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Beware file for FTS/ANF-10 v1F Source Kit 29-Sept-80

You should be running 7.00 or 7.01 monitor.
You need to modify QUASAR.  Modules QSRMAC and QSRSCH are supplied.
Other GALAXY components need not be modified, though you might want
to modify QUEUE to know about the NET: queue (not essential, but handy).
This kit includes executables as well as sources.  You need not build
FTS from sources to use it.
You need the BLISS-36-C (BLS36C) Compiler to build NETSPL from sources.
BLISS-36-C (as opposed to BLISS-36) is not a product and is not available
from SDC.
The enclosed control file will build RMCOPY (the queueing program, also
known as FTS), NETSPL and NODTBL from sources.  NODTBL and RMCOPY are
built using BLISS-36 (BLISS), but can be built with BLISS-36-C if BLISS-36
is not available.  This version of NETSPL cannot be built with BLISS-36.
The next version (now in field test) uses BLISS-36 throughout.  It is
recommended that users who intend to make major modifications to NETSPL,
wait for FTS v1G which should be available very soon.