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80 - reduces line length to 80 columns max [H]
ADVENT - adventure program [H]
ALGDDT - Algol dynamic debugging system [H]
ALGOL - Programmer's Reference Manual [M]
ALGOL7 - Algol version 7 supporting ALGDDT [H]
AML - author-maintained program & utility library [H]
ANALYZE - Fortran statement frequency statistics [H,D]
ANSI-66 FORTRAN PFORT - portable subset of [H,D]
ARCHIVE - backup files to tape for retrieval [H]
ASSIGN - allocates I/O device to job [O]
ATTACH - connects terminal to detached job [O]
BACKSPACE - spaces magnetic tape backward [O]
BACKUP - saves disk files on magnetic tape [O,D,H]
BASIC - Basic language subsystem [H,M]
BATCH Multiprograming Beginner's Guide [M]
BIGCAL - produces appointment calendar [H,D]
BKGM - backgammon program [H,D]
BLIS10 - BLISS-10 language [H]
BLISS - Carnegie-Mellon BLISS [H]
BLISS-10 language BLIS10 - [H]
BLOCKSIZE - default magnetic tape blocksize SET [O]
BLOCKSIZE - sets default blocksize for magnetic tape [O]
BOXCHG - switchbox change [H]
BREAK - debugging command SET [O]
BREAK - used during debugging [O]
CCONTINUE - identical to start and continue [O]
CHANGE - converts foreign magnetic tapes [H,D]
CHESS - chess program [H,D]
COBDDT - Cobol debugging program [H]
COBOL Programmer's Reference Manual [H,M]
COBOL Utilities Manual [M]
COMPILE - compiles programs into relocateable files [O,D]
CONTINUE - continues program execution [O]
COPY - transfers files [O]
CORE - types or modifies core assigned [O]
CREATE - opens new file on disk and runs lined [O]
CREDIR - creates directories and sub-directories [O,H]
CREF - cross-references files [O,D,H]
CROSS - Pascal cross references [H]
CSTART and CCONTINUE - identical to start and continue [O]
D - deposits information in core [O]
DA28 - transfers files to PDP-11 [H]
DAVE - gathers Fortran data flow information [H,D]
DAYTIME- types date followed by time-of-day [O]
DCORE - daemon program to write core image file [O]
DDT - assembly language debugger [M,O]
DEASSIGN - releases & returns device to monitor [O]
DEBUG - compiles programs & prepares for debugging [O]
DECSystem-10, Getting Started with [M]
DECUS - DEC User Society related documents [H]
DELETE - deletes files [O]
DETACH - disconnects terminal from job [O]
DIALOG - Interpreter for Pascal/R [H,D]
DIRECT - lists files in directory [O,D,H]
DISMOUNT - removes file structure from system [O]
DOSTAP - reads  writes PDP-11 DOS magnetic tapes [H]
DSK - prints disk structure usage of job [O]
DSKFUL - controls job when attempting output [O]
DSKPRI - allowes user to set priority for jobs disk [O]
DTCOPY - dectape copy utility [O]
DUMP - provides printable dumps of arbitrary data files[O]
E - examines core location [O]
ENCRYPT - to encrypt files [H]
EOF - writes end-of-file mark on magnetic tape [O]
EXECUTE - compiles, loads, executes source program [O]
FAILSAFE - saves disk files on magnetic tape(na) [O]
FILCOM - compares two versions of a file [O,H]
FILE - dectape utility [O]
FILEX - dectape file transfer utility [O,D,H]
FIND - types names & PPNs of users [H]
FINISH - terminates any input or output in progress [O]
FORDDT - Fortran debugger [H]
FORTH - language processor [H]
FORTRAN-10 - Programmer's Reference Manual (FOR) [H,M]
FORTRAN-IV - Old version of Fortran (F4) [M]
FTP - Arpanet file transfer [H,D]
FUDGE - creates library relocateable file [O]
FUR - file utility routine [H,D]
GET - loads core image from storage device [O]
GLOB - produces cross-referenced global symbols [O,H]
HALT - stops job and stores program counter [O]
HELP - obtains information on various system features [O,H]
HINT - exchange hints among users [H]
IDEL - deletes file [H]
IMP - Arpanet communications [H,D]
INDXR - produces table of contents [H,D]
INITIA - performs system initialization [O,H,D]
ISAM - indexed sequential file maintenance [H]
JCONTINUE - forces continuation of specified job [O]
KEYWORD - permuted index produced [H]
KJOB - kills job - logout - logoff [H,O]
KWIC - alphabetized key-word-in-context index [H,D]
LABEL - writes identifier onto dectape [O]
LIMIT - specifies current virtual page max [O]
