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ANALZR.DOC				26-Jul-77, JBD

How to use ANALYZER on the DEC-10.

1) Type the monitor command "RUN ANALZR". This will invoke ANALYZER.

2) Type in the name of the file containing your BNF in response to the
"GRAMMAR FILE: " prompt.

3) Then type the name of the file/device where you want your output to
go in response to the "OUTPUT FILE: " prompt. (Warning: the output can
be 132 characters wide - as done in the IBM version.)

4)  ANALYZER  will  then go about its business, complaining/commenting
about your grammar. All output will go to the specified output file.

NOTE: At this point, ANALZR attempts to analyze the null grammar after
working  on  the  input file. The result is that strange things appear
after the last analysis. Just ignore them (or fix ANALZER.)