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?p]"U`Kb)D|hGD`INXg#	t{Cq.2K{rE@AR3
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ZlXJ[(5FEQD(+J[( Dh h[5HI hQD+J h[+E h@@@0x	+Q 
.*Q6F(9L h D(+Q9LO5BU,>0,J/6,>0,KG/6,j hZ,>,>o,>1,>o~,>h,im/5,>6,>7,w/7:
Zl Zl Hh hZ5F` hXH+b hZ  Dh+]@@h>fZl+f,>8,>7,w/7 h/5+`u ZlZ5Fi,g-,>8,H/6@,~-*`S.9@0x	+r .$Q o2F9m@@+r9m 
oZ( Fh4F{ hZ
  Jh  af+y,>,>9,'3/7 h Dh5Dt,>o,"n/6 Zl[
 2Jo+ o[QD +[  Dh5D,>1,J/6,>2,KG/6,j h[2Ho+	 
h[( Fh5F,>2,J/6,>3,KG/6,j oZ Hh4H,>,!E/6,>o o[,>,'3/7@/9+`u-*`S.7O@h o Dh1D`=+%7Hh+- i &2dh@  *3(h@
AaF+'@0x	+& .$Q 2Ho9! "+.9!O Bh,>3,J/6,>4,KG/6,>4,J/6,>5,KG/6@/7+`u@	`:<g>@BDGHIM(No free processesNo free processesREMINF--no inferiorREMINF--no inferiorREMINF--not an inferiorREMINF--not an inferior[NETIPH[NETIPH Ignoring Invalid process handle]
 Ignoring Invalid process handle]
-*`S.P o8 Bh Z Fh Z
  Jh $` Dh & Fh  HhQ:h 
Zl XD(7Fh+g  D( 
h ([ Fh4Fu@0x+m ."h@@9j *tjQ $XDh &fQZ(h,>,"z.h,>,"Q/R Bh+uO@h h,>,A/R *h3JS+z,>h,"d/RZ&h	Q&` Fh J HhZ*h,>Z$h,>,"2/R h,>Z&h,>,f/R J HhZ*h,>Z$h,>,"2/R&K4F
Z*h	,>,KG/RZ*h	,>,J/R h,>,C/R h,>,>K,>L,C{/S h,>,C/R h,>,0+/R h,>,Di/R h,>,C/RO@h
 h (T Hh	 *1(@
aJ+8 h &T *1F@
 &T $1F@A
 h    (U&U. h $V. &0H@A
aJ+4 h  &fV h@@@+8 h  &fW h * J  Bh
 h	0D+@ h 
 $dW h Hh
 *XJ,>,!2/R Bh
 h	 *0F@
aJ+L h   $dX 
h Jh
 &XF ,>,!2/R Bh
 h	 &0H@ $0H@GaF+] h*X,>,#l/R hbY h$Y,> Hh
,#l/R h
bZ h*Z,> Fh,#l/R hb[@@h
h	 (1*@ $0j@A &0J@GaH+f h,>,5?/R Bh
 h,>,8f/R h,>,C/R@@h
 h	 *1$@
aJ+ h   Hh,>,0a/R h,> 
 h B(,>,$?/R h,>,>z/R h,>,>[,:/R h,>,C/R@ Bh
 & Fh
 h,>,F5/R Bh h0D+@@h
Z$,Dh,CY/RA",Bh/h,>,CY/RA"(.bh h.\(B." Bh
aD+2 h,>,>\,Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,>^,Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,C/R@@h
 h	 *1(@
aJ+B h,> (X,>,:/R h,>,C/R h,>,\0/R@@h
 h	0F+V,>h,!/R h$X,>,#l/R 
hb^ h&Y,> Jh,#l/R hb_ h$Z,> Hh
,#l/R h
b_ Fh
 $XD(,>,!2/R h,>,Fz/R@@h
 h	 *0D@
aJ+^ h,>,H/R Bh
 h,,aF+s,> ,>\,Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,>`,Cr/R h,>,>`,Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,C/R h,>,>L,>a,C{/S h,>,C/RO@h
0J+ h,>,CY/R1B++@ Bh
0D+,*/JhRA",Bh/h,>,CY/RA"(.bh/h.\(B.",BhZ(hR h,>,>^,Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,>],Cr/R h,>,C/R@@h
h	 (0J@ $0J@GaH+< h 
aj+7 Fh
 (XHZ`R`+9 Fh
 h	0F+D h Dh
 &XF ,>,%/R,>h,!/R@@h
 h [ 4FH,>,>b,/R$M5DK h,>,j/R h,>,\0/RZ&h	Q&` Fh 
M JhZ$h,>Z(h,>,"2/R h,>Z&h,>,f/R 
N JhZ$h,>Z(h,>,"2/R&N4F\Z$h	,>,KG/RZ$h	,>,J/R@/P+`u-*`P.b o  Dh o~(c HhO@h Hh *0H@
aJ+k,>,H/R@@h h (3&\@ $2fd@AaH+u,>h,>O,>a,C{/S,>h,C/R@@h 
h &0J0@ $0Jt@GaF+ ( HhS* Jh h DhZ&h,>,7/R@@h h0H/+ o~Z,>,f(/R Bh Bh,>o~,>o,>o~,c/SO@h o~&d Fh (1&@ *0f@
AaH+ "+# h0D+,j@ Bh 
h0J+" ZlZ5F,>O,J/R,>P,KG/R,j,>h,$/R5B,>h,>h,/R $ DhS& Fh 
h JhZ(h,>,7/R@ Bh@ Bh@/b+`v-*`P.R o Dh &1$@ (0d@A *0D/~@
G (0DP@G *1$ @
G (0D?@G *0Dp@
G (0D@G *2De@
G (2De@G *2Df@
G (2Df@G *2Dg@
G (2Dg@G *2Dh@
GaF+Gg "/R+`v@	`ijZm<di
h 6  6 8  ( $6
8 P6
8@8@8@8@8@*8@Q8P@@0[NETLEC Local system Established Connection]
[NETLTC Local system Terminated Connection]
Error at top levelError at top level-*`P.5,>6,E/6,>-,[/6"$
XDa,>7,>-,w/5@@i&- 7 Df,#, BgS&Lu Fg,
 * Jh 8 DhZ&h,>,7/678 "/5+`v-*`S `	x+ "+@aB+ Xj7@+`u,>.,>8,
(/5@,~-*`S.9 o~Z Dh." Bh o~ oXH 
  J$9< Dh *6&h@
aJ+#g F Bh h+@&+*@ " " " " " " " o~b: oZ
 XJS$GD$:(;GaD+0g " 
h B(S&GF( hS(GH o~$;0D+7$<d< o~Z(Q(` Hh h o 
 J,>Z&h,>,F/5 oZ . Dh 8Z
  Jh2xh+a h[. Dh(=4HW aD+N o~[
 5JP,>= Hh,'/6 hQB Bh,>h,=/6+P o~Z
  Jh&<f> h 
h ( F  ( D [(QF .*,>.(
,>,>>+^ o~6F#+Z.$#+Z.$0  Bh,>h,>h hZ
,>, 0/? hZ.h Fh9A oZ
h[ 3JR`h@/9+`u-*`P.? oZ Dh@@h@@h6Fh+r,>.,J/6,>/,KG/6,>o,f
/6,>/,J/6,>0,KG/6+w *XJhj? h  FhZ(h,>,>8,
(/5@/?+`v-*`S.@ o~Z Dh6Fh+,>0,J/6,>1,KG/6,>o~,f
/6,>1,J/6,>2,KG/6+@0x+ ."h@@9 *XJh $d@ h  Hh 
o JhZ$h,>,>8,
(/5@/@+`u-*`S.A,>o,	t/6 o&A Fh o 
o@@(@@ @@fA4F (QH Dh,
