Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - decuslib10-04 - 43,50334/tops7s.exe
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q-=6<@v,.<Lt+hO%J7J-=><@-=,-<L@vh+GC6 Vh h $, h-=v h2V+~+X+\+J+G+\W# -=h-=Y,,v<L` h.6 Vh h $, h-=v 6 V+ h/6 V, ,06+g@v,,,k<L,,,5>
,-<L+YOv+y+,-<L+S,-<L+M+G+KbNF@-=h-=>o,^o>`K+hQP-=8`-=+E2$3D+0+63+.6+V++%Ovh+;+6]>5 +/ Vh+`:h +/42v+e + $, h-=v+`Ov+x Vh+s+j]>5
,`Q`},>,>,>,,>,-=,+hetKv-=1` ,$6 &4/ V, ,&4+ Th+ha;wC2O) -=
+L-=0@gO,>,1`0 gOGx/!14@,-<L+/-= 6 Vh,,b1l @h h26h+&+# $h h-=,~,,~<LN! h.6 Vh+,-<L+K,-<L,
+,r$hh-=,~,,~<LN*>o,^o>`K+he&=+|.6 V+|@v+w+=,1`.., ,~,<@N:+K+C,1`.., ,~,<@N@ +{1v+K+I,1`.., ,~,-<LNF +{1v+O,<@+E,-
<L +|.6 V+|,-
<L+hoJ}ivKOr-=R<@ +{.6 V+{7@+w+[ +|.6 V+|@v+w+^,1`.., ,~,<@N[,-
<L+ha.9 -=a<@7@+x+g@v+x+t,-<L+B,-<L,
<L7@+z+n@v+z+! ,1v+t 6 V+,8`,L4@t,-<L+:+ha<P-=u<@,c<@,,~<L`,,~<L`,-
<L+hKc&(:KO -=~<@ 6 V+,8`,L4@ ,-
<L 6-V++:+<,.42v+++:+2v,+ $, +-=$3D+gO  $, +-=$2D+gOA4D,,~<Lh,+,,~<Lh++,-
<L+ha97h-=!3@ +|0VgO +{0TgOG4V+S +. +|-<,2  +{-<,2 H @h+hY$\e-m-=/3@ +|0VgO +|0TgOG4V9S += +|-<,2  +|-<,2 H @h+hYLqJ(-=>1` +{/, Vh +{ V,+hYKi;yJ-=E1` +|/, Vh +| V,+hYLe-m-=L3@-= +{/, Vh +{ V, +|/+} V+} +}0VgO h0TgOG4V[S +^ +}-<,2  h-<,2 H @h>o,^o>`K+hYKi\QK; -=a3@-= +|/, Vh +| V, +|/+} V+} +}0VgO h0TgOG4VpS +s +}-<,2  h-<,2 H @h>o,^o>`K+h]>
<L,<@++ +{0V+,-<L+$+ +{0V+
,-<L++ +{1v+,-<L+,-
<L+hO'4X7g^. -=<@,-
<L,<@+,-<L+{ 6 V+~ 6 V+~@v, V, V, V, V, $+ "-=$ D+ $+
 "-=$ D, $+ "-=$ D,,,O>
+,>,>,>, +~ $, "C-=v,,O>
``,>,>,>,,>,-=, +~ $, "-=v 6 V,@v+z V+y V+x $+ "-=$ D,+,>,>,>,	,>,	-=,	+ ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X* ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*} ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*{ ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*y ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*w ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*u ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*s ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*q ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*o ,.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X*l ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*h ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*e ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*b ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*^ ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*Z ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*V ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*R ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*N ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*J ,.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X*H ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*F ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*B ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*? ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*= ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*9 ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*7 ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*4 ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*1 ,.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X*- ,.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X,-U<L`*,,-<L*(,-<L,	,-<L*&,-<L*%,-<L*,-<L*,-<L*,-
<L,c<@7@+y+-@v+y++0bEP-=h-=-+4uGD24-=h-=1-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+>+<eX:4-=h-=9,<@,-
<L,-<L),-<L,y+G@v+y+7@+y+I@v+y+Q7@+x+K,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@O+],8`,L4@R+]+Ugl\=q
&@-=h-=R,-<L),-<LOv+x+^+]ckD14-=h-=Z7@+x+`,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@d+p,8`,L4@g+p+kgl\=q
6@-=h-=h+U+pckD14-=h-=m7@+x+s,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@w+,8`,L4@z+,T<@+~gl\=q
F@-=h-={,-<L)+<+ckD24-=h-=7@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@
f@-=h-=-++5ckD34-=h-=27@+x+8,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@<+J,8`,L4@?+J,T<@+Dgl\=q
-=+ia.9 -=e<@+h-=+	Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+r+peX:4-=h-=m,<@,-
<L,-<L,w@v+z+!7@+y+y@v+y+37@+y+{@v+y+	~+	+	Egy]?X64-=h-=|Ov+w@v+p V, V+{,f<@7@+y+	@v+y+/@v+x,@<@7@+x+		,x<@ 6 V+,8`)
&@-=h-=	+
+	ckD14-=h-=	7@+x+	,x<@ 6 V+,@8`([L4@	!+	,,T<@+	%gl\=q
6@-=h-=	",-<L(V+/+p+	,ckD14-=h-=	)7@+x+	/,x<@ 6 V+,@8`(UL4@	3+	?,T<@+	8gl\=q
F@-=h-=	5,-<L(O+/+p+	?ckD24-=h-=	< ,0V+	C,x<@+p7@+x+	E,x<@ 6 V+ 6 V+,@8`)
V@-=h-=	K,T<@+	Sgl\=q
V@-=h-=	P,-<L(H+/+p+	ZckD24-=h-=	W7@+x+	],x<@ +{0V+	k,T<@+	cgl\=q
f@-=h-=	`,-<L(A+/+p+	jckD34-=h-=	g7@+x+	m,x<@ +{0V+	z,T<@+	sgl\=q
v@-=h-=	p+-=h-=	v,T<@+	~g&n[iP-=h-=	{,<@,-<L(?+
,1`.., ,~,-<LN
<L+	+
"@v+y+ +
%bF -=h-=
'-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+
B,x<@ 6 V+,8`("L4@
U,x<@ 6 V+,8`( L4@
i,x<@ 6 V++
q ,0V+
z,<@,-<L(+,1`.., ,~,-<LN,-
*+,bIP-=h-=)+0uGD44-=h-=--=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+:+8eX:4-=h-=5,<@,-
&@-=h-=T+-=h-=Y7@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,8`'aL4@c+q,8`,L4@f+q,T<@+jgl\=q
6@-=h-=g,-<L'Y+8+qckD14-=h-=n7@+x+t,x<@ 6 V+,8`'XL4@x+
,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@
,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@
3,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@
F,x<@ 6 V+,@8`(iL4@
R ,0V+
[,x<@ 6 V+ 6 V+,@8`)L4@
s,x<@ 6 V+ 6 V+,@8`'cL4@
,-<L'	,-<L',-<L&},c<@7@+y+
++ckD14-=h-=7@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,8`&hL4@+-,8`&lL4@+-,8`&jL4@+-,8`,L4@"+-,T<@+&gl\=q
6@-=h-=#,-<L&a+*7@+x+0,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@4+K,8`&nL4@7+K,8`&lL4@:+K,8`&`L4@=+K,8`,L4@@+K,2<@+Dgl\=q
