOC (Y OR N)? Y
             FULL WORD SP. = 750
             BIN. PROG. SP. = 5$
             (INC (INPUT DSK: LAP))
             <random messages>
             .SSAVE LISP
             .EXECUTE LOADER
             <produces file LISP.LOD>
             .ASSIGN DSK SYS
             .R LISP 36K
             ALLOC (Y OR N)? Y
             FULL WORD SP. = 2000
             BIN PROG. SP. = 15000$
             *(INC (INPUT DSK: (COMPLR.LAP)))
             <random messages>

             *(NOUUO NIL)
             .SSAVE COMPLR.SAV
             .DELETE COMPLR.SHR
             .DEASSIGN SYS

      Should  problems  arise  with   this   system,  please
 communicate  them  to  the  Department  of  Information and
 Computer Science at UCI;  they will be directed to whomever
 is currently managing the UCI LISP system.

                William J. Earl
                Department of Information and Computer Science
                University of California
                Irvine, California

                27 March 1975