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Installation Guide for PASCAL version 2

Take the following files and place on the ersatz devices:
(Note PAS: {DSKE:[5,63]} will probably need to be created-use CREDIR)

-1. SYS:PASCAL.SAV	The dispatcher to the compiler-eliminate if the
		          compiler is to reside on SYS:
0.  SYS:CROSS.SAV	The dispatcher to the cross reference program
			  eliminate if the cross-ref. program is to reside
			  on SYS:
1.  PUB:PASCAL.EXE	The compiler
2.  PUB:CROSS.EXE	The cross reference program
3.  SYS:PASLIB.REL	The Pascal library
4.  HLP:PASCAL.HLP	Help file for the compiler
5.  DOC:PASCAL.MAN	Pascal User's Manual for the 10
6.  DOC:PASCAL.DOC	History of DEC-10 Implementation
7.  PAS:ACK3.PAS	Sample Pascal program
8.  PAS:CROSS.PAS	Source for the cross reference program
9.  PAS:PASCAL.PAS	Source for the compiler
10. PAS:LIBPAS.PAS	Pascal portion of the library
11. PAS:LIBMAC.MAC	Macro portion of the library

Note:  for the COMPILE, LOAD, AND EXECUTE commands to work, COMPIL
       version 22B(70236)-6 must be installed on SYS: (NEW: initally)
       Any version later than COMPIL 22B with the PASCAL patches
       installed from the COM22B.SCM file will also work.  (Note that
       some of the patches in COM22B.SCM are for SIMULA-67.)
       Note also that PASCAL is a compiler distributed by DECUS and
       as such the correct operation of the compiler is not
       guaranteed.  The compiler is placed on our systems in the hope
       that by offering the user community a superior language in
       which to express their programs, the art of programming may
       be furthered.

19-May-77 Paul W. Perkins
	  Digital Equipment Corporation
	  PK1/E33 x3642
	  Maynard, Ma. 01754