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	The FORUM submission consists of four support packages (QPACK,
FRECOR, LNKLST, and OUTLIB) and the FORUM program.  FORUM is a program
for inter-terminal (inter-job) communication.  It utilizes a shared
write-enabled high segment to communicate data between separate user
jobs.  Although FORUM started as a simple message transfer mechanism
(written to test its support packages), it now includes dozens of special
commands and many intricate features.  For example, FORUM can support
private conversations, can record log files, can replay messages, and
can provide much useful information about other users running FORUM.
The most common incentive for using FORUM has probably been the elimi-
nation of having to type "SEN TTYnn" before every message.

	The four support packages for FORUM were developed as universal
assembly language program utilities.  They were designed as completely
independent (from FORUM and each other) packages whose uses are far more
powerful than required by FORUM.  Actually, FORUM serves as an excellent
model for programmers using these tools.  Documentation is provided for
each of these packages, but briefly:
	QPACK handles byte storage in first-in/first-out queue structures,
	FRECOR provides dynamic memory management in free-core storage,
	LNKLST manipulates doubly-linked list structures, and
	OUTLIB controls multiple device output through standard I/O routines.

	The sole author of all software submitted is Ernie Petrides '79,
and inquiries may be directed c/o H. David Todd, Wesleyan Computer Center,
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT 06457.