F@-=h-=A,-<L&X++KckD24-=h-=H7@+x+N,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@R+g,8`&nL4@U+g,8`&lL4@X+g,8`&WL4@[+g,8`,L4@^+g,2<@+bgl\=q
V@-=h-=_+D+gckD24-=h-=d7@+x+j,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@n+,8`&nL4@q+,8`&lL4@t+,8`&UL4@w+,8`,L4@z+,2<@+gl\=q
f@-=h-=|+D+ckD34-=h-=7@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,8`)L4@+ ,8`&nL4@+ ,8`&lL4@+ ,8`&TL4@+ ,8`,L4@+ ,2<@+gl\=q
<L,c<@7@+y+0@v+y++3b]P-=h-=1+8uGD74-=h-=5-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+A+?eX:4-=h-=<,<@,-
<L,-<L%l,-<L%h,-<L,&7@+y+N@v+y+37@+x+P,x<@ 6 V+,@8`%fL4@T+e 6 V+,@8`%eL4@X+e 6 V+,8`,L4@\+e,2<@+`gl\=q
&@-=h-=]+@+eckD14-=h-=b7@+x+h,x<@ 6 V+,@8`%fL4@l+ 6 V+,@8`%cL4@p+ 6 V+,@8`%eL4@t+ 6 V+,8`,L4@x+,2<@+}gl\=q
6@-=h-=z+@+ckD14-=h-=7@+x+,x<@6V+,@8`%fL4@	+ 6 V+,@8`%bL4@
F@-=h-=+@+ckD24-=h-=7@+x+!,x<@ 6 V+,@8`%fL4@%+; 6 V+,@8`%`L4@)+; 6 V+,@8`%eL4@-+; 6 V+,8`,L4@1+;,2<@+6gl\=q
V@-=h-=3+@+;ckD24-=h-=87@+x+>,x<@ 6 V+,@8`%fL4@B+Q 6 V+,8`,L4@F+Q,T<@+Jgl\=q
f@-=h-=G,-<L%[+?+QckD34-=h-=N7@+x+T,x<@ 6 V+,@8`%eL4@X+e 6 V+,8`,L4@\+e,T<@+`gl\=q
<L+`+@]FF@-=h-==,c<@7@+y+D@v+y+&>o,^o>`K+IuGD74-=h-=F-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+R+PeX:4-=h-=M,<@,-
<L,-<L%F,-<L,y+[@v+y+77@+y+]@v+y+17@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,8`%EL4@c+y,8`%CL4@f+y,8`%AL4@i+y,8`%?L4@l+y,8`,L4@o+y,2<@+tgl\=q
&@-=h-=q+>+yckD14-=h-=v7@+x+|,x<@ 6 V+,8`%=L4@+
ckD14-=h-=	7@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,8`%<L4@+ ,8`,L4@+ ,2<@+gl\=q
F@-=h-=+>+ ckD24-=h-=7@+x+#,x<@ 6 V+,8`%eL4@'+3,8`,L4@*+3,2<\=q
V@-=h-=++>+3ckD24-=h-=07@+x+6,x<@ 6 V+,8`%fL4@:+H,8`,L4@=+H,T<@+Bgl\=q
f@-=h-=?,-<L%6+P+HckD34-=h-=E7@+x+K,x<@ 6 V+,8`%eL4@O+_,8`%4L4@R+_,8`,L4@U+_,2<@+Zgl\=q
v@-=h-=W+>+xckD34-=h-=\7@+x+b,x<@ 6 V+,8`%2L4@f+x,8`%eL4@i+x,8`%4L4@l+x,8`,L4@o+x,2<@+sgl\=q
ckD44-=h-=7@+x++,T<@+gl\=q<@,+{0V+,,T<@+$gl\=q.,<@,-<L%*+8,1`.., ,~,-<LN5,-
<L+t+>]FF@-=h-=;,c<@7@+y+B@v+y+7>o,^o>`K+FhaP-=h-=D+KuGD84-=h-=H,-<L%#,-<L%,-<L%,-<L%,c<@7@+y+U@v+y+I+XuGD84-=h-=U-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+b+`eX:4-=h-=],<@,-
,-<L%,-<L,7@+y+l@v+y+J7@+y+n@v+y+i7@+x+p,x<@ 6 V+,8`%L4@t+,8`,L4@w+,2<@+|gl\=q
&@-=h-=y+v+ckD14-=h-=~7@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,8`%fL4@+,8`,L4@+,T<@+gl\=q
,-<L$+`+ckD14-=h-=7@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,8`%eL4@+),8`,L4@ +),T<@+$gl\=q
F@-=h-=!++)ckD24-=h-=&7@+x+,,x<@ 6 V+,8`$~L4@0+@,8`,L4@3+@,T<@+8gl\=q
V@-=h-=5,-<L$v,-<L$s+`+@ckD24-=h-==7@+x+C,x<@ 6 V+,@8`$rL4@G+R,T<@+Kgl\=q
f@-=h-=H,-<L$k+`+RckD34-=h-=O7@+x+U,x<@ ,0V+X,x<@+` +{0V+d,T<@+^gl\=q
v@-=h-=[+E+`+cckD34-=h-=`,T<@+ig&n[iP-=h-=f,<@,-<L$j+p,1`.., ,~,-<LNm,-
<L,c<@7@+y+@v+y+X+heP-=h-=+"uGD94-=h-=,-<L$#,-<L$ ,-<L$,-<L$,-
<L,c<@7@+y+-@v+y++1uGD:4-=h-=.-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+:+8eX:4-=h-=5,<@,-
<L,-<L$,-<L$	,-<L$,-<L,y+[7@+x+J,x<@ 6 V+,8`%fL4@N+a,8`$L4@Q+a,8`$L4@T+a,8`,L4@W+a,2<@+\gl\=q
