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	                   WEKREP Title Descriptions

	  Logins          - Number of users logged in (+)
	  % Lost          - Percent CPU Lost time (=)
	  % Idle          - Percent CPU Idle time (+)
	  % Ovrhd         - Percent CPU Overhead time (+)
	  % User          - Percent CPU User time (+)
	  Max Swap IO     - Maximum number of Swap I/Os/100 for day
	  Ave Resp        - Average response time for day
	  Max Resp        - Maximum response time for day
	  Systm Crash     - Total number of reboots for day
	  HrdWr Errs      - Total number of Hardware errors for day
	  Ave JbSz        - Average job size for day
	  Ave CtSw        - Average number of times processor changed
	                    jobs/sec for day
	  Ave UUO         - Average number of UUOs/sec for day
	  Ave WdCl        - Average number of words cleared per
	                    second for day
	  Note:   = - Contains Ave,Max for day
	          + - Contains Min,Ave,Max for day