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,<L,<L{,v<L,<Lq,<Lj,<Ld,<L,<LX,<LP,v<@+vuGD04-=h-=s+{gR-v<L,<L,<L,<L,<L,c<@7@e+@ve+u+M?YRKY9i&}f@-=h-=+ uGD14-=h-=-=Ovc@vg Vp@vd+)+'eX:4-=h-=$,<@,v<L,<L,<Ly,@<@7@f+0@vf+&7@e+2@ve+7@e+4@ve+" n0VgO $q "-=$0DgOA4V<,2<@+& n1v+A,<Ly,T<@+' $q "-=$2Dj+E,<Ls+'7@d+H,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`rL4@L+W,T<@+Pgl\=q
&@-=h-=M,<Lj+'+WckD14-=h-=T7@d+Z,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`iL4@^+i,T<@+bgl\=q
6@-=h-=_,<Lc+'+ickD14-=h-=f7@d+l,x<@ n0V+o,x<@+' g0V+,T<@+ugl\=q
F@-=h-=r,<L\,<LT,<LM,<LJ+'+ckD24-=h-=}7@d+,x<@ g0V+,T<@+	gl\=q
V@-=h-=+u+ckD24-=h-=7@d+,x<@ g0V+,T<@+gl\=q
f@-=h-=+.+'+ckD34-=h-=,T<@+"g&n[iP-=h-=+&]FF@-=h-=#,c<@7@e+*@ve+>o,^o>`K+P+/GvIT]P-=h-=,+4GvIT]Y9i&}f@-=h-=1+9uGD24-=h-=6-=Ovc@vg Vp@vd+B+@eX:4-=h-==,<@,v<L,<LB,<L;,<L5,<L.,<L(,<Ly,@<@7@f+O@vf+&7@e+Q@ve+7@e+S@ve+.7@d+U,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`'L4@Y+c,<@+^gl\=q
&@-=h-=[++2+cckD14-=h-=`7@d+f,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`%L4@j+t,<@+ogl\=q
6@-=h-=l+^+tckD14-=h-=q7@d+w,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`$L4@{+,<@+gl\=q
F@-=h-=|+2+ckD24-=h-=7@d+,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`"L4@+,<@+gl\=q
V@-=h-=kD24-=h-=+27@d+,x<@ n0V+,x<@+@ g0V+),<L+"gl\=q
,<L,<Lz,<Lr,<Lj,<Lb,<L^,v<L,<LV,<LP,c<@7@e+O@ve+9+a+SuGD34-=h-=P,<LH,<L@,<L8,<L4,c<@7@e+]@ve+;+aatH--=h-=^+euGD34-=h-=b,<L,,<L%,v<L,<L",<L,<L,<L<L5,<Ly,@<@7@f+	'@vf+&7@e+	)@ve+y7@e+	+@ve+
|7@d+	-,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`3L4@	1+	> 6 Vk,8`tL4@	5+	>,2<@+	9gl\=q
&@-=h-=	6+	+	>ckD14-=h-=	;7@d+	A,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`1L4@	E+	T 6 Vk,8`tL4@	I+	T,2<@+	Ngl\=q
6@-=h-=	K,<L*+	+	TckD14-=h-=	Q7@d+	W,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`(L4@	[+	f,T<@+	`gl\=q
F@-=h-=	],<L +	+	fckD24-=h-=	c7@d+	i,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`rL4@	m+	x,T<@+	rgl\=q
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(,<Lt,<Ln,<Lk+	+
7,x<@ n0V+
:,x<@+	 g0V+
=,<Ld,<L\,<LY+	+
M,x<@ g0V+
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y,<@,<LM+,1`..z=,~,<LN,v<L+	9+	]FF@-=h-=,c<@7@e+<@,v<L,<LE,<LB,<Ly,@<@7@f+$@vf+&7@e+&@ve+	7@e+(@ve+
C7@d+*,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`AL4@.+< 6 Vk,8`tL4@2+<,2<@+7gl\=q
P+<ckD14-=h-=97@d+?,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`AL4@C+P,<@+Ggl\=q
P+PckD14-=h-=M7@d+S,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`{L4@W+e,T<@+[gl\=q
F@-=h-=X,<L.,<L',<L$++eckD24-=h-=b7@d+h,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`"L4@l+x,T<@+pgl\=q
V@-=h-=m,<L,<L++xckD24-=h-=u7@d+{,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`L4@+
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q-=Ovc@vg Vp@vd+
{+ckD34-=h-=7@d+,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`iL4@+,T<@+gl\=q
{+ckD44-=h-=7@d+",x<@ 6 Vk,@8`YL4@&+1,T<@+*gl\=q
{+1ckD44-=h-=.7@d+4,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`QL4@8+D,T<@+<gl\=q
{+DckD54-=h-=A7@d+G,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`HL4@K+V,T<@+Pgl\=q
{+VckD54-=h-=S7@d+Y,x<@ n0V+\,x<@+
{+jckD64-=h-=g7@d+m,x<@g0V+y,T<@+sgl\=qh-={,<@,<L2+,1`..z ,~,<LN,v<L+
X>o,^o>`K+uGD64-=h-=-=Ovc@vg Vp@vd++eX:4-=h-=,<@,v<L,<L+,<L#,<L,<L,<Ly,@<@7@f+)@vf+&7@e++@ve+