&@-=h-=Y+h+ackD14-=h-=^7@+x+d,x<@ 6 V+,8`%eL4@h+z,8`$L4@k+z,8`$L4@n+z,8`,L4@q+z,2<@+ugl\=q
6@-=h-=r+h+zckD14-=h-=w7@+x+},x<@ 6 V+,8`$~L4@+,8`$L4@+,8`$L4@+,8`,L4@
,-<L#~,-<L#z+h+ckD24-=h-=7@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,@8`$rL4@+),T<@+"gl\=q
V@-=h-=,-<L$k+8+)ckD24-=h-=& ,0V+-,x<@+87@+x+/,x<@ 6 V+ 6 V+,@8`%fL4@4+8+D+8Y<=q
f@-=h-=:,-<L#u+8+DckD34-=h-=A7@+x+G,x<@ 6 V+ 6 V+,@8`%eL4@L+P+Z+PY<=q
v@-=h-=R+=+ZckD34-=h-=W7@+x+],x<@+6,V+<6 V+,@8`$L4@b+f+r+fY<=q
<L+\+h]FF@-=h-=e,c<@7@+y+l@v+y+!>o,^o>`K+phE -=h-=n+uuGD:4-=h-=r,-<L#Z,-<L#S,-<L#M,-<L#G,-<L#@,-<L#<,-<L#5,-<L#/,-
<L,c<@7@+y+@v+y+1+	uGD;4-=h-=-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x++eX:4-=h-=,<@,-
<L,-<L#*,-<L,y+@v+y+t7@+y+@v+y+q7@+x+ ,x<@ 6 V+,8`$~L4@$+0,8`,L4@'+0,2<@++gl\=q
&@-=h-=(+~+0ckD14-=h-=-7@+x+3,x<@ 6 V+,8`#(L4@7+H,8`#'L4@:+H,8`,L4@=+H,T<@+Bgl\=q
6@-=h-=?,-<L##++HckD14-=h-=E7@+x+K,x<@ 6 V+,@8`([L4@O+Z,T<@+Tgl\=q
F@-=h-=Q,-<L#++ZckD24-=h-=W7@+x+],x<@ ,0V+`,x<@+ +{0V+m,T<@+fgl\=q
V@-=h-=c+o++lckD24-=h-=i,T<@+qg&n[iP-=h-=n,<@,-<L#+x,1`.., ,~,-<LNu,-
<L+++~]FF@-=h-=|,c<@7@+y+@v+y+t>o,^o>`K+hE -=h-=+uGD;4-=h-=,-<L#,-<L#,-
<L,-<L#,-<L#	,-<L#,-<L",-<L"z,-<L"v,-
<L,c<@7@+y+@v+y+	+ bE -=h-=+%uGD<4-=h-="-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+.+,eX:4-=h-=),<@,-
7@+y+9@v+y+s7@+x+;,x<@ 6 V+,@8`("L4@?+J,2<@,<@+Egl\=q
&@-=h-=B++JckD14-=h-=G7@+x+M,x<@ 6 V+,@8`( L4@Q+\,T<@+Ugl\=q
6@-=h-=R,-<L"h++,+\ckD14-=h-=Y7@+x+_,x<@ 6 V++dgl\=q
F@-=h-=a,-<L(+++kckD24-=h-=h ,0V+o,x<@+,,T<@+sg&n[iP-=h-=p,<@,-<L(+z,1`.., ,~,-<LNw,-
>o,^o>`K+	bE-=h-=+
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<L,-<L",-<L,y+ @v+y+$7@+y+"@v+y+]7@+x+$,x<@ 6 V+,@8`( L4@(+2,2<@,<@+-gl\=q
&@-=h-=*+j+2ckD14-=h-=/7@+x+5,x<@ 6 V+,@8`("L4@9+F,T<@+>gl\=q
6@-=h-=;,-<L"W,-<L"R++FckD14-=h-=C7@+x+I,x<@ 6 V++Mgl\=q
F@-=h-=J,-<L(++j+TckD24-=h-=Q ,0V+X,x<@+,T<@+]g&n[iP-=h-=Z,<@,-<L"P+d,1`.., ,~,-<LNa,-
<L+-+j]FF@-=h-=g,c<@7@+y+n@v+y+$>o,^o>`K+suGD=4-=h-=p-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+|+zeX:4-=h-=w,<@,-
7@+y+@v+y+h7@+x+	,x<@<6+V+,8`%ZL4@
&@-=h-=+u+ckD14-=h-=7@+x+,x<@ 6 V+,8`"KL4@!+/,8`,L4@$+/,T<@+(gl\=q
6@-=h-=%,-<L"v+z+/ckD14-=h-=,7@+x+2,x<@ 6 V+,@8`([L4@6+A,T<@+:gl\=q
F@-=h-=7,-<L)+z+AckD24-=h-=>7@+x+D,x<@ ,0V+G,x<@+z +{0V+T,T<@+Mgl\=q
V@-=h-=J,-<L"v+z+SckD24-=h-=P7@+x+V,x<@ +{0V+d,T<@+\gl\=q
f@-=h-=Y,-<L"H+z+cckD34-=h-=`,T<@+hg&n[iP-=h-=e,<@,-<L"G+o,1`.., ,~,-<LNl,-
>o,^o>`K+~hE -=h-={+uGDP4-=h-=,-<L"?,-<L"=,-<L"6,-<L"2,-<L"+,-<L"&,c<@7@+y+@v+y+s+ba -=h-=+uGDQ4-=h-=-=Ov+w@v+{ V,@v+x+ +eX:4-=h-=,<@,-
<L,-<L"!,-<L,y+)@v+y+7@+y++@v+y+d7@+x+-,x<@ 6 V+,@8`("L4@1+;,<@+6gl\=q
&@-=h-=3+z+h+;ckD14-=h-=87@+x+>,x<@ 6 V+,@8`( L4@B+L,<@+Ggl\=q
6@-=h-=D+!+h+LckD14-=h-=I7@+x+O,x<@ 6 V++Tgl\=q
