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               GT40.MOD - This is the GT40 Revision  History
          File.   The  purpose of this file is to keep users
          up-to-date with changes or additions to  the  GT40
          software  package  (GIDUS-DISLIB).  Normally these
          changes would be minor bug  fixes  that  the  user
          would   not   notice.   Occassionally  it  may  be
          necessary to change the format of a GIDUS command,
          or  the  calling  sequence  of  a  DISLIB routine,
          particularly if the software  is  being  enhanced.
          If  a  DISLIB  calling  sequence  is changed, then
          subroutine START  will  inform  the  user  of  the
          change  and  refer  him  to  this file for further
          information.  Such a change notice would  only  be
          active  for a week or two after the change.  Users
          who have not run their  programs  recently  should
          read this file before using DISLIB.  Those changes
          that will affect user  programs  are  preceded  by
          asterisks (*'s).

               Changes  are   in   two   categories   -   I)
          Implemented,   and  II)  Proposed.   Users  should
          compare the date of their documentation  with  the
          dates of implemented revisions.  The first release
          of the GT40 software was to the Comp-Sci 370 class
          on March 15, 1976.


          (1) ********** 12-MAR-76 - SUBROUTINE GETPOS
               WHERE  was  renamed  to  GETPOS  to  avoid  a
          conflict  with  subroutine  WHERE  in  the FORTRAN
          library (one of the Calcomp routines).

          (2) 12-MAR-76 - SUBROUTINE SNDOPT
               SNDOPT has  been  modified  to  preserve  all
          display  parameters  (intensity,  blink, light pen
          sensitivity, line type,  and  font).   A  previous
          version   of   SNDOPT   modified   some  of  these

          (3) ********** 15-MAY-76 - SUBROUTINE SNDOPT
               SNDOPT  has  been  modified  to  accept   one
          parameter,  an INTEGER variable.  This variable is
          used to return the display number associated  with
          the  option  list  just  transmitted  to the GT40.
          This  allows  the  user  more  control  over   the
          disposition of the option list.  (e.g.  A user may
          now delete an option list.)
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          (4) ********** 15-MAY-76 - SUBROUTINE RESET
               RESET  has  been  modified  to   accept   one
          parameter,  an  INTEGER constant or variable which
          should be in the range 1 - 31.  This parameter  is
          used to specify the number of lines to be used for
          scrolling.  If more than 27 lines  are  specified,
          then  GIDUS  will automatically disable the status
          display and the two  pointers.   This  change  was
          made  to  allow users more control over their core
          requirements.  Jobs needing a lot  of  core  could
          reduce the scrolling area to one line, while those
          who have lots of free core can now have  a  larger
          scrolling  area.   In  addition  users will notice
          that a RESET now  takes  longer  than  previously.
          This  sacrifice was made to reduce the size of the
          GIDUS program, allowing more core for user display

          (5) ********** 15-MAY-76 - GIDUS RESET Command
               The GIDUS RESET command has been modified  in
          a  similar  manner  to  the  RESET  routine.   The
          command now accepts an octal number in the range 1
          -  37  which  specifies  the number of lines to be
          used for scrolling.  If no argument is given  with
          this  command  then  the  scrolling  area  is  not
          changed in size but  it  is  cleared.   GIDUS  now
          starts  off  with  a scrolling area of 8 lines (10

          (6) 26-MAY-76 - SUBROUTINES SEND and GET
               These routines have been  modified  to  write
          messages   in  the  log  file.   Previously  these
          routines simply wrote out numeric I/O buffers.

          (7) 26-MAY-76 - SUBROUTINE GETOPT
               This routine has  been  modified  to  improve
          timing in the enabling and disabling of the option
          select and option  pointer  display  files.   When
          processing  options the GIDUS program now disables
          the pointer, enables the  option  select  message,
          gets  the option hit, disables the select message,
          positions the option pointer and then enables  it.
          Prior  to  this  it  was the DISLIB routines which
          controlled the select message and option  pointer.
          Due  to  swapping  on  the 10 these messages would
          sometimes be enabled longer than necessary.   This
          led  to  confusion  as  to  whether  an option was
          pending or not.
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          (8) 15-MAR-77 - SUBROUTINE BYTE.MAC
               This routine has been modified  in  order  to
          work  with  the  FORTRAN-10  compiler.  FORTRAN-10
          passes array references indirectly and the routine
          now  checks if the indirect bit is set in order to
          fetch the address properly.



                                    END OF GT40.MOD