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The help command types information on various system
features. Several illustrations follow. When the period (.) prompt occurs, you
would type "HELP", optionally followed by a name or an asterisk (*)
[Note: you do not type the quotation marks or the comment which begins with
a semicolon.)
.nf.s.i2; .HELP	;types out this help file

.i2; .HELP *	;types the names of all available HELP files.

.i2; .HELP <name>	;types info about the system feature<name>
.i2; .HELP INDEX	;types information on how to find a command or 
			;utility when you don't know its name
Only the first 6 characters of the argument are looked at, they must be
A-Z, 0-9, or *.
Additional information, including other sources of information, may be
obtained by typing