 Jh+![,> Dh,'/6 Bh hXBQ8 oX	x1+$ "+%@aB+' h+<,>2,J/6,>3,KG/6,>3,J/6,>4,KG/6 .$@,>,'`/6,>,J/6 .&@,>,'`/6,>,KG/6,>4,J/6,>5,KG/6 oZ
,>[,>,'3/5+/A+`u-*`P.?@@h@@h@@h $dB &XFhS( GHhZ(h,>,>8,
(/B+`v-*`S.9@0x+J ."h@@9G $XDh ofC,g>bCZ(h,>,>D,Q/5@/9+`u-*`P.96Dj+U,>D,#%/6 Bj@@h@@h@@h@@h@@h@@h (GHh j Hh 
o~XJh oQDhZ&h,>,|/6@@h@@h@@h@@h@@h@@hZ(h,>,/65Bh $ Dh E FhZ(h,>,7/6 E+{ haD+kZ`hR`h+m o~XFh oQHhS& GFhZ&h,>,/6 j2Hh+^$E4Dz ( Hh.$@(D.$ DhZ*h,>,7/6"E."@(B."+{ "/9+`v-*`S.5 oXQ8	x1+ "+@aB+ "+
 & Fh .(@(H.( HhZ*h,>,7/6 ."@(B."/5+`u-*`S.5 oXQ8	x1+ "+@aB+ "+ & Fh .(@(H.( HhZ*h,>,7/6 ."@(B."/5+`u-*`S.5 oXQ8	x2+ "+ @aB+" "++.8@1XA+* ( Hh 
(J.* JhZ$h,>,7/6 (B."++@/5+`u@	`a$DffIJKNQRSVYZ[]_`]&<9 @$$  
   :($DhH$Dh  $Dh(Fhh+9D
h[NETNJR[NETNJR No queue entry to release]
 No queue entry to release]
%NETNJR%NETNJR No queue entry to re-queue
 No queue entry to re-queue
%NETRCV%NETRCV Receive failure  Receive failure 

+-*`S.	9 oZ DhZ Fh@0x
+q ."h@@9n7Hh+	47Dh+	4,"z (h B  
h ( D  (
 F  ( D  ( F [(QD  o[
 $1J@ hZ
.8 D  oZ
 J 	  D  
h[(XF $	9XD &	:f	: Hh
 o*	;<
Jhh1f@GaH+	g 	> Bh
h(	+	+	4 "): "LP ")7 "I6 "J9 "(: "^+	4 h
QB[$hZ(Z*'Q*@ Jh
hh7Fh+	% h/"Bh
h	; *&j	< & Fh,>	< "hG	=,>,#/	=5B	4(	64H	4,>	7,J/	>,>	7,KG/	>,>o,f
/	>,>	8,J/	>,>	8,KG/	>@/	9+`u@	`
Zm	B	C	D	GX!(%NETACT%NETACT Accounting entry failure
 Accounting entry failure
-*`P.Z$h,>,	R/4B	PZ(h,>,	g/+	K@/+`v-*`S,>o o.",>, */Q8 oX	x2+	Y "+	Y@aB+	` o[ *0H@
Z (0D@A
aJ+	a@+`uoj2D+	d"+`u,>o,	g/+	R+`u-*`S o8,>.$,>, */ oxS( GHQ8X	x1+	p "+	p@`B+	s,>	,>,
Z&h,>,"z.",>,"Q/ Bh,>
,/,>h,"d/+	yO/+`u-*`S.Z$h,>,	t/& Fh@@h@@h@@h (h HhXHhf4F
ZXBhZh( HhQ8X8h	x1+
 (`f +
% "+
' (ah+
'g "/+`u-*`S.Z$h,>Z&h,>, */ 	x+
/ "+
/@aB@ A(5H
A 	x+
8 "+
A * Jh  DhZ&h,>,7/ +
Y j Hh 
I *j $QDhZh&&XFhQ8X8h	x1+
L "+
Y *1X@
I/+`u-*`P. ( Dh/<"Dh .& F(7hh+
b,>h,>,'3/ ."&"/+`v-*`V. $ Dh o Fh Q8X8h	x2+
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n "+
p hG Hh=6
Z Bh,>h,
w h(+
xO/+`v-*`S,>. oA$5D ( Hh 
 JhQ8X8h	x2+7@aB+ "+@/,^+`u-*`Y.@@h@@h@@h@@h@@h@@h@@h@@h	@@hS$GDh $d &XFh o~ HhZ*h,>,>,
@@h@@h@@hZ$h,>,	t/Z&h,>Z(h	,>, */ *GJh *QJh,
ZXBhQ8X8h	x1+ "+@`B+",>
,>,Zh( Fh@@h h Hh7Jh++ h($3(++ JhZ( Bh+& 
h hXH(6Dh+/ "h+/  
h J(4H3S&BF(" Bh h2Fh+ h Hh7vh+@ h8 Dh 4 h7J+>,>h o,/ *.jh=t9 hZ Hh=v77Dh+EZ Fh,>,
y/ h Hh+@@/+`t-*`P o &-F[o~,>,>,>o,g / 
o $D(Zo~,>,>,>o,g / o *.J @+`v-*`P o~0$+V o *J ,>o~,> ,>o,g /@+`v-*`P.[o~4D_,>,> ,>o,g / o *2J Zo~$($(
&  Ho~&( Hh Jh,>,>o,R/ o &F,>h,>o,R/!+`v-*`P.!O@k &6Dk@ o *2D @
lZ&hQ&` Fh oZ(Q(@ HhZ*h,>Z&h,>,/,>" o7H+} "S+} "TZ&Q&`,>,>h,kY/ Bh,>#,>",>h,k`/ Bh oZ$'Q$@ DhZ*h,>Z&h,>,/,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh,>$ o$$ Dh0D+
 "\Z&Q&`,>,>h,kY/ Bh,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh o[,>,> Z$h,>,g /,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh o[
,>,> Z&h,>,g /,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh o,>Z(h,>,F/,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh oZ*Q*@ JhZ&h,>Z(h,>,/ oZ*Q*@ JhZ&h,>Z(h,>,/,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh o 
Zk Jh4j
{Z&hQ&` Fh,>#,>#,>,k`/ Bh oZ,>,>Z$h,>,g /,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh o,>Z*h,>, ]/,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh o,>Z&h,>, ]/,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh o(%,>,> Z$h,>,g /,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh oZ
,>,>Z&h,>,g /,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh,>#,>#,>h,k`/ Bh o7D +
w,>Z&h,>,v]/@FhZ$hQ$`,>,>",@@hS$GDh $d& &XFhS(i: Hh *h Jh o~ D(O@( o (0F@ $0F@GaH+
+Xk,>',>,>l,> Z&h,>,g /@HhZ*hQ*`,>,>,
qDBh5";,>h,>(,*/hS(GH (XH *j $
sJh0J+ (0j@AaF+
y/+"+;Xo(( Bh4H) 

 J.&,>,e/ h B 	x
+ " hx) 
h o h* XD( 
QH( XD((*h+$+d,(,h-$-d.(.4H.&,>,e/ h B	x
+ " h XQ8X8
	x+ " h X 
o(1D+*,>,>(,>( (1D7(
,1Jg",>,</ Bh5B6,>h o,>,>,>
o$/4D8,>h,>(	,>(,>(h,
y/ h+;,>h,>",
@/+`u-*`P./ o|&0. Fh (QH*0.*j0 o~h07Do~+E (h17Fo+G h *GJ o|*0.
