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%switch qz false
%if qz
%nextlesson pub("TOPQ");
%ifend qz
%if qz
TOPQ03 - project-programmer numbers and logging in.
%ifnot qz
TOPS03 - project-programmer numbers and logging in.
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Every user of the DEC 10 must have a project-programmer number.
This number consists of two octal numbers. The first octal number
is the number of the project you are working on. It is called
the project number. The second octal number is your own personal
programmer number, shared by no other programmer using the computer.
Do you want a short course on the octal number system?
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%neutral yeah
%neutral y
%if qz
%neutral ja
%ifend qz
%GOTO afteroctal
%neu n
%right 8
But I expected "yes" or "no" from you!
%goto repeat
%right eight
Answer either "YES" or "NO".
Octal numbers.

An octal number is a number in the octal number system. The digits 8
and 9 are not permitted in that number system. Only the digits 0-7 are
permitted. The first seven numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are
the same as in the decimal number system. But then comes the octal
number 10, which is the number after 7, that is the same number
which in the decimal number system is written 8. After 10 comes
the octal number 11.
Which decimal number corresponds to the octal number 10?
%wrong skip
Write the character "%" if you want to skip this question.
Remember that octal 7 corresponds to decimal 7, and that octal 10 is
one more than octal 7.
Which decimal number comes after 7?
%goto t2
Which decimal number corresponds to the octal number 11?
%wrong 11
That was the octal number. I asked for the decimal number.
Remember that octal 10 corresponds to decimal 8, and that octal 11
is the number after octal 10.
Which is the decimal number after 8? Decimal 8 corresponds to octal 10.
The base of the decimal number system is 10. When you write 20, you
mean two times the base of the number system, that is 2 times 10.
When you write 30, you mean three times the base, that is 3 times 10.
The same is true in the octal number system, but there the base is
8(which is written "10" in the octal system). Thus 20 in the octal
system means two times the base, that is two times eight. The decimal
equivalent to the octal number 20 is therefore the decimal number
16, which is 2 times 8.
Which is the decimal equivalent to the octal number 30?
%right 3 * 8
%right 3 times 8
Remember that 30 means three times the base, and that the base in
the octal system is eight.
In the decimal system, 9 is the highest digit. Therefore, 10 comes
after 9 and 20 comes after 19 and 100 comes after 99. In the same
way, 7 is the highest digit in the octal system. Therefore, 10 comes
after 7 and 20 comes after 17 in the octal system.
Which octal number comes after 77 in the octal number system.
%RIGHT 100
%wrong o
You probably pushed the "O" letter, not the "0" zero digit.
64 Is the decimal equivalent of the number after 77 in the octal
number system. But i asked for the octal number.
%wrong 8
The octal number system contains only the digits 0-7, not the  digit 8!
Remember what comes after 99 in the decimal number system.
The octal number after octal 77 is octal 100.
How many numbers are there in a project-programmer number,
and from what number system?
%right 2 8
%right 2 oktal
%right two oktal
%right 2 oct
%right two oct
Yes, there are two numbers, but are they octal of decimal?
Yes, they are octal, but how many octal numbers are there?
%wrong 8
%wrong decimal
No, they are octal, not decimal!
%wrong 4
I asked for the number of numbers, not the number of digits.
Example: 120,356 is two numbers but six digits.
%wrong 3
%wrong 5
%wrong 6
%wrong three
%wrong four
%wrong five
%wrong six
There is the project number, and there is the programmer number.
What does the first of the two octal numbers in the project-programmer
number signify?
The second octal number is the programmer, not the first octal number.
%wrong program
The number indicates a person, not a "program".
%wrong projekt
The word "project" is spelled with a "c" in english.
%wrong job
No, the project-programmer number is the same for months or years,
it does not change for every job.
A hint: The number defines a group of programmers. What
kind of a group?
Now you can repeat part of this lesson.
What does the second of the two octal numbers signify?
%wrong proj
The project is specified by the first number.
%right prog
%right my
%right person
%right user
%right own
%wrong project
The project number is the first of the two.
The second number is your own personal programmer number.
The LOGIN command to get access to the facilities of the computer.

