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	AUTHOR/SORCE	Henry Schneiker/University of	  Arizona
					Computer Center.

	DATE		March 1976

	Another quality product of B	 PI,
	Bandit Programmers International.

	Developed and payed for by the University	  of Arizona, state of
	Arizona.  This program is in the public domain and may not be	 " sold.

	Let the user of this program beware.  This program requires
	absolute pow	 *er to run.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

&j	` 
&r	*""3 $ s	n+d(N N "q	b+e D. "8sXB{ "8XBsv^
&t "	 P;	b
v^+;@pl(PvHD0v^ +C(P{1p9=
&z "	b
+:v\+@	(T UD d. N,
&v^+I "	b
&(P{ "@
02p0 "
+^ "
+^ "
+^	"E
(U "
+^ "
+^ "

+^ "
+^ "
+^ "XB@	"""],lXB@."(BQ"M	b4B]m`
& "	b
&"	`
&% 	 E*Tf	`	`@@m""q B * Bw "S Bk@@l * B "	b
 l. N	 (*n "pvXpvHB1+s{v_m*4.8*8*8*8*
8	(U*(w+8w*8*8*8*
8*8+s+8	vF""	b 
8*-,88+	*
Q* &8XF8 
8,""	b	*@(Q-,88l@@8men+8x+8zl.-8wv\{`-,8RvF+0	(@"Q -8wv\{`-,8RvB3J+0+8iv\{`+8RvF8: 8d.+8z Bmp@ "	b
'k `B
&3`B	(D(!
&BvHA0vHd v^+0m`
&J "	b
	*U"*+'@@l N @w  W @kvHA0 "	b
 "pvXpvH$+v\ +84v\{`	*@

+8xvHvH$ &  *-,8<&8:L*-,8
""@-,8w	"A";v\ +8>v\{`-,8RvF8+8xvHvH$ ,\ L8k &L*-,8
-,8 *-,8""A	*A"(C 
-,88"8D &1&!+8@-8wv\ +8Jv\{`-,8RvB+8x "` B8kvX`vH	"
P(LvHd-8wv\K`-,8Rv\ +8	v^-,8RvF8+8x
&O	`l.	`O@8l+8	% Error du	 Tring write of timing marks
% Error during write of block numbers/Data
% Error du	 ]ring read of block numbers/Data
% Error while writing zero data
% Previously wr	 
@eitten data is no longer correct
 "d B8k-,8R
Mount DECtapes to be certified on	 n an available drive and make
the drive ready.  This program will pick up the drive
	 vautomaticly and instruct you from there.  The drives must be set
REMOTE and write en	 abled.  Use as LITTLE leader as possible when
mounting tapes.
 A	H	 (IHIHI$HI$@ A*U*U**8*8 )2~(4)2~(4)2~(4)2~(4	 (@()2~(4)2~(4(4~U
*8*8+0 @@-"ab+	  vXvHD0vH,
&O@l@@m	`@@.	`	b
&U+0@@k X
(0"+"	 @P !
$,l+!0b/dhB`rp++! "(vX	b
&X,l	 @)v^x+{`	 2`	 :	 C	 K	 T?	 \	 e	(q@mThank you

Set the WRTM switch when a DECtape is ready to be certifie	 zd.

% At least one drive must be set to REMOTE and write enabled

Remount tape 	 (if necessary), then turn off WRTM switch
Tape OK
Please type in the DECtape labe	 l for DTA: .M.N.O'IR
0	 'IR
% Someone has a DE	 Ctape drive other than me.
% Please free all DECtape drives.

LOCK UUO failed!
? The RAT TRAP UUO failed, error code in AC0
8|A$	g~g~@? Tap	 -e parity error
? Data missed
? Illegal operation
? End zone when data	 5 request expected
? Block missed
? Mark track error
? Select error
	 >? Data request when end zone expected
% The DECtape must be recertified
% Remount 	 Fit with as LITTLE leader as possible
% Please turn off the WRTM switch
81	 O? APR error at interupt level - Call a systems programmer

[ Restarting DTCERT ]
% RTTRP to dismis devices fails
	D amZQn7}{2\|w!2].@3~>B5	D 
\C.A}THQZ"i:HYHYF*>	@"K Sd.+T2]u=
\|^d\|^id=W_9	`	D"ZCaigs*alj+8xal&+wd(!de&e6g@lg,ZB(h#spm	 h#xJ+\hh't/h(Ei0\&j3} bR	D"Y5SY6WY6\Y7`]']@l	K{-,8R}K	`	D"Ky+J
(|7g^}s^}-G{	|`s}|{`k	@"F^YE*.dge+u^
&Zm	P%A%C%DLh3^`@':BD4AB@	),} ),~@),`*[	`* x5+8	5
FZBqGK}	`	 47W0M@N x>CMP$Sl.,	`
0,j:A	:	"YY>Bz@hhvhi	U[*@@	@"AkAk-8wQ{4
B4!|4l|7q 7r@7s`	"J%N;7N7n:7g7^=7*hFJ(|J(MzhI~E8.	bPb8 /( \