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                    OPERATING PROCEDURES


Load LNKX11 with the command .LOAD LNKX11,LNKXEX
and then .SSAVE LNKX11 (code is two-segment).


Run LNKX11 by typing the monitor command .R LNKX11


               This assumes that LNKX11 is
               resident in SYS:

LNKX11 will respond with:
        LINK Vxx (where xx is the LINK version number)

                       COMMAND STRING

Type a command string in the following format:
#(load module),(load map),(symbol table) = (object modules)
(/ switches)
The default extensions for these are:

Load Module             LDA
Map Output              MAP
Object Module           OBJ
Symbol Table            STB

Commands can be read from a file, called the "indirect
command file." There is no default extension for this file.
An indirect file is specified by @.
Example:        @myfile.cmd


Input Switches

        /T:n    Top
        /B:n    Bottom
        /OD     ODT
        /CC     Concatenated File
        /TR     Use Transfer Address Of This Module
        /TR:n   Transfer to this address
        /TR:xxxxxx      Transfer To This Global Symbol
                                                      Page 2

        /E      End
        /L      Library
        /MP     Overlay Mapping Description
        /O      Options
        /IN     Include
        /EX     Exclude

Map Switches

        /LG     Long Map
        /SH     Short Map
        /CR     Global Cross-Reference

Load Module Output Switches

        /CO     Contigous
        /SQ     Control Section Sequencing


               /E should always be specified
               after the last file in the
               command in order to instruct
               LINK to begin processing.

For further information about LNKX11, refer to the
Programmer's Manual for PDP-11 LINK, available from DEC.