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q-=6<@v,(d<Lt+hO%J7J-=><@-=,'c<L@vh+GC6 Vh h $&c h-=v h2V&\+X+\+J+G+\W# -=h-=Y,'T<L` h.6 Vh h $&c h-=v 6 V&] h/6 V&` &`06+g@v&`,'I<L&d,'>
&c``,>,>,>&d,>&d-=&d@v&V &`0V+{ $&c "-=$2D&a+{,'s<L&O,'s<L&L,'s<L&I,'s<L&k,'c<LOvh+G7@h+@vh,@8p&G4@Ov&X,'s<L&E+ 6 V&],@8p&C4@,'s<L&@Ov&W+ 6 V&],@8p&?4@
,'s<L&;Ov&W+,'s<L&5,'s<L&/+G+KbNF@-=h-=>o,^o>`K+hQP-=8`-=+E2$3D+0+63&].6+V&]+%Ovh+;+6]>5 &]/ Vh+`:h &]/42v+e &] $&d h-=v+`Ov&V Vh+s+j]>5
&c`Q`},>,>,>&d,>&d-=&d+hetKv-=1`'&`$6&4/V&`&`&4+'Th+ha;wC2O)-=hlh-=,~,'\<LN!Yh.6KVh+,'s<L&-,'s<L&h+,$hFh-=,~,'\<LN*>o,^o>`K+he&=+hoJ}ivKOr-=R<@&Y.6=V&Y7@&U+[@&Z.6VV&Z@v&U+^,1`..&n,~,<@N[,'h<L+ha.9 -=a<@7@&V+g@v&V+t,'s<L&$,'s<L&k,@<@,'h<L7@&X+n@v&X+;&`1v+t6V&],8`&fL4@t,'s<L&+ha<P-=u<@,c<@,'\<L`,'\<L`,'h<L+hKc&(:KO-=~<@6V&],8`&fL4@,,'h<L6V&]+:&]&`.42v++3@-= &Z/& Vh &Z V& &Z/&[ V&[ &[0VgO h0TgOG4VpS +s &[-<'  h-<' H @h>o,^o>`K+h]>
,'s<L%~+ &Y1v+,'s<L%x,'h<L,'h<L+hO'4X7g^. -=<@,'h<L,<@%u,'s<L%o+h@v&Z V&[ V&[ V&Y V&Z V&Y 6 V&\ 6 V&\@v&_ V&^ V&_ V&^ V&b $%m "-=$ D&] $%l "-=$ D&b $%j "-=$ D&a,'->
%i,>,>,>&k,>&k-=&k &\ $&c "C-=v &\ $&c "C-=v,'->
``,>,>,>&f,>&f-=&f &\ $&f "-=v 6 V&`@v&X V&W V&V $%g "-=$ D&a%e,>,>,>&g,>&g-=&g%c &l.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%a &l.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%_ &l.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%] &l.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%[ &l.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%Y &l.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%W &l.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%U &l.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%S &l.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%Q &l.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X%N &m.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%J &m.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%G &m.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%D &m.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%@ &m.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%< &m.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%8 &m.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%4 &m.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%0 &m.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%, &m.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X%* &n.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%( &n.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%$ &n.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X%! &n.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X% &n.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X% &n.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X% &n.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X% &n.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X% &n.6,>,>,>X,>X-=X% &n.6	,>,>,>X,>X-=X,(3<L`%,'s<L%