s7@e+-@ve+o7@d+/,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`L4@3+@ 6 Vk,8`tL4@7+@,2<@+;gl\=q
&@-=h-=8+|+@ckD14-=h-==7@d+C,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`L4@G+U 6 Vk,8`tL4@K+U,2<@+Pgl\=q
6@-=h-=M+|+UckD14-=h-=R7@d+X,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`L4@\+g,T<@+`gl\=q
F@-=h-=],<L	++gckD24-=h-=d7@d+j,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`L4@n+z,T<@+rgl\=q
V@-=h-=o,<L,<L{++zckD24-=h-=w7@d+},x<@ 6 Vk,@8`yL4@+
ckD34-=h-=	7@d+,x<@ 6 Vk,@8`pL4@+,T<@+gl\=q
v@-=h-=,<Ll++ckD34-=h-=7@d+!,x<@+6,Vk,@8`"L4@%+0,T<@+*gl\=qPgl\=q1`..z ,~,<LNs,v<L+;+|]FF@-=h-=z,c<@7@e+@ve+
uGD64-=h-=	+uGD64-=h-=+uGD74-=h-=+uGD74-=h-=+uGD84-=h-=,<Lk,<Lc+{+'K:%yVKO{M-=h-=#,v<L,<L^,/<Lhh`,<LY,/<Lhh`,<LV,/<Lhg`,<LO,v<L,q<L,9<@`,<LK,9<@`,<LHv<-=1@+B,<L;,<Lv,<LF-=	+hHG!HI	[2N]Have a nice dayHLLeaving the lesson "TOPS8T"...[N]HP questions your answer was right on your very first try.[N]HW times.[N]OnHZ questions,[N]and you gave the right answerH_During the lesson "TOPS8T" you answeredHdfrom this point.  It is going all the way back to the start.[N]Hl!NOTE:  The backing procedure is unable to go back just ONE step [N]Ht		  <str2> and look over page boundaries.[N]HynFN<str1>$<str2>$ Substitute the n:th occurence of <str1> to[N]H		<str> over page boundaries[N]HnN<str>$	Search for the first occurence of the string[N]H
A		Appenddtheinext.pageandremovethe page mark[N]HP		Movebthewpointer toetheunextpage[N]HI<formofeed>$	Insertna page mark[N]H------------	------[N]H=TECO=Command	Effect[N]H#=======[N]H%Summary[N]H'youedidtsincelthenlast timesyou]enteredTECO.[N]H-awmachine failure, you mayilose]everythingthat[N]H3leavingwandienteringaTECONnowandthen, since if there is[N]H: It is anyway always good practice to perform this operation of[N]HBagain.[N]HDto the monitor, and then writing "TECO" to get back to TECO[N]HKthis by first writing "EX$$", then waiting until you get[N]HRthen enter TECO again at the beginning of the file. You do[N]HZThe simplest way to move backwards is to leave TECO and[N]Ha
use the "P" command to get to the next page and then use the[N]H will not succeed. In that case, either use the "N" command or[N]H!Thus you may unexpectedly find that a search with an "S" command[N]H##assume invisible page boundaries at regular intervals in your text.[N]H+ not contain any page boundaries, then TECO will automatically[N]H3!A warning: if your file contains too large pages, or if it does[N]H;
Avoid too large pages.[N]HBFNHATE$LOVE$$[N]HE Are you angry with me? I am sorry if I have been rude to you.[N]HLYou are not using the FN command. Don't you like it?[N]HS"LOVE".[N]HU!A hint: use the "FN" command to find "HATE" and replace it with[N]H]across page boundaries. Exchange "N" for "S".[N]HcThe "S" and "FS" commands will not skip[N]HhUse the "FN", not the "N" command.[N]Hm!After "FN" you write the string to search for, that is, "HATE".[N]HuYou forgot the ESCAPE after "FNHATE".[N]HzFNHATEH|"FN...SEARCH STRING...$...SUBSTITUTE STRING...$".[N]HThe format of the "FN" command is[N]HFNHATEH
