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Unknown IPCF error code 	 No room to store messageMessage not from INFO or IPCCMessage not from INFOUnkno	  wn functionImpossible UUO failureUnkown receiverIPCF not implemented	 )Address checkUUO block not long enoughNo packet in queuePage in useData 	 1too long for bufferDestination unknownDestination disabledSending quota exceed	 :edReceiving quota exceededSystem storage exceededUnknown page (send), existing 	 Bpage (receive)Invalid senderInsufficient privilegesBad job numberPID table full	 KPage requested with non-page packet nextPaging i/o errorBad index into syste	 Sm PID tableUndefined ID in system PID tableINFO had an internal errorINFO 	 \ran into an IPCF rejectionINFO failed to complete an assignINFO ran out of PIDs	 dINFO could not identify the PIDINFO found a duplicate nameINFO knew of no	 m such nameINFO determined that name has illegal characters,^,~Z	 *T"uXH,^,^,~~0

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