,'s<L$,c<@7@&W+@v&W+u+uGD14-=h-=,'s<L$,'s<L#{,'h<L,'s<L#s,'s<L#n,'h<L,'s<L#g,'s<L#_,'s<L#X,'s<L#U,'h<L,'s<L#N,'s<L#I,'s<L#C,c<@7@&W+.@v&W++2uGD24-=h-=/-=Ov&U@v&Y V&b@v&V+;+9eX:4-=h-=6,<@,'h<L,'s<L#<,'s<L#4,'s<L&k,@<@7@&X+D@v&X+;7@&W+F@v&W+7@&W+H@v&W+	@7@&V+J,x<@ 6 V&],8`#1L4@N+],8`#.L4@Q+],8`&fL4@T+],2<@+Xgl\=q
&@-=h-=U+	M+]ckD14-=h-=Z7@&V+`,x<@ 6 V&],8`#+L4@d+t,8`#.L4@g+t,8`&fL4@j+t,2<@+ogl\=q
6@-=h-=l+	M+tckD14-=h-=q7@&V+w,x<@ 6 V&],8`#1L4@{+
F@-=h-=+	M+
V@-=h-=+	M+!ckD24-=h-=7@&V+$,x<@ 6 V&],@8`&CL4@(+3,T<@+,gl\=q
f@-=h-=),'s<L#"+9+3ckD34-=h-=07@&V+6,x<@ 6 V&],@8`# L4@:+E,T<@+>gl\=q
+,T<@+gl\=q,'s<L"c+9+ckD54-=h-=&`0V+,x<@+97@&V+,x<@ 6,V&]86V&],@8`#L4@$+(+7+(Y<=q	
+}Y<=q,T<@+	gl\=q's<L""+9+	
ckD74-=h-=		7@&V+	,x<@ &Y0V+	,T<@+	gl\=q@-=h-=	,'s<L",'s<L",'s<L"+9+	ckD84-=h-=	7@&V+	!,x<@ &Y0V+	-,T<@+	'gl\=q@-=h-=	$+	+	,ckD84-=h-=	)7@&V+	/,x<@ &Y0V+	;,T<@+	5gl\=q&@-=h-=	2+9+	:ckD94-=h-=	7,T<@+	@g&n[iP-=h-=	=,<@,'s<L"+	G,1`..&l ,~,'s<LN	D,'h<L+X+	M]FF@-=h-=	J,c<@7@&W+	Q@v&W+>o,^o>`K+	VuGD24-=h-=	S-=Ov&U@v&Y V&b@v&V+	_+	]eX:4-=h-=	Z,<@,'h<L,'s<L",'s<L",'s<L!y,'s<L!u,'s<L&k,@<@7@&X+	k@v&X+;7@&W+	m@v&W+17@&W+	o@v&W+
/7@&V+	q,x<@ 6 V&],8`!sL4@	u+
,8`!rL4@	x+
,8`!pL4@	{+
,8`&fL4@	~+
&@-=h-=	+

,x<@ 6 V&],8`!sL4@
$,x<@ 6 V&],@8`!mL4@
8,'s<L!c,'s<L![,'s<L!X+	]+
H,x<@ 6 V&],@8`!mL4@
h,x<@ 6 V&],@8`!lL4@
x,x<@ 6 V&],@8`# L4@
~,'s<L#+	]+ckD34-=h-=7@&V+
,'s<L! +	]+
,x<@ &Y0V+
,x<@ &Y0V+
"+	]+
6,1`..&l ,~,'s<LN
,'s<L!,'s<L {,'s<L s,'s<L m,'h<L,'s<L e,'s<L ^,'s<L [,c<@7@&W+
V@v&W+	V &Z1v+
X,'s<L X,c<@7@&W+
a-=Ov&U@v&Y V&b@v&V+
i,<@,'h<L,'s<L P,'s<L H,'s<L A,'s<L <,'s<L&k,@<@7@&X+
,x<@6LV&],8` 9L4@
v@-=h-=-=h-=4@ ,'s<L +
l+ckD44-=h-=7@&V+,x<@ 6 V&],@8` 
l+ckD44-=h-=7@&V+,x<@ 6 V&],@8`~L4@"+/,T<@+'gl\=q
l+/ckD54-=h-=, &`0V+3,x<@+
l7@&V+5,x<@?6TV&]6GV&],@8`"pL4@:+B 6 V&],@8`#L4@>+B+Q+BY<=q
l+QckD54-=h-=N7@&V+T,x<@ 6 V&],@8`\L4@X+d,T<@+\gl\=q
l+dckD64-=h-=a7@&V+g,x<@ 6 V&],@8`PL4@k+x,T<@+pgl\=q
l+xckD64-=h-=u7@&V+{,x<@ 6 V&],@8`"pL4@+,@8`#L4@+,T<@+gl\=q
l+ckD74-=h-=,T<@+g&n[iP-=h-=,<@,'s<L2+,1`..&l ,~,'s<LN,'h<L+
d+GuGD54-=h-=D,'s<La,'s<L\,'h<L,'s<LT,'s<LL,'s<LE,'s<LB,'h<L,'s<L:,'s<L3,'s<L,,'s<L%,'s<L,'s<L,'s<L,'h<L,'s<L	,'s<L,'s<L,c<@,c<@7@&W+g@v&W+*+kuGD54-=h-=h-=Ov&U@v&Y V&b@v&V+t+reX:4-=h-=o,<@,'h<L,'s<Ly,'s<Lr,'s<Ln,'s<Lf,'s<Lb,'s<L[,'s<LU,'s<L&k,@<@7@&X+@v&X+;7@&W+@v&W+F7@&W+@v&W+g7@&V+
,x<@ 6 V&],8`QL4@+,8`&fL4@+,2<@+gl\=q
&@-=h-=+t+ckD14-=h-=7@&V+,x<@ 6 V&],8`QL4@"+5,8`PL4@%+5,8`&fL4@(+5,2<@+,gl\=q
6@-=h-=),'s<LH,'s<L?+T+t+5ckD14-=h-=27@&V+8,x<@ 6 V&],8`QL4@<+N,8`PL4@?+N,8`>L4@B+N,8`&fL4@E+N,2<@+Igl\=q
F@-=h-=F+,+NckD24-=h-=K7@&V+Q,x<@ 6 V&],@8`&CL4@U+b,T<@+Zgl\=q
V@-=h-=W,'s<L6,'s<L3+r+bckD24-=h-=_7@&V+e,x<@ 6 V&],@8`1L4@i+w,T<@+mgl\=q
f@-=h-=j,'s<L*,'s<L",'s<L+r+wckD34-=h-=t7@&V+z,x<@ 6 V&],@8`L4@~+
ckD34-=h-=7@&V+$,T<@+gl\=q,'s<Lm,'s<Le+r+$ckD44-=h-=!7@&V+',x<@<6+V&],@8`~L4@++9,T<@+/gl\=ql,'s<Le,'s<L^,'s<LV,'s<LR+r+GckD84-=h-=D7@&V+J,x<@ 6 V&],@8`L4@N+[,@8`!IL4@Q+[,T<@+Vgl\=q@-=h-=S+;+[ckD84-=h-=X7@&V+^,x<@ 6 V&],@8`L4@b+k,T<@+fgl\=q&@-=h-=c+;+kckD94-=h-=h7@&V+n,x<@ 6 V&],@8`sL4@r+},T<@+wgl\=q6@-=h-=t,'s<LJ+r+}ckD94-=h-=z &`0V+,x<@+r7@&V+,x<@ 6 V&] 6 V&],@8`sL4@+
