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SKLTON.DOC				26-Jul-77, JBD

How to use SKELATON on the DEC-10.

1)  Make  appropriate  changes  to   SKLTON.XPL.   (Don't   use   line
numbers...XCOM doesn't know about them yet.)

2) Compile SKLTON.XPL with either XCOM or ULXCOM.

3) Go back to #1 if XCOM complains.

4)  Create/edit  your SKELATON program in file TEST.SKL. (If you don't
like the filename TEST.SKL, then change "FILENAME(0) = 'TEST.SKL';" in
INITIALIZATION/SKLTON.XPL to meet your fancy.)

5)    Execute    your    new    Skelaton    with   HMON.   (eg.   EXEC

6) Your Skelaton will then try to compile whatever is in TEST.SKL. See
the file "XPL01.DAT" for SKELATON's listing of your program.