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1,1032E* !set tty no crlf!
-128-1&ETETETU0 32768+8#ETET@^U5/U9 ET#1ET 27 Q9 ET&(-1-1)ET/
@^U6/.U8 ZU4 -3U6 ^^HM5 13 ^^KM5 10 ^^KM5 13 :G4
 < U7 !F! Q7 ZJ Q7I 
  Q7-10"E 13 ^^KM5 -1%6'
  Q7-21"E Q6W 0U7 0;'
  Q7-127"E -D Z-Q4"N -1AU9 -D Q9-27"E 32U9'
   Q9-31"G ^^DM5 ^^KM5 1+' 0"E
    13 -Q6-2< ^^KM5 ^^AM5 > 10 13 :G4 Q4,ZT'
  Q7-27"E U7 Q7-27"E !F0! 27I Q4,ZX4 ^^HM5 13 -1U7 0;'
   Q7-^^?"E  OF0' OF'
 > Q4,ZK Q8J Q7/
0,0X7 0,0X9
^^HM5 13 ^^=M5
< !A! 0U4 0U6 !B! 1U5
-1W U7 !V!
Q7-127"E .-Q5"L .U5' -Q5D OA'
Q7-31"G Q7I OA'
Q7-26"E 0;'
Q7-21"E 0K OA'
Q7-11"E Q5K OA'
Q7-8"E Q5L .-1"G 2R' OA'
Q7-4"E Q5K 13I 10I 2R OA'
Q7-3"E 0;'
Q7-27"N Q7I OA'
 Q7-^^C"E Z-.-Q5"L Z-.U5' Q5C OA'
 Q7-^^D"E .-Q5"L .U5' Q5R OA'
 Q7-^^?"E &31#32U7
  Q7-^^0"E Q5L OA'
  Q7-^^1"E Q5-1"E 0U5' Q5J OA'
  Q7-^^2"E ZJ OA'
  Q7-^^3"E 0L OA'
  Q7-^^4"E -Q5L OA'
  Q7-^^5"E Z-.-Q5"L Z-.U5' Q5D OA'
  Q7-^^6"E .-Q2"L-.DOA' -Q2D OA'
  Q7-^^7"E Q5< 13I 10I 2R > OA'
  Q7-^^8"E Q5P OA'
  Q7-^^9"E Q5-1"E U5' Q5I OA'
  Q7-045"E @^U4%Search: % M6"F OA'.U3 I@:S 0I.U2
   G4-2D .-Q2U20I Q3,.X8 Q3,.K OS'
  Q7-^^."E 0U6 !S! Q5M8 Q6"N Q6W' OA'
  Q7-47"GQ7-58"L0U5<Q5*10+Q7-48U5 U7 Q7-48"L0;'Q7-57"G0;'>OV''
 Q7-^^A"E -1U8'
 Q7-^^B"E 1U8'
 Q8"N Q8"L -Q5U5' Q6"E 0U7 .U8 0L
  Q8-.%6< 0A-32"L 0A-27"N 0A-9"E 6-(Q7&7)%6 -2U7' %7 1%6'' C %7 >'
  Q5L -Q6U9 0U7 Q6< .-Z; 0A-32"L 0A-13"E 0;'
  0A-27"N 0A-9"E 6-(Q7&7)%9 -2U7' %7 1%9'' C %7 1%9"G R' Q9; >
  0U4 OB'
 Q7-^^Q"E @^U4%Command: % M6"F OA' .U3 G4 Q3,.X9 Q3,.K Working...OC'
 Q7-27"E 0U6 !C! M9 -1EU
  Q6"N Q6W' OA'
 Q7-^^R"E G7 OA'
 Q7-^^P"E Q4"E .+1U4' Q5L Q4-1,.X7 Q4-1,.K G7 0U6 OB'
^^>M5 ^^YM5 23+32 0+32 ^^KM5 13 Q0ET