Y<=qF@-=h-=	,T<@+gl\=qF@-=h-=,'s<LB,'s<L;+r+ckD:4-=h-=7@&V+,x<@ 6 V&] 6 V&],@8`L4@"+&+3+&Y<=qV@-=h-=#,T<@++gl\=qV@-=h-=(,'s<L3,'s<L1+r+3ckD:4-=h-=07@&V+6,x<@ &Y0V+B,T<@+<gl\=qf@-=h-=9+++AckD;4-=h-=>7@&V+D,x<@ &Y0V+U,T<@+Jgl\=qv@-=h-=G,'s<L*,'s<L#,'s<L+++TckD;4-=h-=Q7@&V+W,x<@ &Y0V+c,T<@+]gl\=q@-=h-=Z+++bckD<4-=h-=_,T<@+gg&n[iP-=h-=d,<@,'s<L+n,1`..&l ,~,'s<LNk,'h<L++t]FF@-=h-=r,c<@7@&W+x@v&W+F>o,^o>`K+}uGD64-=h-=z-=Ov&U@v&Y V&b@v&V++eX:4-=h-=,<@,'h<L,'s<L,'s<L
,'s<L&k,@<@7@&X+@v&X+;7@&W+@v&W+j7@&W+@v&W+#7@&V+,x<@ 6 V&],8`
&@-=h-=+0+&ckD14-=h-=#7@&V+),x<@ 6 V&],8`PL4@-+9,8`&fL4@0+9,2<@+4gl\=q
6@-=h-=1+0+9ckD14-=h-=67@&V+<,x<@ 6 V&],@8`	L4@@+K,T<@+Egl\=q
F@-=h-=B,'s<L++KckD24-=h-=H &`0V+O,x<@+7@&V+Q,x<@ 6 V&] 6 V&],@8`L4@V+Z+f+ZY<=q
V@-=h-=],'s<Lx++fckD24-=h-=c7@&V+i,x<@ 6 V&] 6 V&],@8`L4@n+r+~+rY<=q
f@-=h-=u,'s<Ls++~ckD34-=h-={7@&V+,x<@ &Y0V+,T<@+gl\=q
v@-=h-=,'s<Ll++ckD34-=h-=7@&V+,x<@&Y0V+,T<@+gl\=q's<Lf+*,1`..&l,~,'s<LN','h<L+!+0]FF@-=h-=-,c<@7@&W+4@v&W+j>o,^o>`K,#3@C,'s<L@,'s<L&k,@<@7@&X+m@v&X+;7@&W+o@v&W+I7@&W+q@v&W+	7@&V+s,x<@ 6 V&],8`>L4@w+,8`&fL4@z+,2<@+~gl\=q
&@-=h-={++ckD14-=h-=7@&V+,x<@ 6 V&],8`	L4@
6@-=h-=++ckD14-=h-=7@&V+,x<@ 6 V&],8`=L4@+-,8`&fL4@!+-,T<@+%gl\=q
F@-=h-=",'s<L5,'s<L2+a+-ckD24-=h-=*7@&V+0,x<@ 6 V&],@8`L4@4+A,T<@+9gl\=q
V@-=h-=6,'s<L*,'s<L#+a+AckD24-=h-=>7@&V+D,x<@ 6 V&],@8`	L4@H+T,T<@+Lgl\=q
f@-=h-=I,'s<L,<@+a+TckD34-=h-=Q7@&V+W,x<@ &`0V+Z,x<@+a &Y0V+g,T<@+`gl\=q
v@-=h-=],'s<L+a+fckD34-=h-=c7@&V+i,x<@,&Y0V+u,T<@+ogl\=q's<L+,1`..&l ,~,'s<LN
+uGD54-=h-=+uGD64-=h-=+uGD64-=h-=+!uGD74-=h-=+&uGD74-=h-=#+*uGD84-=h-='+/uGD84-=h-=,+3uGD94-=h-=0,'s<L,'s<Lx+{+<K:%yVKO{M-=h-=8,'h<L,'s<Ls,(!<Lh&Z`,'s<Ln,(!<Lh&Z`,'s<Lk,(!<Lh&Y`,'s<Ld,'h<L,'c<L,9<@`,'s<L`,9<@`,'s<L]&h&.-=1@+W,'s<L&-,'s<L&h,'s<L[-=	+hH\!H^	[2N]Have a nice dayHaLeaving the lesson "TOPS9T"...[N]He questions your answer was right on your very first try.[N]Hl times.[N]OnHo questions,[N]and you gave the right answerHtDuring the lesson "TOPS9T" you answeredHyfrom this point.  It is going all the way back to the start.[N]H!NOTE:  The backing procedure is unable to go back just ONE step [N]H			the text at the pointer.[N]H
understand why!!![N]HKbe done with the TECO command string "L1XAKLGA$$". Try to[N]HR" and want to get the lines in alphabetical order. This can[N]HZBBBB[N]H\CCCC[N]H^"AAAA[N]H`
You have the text[N]HcExample:[N]Hefile again by writing "Gi" where i is the Q-register name.[N]HmYou can then move the contents of the Q-register back to the[N]Htn is the number of lines to insert and i is the name of the[N]H|#To insert text from the file into a Q-register you write "nXi" where[N]H=================================================[N]HUsing Q-registers to store and move text segments.[N]HMM$$[N]HThe correct answer is "MM$$".[N]HA hint: Use the "M" command of TECO.[N]HYour answer is right except for the extra characters in it.[N]H$is stored in the Q-register. Do not write any "*".[N]H+#The "*" is used to store something in a Q-register, not to use what[N]H3does nothing.