F@-=h-=Q,-<L"++h+[ckD24-=h-=X ,0V+_,x<@+,-<L"+dg&n[iP-=h-=a+h]FF@-=h-=e,c<@7@+y+l@v+y+>o,^o>`K+qgVmX9rh-=h-=n+uuGDQ4-=h-=r,-<L",-<L",-
<L,-<L",-<L",-<L",-<L",-<L!{,-<L!t,-<L!l,-<L!e,-<L!_,c<@7@+y+ @v+y+,c<@>o,^o>`K+!+ uGD14-=h-= + uGD14-=h-= + uGD24-=h-= + uGD24-=h-= + #uGD34-=h-=  + (uGD34-=h-= %+ ,uGD44-=h-= )+ 1uGD44-=h-= .+ 5uGD54-=h-= 2+ :uGD54-=h-= 7+ >uGD64-=h-= ;+ CuGD64-=h-= @+ GuGD74-=h-= D+ LuGD74-=h-= I+ PuGD84-=h-= M+ UuGD84-=h-= R+ YuGD94-=h-= V+ ^uGD94-=h-= [+ buGD:4-=h-= _+ guGD:4-=h-= d+ kuGD;4-=h-= h+ puGD;4-=h-= m+ tuGD<4-=h-= q+ yuGD<4-=h-= v+ }uGD=4-=h-= z+!uGDP4-=h-= +!uGDQ4-=h-=!+!uGDQ4-=h-=!,-<L!W,-<L!P+{+!K:%yVKO{M-=h-=!,-
,-<L!3-=	+hH!4!H!5	[2N]Have a nice dayH!8Leaving the lesson "TOPS7S"...[N]H!= questions your answer was right on your very first try.[N]H!D times.[N]OnH!F questions,[N]and you gave the right answerH!LDuring the lesson "TOPS7S" you answeredH!Qfrom this point.  It is going all the way back to the start.[N]H!X!NOTE:  The backing procedure is unable to go back just ONE step [N]H!`W		Save the edited file, but don't exit.[N]H!fGQ		Same as "EQ", but execute last "EX" command after exit.[N]H!mGS		Same as "ES", but execute last "EX" command after exit.[N]H!uG		Same as "E", but execute last "EX" command after exit.[N]H!|EQ		Skip the edited version and exit from SOS.[N]H"ES		Save the file without line numbers and exit.[N]H"E		Save the file with line numbers and exit from SOS.[N]H"
-----------	------[N]H"
SOS Command	Effect[N]H"=======[N]H"Summary[N]H"I don't understand your answer.[N]H"
Answer yes or no![N]H""Do you want to repeat this lesson ?[N]H"'run your last execution command again.[N]H",The command "GQ" will not save your edited file, but will[N]H"3previous execution command.[N]H"7The command "GS" saves your file on a disk and runs the[N]H">S or Q.[N]H"@It is also possible to use the GO command with the extension[N]H"Hg[N]H"IType "G".[N]H"LGOH"MGive the GO command in SOS.[N]H"Qno[N]H"Scommand previously in the same session.[N]H"X!The GO command can only be used when you have given an execution[N]H"`$Is it always possible to use the GO command to execute your program ?[N]H"iLike the "E" command, it will store your file on a disk.[N]H"pWill the GO command save your edited file on a disk ?[N]H"wThe GO command is written "G".[N]H"{the previous execution command.[N]H#It works like the "E" command, but it also runs[N]H#previously in the same session.[N]H#
