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                      LA TROBE UNIVERSITY


The computer program IOLIB, version 5

is available to any organization (hereafter called the recipient)
on a free exchange basis subject to the following conditions.

     1.  The recipient acknowledges that ownership of the program
         remains with La Trobe University.

     2.  The recipient agrees not to make substantial alterations
         to  the program without first consulting with the owner.
         (The aim is to avoid a proliferation of dialects).

     3.  The recipient undertakes  not  to  pass  copies  of  the
         program  to any other organization without permission of
         the owner.  (The aim of this condition is to enable  the
         owner  to keep an up-to-date list of user organizations,
         and to secure acceptance of these conditions).

     4.  The recipient will not reprint documentation, either  in
         whole  or  in  part,  nor  issue  modified documentation
         without the approval of the owner.

     5.  The  recipient  shall  at  all  times   hereafter   take
         reasonable  precautions  to keep secret and confidential
         the software  and  all  technical  information  data  or
         materials relating to the software.

     6.  La Trobe University makes no representation  as  to  the
         adequacy  of this software for any particular purpose or
         with respect to its adequacy to produce  any  particular
         result.  No warranty or guarantee of any type is implied
         or intended for this material and the  recipient  hereby
         agrees  that it will not hold La Trobe University liable
         for any latent faults in this material or for any  other
         reason.   La  Trobe  University  will attempt to provide
         corrections for any problems reported  and  will  accept
         suggestions for improvements.

     7.  The recipient will inform the  owner  and  negotiate  an
         appropriate  fee,  before  the  program  is  used  on  a
         profit-making basis.

     8.  Upon  acceptance  of  these  terms  and  conditions   as
         indicated   by  the  signature  of  an  officer  of  the
         recipient organization having  the  authority  to  enter
         into  such agreements, the La Trobe University will make
         the software available at no cost.
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I, an authorized  official,  understand  and  accept  the  stated
conditions  for  use  of  the material to be provided by La Trobe



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