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	                   SYSREP Title Descriptions

	  From            - Start time of interval
	  To              - Stop time of interval
	  Resp Time       - System response time (I)
	  Login           - Number of users logged in (P)
	  Hrdw Errs       - System-wide hardware error count (I)
	  Cmnds           - Number of commands processed (I)
	  % Idle          - Percent CPU Idle time (I)
	  % Lost          - Percent CPU Lost time (I)
	  % Ovrh          - Percent CPU Overhead time (I)
	  % User          - Percent CPU User time (I)
	  UUOs/sec        - Average number of UUOs per second (I)
	  CtSw/sec        - Average number of times processor changed jobs/sec (I)
	  WdCl/sec        - Average number of words cleared per second (I)
	  Active Lines    - Number of active lines (P)
	  Swap I/Os       - Number of Swap I/Os/100 (I)
	  Rcv Scanr       - Number of RCV interrupts/1000 (I)
	  Xmt Scanr       - Number of XMT interrupts/1000 (I)
	  CorMax          - Maximum number of pages (or K) allowed (P)
	  Note:   I - Taken over interval (usually 30 minutes unless startup).
	          P - Taken at polling time (To time).