execution command (such as EXECUTE, LOAD or COMPILE)[N]H#This command can only be used after you have given an [N]H#	===============[N]H#	The Go command.[N]H#w[N]H#Do not type the quotation marks![N]H#$The command is written "W"[N]H#(WORLDH#)SAVEH#+Give the SAVE WORLD command in SOS.[N]H#0updates made since the last "W" command was given.[N]H#6If the system does crash, you will lose only the[N]H#=in case the system should crash.[N]H#AIt is used to save the current version of the file,[N]H#HThis command should be given from time to time.[N]H#Nexcept that it will still keep you in the edit mode.[N]H#TIt is written "W" and works like the end "E" command,[N]H#[There is another command in SOS called SAVE WORLD.[N]H#be : x.sim[N]H#dUse the "E" or the "ES" command.[N]H#iType the new file name after the colon.[N]H#n!Type a colon ":" between the END command and the new file name.[N]H#vUse the "E" or "ES" command.[N]H#{We have not talked about it yet.[N]H#How did you know that command ??[N]H$X.SIMH$:H$
What do you type ?[N]H$
store your file and give it the new name "X.SIM".[N]H$Suppose you are in SOS command mode and you want to[N]H$will store the file under the new name "NEW".[N]H$
EXAMPLE: E:NEW<return>[N]H$!"E" or "ES" command.[N]H$$It is possible to rename the file, when you use the[N]H$+(The asterisk and the point are printed by SOS.)[N]H$1.                         Monitor level.[N]H$7[[DSKB:TEST.CBL<057>]]      Typed by SOS.[N]H$<*E                        Store the edited file on disk.[N]H$C$05000 $                   End the insert mode with ALTMODE or ESCAPE.[N]H$L  .                       Insert your program.[N]H$R  .[N]H$T00100[N]H$VINPUT: TEST.CBL           Typed by SOS.[N]H$[%.SOS TEST.CBL             SOS is called and the file TEST.CBL is edited.[N]H$dExample of the starting and finishing commands in SOS.[N]H$kEQ[N]H$lThe asterisk is printed by SOS and not by the user.[N]H$s*H$tediting mode.[N]H$wThis command will save your edited file and will NOT end the[N]H$WH%This command will save your file.[N]H%EQH%without saving your edited file?[N]H%What do you type if you want to end the editing mode[N]H%level without saving your edited file.[N]H%It is written "EQ" and will return you to monitor[N]H%is worthless, you can use the END AND QUIT command.[N]H%$If you for some reason realize that the current edition [N]H%+end without sequence number[N]H%/Time for some repetition.[N]H%3THEH%5COMMANDH%7This command stored the file WITH line numbers.[N]H%=ENH%>ETH%@NUMBERH%BSEQUENCEH%DWITHOUTH%FENDH%GWhich command will store the file without line numbers ?[N]H%Ne es[N]H%Plearnt so far in this course.[N]H%UYes, but answer with those commands you have[N]H%[GH%\You only typed one of the commands.[N]H%aORH%cANDH%d,H%fESH%gEH%ito store the file on disk.[N]H%mType the two END commands you have learnt in this course[N]H%t"This command is useful if you want to use the file as a DATA-file.[N]H%|"You do that with the "ES" command. (End without Sequence numbers.)[N]H&!It is also possible to store the file without the line numbers.[N]H&
was edited.[N]H&The file will then be stored under the same name as when it[N]H&letter "E" in command mode.[N]H&To do that, you use the END command. It is written as the [N]H&!to store the file on a disk.[N]H&&When you have finished the editing of a file, you may want[N]H&-