[N]H6!Why did you write one but not two ESCAPEs? That ESCAPE in itself[N]H>MMH?MMHA	in Q-register M.[N]HDWhat do you write to execute a command string which is saved[N]HKAnd if you want to execute the command string once more.[N]HRwere a little too easy for you...[N]HWYou are a tough man (or woman). I think that these questions[N]H_"This is a very difficult lesson, but you are clever and stubborn.[N]Hg*M$$[N]HiThe correct answer is "*M$$".[N]HmFirst write "*" and then the name of the Q-register.[N]HtA hint: Use the "*" command of TECO.[N]HyYour answer does not contain the Q-register name "M".[N]HMH%You only need write the Q-register name "M" once in your command string.[N]H
MMH*MHwritetosavedithinpQ-registerlM?[N]HNowgyou]knowthatyouswantnto execute.that commandystring[N]Hn with,[N]H+Yes, this is a very difficult exercise when TECO[N]H2"BEGIN".[N]H4!First you write "NBEGIN$" to find the next occurence of the word[N]H<by the string "BEGIN" that you are searching for.[N]HC!To search for "BEGIN" you write the search command "N" followed[N]HK"You forgot the ESCAPE after "BEGIN" to finish the search request.[N]HSto the end of the previous line.[N]HW and then move backwards past the LINE FEED and CARRIAGE RETURN[N]Hwill first move to the beginning of the next line ("L")[N]Hfuse a search command. Instead, you simply write "L2R" which[N]HmThe shortest way of finding the end of the line is not to[N]HtNBEGINHv!FEED which are always found between one line and the next line.[N]H~ and then move past the two characters CARRIAGE RETURN and LINE[N]H!to move to the beginning of the next line with the "L" command,[N]HA simple way of finding the end of a line is[N]HNBEGINHnext line to the end of the previous line, you write "2R".[N]HTo move two characters backward, from the beginning of the[N]H%NBEGINLH'text comment by writing "ICOMMENT$".[N]H,!After putting the pointer at the end of the line you insert the[N]H4NBEGINL2RH6You forgot the ESCAPE after "ICOMMENT".[N]H;	NBEGINL2RICOMMENTH>$After "ICOMMENT$" you write "0T" to print the line up to the pointer.[N]HG	NBEGINL2RICOMMENTHJAfter "0T" you should write the two final ESCAPES.[N]HP
NBEGINL2RICOMMENT0THTinstead.[N]HV"for the found string, which was not required. Use the "N" command[N]H^!Do not use the "FN" command. That command substitutes something[N]Hf!possible TECO command string, you should use "0T" and not "0TT".[N]Hnand "0T". But since you were asked to write the shortest[N]Huof a line, you can print the whole line with both "0TT"[N]H|Therefore, if you know that the pointer is at the end[N]H"0T" means print the current line up to the pointer.[N]H
"0TT"wmeansBprint.thewholecurrentaline.[N]H0TTHcommandiyet,cIswill)askyoutodothattlater.[N]H"Domnot insert thedcommandostringgintoanyQ-registerMwith[the"*"[N]H*Htbe used.[N]H#!"N"ttoesearchskipping page boundaries. In your case, "N" should[N]H+ The "S" search command is used to search within a page and the[N]H2SBEGINH4write %.[N]H7!To skip to the end of a line, write L2R. To skip this question,[N]H?H@%but I accept that answer, since I intended to ask you to do that later.[N]HI#I did not ask you to insert the command string into Q-register "M",[N]HQ*MHRNBEGINL2RICOMMENT0THVInclude the two final ESCAPES in your answer.[N]H\d) Print the line up to and including the inserted word.[N]Hcc) Insert the text "COMMENT".[N]Hgb) Move to the end of the line in which "BEGIN" was found.[N]Ho