When you are connected to the DEC 10, you must perform a "LOGIN"
before you can use the computer. The LOGIN is a monitor command,
which is written to the monitor in response to a dot (".") from
the monitor. You write "LOGIN N,M" where N and
M are your project and programmer number.
When you do this, the monitor will respond with writing
"PASSWORD:". The monitor then expects you to type in your
own secret password. This password is known only to you, and ensures
that normally no one else but you can modify your files.
Assume that your project-programmer number is 100,100, and that
your secret password is "LOVE". Now try to perform a complete
LOGIN procedure:
%RIGHT LOGIN 100,100
%RIGHT LOGIN 100/100
%RIGHT LOG 100,100
%RIGHT LOG 100/100
%wrong LOGIN100,100
There should be a space after the command name (LOGIN).
%wrong LOGIN100/100
%wrong LOG100,100
%wrong LOG100/100
%lack log
You must begin with the word "LOGIN".
%wrong [
The LOGIN command is one of the few places where square brackets
are not used to enclose the project-programmer number.
%wrong 1OO
You probably pushed "O"(the letter) instead of "0"(the zero digit).
Do not write your secret password until the computer asks for it.
"LOGIN" is right, but after that you should write project number, ",",
and programmer number, and then push the RETURN key.
A hint: Use the "LOGIN" monitor command.
When you have written the "LOGIN" command, then the monitor writes
"PASSWORD:". What do you answer to that?
You should only type the password "LOVE" in answer to the monitor
question "PASSWORD:", and then push RETURN. You should not type
anything else.
Your secret password was assumed to be "LOVE".
%wrong secret
Changing your password.

To ensure that your password is really secret, you may want to change
it now and then. You can change your password every time you make
a login. But be sure to remember your new password, otherwise you
will find it very difficult to use the computer anymore.
To change your password, you perform an ordinary LOGIN but
after typing in your old password, instead of pushing the RETURN
key, you push the ALTMODE key. On some terminals, this key is marked
ALT or ESCAPE or ESC. When you finish your old password with pushing
this key, then the computer will allow you to type in a new password.

If the ESCAPE key does not work, or if there is no such key,
you could sometimes push CONTROL-# instead, that is simultaneously
pushing the CONTROL and "#" key on your terminal. On other
terminals you should use CONTROL-[ or CONTROL-$ to get ESCAPE.
If nothing works, please consult your local system manager.

The ESCAPE character is not printable. Therefore, in this
lesson it will be printed as $. Wherever the $ character occurs
in this lesson, it does not really mean $, it means ESCAPE.
Push the key you use when you want to change your password!
%wrong stop
Write "%" if you want to stop.
%wrong $
Press the ESCAPE key, not the character it will be printed as.
%wrong [
%wrong #
%wrong ESC
Push the ESCAPE key. Do not type the whole word ESCAPE.
%wrong CONTROL
Push the CONTROL key and another key. Don't type the
word CTRL or CONTROL or the character "^"!
%wrong CTRL
%wrong ^
Your terminal and the computer probably do not quite understand
each other. This may be remedied by the tty command, ask someone
about it.
%TEXT T10:
The LOGIN command invokes the LOGIN system program. Like any
other program, you can stop it by answering a question from the computer
with CONTROL-C. You will then get back monitor level again,
and you can start the LOGIN procedure all over again.
And when do you push the ALTMODE key to change your old secret
password - after typing what?
%right key
%right love
%right old
%wrong log
You should indicate what part of the text during the
LOGIN after which you type the ALTMODE.
%wrong program
You did write something more after the project-programmer
number before being able to write in a new, changed password.
%wrong proj
During the LOGIN procedure, after typing your old password,
you push the ALTMODE key instead of the RETURN key, if you
want to change your old password.
Do you want to take this lesson once more?
%neu y
%neu n
Answer either "YES" or "NO".