JhZkaF+T,>,>,`,>,>",Z(o},>,p/1B+Z*h,>,!/ "+ 
h h F( (0F@ *7Do@
AaH+hZ&h,>,!/ "+ h h D[
hQJ h HZ$h
,>.&,>,>1, 0/ 
h (XH( o|&0.&f0Z*h,>,!/+ o}8,>,>o} hZ*Q*`,>,kY/ h o}.(&(XH o|*0.h0@//+`v-*`S.@0x+ o~ Fh h o."B 9 h/+`u@	`2a6<@CGLi]_cdf0  CFQ
9 $D(SQF
$DF( $$ @$Dh(] 
$($$((8$D$ Cannot flush the IPCF receive queueAcknowledgment receive from SYSTEM[QUASAR] failedNo GALAXY-10 Support in this monitorCannot get QUASARs PIDSend to [SYSTEM]QUASAR failedList answer receive from SYSTEM[QUASAR] failedNode    Job     Function   Seq   Limit   PPN        Name       After* Send     Retrieve Rename   Delete   DirectoryIllegal  The Queue is emptyNo jobs match specificationTotal of  jobs in the QueueNext file:  On-line Remote-*`S.{S8=	x+p "+p@aB+} $ DhZ FhQ8X8h	x7+v "+w@aB+} XhZ(hQ(@ HhZ*h,>,>o~,>o,/{+~O/{+`u-*`S.{ o1$7 " Bo@ o< Hh2xh+ 
o~( Dh6Fh+	 +
o~."B(9 h/{+`u-*`P.| oA$4D,>v,J/|,>w,KG/|(} Hh *0H@
aJ+,>,I/|,>,KB+&0H *0H
GaD+&,>w,J/|,>x,KG/|[o4F1,>x,J/|,>y,KG/|Z$o,>,J/|Z*o,>,KG/|,>y,J/|,>z,KG/|o~ Dh4D6,>h,I/|,>h,KB+1&}0F

--%%%%NETNET  ..

-*`P.C o~[ DhZ Fh ( Hh  * Jh  $o~ Dh!Q:h 6Fh+%@+ h h  F S*GJ  Hh! 
h! $XD(,>,!2/DZ&hQ&` Fh o~,>Z(h,>, ]/D $DhO@h" 
o~&E Fh!0F+6 $*Dh *)Jh Jh" h!0D+: &)Fh (*Hh Hh" h!0F+> $)Dh *"Jh Jh" h!0D+B &"Fh ("Hh Hh" &Fh ( Hh"O@h" o Dh!0D+J@@h" *Jh &Fh Fh" 
h! &3*E@ $2jF@AaF+R@@h" (Hh *Jh Jh" h!0H+V@@h" $Dh &Fh Fh" h"aD+Z &Fh (Hh Hh" &Fh o0H+^@+_,>,@F/D,>,>F,>h,>G,>G,%/H Bh $Dh &Fh,>h,%/D Bh (Hh *Jh o~Z&"Q&` Fh!Z(h!,>Z*h,>,"2/D $Dh &Fh o~*H Jh!0J+t@+|0J+zZ$ /Q$` Dh"Z*h",>Z&h,>,"2/D+|,>h,>h, 6/D Bh &Fh (Hh 
o0J+ o~(I Hh"0H+ "L+0H+ "N+ "P+,>,'`/DZ&Q&` Fh!Z(h!,>Z*h,>,"2/D $Dh &Fh@HhZ*hQ*` Jh!,>hZ$h!,>,>I,>J,?/J h Fh! h! *XJ ,>,%/D,>h,!/D "/C+`v-*`P.K $ DhO@h o~(K Hh0HP-@ *0HP9@
G &1( @ *0h?@
AGaD+<@@h,>@,J/D,>A,KG/D,>A,J/D,>B,KG/D o~(L,>,'`/D,>,J/D o~*L,>,'`/D,>,KG/D,>B,J/D,>C,KG/D o~ 8,>,/D@@h haH+>@/K+`v@	`RSTWZ[(" (89(    XXSuccessful DeleteSuccessful RenameSuccessful Transfer%NETULG%NETULG Error Writing user log file  Error Writing user log file 

-*`V,>o o.",>, */u,i  o ( QX .(hS*BJ R` @@  
.*gx D( ZlXF +`u-*`S.u@ $
 Dh2xh+ Xh h .v&&.v.&h4Q& hw *5J,>w,>x,w/u:Zl Xh h .v&&.v.&h4Q& hw  *j@@h Zl< DZl5d,>x,>x,w/u +9k ( Hh y FhZ*h,>,7/y7y@/u+`u-*`V.y o (7F@ *0DLT@
GaH+,>z,>,w/u o[ &$  
.*gx@@( Xh h .v&(.v.(h4Q( jz @f .$hS*BJR`@@ /y+`u-*`P,>w,>x,w/u:Zl o F9 93({+3${ D8az++ Z:[8 H>[,>g,>h<,> 
3H+..|++ 83F}+2"8,^>
8+.>9+!>fZl,~,>x,>x,w/u,~@+`v-*`S.} oS&BF@Z Fh2xh+@ .(h 
o ( D 9; o 
aj+W/&,>,>~,'3/u(h4HW,>i,J/y,>i,KG/y,>j,J/y,>j,KG/y o/",>,>~Z*hQ*`,>,g /|Z&h,>,J/yZ(h,>,KG/y,>k,J/y,>k,KG/y Bh Dh	 Fh	 Hh
 $ DhO@h Zh7Fh+raf+nA& Fh[h8 Dh[hZ*h,>Z&h,>,> 
 ,(/| Bh
0F+i h	 h	 h
 h+v5Fk@+n,>l,J/y,>l,KG/y,j h8 Dh h   Fh+[,>m,J/y,>m,KG/y,j@/}+`u-*`S o~Q oX	x/+{ "+|@aB+~O+`u ."@+`u-*`P.y o6&+,>,/y Bo oS*GJ  
o~Z( Dh5DXH(+
 4JZ  Fh+ 
h oXD(,>o~,9/y(n4H oZ4F,>n,J/y,>o,KG/y,j@/y+`v-*`P.,>~,'/y Bh,>o,>h,>~, 0/| hS&GFS&BFR`&o4F7,>p,J/y,>p,KG/y,>o,>~Z*hQ*`,>,g /|Z$h,>,J/yZ&h,>,KG/y,>q,J/y,>q,KG/y,>h,>~Z(hQ(`,>,g /|Z*h,>,J/yZ$h,>,KG/y,>r,J/y,>r,KG/y h/+`v-*`P.y,>o,/y4BF6FZl+> 
o JZl+C 
Zl Jh o3Dh+C hZ
 5JD oXF  "+G hZ Hh+?@/y+`v-*`S. $a Dh@@hQ:h Zl (bQHZ
 Jh5JR,>s,J/y,>s,KG/y,j+_@0x+U ."h@@9RR`hS(h Zl Fh *BJh 
oj $XDh,>hZ(h,>,/u,>,/y+]@/+`u-*`P "+`v,>t,J/y,>t,KG/y@,~@	`9

Zm"%(*+,,/25  x<8u0<.ow(hXhXh" [NETINT[NETINT Temporary interrupt block @  Temporary interrupt block @  freed]
?Handler returned undefined value?Handler returned undefined value?No handler found for condition
?No handler found for condition
?NETIBS Interrupt block already linked?NETIBS Interrupt block already linked[NETCPI Interrupt block @[NETCPI Interrupt block @ copied to  copied to ]
?Top level process terminated?Top level process terminated --- (Pending termination) --- (Pending termination)-*`S.v Bh Dh Fh Hh 
oZ( Dh0*F+G,>s,J/w,>t,KG+K h0(F+L,>t,J/w,>u,KG/w@+q 
o[( Fh(w $1H@[( (0F@&xG h.&h[(Z
A &1X@GAaD+k 
o6&(+\,>,/w Bo o h.$h 
 J ZXF  