Every time thereafter, when you search through the file for[N]Hif you had written "NERROR$0TT$$" once more.[N]Hthe TECO command string in Q-register M, that is exactly as[N]HThe next time you just write "MM$$" which means "execute[N]H&"*M" to store this command string in the Q-register M.[N]H-"NERROR$0TT$$". Immediately after that you write[N]H4 the word "ERROR". The first time you write the command string[N]H;"Example: You want to look, one at a time, on all lines containing[N]HCQ-register.[N]HFexecuting the command string that you want to store in the[N]HMwrite "*" followed by the Q-register name, immediately after[N]HU!If you want to store a TECO command string in a Q-register, you[N]H]===================================[N]HbMacros = saved TECO command strings.[N]Hgthan one place in the text.[N]Hk"in the text to another place, or which you want to insert at more[N]Hs b) To store text in them which you want to move from one place[N]Hzwant to execute many times.[N]H~a) To store a complex TECO command string in them which you[N]HTwo common uses for Q-registers are[N]Heither one of the letters A-Z or one of the digits 0-9.[N]Hare called Q-register and they have one-character names:[N]H in which you can store information for later use. These cells[N]H  TECO like most other programming languages has variable cells[N]H(======================================[N]H-Q-registers for temporary data storage.[N]H3<Nelse$0t;t>[N]H5in it, and then you write a "T" command to print that line.[N]H=Inside < > you first put "NELSE$" to find a line with "ELSE"[N]HDno more "ELSE" can be found in the text.[N]HJAfter finding "ELSE" you write ";" to leave the loop when[N]HQNELSEHS
witht"ELSE" in it.[N]HVAfterA"NELSE$;"tyouewritet"0TT"itoaprintsthe wholeeline[N]H]NELSE;HTyouMwant toTdo many.times.[N]Hc!loop,sthateis surroundingdthatcparteofhtheecommandHstring which[N]Hk"There are no loop brackets, "<" and ">" surrounding the iteration[N]Hssubstitute anything this time.[N]HxUse the "N", not the "FN" command, since you do not want to[N]HFNH program going into an infinite loop.[N]H !You forgot the ";" after "NELSE$" which is necessary to stop the[N]H <NELSE0TT>H the next "ELSE" in the text.[N]H !will find the same "ELSE" again infinitely, instead of moving to[N]H "the pointer at the beginning of the line, the next loop iteration[N]H %"0LT" will print the whole line. But since the "L" positions[N]H ,0LTH .<NELSE0TT;>H 0<NELSE0TT;>H 3<NELSE;0TT>H 5<NELSE;0TT>H 8<NELSE0T;T>H :<NELSE0T;T>H =line is to be output to the terminal.[N]H B Every time that the word "ELSE" occurs in the text, the whole[N]H Ithe whole text file from the pointer to the end of the file.