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t+x8Pe0}@]+ 	` @zL k*"] k BU " BV "U B.	b
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l+ BT ,C "A Bu`z &`z,g T B(
"m@@L k*"Rd:~@@l@@[@@l n U,0+ BRZ0D+%l:,Q+"ZR0B+d:,C!"B U,0+ BR4" 6DR+*`zmmE+*ab $7 n*"Hdz +40DE1D+.0DL+1 R`bO@D`bO@E DRSX"<,F6@Q,C+ ,7+,	eI'm sorry, but I can't do that
+C\yC$\@E<qG>$PG>tj9~ Id]I'XzE="-L&tJ;.MKY&(9Y'@]?87a=wBJ]8gg]>t]`]?`aJ~I1et2g&t9 O.	9SN	 sdbpaqrskmwnrjscpihhgfto~cm~,:G>$P~ Id]E.MKa=waJ~I1et2O.	9SN	 Wpqrkrptocme,Vm:O@m,~m:O@l,~m:m:O@l,~7o!$+i7o $GDM7p $(+l7p $2l: +t7q $
+t7q $>+t@@Sl:,~7r $4+tl:7r $7*R4D	s3DR,~ $s+ $0B+l,"\"v+tY>=@i>$ sI9lz0B7z," }+t\",	b++g!$ w	bg/d BL,~R`R,e@@Nl:
6+ d:,c+) /w BU,	e  : ,C@@Rd: x a,0+Ladp6@R7+),Q7BR "> BR ^T,7U7
R+	`z,gd:1J
+1J>+#0J4+) U7BN+! $pQ$p*$/w BN`za|+.+- <`b@+(!"} T7F54D(3D*b%4"Q"2X"w*"paz+. Ua|+07@N \N,\E,\D+	7BN,~3\@@N!"pX"D*"E+	az	b+,e " B1@@2@@3+B,e`z717>73 @ & F1 FC1"!$Z D3 x*"3+B,X $Sab@ $4 D2ab +yl:,c,~ "`z BC`z+G@C+XZEXB3"~GB3az+U *$~Q$ Daf  W	j @
4JU!"BBE C+ @C+Q <ab+U " B1d 1+[:x`z,~+C,	e? LOOKUP ErrorZE+baz+_4J_@C+_d C+ ,	e? RENAME ErrorZ3 
Z,	l+C,	l`z,~+az,~-"c? Equals sign illegal in command
!"|7@D*bk5"	s-"c? Wild cards illegal
 "7@?6@?+c,~,j,o+e:x,	eSwitches are:   
U,|,	e
REV switches are:   
a,|+C , (,	Y*J	s,	e, =l|,	e
         ,+|  BB *"E  BT@@U+
,X "4 B2 0	bJ`b + *l:,c,~,C "+@
l:,c,~`z+7@86@87l: ZB3"0XB0!"\ B1 ,	<+1f1+.!"	PB\`z
+DC+X!"	PB[`z,2,>(4j#az,C!"	PBY,C,E+&`z,?,,+#4j(,C!"`PBY`zO@[$,^(:x5jCazaz&`z,~+Caz,C ,D`z`z,~+6FS+>
@,	e
PS:,C,b FS,	e
PX:,C,b,C2FS+4@ (,A=h<  FS
@,~,AF,~,Bad,~F(($ $.	,~-*TazO@[,c,~az+C6@F@	7
+C-*TazO@[l:d: Q1Bd:,c,~ ":Q0D+	c@@Q+Clz@+(l:az+( 0	bJab +( "XB0 <!$);`b D2!$J9`b D3!"\ B1 ,	<+1f1+. "L Bul: d:+(`z4:	rd:@6DL+