 J  Zl3Fh+e,>h,>,/x+l,>u,J/w,>v,KG/w,j o.",>,7/w+l 
h.*hR`( h h h h/v+`u@	`y}0X($(%NETISI  Ignoring spurious interrupt
%NETISI  Ignoring spurious interrupt
%NETIPB  Invalid process block
%NETIPB  Invalid process block
Interrupt to running processInterrupt to running process-*`S Zl o F, ZlZ 4XZ`XD  .&,>,7/1+ 
Zl6H(+@+`u-*`S.1,>1,>2,w/2:Zl ZlZR` XZl,>Zl,/15B(@@Zl,"A7JZl,?c6FZl+,>3,>2,w/2,#(,>1,>2,w/2+ ZlZ
,>,>3,i{/2@@h>dZl+.,>3,>2,w/2@/1+`u@	`-*`P._ o8 Bh Z Fh (p Hh * Jh  DhQ:h Zl XH 
hXF(,>,C/` h 6J +C,>,BK/` h,>,E+?-*`P.` $$ Dh & Fh o HhQ:h,>o,0+/`0B+I,>o,>O,>O,C{/a,>o,C/`,>o,E</` Zl &]QFZ(hQ(` Hh 
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/`,>R,J/`,>S,KG/`Z(h,>,J/`Z$h,>,KG/`,>S,J/`,>T,KG/`,>T,KR/`Z*h,>,KR/`,>U,KR/`+ h0F+' h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,>m,Cr/a h,>,>h,Cr/a h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,C/`,>U,J/`,>V,KG/` h,>,f
/`,>V,J/`,>W,KG/` $ DhS* JhZ&h,>,7/`,>m,H/`@@h h2Dn+<Z&hQ&` Fh W HhZ$h,>Z*h,>,"2/a h,>Z&h,>,f/a X HhZ$h,>Z*h,>,"2/a&X4F8Z$h,>,KG/`Z$h,>,J/`,>h,H/`@@h h2Fn+bZ$hQ$` Dh 
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Y JhZ&h,>Z(h,>,"2/a$Z4DMZ&h,>,KG/`Z&h,>,J/`Z(hQ(` Hh Z DhZ*h,>Z&h,>,"2/a h,>Z(h,>,f/a [ DhZ*h,>Z&h,>,"2/a([4H^Z*h,>,KG/`Z*h,>,J/`,>h,H/`@@h h0Dt+s h   ad+q*\4Jo,>\,J/`,>],KG/` h,>,f
h (S(GH@@h h (3&e@ $2fk@A`H+ h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,>h,@F/`,>,Cr/a h,>,>h,@F/`(|,>,Cr/a h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,>f,Cr/a h,>,C/`,>^,J/`,>_,KG/`@@h,>o~,>o~,>o,c/aO@h 
h Jh &1*@ $0j@AaF+ "+# h0H+,j@@h h0D+# o~,>,/`@@h h/b+`v-*`P.oO@h o~&p Fh (0F @ *0FP-@
G $0FP9@GaH+; 
o~ o 2D(+: & Fh p DhZ*h,>,7/` ( Hh q FhZ$h,>,7/`,>n,H/`+;@ Bh 
h0J/+L o~ o[
2J +L 
o~(q&rGaH+L $ Dh 
p JhZ&h,>,7/` ( Hh q DhZ*h,>,7/`,>n,H/`@@h@/o+`v@	`<drsZm~
 X "|  (8 PP-(P9PPPd9$(8 (P??t Xy}([NETCON  Remote system Established Connection]
" received from  "" sent to "" renamed by "" deleted by "
** NETSPL ** 
[NETABO[NETABO Request aborted by operator]
 Request aborted by operator]
[NETCON Remote system terminated connection]
%%NETRSA Remote system aborted transfer
%NETCON Remote system terminated connection
%%NETXTM%%NETXTM Timeout period exhausted
 Timeout period exhausted

-*`S." oG" 	x6+* "+*@aB+, "+<1x+3 ( Hh 
" Jh o DhZ&h,>,7/" "+< ( Hh 
.* (J.* Jh o DhZ&h,>,7/" ." (B."/"+`u-*`P,>o o.",>, */" o &f",>,E/",>o, s/"+`v-*`P o o.&XF o.(	XH *QJ o.&	XF o.(
o.*QJT`\`S&Lu F@+`v-*`V."@ oZS(w5BW o 
 X o*"	j"	d8"l8\+@+\ "+\@aB+d8l8dX8h+@ hA$`6X+r@0v+e ."h@@9bZ(h,>,"z."2,>,"Q/" Bh 
oZ( Dh5Dn,>",J/",>",KG/",j,>h,/",>h,"d/"+S F( 5Hy $ Dh & Fh o HhZ*h,>,7/" "+ $ Dh &i Fh o Hh XhZ*h,>,7/" "i+ oZ8XF "/"+`u-*`V."@ o[S(w5B	 o 
 Xo*"	j"	d88l8^+@+ hA$`6X+#@0v+ ."h@@9Z(h,>,"z."2,>,"Q/" Bh 
oZ( Dh5D ,>",J/",>",KG/",j,>h,/",>h,"d/"+ F( 5H+ $ Dh & Fh o HhZ*h,>,7/" "+4 $ Dh &M Fh o Hh XhZ*h,>,7/" "M+4 o[8QF "/"+`u-*`Y o~44> o~ ,>o},>,T/" ,>,kG/"2Bo+= o+`t=46 "+`t-*`S."78o~+J,>o},>o~,f/" Bh o~,>,kG/"2Bo+I,>o},>o~,f/" o+J=8A@/"+`u-*`P." o < F5&Q,>,R/" Bh+L o
 /"+`v-*`P." o~ < F5&Z,>,R/" Bh+U o~
 oJ "/"+`v-*`P." o~ < F5&c,>,/" Bh+^ o~ 
oJ "/"+`v-*`P." o~ < F5&l,>,/" Bh+g o~ 
o(F "/"+`v-*`P."
+xO@(	,>, /" ( Hh+y@@h o~$"d",>o,e/" Bh o,>,kG/" Bh 
h0J+>,>o,kI/"0B+# o
`j+B ( Hh "
 Dh &o~ Fh *o JhZ(h,>+H 
o~ (`f+P ( Hh " Dh *o~ Jh &o FhZ(h,>+V o~ 
aj+ h FS(BH+z `f+_ ( Hh 
"Jh $o~ Dh &o FhZ(h,>+e,>h,'/"3B"
o~ (af+) "+^ ( Hh " Dh *o~ Jh &o FhZ(h,>,7/" "+^ 
o~ (af+4 h H(S"BB(+z (ah+7 "+^ $ Dh " Fh *o~ Jh (o HhZ$h,>,7/" "+^0J/+g o~&"5FJ ah+C "+^ & Fh 
 Jh $o~ Dh (o HhZ&h,>,7/" "
+^ o~$"5DX,>h,'/"3B" Fh 
" Jh (o~ Hh $o DhZ&h,>,7/" "+^ 
o~ (ah+] h D(S&BF( o+z (ad+` "+^ & Fh " Hh *o~ Jh $o DhZ&h,>,7/" "+^0J+ o~("5Hs ad+l "+^ ( Hh 
" Jh &o~ Fh $o DhZ(h,>,7/" "+^7Dh+ o~*"5J|  `f+F * Jh " Dh (o~ Hh &o FhZ*h,>+L o~S(@BH h B o~S* BJ  
o(,>o,e/",>, /" o~QB+z &0J@ (0J-@GaF+37Dh+ o~&"5F 
 `j+F & Fh " Dh (o~ Hh *o JhZ&h,>+L 
o~S(@BH( h B( o~&"5F! 