[N]H Q!Write the shortest TECO command string which will search through[N]H YYou are doing fine![N]H \"HAPPINESS".[N]H  of the whole text file and change every occurence of "WORK" to[N]H f Example "<FNWORK$HAPPINESS$;>$$" will search through all pages[N]H nwhich stops the loop at the end of the text file.[N]H tloop to stop it. One common such command is the ";" command,[N]H | infinitely. However, there are commands you can put inside the[N]H! loop brackets. If there is no such number, the loop continues[N]H!You do not have to put any number at all in front of the[N]H!8<c i $>[N]H!skip one character and then insert a blank.[N]H!You must make a loop eight times, and in each iteration[N]H!!Your answer did not include any loop bracket pair "<"...">".[N]H!)$using the "C" command, then you insert a space using the "I" command.[N]H!1#Inside the loop, you do two things. First you advance one character[N]H!9 You forgot the ESCAPE ending the parameter to the "I" command.[N]H!AWrite "8" in front of "<" since you should insert 8 spaces.[N]H!H<CIH!JNH!Kthe "C" and "I" commands of TECO.[N]H!P There is no need to use a search command. You only need to use[N]H!XSH!Y	command string.[N]H!\You can therefore write "C" instead of "1C" to get a shorter[N]H!d If there is no integer number before "C" then "1" is default.[N]H!k>H!m1CH!n8H!p>H!q>H!sIH!t8<CH!v
5<FSmotorcar$dangerous vehicle$>$$[N]H"once.[N]H" Put them around the command which is to be executed more than[N]H""You did not include any loop brackets "<" and ">" in your answer.[N]H"#substitution string.[N]H"&ends the search string, and the second "ESCAPE" ends the[N]H"-There should be two "ESCAPE"s after "FS". The first "ESCAPE"[N]H"5H"6the search string and substitute the substitution string.[N]H"= "FS... search string ...$... substitution string ...$" to find[N]H"EUse the "FS" command. The format of that command is:[N]H"KFSH"MThere is no left bracket "<".[N]H"Qthen you should use the loop-brackets "<" and ">".[N]H"X"If you want to repeat the same TECO command string more than once,[N]H"`There is no right bracket ">".[N]H"ddigit five("5") in front of the "<".[N]H"i"Since you should make the same thing five times, you should put a[N]H"q<H"s"to find the word "MOTORCAR" and change it once in each iteration.[N]H"{(Between the brackets, write the command string "FSMOTORCAR$DANGEROUS VEHICLE$"[N]H#>H#5<H#There must be an ESCAPE before "DANGEROUS VEHICLE".[N]H#VEHICLEH#$DANGEROUSH#You forgot the ESCAPE after "VEHICLE".[N]H#VEHICLE>H#"You should not include any double apostrophe ('"') in your answer.[N]H#!"H##If you want to skip this question, then write "%" first.[N]H#*VEHICLE>H#,5<FNMOTORCARDANGEROUSH#/VEHICLE>H#25<FSMOTORCARDANGEROUSH#5 occurences of "MOTORCAR" and change it to "DANGEROUS VEHICLE".[N]H#=Write the shortest TECO command string to find the next five[N]H#D"this  text  line,  change the line to:"[N]H#J"this text line, change the line to:"[N]H#OThus, the command example above will, if it is applied to[N]H#V