You forgot thetfinalNESCAPEafter"LOVE".[N]HFNHATELOVEHFNHATELOVEHFNHATELOVEHofmthedword "HATE"hforothenwordr"LOVE".[N]H!the wordi"HATE"oistfound,ianddthennchanginghtheLfirstmoccurence[N]H$theetext]file,skippingnpagebboundaries ifOnecessary,luntil[N]H,Writeathe]shortestTECOmcommandustringewhich willssearchcin[N]H3NLOVE$0TT$$[N]H6"LOVE"aandothentusettheg"T"ccommandotolprintythetfound line.[N]H=ALhint:Lfirstusethe"N"NcommandTtofindtheNword[N]HDYouforgotfthedESCAPEtaftero"NLOVE".[N]HINLOVEHJuUserthe "N" command, since"thed"S"icommandfwill[notskipover[N]HRSHSAfteri"NLOVE$" youlwritec"0TT"Htoprintthe"foundaline.[N]HZNLOVEH\"LOVE".Toprinththe wholesline,Fusec"0TT".[N]Hbo"T"ewillonlyprintthe partcofmthe foundelineaafterathehword[N]HjNLOVETHlUseetheN"N",nottheT"FN" command.[N]HqFNHrOTHtNLOVE0LTHv
will not succeed.[N]He"If the string you are looking for is on the next page, the search[N]Hm!The search command ("S") will only work within the current page.[N]Hu===========================[N]HySearching from page to page.[N]H~A[N]HTime for some repetition.[N]Htwo pages.[N]H!Remember that by removing a FORM FEED you are a p p e n d i n g[N]Hcharacters.[N]HThe "D" or DELETE command cannot be used to remove FORM FEED[N]HDHthings.[N]H!The "I" command is used to insert things into a file, not remove[N]H#IH%from the file.[N]H(command will not remove the FORM FEED between the two pages[N]H/ The P command will move the pointer to the next page, but that[N]H7the question.[N]H:"Just write the single command letter and nothing else in answer to[N]HBAHCfrom the file?[N]HF Which TECO command is used to remove a page dividing FORM FEED[N]HNPT$$[N]HPcommands.[N]HR Maybe you should repeat reading the text about the "P" and "T"[N]HZ
line of that page.[N]H] of the next page, then use the "T" command to print the first[N]HeA hint: First use the "P" command to get to the beginning[N]Hl
thefirsttlinePofcit.[N]Hoyoutonlyehavetousethe"T"$commandptonprint[N]HuAftere"P"pyou.arerat thetbeginningofthenextpage,and[N]H|PH~twicemtodfinishHthe!commandustringbto TECO.[N]H"T"swill print"thehfirstoline,tso[after"T"justpushESCAPE[N]HTH written "PT$$" to get the same result.[N]H2P0TTH4PTH6next page. Include the two final ESCAPE-s.[N]H;Write a TECO command string to print the first line of the[N]HCthe FORM FEED between the two pages.[N]HH "A" means append the next page to the current page and remove[N]HO
in the text file.[N]HR"P" means move the pointer to the beginning of the next page[N]HZones are the "P" and the "A" commands.[N]H_!There are instead special commands for this. The most important[N]Hg
commands of TECO.[N]HjFORM FEED characters using the ordinary "S", "L" or "D"[N]HqThis means that you cannot serach for, skip or delete[N]Hx===============================[N]H}TECO commands for page handling.[N]H"T" will only print within the current page etc.[N]H"S" will only search within the current page,[N]H"ZJ" will place the pointer at the end of the current page,[N]H    (not at the beginning of the entire file),[N]H!"J" will place the pointer at the beginning of the current page[N]H#
Thuspfor example:[N]H&youhavelearnedssoyfarwwill onlylworkrwithinyoneppage.[N]H-!AfterNafilehasbeenidivided intoTpages,malllthenTECO"commands[N]H5nfile.[N]HI!TofdivideFaEtext file.intoipages,tyou simplytinsertoaaFORMeFEED[N]HQto,insertsFORMeFEEDicharactersointoeyourrfile.[N]HW#TodivideafilenintoOpages,syou simplytexecutecthatvcommandystring[N]Hi[N]H!key. However, you can still use TECO. There is a special command[N]H We will assume that your terminal does not have any FORM FEED[N]HAnswer either "YES" or "NO"![N]HI don't understand your answer.[N]H#NH%NOH&YH(YESH)terminal does not have any FORM FEED key![N]H/if you want to, answer "NO" if you want to assume that your[N]H6Do you want to try some more keys? Answer "YES"[N]H<are using a terminal which is not equipped with that key?[N]HC You seem to have trouble finding the FORM FEED key. Maybe you[N]HK