 aj+ "+^ & Fh " Dh (o~ Hh *o JhZ&h,>,7/" "+^,>o~,>o,_/" Bh 
h1J+1o~ad+(+^*Jhh(H.(Hh&o~Fh$oDhZ*h,>,7/" h(B."+^ o~S&BF+z $0J@ (0J@G &0J@G (0J
aj+G "+^ $ Dh " Hh &o~ Fh *o JhZ$h,>,7/" "+^ 
o~S&@BF( h B( o~$"Ah`D@@ "+^ o~ 
 aj+W "+^ & Fh " Dh (o~ Hh *o JhZ&h,>,7/"7"@/"
+`v-*`S." o,>,kG/" Bh h &0D-@ (0D@GaF+h 
o( o,>,kG/" Bh0B+,>o,kI/" Bh h (0D@ &0D@G *0D@
G &0D@G *0D@
G`H+D h $0F.@ *0F@
GaD+o +D("Hh"FhZ*h+Lh"(0D@o~*"AaH+
 o,>,kG/"1B+ ( Hh " DhZ&h,>+L o  o,>,kG/" &0B@aF+% 
o~ (ah+  "+' $ Dh " FhZ*h,>,7/" "+T,>o,>",U/" Bh7Jh+* o~XJ
 2o~.&O o,>,kG/" Bh 
h (0J@ $0J.@GaH+7 o
+C&0J@$0J@G(0J@G$0JT0J+I o,>o,e/" B`9- $ Dh " FhZ*h,>,7/" "+T9- & Fh 
" JhZ$h,>,7/"7"@/"+`u-*`P."@@h o~,>,kG/" Bh h Dh &1$@ o.( *2d@
AaF+d o$h h./( Hh 
o~(+V h/"+`v-*`S."Z$hQ$@ Dh@@h o,>,kG/"  & FhO@h Xh h1(0@ *0h=@
AaF+s@@h/8 Xh h (0D@ *0D@
G &0D@GaH+|@@h6jo+ @ Bh 
h $0J@ &0J@G (1*@ &0j@AG &0J@G (1* @ &0j-@AG &1*0@ (0j=@AGaD+ @@h 
hA*5J  /&Fh o Dh 
haJ+h7h@/"+`u-*`P!`o o+`v-*`S." o." 	x$+  "+ @aB+ ! "+ ) & Fh A(.((H.( HhZ*h,>,7/" A"."(B."/"+`u-*`S o~Q8X o~@@ o*8 @+`u-*`S7Do+ 5 o~Q 
*8/7@+`u-*`S." o~,>Z$o,>, ]/" &Fo o~,>Z(o,>, ]/" *Jo o~[,>, /",>Z&o,>, ]/" o~7J 
+ Y &-Fo o~[

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,>,>"Z*o,>,g /" o~.(
 2o~.$X7F`+ X (Ho,>`Z$o,>, ]/"9 R &.Fo,>",>o,kM/" o/"+`u-*`P."@@h o~ DhZ&hQ&@ Fhh Hh "0H@`B+ g h 
o."B(+ aO/"+`v-*`P."@@h o~ DhZ&hQ&@ Fhh Hh "0H@`B+ r h."Bo+ lO/"+`v-*`S.",>",>",w/":Zl 80x+ } .&"*6H9 w o Dx" +!9 w $ Dh " HhZ&h,>,7/" "+! Bh>jZl+!,>",>",w/" h/"+`u-*`S o8" &0x@ (1x@GaF+!@+`u 
oZ(4D!,>"Z(,>,w/"	x'+! "@d8
l8r o*"j"	+@$".$"*@@S(GHZ,>,!t/" o[
,>,!t/""+`u-*`S!o8"	x'+!" "@+`u-*`P." o  Fh7Hi+!( H(@@i h (6F
,>( ,>,'3/"@/"+`v-*`P." $!# Dh & Fh (h Hh *h Jh o DhQ:h,>,!a/" Bh,>h,'/" Bh6Fi+!> 
( Ji 
h J(,>o,%/" Bh7Di+!C D(@@i h/"+`v-*`P.",>o,!/" oZ Fh4F!PZ
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o (ad+!^Z( Fh4F!U,>,!E/" o[
!Jh4J!X,>,!E/" oZ  Dh4D!\,>,>",'3/",>o,>"+!,>,>",'3/"@/"+`v-*`S." o8 	x +!e " oZS(w2B"
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$/"+`u-*`P." oZ Fh4F" 
hZ( Dh<
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2H+!woR`@/"+`v@	`"8"""%"'@9[}Dh$D$.@F(Fo&8!*(8-8%88&* >8terrupt block missingInterrupt block missing-*`S."@ o~  Fh@2x"@+"=h Hh5H";,>"A o,>,kM/"@ +"> o hF9"5@/"@+`u@	`?-*`S."},"z Bh@0x
+"P (.$" h (3f@ &7J@AaH9"D,>,>/"} 
.*"U& F(9"D@/"}+`u-*`S."~@0x
+"^ (.$"6F9"S 
o~Z(5F"Y ZlXH( (.(" 
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+"x (.$"  Fh hZ
 2Jo9"p (.&"@@@@9"pO/"}+`u-*`P,>",#%/"}+`v@	`?X-*`V o o~	v`+# "+#@aB+# "+`u@+`u-*`V o o~	v`+## "+##@`B7@+`u-*`P,>%:,>o,#/%;+`v-*`S %O	x+#+ " "+`u-*`V,#1  %;$%<d%<&%=f%= +`u,>%>,#3/%>,~-*`S o	x+#5 " +`u-*`S.%? o~Z&Q&` FhZ(h,>,>%?,U/%; Bh
h@@h,>%@,>hZ$hQ$`,>,kY/%@,>h,>%A,k0/%; BhZ&h,>,>%?,U/%; BhhZ*h,>,>%?,U/%; BhhZ&h,>,>%?,U/%; BhhZ*h,>,>%?,U/%; Bh@0x+#V .$%I h2F9#Q +#W9#QO Bh 
o~ h/& $&.h$&.h< F( o h$(.h H@/%?+`u-*`P.%> o~Z&Q&` FhZ(h,>,>o~,$[/%; *JhZ$h,> o$"$"t,>,$q/%;@/%>+`v-*`P od%A&%Bf%BR`o,>o,#z/%>+`v-*`P.%;@@hZ$hQ$  Dh oA"?Bh o(| Fo4F#yS*GJhFh h/%;+`v-*`P oad+$ad+$
ad+$	ad+$&%C(%CGaF+$ad+$ad+$ "+`v "+`v "+`v "+`v "+`v "+`v "+`v@+`v-*`P.%@@@hO@h o Dh &1$@ (0d@AaF+$S*GJh * Jh 
h $1*@ (0j@AaD+$S&GFh & Fh h *1&@
aJ+$#S$GDh $ Dh h &1$@ (0d@AaF+$*S*GJh * Jh 
h $1*@ (0j@AaD+$1S& GFh & Fh h *1&@
aJ+$8S$GDh $ Dh h0D+$<S(GHh ( Hh oB(h%D h/%@+`v-*`P.%> o~.$ Dh o ah+$E h 
h ( & F@/%>+`v-*`P.%> o~.$ Dh o~(%D *1H@
$%D (1D@A
$%E(%E.(%F. &0D@A
aJ+$X oS(GH+$Y o $d%F o /%>+`v-*`P.%@ o&$:.$  Dh o&(&( Jh o&&8 Hh,>,>%?,>o~,%/%@ o~ *J,>%@ h."%IZ(Q(`,> o~,>,kY/%@ o~ B *J,>h,>%?,>o~,%/%@@/%@+`v-*`P.%@ o&$t Do&$ Fh o&( Hh o&$&$ Fh,>,>%?,>o~,%/%@ 
o~ $D(,>h,>%?,>o~,%/%@ o~ (H,>h,>%?,>o~,%/%@@/%@+`v-*`PZ$o,>,g=,>,$[/%; &FoZ(o,>,g<,>,$q/%; *Jo,>%G,>o,kM/%; o+`v-*`P.%> %9 Dh,>,%/%>,>%:,J/%>@/%>+`v-*`P,> o~&o~&o~ o.&F  
o~ o.,L@,^+`v-*`P.%G,>o},>o}Z$hQ$`,>,g /%@ Bh o/h4f%(,>o~,>,>o~,k`/%@ Bo~Z*hQ*` JhZ$h,>Z&o~,>,"2/%; o~/%G+`v-*`P o&%H (0F@ 
%H J 8 F@+`v@	`%O%O]&4

 ,> Bh,%g/' o~,> o,> Bh,%g/' o~,>  
o,>( Bh,%m/' hAhAhAaB+%e "+%f@/'+`v-*`P,>o~,'/' oFo~A5B%l "+`v@+`v-*`S.'[o~5D&[o4H%s o~,>,>o,&/' o~+& o~,> o,>,&/' $0B@`D+&	 80x+& .o~,> .o,>,%g/'4B&	 .o~7J +&9%y[o5H&
,>o~ o,>,&/' o (6F@AaB+&	 "+&
,>o~,>o,&/'/'+`u-*`P oAo~0oAo~ &2B@ +`v-*`P.'[o~1Dg "QBhZo~1Hg "XBh,>o~,>o,>h,&
G $0F-@GaH+&.
