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	                   DSKREP Title Descriptions

	  Drive           - Physical drive name
	  Pack            - Pack name and ID
	  Mount Count     - Number of users having pack mounted (P)
	  % Used          - Percent of disk space used (P)
	  Montr Seek      - Number of monitor seeks (I)
	  User Seek       - Number of user seeks (I)
	  User I/Os       - Number of user I/Os (I)
	  Montr I/Os      - Number of monitor I/Os (I)
	  Total Seek      - Monitor seek + User seek (I)
	  Total I/Os      - Monitor I/Os + User I/Os (I)
	  I/Os Seek       - Total I/Os / Total seek (I)
	  Hard errs       - Hardware disk errors detected (I)
	  Soft errs       - Software disk errors detected (I)
	  Note:   I - Taken over interval (usually 30 minutes unless startup).
	          P - Taken at polling time (To time).