4:j " BC DR@Cl:@4Dj2dR,~ez+m@@?O@D@@?O@E B2BM+q!$} T3BN*do5${6@Q,C@@Q B BM,	Y B	babab+	r ,	e:	*"Q "S,	,C <q D[E,
RE5B~az4:	r,	eEraz4:E 
Z,	l+Caz+[1"1+
 *""/w,<D,<E F $?(D| "1$t,	c1$2,	c1$,	c ",	S,	e  <  & ",	c=f,	e>  "$d,	.`z+	r7BF+,	e   ,	 7BG+	r,	e   ,	Y+	raz+	rl:,	eConfirm: ,C,b!`4F	s0F`1Fk`,~0F1F +	r1F9+	r+,r \$~	b$,~\$~ Rah@7Ag7@B	b$,~+	r,r\$~ 	b$,~GMf&\$~	b$,~\" B@ 	b$,~+	r,>V@@Vaz+@ "	b'+ 
4R`Y@@Z,C!"`PBY,Caz+ T+	b,~?`Z,CBY,~,	ab,~
,~? [+G[+	rD+E
$@,~,	e? Read error	`?`]+NB\,~f+M,	e? Output error	`RB< *$;`bO@8`bO@8 "4 B2 *"I *"L,~ "az+c!$ DA8GH B2*dZ!$} TA9GI B5*d]R`3!"~AB3 <,~   @f,@4B	s "p`dpB+d 	b',~  $	b	d
+g	HM$7@iSHx @8</sLEMultiple switches illegalg^NHtkX @2-"c? Device specification illegal for RENAME
lE6$E6$36$E? File name illegal
Q3Se0Q3@@0C0LA1 12`a$xS "+gHN0DYR+	]+	:x+	Y(qH
@@80(HPI? Command must have input file specs
HX }gO@@3
' 4(@)$.&
&n /,~
"q $ 
x Lx 
x,x+):,^,~ @0 q* 2  -*x++.:x!q*  0,~,*R
Z:31Fl@@# r*&0 D0 ^/,X $`@ $ D%!$Lua@ D$ $	d &`D &`D &XF# r $	d$+CaH+C J(@@)@@,@@-la@,U $' D%a@l"a@l"a@l"a@l"@a@l" a@+Ma@O@+a@O@,a@l"[&7@&0DYR;xe",~6F, F+@d,*dS*(f+ D&+OO@' s	d$	`@@(,~l,,&l,``+d``+g``+i``+o``+vb@,~,"``+ka@+Yl@+z D& F++Yl@+~,"RD&RF,+Yl@+,+Yl@+,+Y6@6@+
l@+^l,>d,@," *7B0+,t,^+Y,&,>PB7L+@f=x(L}(FaL+w3D77
2L*by5"1J+z7@7 (*by4H5h_"`.$ ,^ "( 
+7 &+,&l,",@d,"``+ B2,3	h
+  H(Q5D`@ +4DQD(QF,a`+"l,,3Q5D`@ +&4DXD(XF,a`+,>',"7@4F*:(x+. D + F /``+,^xa`+3,~,&!, ,30J+8d9,~,&l,ad@d 
9,@@``+:`@++a`@e,~``@+/a`++ "O (/"l``+?4" `jpB+$l(JqO(H/nGd,@e+@@d@
,&d l, d,,@d,@a`@+9d, =@,@a`$,~a`1bm + )D``m.$h1j9
9 $@+d@,T7"2AO@24BB0" 0b-+FQ @+O0"0b+HQ  +O0B1Bl `@d ,>,>!$xZe2F*dLPe,^,^`@ +@a@b@,~``a@@+ +@,&O@2 ,C,c
1B?+b1B+C0"00b=7 "pBA=lV $D+
&n@BA F BA,~ @.-@ @@/ ? 