o Jh Jh h $0F@ (0F@G *0F-@
GaD+'+&= *0F@
aJ+&>o Dh Dh h (0F@ *0F@
G $0F.@GaH+'@+& $0F@ (0F@GaD+&P,>o,kG/' Bh 
h &1*@ (0j@A $1* @ (0j-@AG (0J/@GaF+&o+&0F+&a,>o~,>o,&/'`B+&o Hh h &1$@ *0d@
A (1$ @ *0d-@
AG *0D/@
GaF+'@+&Q (0F@ $0F@G *0F@
G $0F@G *0F+@
GaH+'o Dh *6Fh@
aJ+' "+'o3Dh+&@/'+`v-*`S.'O@h 848'Z$oQ$@x'&0F+'Z*hQ*@x'@dZ*oQ*@x'$0D+'Z(h 
.*j'@d+'/8+' h/'+`u@	`0 <<0-*`P.'I6do+' ('F4H',>'F,J/'I,>'G,KG/'I:'_@+'2,>'J,>'J,w/'K:Zl,>o,h8/'I Bh Bh>jZl+'(,>'K,>'J,w/'K,>h o.h<,>, */'K7Fh+'. +'2 * Jh 'L DhZ&h,>,7/'I 'L/'I+`v-*`P.'I6do+':('G4H'9,>'H,J/'I,>'H,KG/'I:'`+'C,>'J,>'J,w/'K:Zl,>o~,>o,h9/'K Bh>jZl+'B,>'K,>'J,w/'K "+'D@/'I+`v@	`
Zm'V'[8}%NETAZB Attempt to allocate zero-length block
%NETAZB Attempt to allocate zero-length block
%NETFZB Attempt to free zero-length block
%NETFZB Attempt to free zero-length block
-*`S.'u@ $+ && Fh2xh+'l 
.*+ (2Do9'd ( &+Z*. +'s9'd o Fh *3&'u@
aJ+'r "'y+'s "'v/'u+`u@	`X89Undefined error code DAP Status code Illegal filespecIllegal directory specificationDuplicate file nameDuplicate extensionDuplicate deviceDuplicate Directory specificationIllegal character in filespecNODEID specified when none permittedDuplicate node idWildcard filespec not allowedWildcard NODEID not permittedAborted by OperatorDeferred by OperatorTime-out period exhaustedAborted by userDeferred by userUndefined switchAmbiguous switchUndefined commandAmbiguous commandContradictory sequence of commands or switchesArgument to command out of rangeUnrecognized argument to commandProcess specified is not START'edProcess specified has already been START'edNo free interrupt channelsNo free I/O channelsMemory allocation failedSFD not foundDevice not DISKArgument block given when none was wantedNo function code bits setUnknown function bits setYou tried to turn PSI both on and offBad argument block addressDevice not OPENedPriveleged (or illegal) operationVector offset too large or not multiple of 43rd word of argument block is not 0RH of 3rd word is not 0No PIINI. was executedYou tried to both add & remove a deviceSend/Receive address checkBlock not long enoughNo messages in receive queueMessage too longDestination for message unknownDestination for message disabledSend quota exceededReceive quota exceededNo room in system storageCan't receive to this pageInvalid sender's PIDNo IPCF priveleges enabledUnknown function requested from system processNon-existant job numberSystem PID table fullPage mode bit in receive did not match messagePaging I/O errorBad index specified for system PID tableUndefined ID in system PID tableInternal error in [SYSTEM]INFORequest from [SYSTEM]INFO to [SYSTEM]IPCC failed[SYSTEM]INFO failed to assign a PID or namePID quota exceededUnknown PID specifiedDuplicate receiver name specifiedUnknown receiver name specifiedName contains illegal charactersFile not FoundBad PPNProtection failureFile being modifiedFile already existsIllegal sequence of UUO'sTransmission errorNot a .SAVE fileNot enough coreDevice not avaliableNo such deviceIllegal UUONo roomWrite-lockedNot enough table spacePartial allocationBlock not freeCan't supercede a directoryCan't delete non-empty directorySFD not foundSearch list emptySFDs nested too deeplyNo-Create for whole search listSegment not on swap spaceCan't update fileLoseg overlaps HisegLogin pleaseFile still has outstanding locks setBad .EXE directory.EXE file must have extension .EXE.EXE directory too bigExceeded network capabilityTask not avaliableUndefined network nodeOpen failureEnd of FileIO errorRead errorWrite errorDevice fullQuota ExceededIO interruptATTACH or DETACH was doneQUASAR not runningStatus change requestNumber of transfer slots changedClock request table fullField too longEnd of MessageBad or inappropriate device specifiedFile name syntax errorDirectory not foundEnd of FileFile already existsFile locked or being modifiedFile not foundAccess refusedTimeout period exhausted in setup phaseDirectory full or quota exceeded during transferDirectory full or quota exceededQuota ExceededQuota Exceeded during transferDevice fullTimeout period exhausted during transfer/OPERATORMJOB exceededFile size limit for node exceededNode not in node tableLocal system established connectionLocal system terminated connectionRemote system Rejected connectionNetwork link not availableRemote system terminated connectionRemote system aborted transferNetwork Connection LostNode not in node tableNode not avaliable at this time of dayRequested function disabled for this nodeFile size limit for node exceededInferior process has terminatedThis process is terminatingRandom errorNo error code given'{'}(((((
(((((t(p( p("($(&
E)F)G)G)H)H)I)%I)'J)+\)/\)2])7])<^)>^)@ )D)G)K)L!)M!)O")Q")S#)V#)X$)Z$)\%)I%)`&)b&)c')d')g()i()j))m))q*)r*)t+)w+)z,)},)-*-*.*.*	/* +"+`++-*`S./5 $-s Dh@@hQ:h,>/,J//5,>/,KG//5,xS&BFf,0B+,: ( Hh 
/6JhZ$h,>+-k/Zl*],//5 Bh h7* ,=O@h hZ Fh0F+-( 
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hXB(,>h,=//5,>/8,'//5 Bh 
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aJ+/,>h,>/BZ(hQ(`,>,g //;Z&h,>,J//5Z$h,>,KG//5,>/3,J//5,>/4,KG//5 ( HhS& Fh h DhZ*h,>,7//5@ Bh h Bh//?+`v-*`P./5,>/C,R//5 Bh4B/,>,>/4,//6@//5+`v@	`/C/F/I/J
X" XgB`[NETSSU  SPL started up]
[NETSSU  SPL started up]
[NETSPL Job received from QUASAR]
%%NETUNN%%NETUNN Unknown remote NODE in request
 Unknown remote NODE in request

[NETSSD  SPL shut down by operator]
[NETSSD  SPL shut down by operator]
%NETLCT Local system terminated connection


%%NETSAE  SPL Aborted due to error (%%NETSAE  SPL Aborted due to error ()
-*`S.<( 8 o Dh2xh+0,>o~,CY/<) BhBo~ hA&@5F0 +090
 "/<(+`u-*`S.<),>o~,CY/<) Bh3bo~+0 "+07xh+0,>o~,CY/<)Bo=x0@Fo h/<)+`u-*`S.<),>o~,CY/<) Bh3bo~+0$ "+0* hFo7xh+0(,>o~,CY/<)Bo=x0&@Ho h/<)+`u-*`P.<),>o,F5/<) Bh h0D+0P,>o,CY/<)A" Bh,>o,CY/<)A"(.bh h oQB ,>,CY/<) 
ob<*,> Jh,CY/<) hb<*,> Dh,CY/<) hb<+,> Fh,CY/<) hb<+,>,CY/<) 
ob<,,> Jh,CY/<) hb<,,> Dh,CY/<) hb<-,>Z(Q( ,>,><-,0	/<. 