StoringTtheAfile.[N]H&3H&7You did not type "READONLY"[N]H&;Separate the file name and READONLY with a slash "/".[N]H&BYou did not type VISTA.MAN[N]H&FThe filename was VISTA.MAN, not TEST.ALG.[N]H&LYou must have a blank between SO and the file name.[N]H&RSOVISTA.MANH&URONLYH&VREADH&XREAH&YInstead of typing READONLY, you can use this abbreviation.[N]H&aRH&bYou must have a blank between SOS and the file name.[N]H&iSOSVISTA.MANH&kREADONLYH&m/H&oVISTA.MANH&qREAD-ONLY mode. (Type the command in one line only.)[N]H&wGive the command to access the file "VISTA.MAN" in [N]H&~will access the file TEST.ALG in READ-ONLY mode.[N]H'EXAMPLE:   SOS TEST.ALG/READONLY<return>[N]H'
afternthe file name.[N]H' a slash followed by READONLY[N]H'don't want to have any editing done by accident.[N]H'allowyou to enter SOS editing mode, or when you just[N]H'"The reason to do this is when file protection does not[N]H')can not perform any editing.[N]H'-That is, you can find information in your file but you[N]H'4In SOS you can also access a file in a READ-ONLY mode.[N]H';SOS XYZ[N]H'=Type SOS followed by the file name.[N]H'BAfter SOS you type the file name.[N]H'GFirst you type the "SOS" command.[N]H'LYou typed "D" instead of "O" in "SOS".[N]H'RYou were asked to give the complete command in one line.[N]H'YSOXYZH'Z!You must have a space between the SOS command and the file name.[N]H'bSOSXYZH'dXYZH'fcalled "XYZ" by just using one line.[N]H'kWhat do you type if you want to enter SOS and edit a file[N]H'r"SOS".[N]H'ttime yo want to edit the same file, you only have to type[N]H'{SOS will remember the last edited file so that the next[N]H(will enter SOS and edit the file TEST.ALG.[N]H(EXAMPLE:  SOS TEST.ALG<return>[N]H(
a blank.[N]H(command and the file name on the same line separated with[N]H(Another way to edit a file in SOS is by typing the "SOS"[N]H(yes[N]H(
Answer yes or no.[N]H(!NOH(#YESH($files as for editing old ones ?[N]H()Do you give the same command in SOS for creating new[N]H(/and edited.[N]H(2exist, a new file with the given name will be created[N]H(9If you use the SOS command to edit a file that does not[N]H(@TEST.ALG[N]H(BEnd by typing the filename on the same line as File:[N]H(IType the file name TEST.ALG on the same line as File:.[N]H(PThe file had the extension ".ALG", not ".SIM".[N]H(V.SIMH(WDo not type the quotationmarks.[N]H(\"H(]SOS test.alg[N]H(`Just give the SOS command.[N]H(dYou probably typed "D" instead of "O" in "SOS".[N]H(jSDH(kType the "SOS" command and push the RETURN key.[N]H(qFILE:TEST.ALGH(tSOTESTH(vDidn't you forget a space?[N]H(zSOSTESTH(|That was the file I used in the example.[N]H)PROG.SIMH)the file name.