LINK-10 - linking loader Programmer's Reference Manual [M]
LOAD - runs link-editor to create core image [O]
LOCATE - sets I/O devices on DEC-10 [O]
LOST - to restore lost files [H]
LPT - lineprinter size limits [H]
MACRO-10 - Assembler Programmer's Reference [M,D]
MAGTAPE - using magnetic tapes [H]
MAIL - send & receive mail [H]
MAKE - creates new files with teco [O]
MAKLIB - combines binary programs into library [H,D]
MIC - user created command files [H,D]
MONITR - monitor naming conventions [H]
MOUNT - assignment of device via operator(na) [O]
MSGH - mail message manipulation commands [H,D]
MTCOPY - copies magnetic tapes [O]
NBASIC - a version of the Basic language [H]
NODE - identifies dec-net nodes [O]
NSAVE - writes core image of core area [O]
NSSAVE - writes core image of core area [O]
NURUNF - change Runoff bar character [H]
OMNITAB - statistical analysis program [H]
OPSER - controls multiple jobs from single terminal [O,H]
OSAVE - writes core image of core area [O]
OSSAVE - same as osave except high segment is shareable[O]
PASCAL - Language processor [H,D]
PASR - extended PASCAL [H,D]
PASSWORD - changing your password [H]
PATCH - access to patch panel [H]
PCPROB - port contender problems [H]
PERMUTE - produces permutted index [H]
PFORT - portable subset of ANSI-66 FORTRAN [H,D]
PHYSICAL - specifies maximum page limit [O]
PJOB - identifies job [O]
PLOT - plotting facilities [O,D,H]
PRESERVE - assigns standard protection to files [O]
PRINT - places entries into printer output queue [O,H]
PRINTER - printing long files  [H]
PRINTR - printing long files [H]
PROTECT - alters access protection codes [O,H]
PRTCON - port contender data transmission ECF access [H,D]
QUEUE - types queue entries [O,D,H]
QUOLST - types used & unused disk space [O]
R - loads core image from system device [O]
RDBGEN - generates empty Pascal/R database [H]
REASSIGN - transfers devices between jobs [O]
REENTER - restarts at location prespecified [O]
RENAME - changes name of file [O]
RENBR - renumbers Fortran statement numberss [N,D]
RESOURCES - types available structures & physical devi[O]
REWIND - rewinds tapes [O]
RFP - to create an rfp [D,H]
RUN - loads & executes user program [O]
RUNINP - summary of runoff commands [H]
RUNOFF - Text & Document Format program  [H,D,M]
SAVE - writes user core image to disk file [O]
SCHED - types schedule as set by operator [O]
SEND - provides one-way interconsole communication [O]
SET BLOCKSIZE - default magnetic tape blocksize [O]
SET BREAK - debugging command [O]
SET DEFAULT - default protection code for files [O]
SET DENSITY - default density for magnetic tapes [O]
SET PHYSICAL - specifies maximum page limit [O]
SET TTY - declares properties of terminal [O]
SET VIRTUAL LIMIT - specifies virtual page limit [O]
SET WATCH - prints incremental job statistics [O]
SETSRC - manipulates jobs search list [O,D]
SKIP - moves magnetic tape [O]
SOS - Text Editor User's Guide [H,D,M]
SPOOL - adds/deletes spooled devices [O]
START - begins execution of program [O]
STATUS - to determine status [H]
SUBMIT - places enter files into batch queue [O]
SWBOX - tables concerning switch boxes [H]
SWITCH - supplies switch defaults [H,D]
SYSERR - lists system errors for TOPS10 [H]
SYSTAT - prints system status information [O,H]
TAPE - industry compatible tapes [H]
TECO - text editor [O,D,M]
TIE - NBS Net access [H]
TIME - types execution time [O]
TMP - temporary files [H]
TMPDEL - deleting temporary files [H]
TOPS-10 Commands, Getting Started With [M]
TOSOS - converting files to sos from teco [H]
TP - to read/write tapes for UNIX [H]
TYPE - types source file on terminal [O]
TYPSET - photocompisition typesetting [H,D]
UNIX1 - printing on UNIX1 line printer [H]
UNLOAD - rewinds and unloads tapes [O]
UPDATE - system software updates [H]
USESTAT - returns status information pertinent to job [O]
VERSION - prints version number of program [O]
WATCH - prints incremental job statistics SET [O]
WATCH - sets system to print incremental job statistics[O]
XTEC- experimental version of TECO [H,D]
ZAP - disk file octal editor [H,D]
ZERO - clears directory of output device [O]