o $GD( "+0`,>o,><.,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,><0,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,C/<)@/<)+`v-*`S.<0 oZ Fh@@h,>o,F5/<) Bh h Hh0H+1s@@h@@h,>oZ$hQ$ ,>,><1,0	/<. haf+0s,>o oZ(Q( ,>,><1,0	/<.+0t oS*GJ ,>o o.",>,$?/<( hah+0{,>o,CY/<) 
haj+0,>o,CY/<)ob<2<had+1,>ooZ&Q&h,>,><3,0	/<.Chaf"+1h,>o,CY/<)A"(.bh h 
haj+1 @@h@@h,>o,><3Z$hQ$B,>,0/<. h@@Z(h,>,:/<) 
h B( had+13,>o,CY/<)4B13,>o,><.,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,><4,Cr/<(,>o,><4,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,C/<) haf+1F,>o,CY/<)4B1F,>o,><.,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,><5,Cr/<(,>o,><4,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,C/<) hah+1K,>o,><3Z*hQ*B,>,0/<. 
haj+1V,>o,><5Z$h,>,></,><6,k5/<.,>,0/<.Z&hQ&` FhZ(h,>,e/<) 
h B( had+1],>o,CY/<)A" Bh,>o,CY/<)A"(.bh haf+1c,>o oZ(Q( ,>,><1,0	/<. hah +1g,>o,CY/<) 
haJ+1l,>o oZ$Q$ ,>,><1,0	/<. haD+1q,>oZ&hQ& ,>,><1,0	/<. o (@GH+0d0H+2@@h,>oZ&hQ& ,>,><1,0	/<. 
haj+2Z(hQ(` Hh 8,>o,CY/<)Bh=81|Z$h,>Z&h,>Z*h,>,#6/<. h hd<7 hf<7*<8j<8 hah+2Z$hQ$` Dh 8,>o,CY/<)Bh=82	Z&h,>Z*h,>Z(h,>,#6/<. h hf<9 had+0dZ&hQ&` Fh 8,>o,CY/<)Bh=82Z*h,>Z(h,>Z$h,>,#6/<.+0d0H+2I@@h,>oZ*hQ* ,>,><1,0	/<. had+2(,>o,><5Z(h,>,></,><6,k5/<.,>,0/<.@@h hah+2.@@h,>oZ&hQ& ,>,><3,0	/<.@@h haf+24@@h,>oZ*hQ* ,>,><3,0	/<.,>h,#z/<) 
hb<9S$ Dh hah+2=@@h,>oZ&hQ& ,>,><3,0	/<.,>h,#z/<) hb<:S*> Jh had +2F@@h,>oZ(hQ( ,>,><3,0	/<.,>h,#z/<) hb<:+0d0H+2x,>oZ$hQ$ ,>,><3,0	/<. o(<;0H+2X[5D2S,><;,'/<) Bh 
oQB(,>h,>h,><;, 0/<. 
hhZQD(,>h,E/<),>o,><<Z$h,>,></,><6,k5/<.,>,0/<.Z&hQ&`Fh,>hZ(h,>,p/<(1B+2s,>o,><.,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,><<,Cr/<(,>o,><=,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,C/<)$<=&<>G5D0d,>o,V/<)"+4.0H+4o,><4,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,C/<),>o,><<Z$h,>,></,><6,k5/<.,>,0/<.Z*hQ*` Jh,>hZ&h,>,p/<(1B+3?,>o,><.,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,><<,Cr/<(,>o,><=,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,C/<) o*<@0J+3h(<A1(+3D " Bh+3h[ Fh5F3H,><;,'/<) Bh 
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o&<C4f3w,>Z$hQ$ ,>,><C,0	/<. o*<D4j3~,>,><5Z(h,>,></,><6,k5/<.,>,0/<.6Hh+4,>o,V/<) 
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haj+4@,>o,CY/<) Bh had+4E,>o,><FZ&hQ&B,>,0/<. haf+4H,>o,CY/<) Bh# hah+4M,>oZ*h#Q* ,>,><1,0	/<. 
haj +4R,>o,><3Z$h$Q$B,>,0/<. had@+4W,>oZ&h%Q& ,>,><C,0	/<. h1F+4[ 
of<F,>,\0/<) * Jh'O@h' h Dh&0D+4e@@h' o (GH,>,><&,><1,C{/<.,>o,C/<)@@h' h&0F+4~@@h' o 
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h7Jh+61S&GFh:h&<R Fh#4F64S*GJh.fh*<R Jh#4J67S&GFh.jh7Fh+6:S*GJh *.jh o.",>Z*h!,>,><1, 0/<. o   Fh!Z$h!,>,><S,:>/<( Bh#*<S4J6FS&GFh h#.fh h1F+6IS* GJh:
hZ*h,>,><S,:>/<( Bh#(<T4H6O $GDh h#.dhZ$h,>,><S,:>/<( Bh#*<T (1J@4H6V $GDh h#.dhZ$h,>,><S,:>/<(.bh,>o,><1,Cr/<(Z*hQ*  Jh#,>oh# Hh#,>,Cr/<( h#A"@5B6],>o,>h,Cr/<(Z$hQ$  Dh#,>o
h# Jh#,>,Cr/<( h#A"@5B6e haf+6qZ$hQ$  Dh#,>o
h# Jh#,>,Cr/<( h#A"@5B6l had+6t,>o,>h,Cr/<( 
haj+6x,>o,>h,Cr/<( hah+6Z&hQ&  Fh#,>oh# Dh#,>,Cr/<( h#A"@5B6{ haf +7,>o,>h,Cr/<(,>o h(|,>,Cr/<( had@+7
haj+7Z(hQ(B Hh#,>,kG/<)78+7,>oh#,>,Cr/<(=87 hah+7,>o,>h,Cr/<( haf+7,>o,>h,Cr/<( had+7$Z*hQ*B Jh#,>,kG/<)78+7$,>oh#,>,Cr/<(=87! 