of your terminal.[N]HNupper case if that character is upper case on the keyboard[N]HU"FORM FEED" or "FF" or "ERASE PAGE". Make sure that you used[N]H]You did not hit the FORM FEED key. Look for a key labelled[N]HdYou pushed ESCAPE instead of FORM FEED.[N]HjHkYou forgot to hold down the CONTROL key while pushing "L"![N]HsLHtYou pushed LINE FEED instead of FORM FEED.[N]HzYOU PUSHED MORE THAN ONE KEY BEFORE RETURN.[N]H$Push the FORM FEED key on your terminal, and then push the RETURN key.[N]H"On some terminals, the FORM FEED key is labeled FF or ERASE PAGE.[N]H terminals and you can insert it just like any other character.[N]H"FORM FEED into the file. There is a key for that character on your[N]H "You divide a file into pages by insertion of the special character[N]H(
anewTpapereform.[N]H+#WhentheefileOisSprinted, afnew pageuisralwaysdprintedatthe[topHof[N]H3contain less than about 50 lines of text.[N]H9 then you usually divide that file into pages. Each page should[N]H@When you are using TECO to handle a large text file,[N]HG=====================================[N]HLPartitioning of text files into pages.[N]HQ [NT](3) 'BACK' to return to the previous question (or text).[2N]HY[NT](2) 'SKIP' to move on to the next question (or text); orH`[NT](1) 'STOP' to end the lesson immediately;HeGNOSIS will then explain how you can typeHk on your terminal and then pushing the RETURN button.[2N]Hr-[N]IMPORTANT: You can interrupt the lesson at any time by typing the[N]single character "%"H|%Stockholm, Sweden, and the Old Dominion University Research Foundation.[N]H%instruction  (CAI)  from  the  Research  Institute  of National Defense[N]H
No, you missed this one.H"You're mistaken.H%
Thatywasn'twcorrect.H(Sorry.H*!H0Youranswerwas wrong.H3ng of it now.H?
  Keep up the good work!HC  Aren't you glad you kept trying?HG
  You're making progress.HK  There is hope for you after all!HO
  I knew you could do it.HS
  Yo've got the idea now!HV	  You're improving!HY
  Now you're catching on!H]  You're doing better!H`OK!HbExcellent!HdThat's it!HfWell done!HhRight!HjExactly right!HlBravo!HnSure!HpVery good.HrGood for you!HtTOPS8THv%Hx-->HyH{^H| H~ GNOSIS will simulate an acceptable answer:[2N]-->H
Justfor(the record,H]Or...interrupt thevlessonnbyetypingthesymbol"%".Hve at least eliminated some of the possibilities.HPlease try again.H%If you want to interrupt the lesson, then type the single character "%".[N]H'??? You gave no answer at all.H+"Eh?   The computer expected you would just push the RETURN button.[N]H3[N]Push RETURN H6[N]I must admit that last one was a bit tricky!H<, H=H>to the PREVIOUS '-->' or 'RETURN' prompt...[N]HDPlease continue, then, giving your response[N]HJ
Lesson is backing.[N]HNBACKHO
Question skipped.[N]HRSKIPHTLesson aborted.HVSTOPHXor 'CONTINUE'.[N]H[	, 'SKIP', 'BACK', H^Answer 'STOP'XINXi?6gfh(igS< \. N @ RS"p(B $S*  @)@. @. @=d J J  	`+
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?ALGOL object time system ALGNNN.SHR not found
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