changedctoetwo spaces.[N]H#YthreeTtimes.Oncein each iteration, a space is found and[N]H#` TECO to execute the command string inside the "<" ">" brackets[N]H#hExample: "3<FS $  $>$$" indicates a loop. The number 3 tells[N]H#ostring and finally the character ">".[N]H#t A loop consists of a number, the character "<", a TECO command[N]H#|=================================[N]H$Writing iterative loops with TECO.[N]H$more than once if you use a loop.[N]H$ You do not have to type in the string of the same TECO command[N]H$%if you want to do the same editing action at several places in the text.[N]H$#The simplest case of a program is a loop. A loop in TECO can be used[N]H$#in general go beyond the scope of this introductory course.[N]H$+"write executable text editing routines. However, such capabilities[N]H$3TECO is in reality a programming language in which you can[N]H$:==============================[N]H$?TECO as a programming language.[N]H$C [NT](3) 'BACK' to return to the previous question (or text).[2N]H$K[NT](2) 'SKIP' to move on to the next question (or text); orH$R[NT](1) 'STOP' to end the lesson immediately;H$WGNOSIS will then explain how you can typeH$] on your terminal and then pushing the RETURN button.[2N]H$d-[N]IMPORTANT: You can interrupt the lesson at any time by typing the[N]single character "%"H$n%Stockholm, Sweden, and the Old Dominion University Research Foundation.[N]H$w%instruction  (CAI)  from  the  Research  Institute  of National Defense[N]H$%This lesson was  produced  by  the  GNOSIS  system  for  computer  aided[N]H%.[2N]H%	'H%
No, you missed this one.H%You're mistaken.H%
Thatywasn'twcorrect.H%Sorry.H%!H%"Youranswerwas wrong.H%%ng of it now.H%1
  Keep up the good work!H%5  Aren't you glad you kept trying?H%9
  You're making progress.H%=  There is hope for you after all!H%A
  I knew you could do it.H%E
  Yo've got the idea now!H%H	  You're improving!H%K
  Now you're catching on!H%O  You're doing better!H%ROK!H%TExcellent!H%VThat's it!H%XWell done!H%ZRight!H%\Exactly right!H%^Bravo!H%`Sure!H%bVery good.H%dGood for you!H%fTOPS9TH%h%H%j-->H%kH%m^H%n H%p GNOSIS will simulate an acceptable answer:[2N]-->H%v
Just for the record,H%y]Or...interrupt the lesson by typing the symbol "%".H%[N](You might want to rethink some of your previous answers.)H&[N]You have at least eliminated some of the possibilities.H&Please try again.H&%If you want to interrupt the lesson, then type the single character "%".[N]H&??? You gave no answer at all.H&"Eh?   The computer expected you would just push the RETURN button.[N]H&%[N]Push RETURN H&([N]I must admit that last one was a bit tricky!H&., H&/H&0to the PREVIOUS '-->' or 'RETURN' prompt...[N]H&6Please continue, then, giving your response[N]H&<
Lesson is backing.[N]H&@BACKH&A
Question skipped.[N]H&DSKIPH&FLesson aborted.H&HSTOPH&Jor 'CONTINUE'.[N]H&M	, 'SKIP', 'BACK', H&PAnswer 'STOP'XINXi?6:gfh(igS< \. N' @' R'S"p(B $S* ' '@)@. @. @=d&u J' J'  '	`+&| .X<'+  '	`+&~+&{
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