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	                   SCHREP Title Descriptions

	  From            - Start time of interval
	  To              - Stop time of interval
	  Average Jb Size - Average job size in pages (or K) (P)
	  Jbs out of order- Number of jobs run out of order to allow
	                    them to give up resource required to run
	                    a job (I)
	  Requeues/sec    - Average number of scheduler requeues per second (I)
	  % Null          - Swapper percent null (I)
	  EBox            - Jiffies of KL10 EBox time (I) [KL]
	  MBox            - Jiffies of KL10 MBox time (I) [KL]
	  Cache           - Average number of cache requests per second/100
	                    (I) [KL]
	  Note:   I - Taken over interval (usually 30 minutes unless startup).
	          P - Taken at polling time (To time).