[N]H)Another way is to type "SOS", press the RETURN key and type[N]H)TEST.ALGH)Do not type the quotation marks.[N]H)"SOS"H)SOH)File:H)SOSH)!Give the command to enter SOS and edit a file called "TEST.ALG".[N]H)"                                  for editing.[N]H)(          File:PROG.SIM<return>   The file PROG.SIM is ready[N]H)0EXAMPLE:  SOS<return>             SOS is called[N]H)6The file is now ready for editing.[N]H);!You type the file name on the same line and push the RETURN key.[N]H)CFile:[N]H)ESOS will then ask for the name of the file by printing[N]H)LOne way to call SOS is by giving the monitor command "SOS".[N]H)S==============[N]H)VAccessing SOS.[N]H)Y!This lesson will teach you how to start and finish SOS editing.[N]H)a [NT](3) 'BACK' to return to the previous question (or text).[2N]H)i[NT](2) 'SKIP' to move on to the next question (or text); orH)p[NT](1) 'STOP' to end the lesson immediately;H)uGNOSIS will then explain how you can typeH){ on your terminal and then pushing the RETURN button.[2N]H*-[N]IMPORTANT: You can interrupt the lesson at any time by typing the[N]single character "%"H*
%Stockholm,tSweden,oandtheOldDominionUniversity Research Foundation.[N]H*%instruction  (CAI)  from  the  Research  Institute  of National Defense[N]H*%This lesson was  produced  by  the  GNOSIS  system  for  computer  aided[N]H*&.[2N]H*''H*)
No, you missed this one.H*2You're mistaken.H*5
Thatywasn'twcorrect.H*8Sorry.H*:!H*@Youranswerwas wrong.H*Cng of it now.H*O
  Keep up the good work!H*S  Aren't you glad you kept trying?H*W
  You're making progress.H*[  There is hope for you after all!H*_
  I knew you could do it.H*c
  Yo've got the idea now!H*f	  You're improving!H*i
  Now you're catching on!H*m  You're doing better!H*pOK!H*rExcellent!H*tThat's it!H*vWell done!H*xRight!H*zExactly right!H*|Bravo!H*~Sure!H+Very good.H+Good for you!H+TOPS7SH+%H+-->H+	H+^H+
 H+ GNOSIS will simulate an acceptable answer:[2N]-->H+
Just for the record,H+]Or...interrupt the lesson by typing the symbol "%".H+[N](You might want to rethink some of your previous answers.)H+%[N]You have at least eliminated some of the possibilities.H+,Please try again.H+/%If you want to interrupt the lesson, then type the single character "%".[N]H+7??? You gave no answer at all.H+;"Eh?   The computer expected you would just push the RETURN button.[N]H+C[N]Push RETURN H+F[N]I must admit that last one was a bit tricky!H+L, H+MH+Nto the PREVIOUS '-->' or 'RETURN' prompt...[N]H+TPlease continue, then, giving your response[N]H+Z
Lesson is backing.[N]H+^BACKH+_
Question skipped.[N]H+bSKIPH+dLesson aborted.H+fSTOPH+hor 'CONTINUE'.[N]H+k	, 'SKIP', 'BACK', H+nAnswer 'STOP'INXi?5ygfh(igS< \. N,) @,* R,*S"p(B $S* ,1 ,2@)@. @. @=d, J," J,%  ,"	`+, .X<,'+  ,$	`+, +,
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