? Unexpected character: /(18$@'Device improperly specified $s+Multiple file name illegal $w+Multiple extension illegal ${+Multiple PPN illegal $+Multiple protection illegal $+Null or wild device illegal $+Multiple device illegal $+Switches not implemented $+Null switch illegal $+<Switch not unique No such switch ,Ul,,@+Illegal project number $+Comma required in directory $+Illegal programmer number $#+}Null SFD illegal $(+Too many SFD's in path arguments $++Right bracket required in directory $/+Protection must have three digits $4+6$'H h,@a`+&h++Quote not closed $=+Number too largeQ @@3,~
(+bLine too longH3 @g  * k,>   0@`B:@ll;@ml !*$g ! DXOlaO@`O@`Q",	<,~ " $ *	j+S2J"	b$+%O@\O@]`F H8"#3D#aJ+Y 2D#3D$ "+@
)7@86@8+`-"	l? No file name given
!"|."87@l6@m*ba + BB@@Ca@+g ,	b+f7]a@+j B	d+i4Dnl@ DB
B+,,9`@+c `@,~`@@+v,	e? Search list empty for device  8,	Y+	aa@+~`@ + `2B`+!"} $8@ dfH	O H8*b{4& "c Bb "aQ"8+>!"aX"8 $8*"@@8@@8 "2+76 "6,	l 8,	Y ",	c 83BX+ 8 8, ",	cR8R8]9FO, 8,Q.} 8 8	5D4H ",	c,*n-"	l]
 8,-"	l].UFD
,	e[QBx[`5B,+,	S ",	c[x5B	S-"	l*8H=$@b)B)F4F# ".",	c5D 5H ,~Q"8X"B*"B 8 BB7D8  DD "	babab +9-"	l? I don't know about dectapes!
l "S BD,>,>,>,>,> " BC[,+ ,^,^,^,^,^,~8
8,>(6@@	+H1l7B@+? B0X,9+l7@86@8+H6@l+HQ"8X"D*"E :*"W "S BD " BT,+,0+!"YR0,!"9R BE 0X BD1,7X "S BD :0,*"0S@@0T,~+`@l 7BF+"QX(>/;.b(2b	b+ @@+`,	e% Input error; status = 
,	S,	e from  ;,I+a@3l`7 L`,>4Lea@a@7,k xa@,t4Lja@+j xa@`@,k,^+l *R*R7BO+kRHf8f83B82D8+k O BDRH BE :*"W,0+k*R*R7BO+tf@	2B@+t[H0B9R5Lt O B0X2l` L`,>,9,^@@0X+t!"!BTm "ZBC@C+1,+@@S <	b$+ T`@3BX:x,~ZE0B+4L
7@@l C1D+4B0B1B	+ ;+>3,a,~4BZc6 a4D1b,~ La <*"c =*"g,~ZE5Bl d@@0X<,^7@[3B(=
 B(< $3d	b+ =
 =*  g,~h B]V`
INXY&(] D] $	b+ _+[lO@\+[+%+(ll@\,	e? Open failure on device  B,	Y,	a+m? Non-existent  ? No such path  4? All files rejected  ,0 ,~T C@S8a8c,	e? LOOKUP Error +F,	e? RENAME Error +F,	e? ENTER Error Z,> #Z,	l,^,	e - QBx[0d+f g	b$+O ,	Y ",	c[xQBx[1DYR+W ,	Y ",	c[xR,	Y[x ,	+	a[x ,	-"	l.UFD
gikloqtvwy{~						ady"exists(5)illegalsequence of	UUO's(6)read	error(14)norroom(15)write-locked(16)monitorvquits(17)partialallocation(20)rblock?notnfreepon allocatedposition(21)can't+supersede-directory(22)ncan'tidelete directory(23) SFD not found(24) search list empty(25) SFD nesting too deep(26) write-locked@`b+	"$." Bn  DmQBx,	e[[`,	S ",	c[x,	S:n:`m+	 n4B	,	e,,	Y+	-"	l],>(BtA"6@,	S[xA"4B	(<&"
aB +	L-"	l, device is restricted
"	Q4B	a,	e, in use by job ,	S+	a.$ &+	Vg &5"	V,	e-"`&"QDx6@,	V[x."+	c7D,~@)B.",	c5D	Z,~  &@)B ",	c=f	^,~,	e
",~,>6@u+	i
' "cC+	q:+	g "A`QB4B	q,u+	j6@u+	n
&,~Q"A`,>x4B	r,u+	o;;x,^,~