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                    Beware File for IOLIB v:5
                    ------ ---- --- ----- ---

                            Rob Cook
               LaTrobe University Computer Centre


          There are few reasons to beware version 5 as  it  is  a
     good  deal  cleaner  than version 4, and it uses features of
     MACRO-10 version 50.  The points to bear in mind are:

     1.  The manual and documentation files have been updated but
         must  be  processed by RUNF10 (RUNOFF version 10) before
         printing.  If RUNF10 is not  freely  available  on  your
         system, ask your friendly systems programmer about it.

     2.  The installation procedures have changed  to  use  MACRO
         v:50 and 5.07 features.  See the DOC file for details.

     3.  There are a few changes  in  specifications  that  might
         affect  a few speciaised programs.  If any difficulty is
         experienced, consult the DOC file which contains a  full
         list of changes.