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.title Permuted DECSystem-10 Index
.c;^&Permuted DECSystem-10 Index\&
.s2.c;Marshall D. Abrams
.c;Institute for Computer Science and Technology
.c;National Bureau of Standards
.c;Washington, DC  20234
This permuted index directs the user to information concerning programs and
utilities available on the DECSystem-10. The user does not have to know the
name of the utility/program in order to find information. The index
consists of one-line descriptions and
pointers to HLP and DOC files, the Operating System Commands Manual,
and to individual subject manuals.
KEYWORDS: Index, permuted.
.hl1 This File, INDEX.OPR
This file, INDEX.OPR, contains instructions and hints for installing
a permuted index at your site.
.hl2 Files Provided
The following files constitute the set used to transfer the permuted
index to your installation.
INDEX.RND	unpermuted feature citations generated
PERMUT.CTL	Teco batch job to permut INDEX.RAW
LETTER.TEC	Teco macro to insert breaks in permuted 
		and sorted INDEX
INDEX.RNM	Document to be printed hard copy containing
INDEX.MAN	permuted INDEX plus instructions.
HELP.RNH	Revised master help file to be installed as

.f.hl2 Installation instructions
The index contains one-line citations for all HLP and DOC files as
well as all commands available at the author's installation. 
 The following steps should be followed when installing the index:
Edit INDEX.RND to reflect
software available at the installing site.
The file PERMUT.CTL may be used to permute INDEX.RND.
Edit INDEX.PMT to remove the || inserted after the runoff
commands on the top line.
SORT should next be used to obtain alphabetical order. 
LETTER.TEC will insert a capital letter at the beginning of
each letter in the index. 
After using the macro LETTER.TEC the beginning and end of the file should be
checked for unwanted separators.
Optionally, after running LETTER, the index should be scanned by a
knowledgable systems staffer to remove adjacent redundant lines.
Although the permutation may be correct, adjacent lines may convey
the same information. It takes a human to identify this redundancy,
The sorted, permuted, separated file may now be added to the introductory
section of INDEX.RNM to produce a site-specific permuted index.
INDEX.MAN is suitable for hard copy reproduction.