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h' I+x)!x- x. h/I'98g&i/aE(1DIRSEQ has been renamed to PUB:MAKEDF$$hPxEGpF@ W~xH+Ig+J :G-<n+  ",	Z. 
P,:"b6,1(xSQpUPPWQpmPPWILDMO`[3P`0Y~0p$ iFC@$ g&n9:@$ g&n[i&}`$$M&dS@$$#S:5@$$(W$j6J@$$,aJMmS2(@$$1I'XzM&dPgg@#\gg}:,{`m `h 7@7BT BT-  "6@* @*	`Z(X^. >".~(.>3~+w	~+
@	d0Z|. $T &] (+
&_	b+n~P Bp  "** @p!"	b+ @@p "p	b7+Z. p Bp "p	b+Z. p**+xxZ.4@,>Z.6Xp,` T,^+!+$   +F   +P   +Q   *. ^pJ >pB*>pI *. ^pI pJZ.,>,**  #**7@p+?O@p6@pl+1\`pO@p,p@@p,`@@p+?7`pl+>  BZ1dppZpp#`b~+8 : BB  B @pp Dp ,2Dd+=! ~ApC2@d+=
&o    @*!<pB*<,~+ *. @, p*,@@pl*.+   " @*  IX@(6BT+J-	`]( $.d(3d+M	d+O@@ (QD(+J
&|*.O@p*.+,pYZ[x\,?~ ]ggpg&n%
?ZYQNCA No core available - can not proceed
[ZYQPID Please input a line of data so SIMDDT can be entered]
[ZYQCSH Cannot stop here] ... continuing ...

%ZYQNEC Not enough core. Cannot load SIMDDT

[ZYQNYI RTS not yet initialized, continuing ...]

[ZYQCCS Current SIMDDT command suppressed] +I