Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - decuslib10-07 - 43,50433/twoseg.ctl
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;Beware!! this file is intended only for use on Tops-10.  For Tops-20, see
; (a RUNFIL file).  If you use this on Tops-20, you will 
;  probably end up with a cross compiler!

;pas should be made to point to wherever the version of the runtimes is
;  that you want included in the compiler, probaby DSK: most of the time
.ass dsk pas
.compil pascmp.pas,passcn.mac,paslnk.mac

;load the second segment and the common low segment
.r link
osave pascmp
;on old monitors, use SAVE.  osave is needed to get .low/.hgh instead of .exe

;load the starting segment - the low segment will be junk
.r link
osave pascal
;get the common low segment with the starting program
.copy pascal.low=pascmp.low