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h# Jh#,>,Cr/<( h#A"@5B78 had +7@,>o,>h,Cr/<( 
haJ+7HZ(hQ(  Hh#,>oh# Fh#,>,Cr/<( h#A"@5B7C haH+7OZ&hQ&  Fh#,>oh# Dh#,>,Cr/<( h#A"@5B7K o *7Dh@
aJ+8@@h$@@h# $ Dh#7Fh+7\S(GHh$ "	 Bh#7Hh+7_S&GFh$ "	.bh#7Fh+7bS(GHh$ "	.bh#,>o,><U,Cr/<(S(GHh#Z(h"Q(  Hh$,>o
h$ Jh%,>,Cr/<( h%A"@5B7g,>o,>h#,Cr/<(Z$h#Q$  Dh$,>oh$ Hh%,>,Cr/<( h%A"@5B7o h$af+7zZ$hQ$` Dh$ 8,>oh$,>,Cr/<(=87w h$ad+8Z(hQ(` Hh$ 8,>o
h$,>,Cr/<(=87} h$ah+8Z*hQ*` Jh$ 8,>oh$,>,Cr/<(=88@@h$$<V4D8
S(GHh$87@ Bh$Z(h,>,><C,:>/<( Bh%*<V4J8S&GFh$7h%@ Bh%Z&h ,>,><C,:>/<( Bh%(<W4H8S$GDh$7h%@ Bh%Z$h ,>,><C,:>/<( Bh&&<W4F8S*GJh$7h&@ Bh&Z*h!,>,><C,:>/<( Bh&$<X4D8$S( GHh$7h&@ h%.h$.h%.h&.8 Bh# 
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h& Jh',>,Cr/<( h'A"@5B8: h$ad+8GZ&hQ&B Fh&,>,kG/<)78+8G,>o
h&,>,Cr/<(=88D h$af+8NZ*hQ*  Jh&,>oh& Hh',>,Cr/<( h'A"@5B8J 
h$aj+8VZ(hQ(  Hh&,>oh& Dh',>,Cr/<( h'A"@5B8Q h$ah+8]Z$h Q$  Dh&,>oh& Fh',>,Cr/<( h'A"@5B8Y h$ad +8eZ&h Q&  Fh&,>o
h& Jh',>,Cr/<( h'A"@5B8`@/<I+`u-*`S.<Y o&<@< Fh *6(h@
aJ+8ng  <i Bh h+@8q+8|+8s+8w+8y+8z@,><',J/<),><',KG/<),j+8| oS(+8{ oS(+8{ oS(GHO@h o$<Z Dh *1$@
aJ+9 o$<Z5D9 *j<[7@ Bh@@hS&GFh o.",>,><3,:>/<(8 Bh oZ&"Q&`,>Z$hQ$`,>,:a/<(.h8 Bh o*<[ &0j@$<Z *0D@
AaF+9 Z$ /Q$`,>Z*hQ*`,>,:a/<(.h8 Bh "+9!@ Bh o.",>,><3,:>/<(.h Bh o.",>,><3,:>/<(.h Bh,>o,><3,Cr/<(Z(hQ(  Hh,>oh Dh,>,Cr/<( hA"@5B9-,>o,>h,Cr/<(,>o o&<\,>,Cr/<( oZ$ Q$  Dh,>o
h Jh,>,Cr/<( hA"@5B98Z(h,>,></,><6,k5/<. Bh,>h,kG/<)78+9F,>oh,>,Cr/<(=89C 
haJ+9PZ&h,>,></,><6,k5/<. Bh,>h,kG/<)78+9P,>oh,>,Cr/<(=89M oZ(Q(  Hh,>oh Dh,>,Cr/<( hA"@5B9R oZ(Q(  Hh,>oh Dh,>,Cr/<( hA"@5B9Y o(<+ $1(@*<; (0J@AaD+9f,>.&0,>,></,9h/<.@/<Y+`u-*`S.<0@@h o Dh5D9lS(GHhS(GHhZ(h,>,><C,:>/<( 
o~Z$/Q$`,>Z&hQ&B,> Bh,:a/<(.h8 Bh,>o~,><\,Cr/<(Z(hQ(  Hh,>o~
hJh,>,Cr/<(<hA"@5B9y,>o~,>h,Cr/<(Z&hQ&  Fh,>o~h Hh,>,Cr/<( hA"@5B:Z$hQ$B Dh,>,kG/<)78+:
@/<0+`u-*`S.<)@@h@@h@@h6Do+: o~*<] JoS(GHh,>o~,><C,Cr/<(Z(hQ(  Hh,>o~
h Jh,>,Cr/<( hA"@5B:S&GFh o~(<Z5H:#S$GDh $d<]d<^ & Fh+:$ $ Dh,>o~$<^4D:&87@.",>,Cr/<(,>o~,>o,Cr/<(Z(hQ(  Hh,>o~
h Jh,>,Cr/<( hA"@5B:, haf+:4,>o~,>h,Cr/<( hah+:=Z*hQ*B Jh,>,kG/<)78+:=,>o~h,>,Cr/<(=8::@/<)+`u-*`Y,>,>.<^@@h@@h o(/$ 18+:] Xh h&&.o~ 
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h $0J @ h (0F@AaD+;8 * Jh h.<i.h(F Fh h Hh h DhZ*h,>,7/<) h.<i.h(B+;C * Jh h.<i.h(F.& Fh h Hh h DhZ*h,>,7/<) h.<i.h(B."/<`+`v-*`P.<a o." Bh oZ Dh,>,CY/<) Bh o(<B4h;O,> hZ$Q$ ,>,><1,0	/<. h< Dh (6&h@ *1f@
GaH+;Vg <r Bh h+@;X+<$+;[+;b+<+<	+<,>o,><.,Cr/<(,>o,></,Cr/<(,>o,><a,Cr/<(,>o,><b+<7Fh+;{O@h o$<Z Dh0D+;i,>,>h,%./<( Bh 
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Log file is: Log file is: 

@DaJ+?}$@#4D?},>@#,J/@-,>@$,KG/@-,>@$,J/@-,>@%,KG/@-,>h,>@-Z(hQ(`,>,g /@.Z*h,>,J/@-Z$h,>,KG/@-,>@%,J/@-,>@&,KG/@-:@E 
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%NETPIK%NETPIK VIP left on ( VIP left on ()
%NETPIK%NETPIK Dropped interrupt detected ( Dropped interrupt detected ()
%NETPIK%NETPIK No interrupt block
 No interrupt block
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aJ+@T "@+@}0D +@V "@+@}0D"+@X "@+@}0D!+@Z "@*+@}0D!+@\ "@+@} (0D @ *0D)@
GaH+@a "@+@} &0D%@ *0D?@
GaF+@g "@+@}0D&+@i "@d+@}0DP-+@k "P-+@}0DP9+@m "P9+@} (1$ @ *0d?@
AaH+@r "@+@}0Dt+@t "PL+@}0D/~+@v "Pd+@}0DP+@x "P+@}0D+@z "O}+@}0D+@| "O}+@}@/@+`v@	`89-*`P,>o o."<,>, */DI o &fDI o.$XD  *QJ  o.&	XF  o.$
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,>o,>DXZ(h	,>,D/DU@+C*,>o,/DJ Bh o[4HC- o[ H h3FDY+C0,>,"d/DJ h/DZ+`u-*`S.DJ7xo~+C;,>o},>o~,CG/DI Bh o~,>,kG/DJ2Bo+C: o+C;=xC4 "/DJ+`u-*`S.DJ7xo~+CE,>o},>o~,Ci/DI Bh o~,>,kG/DJ2Bo+CE o+CF=xC>@/DJ+`u-*`P.DU o~ < F5&CS 
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h Jh,>,Cr/F. hA"@5BE#Z(h,>,>F/,>F0,k5/F0 Bh,>h,kG/F178+E1,>o
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haj+Em,>o,CY/F178+Em,>o,CY/F1=8Ek haf+F,>o,CY/F1 Bh	7dh	+E},>o,>F-Z*h	,>,>F/,>F0,k5/F0,>,0/F0 h	/8"Bh	Z$h	Q$` Dh
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aJ+F@@h,>o,>F3,Cr/F.,>o,>F/,Cr/F.,>o,>F3,Cr/F.,>o,>F4,Cr/F.,>o,>F/,Cr/F.,>o,>F/,Cr/F.,>o,>F/,Cr/F.,>o,C/F1@ Bh haD+F),>o,>F3,Cr/F.,>o,>F/,Cr/F.,>o,>F4,Cr/F.,>o,>F5,Cr/F.,>o,>F/,Cr/F.,>o,>F/,Cr/F.,>o,>F/,Cr/F.,>o,C/F1@ Bh@/F1+`u@	``6 $ ( h
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 @P@H-*`P.FO@@h o6f+F:,>,BK/FO,>o,CY/FO Bh5BF? o6d+F:,>+F9,>oZ*hQ* ,>,>FP,0	/FP o&FQfFQ(FRhFR 
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a$0J@ &0JP@GaD+Gz@@h9+H@@h h HhZ*h,>,7/I6 h..h(B."+H@ Bh h0D+H
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aJ+HV+Hz ad+H| IT<78+Hz,>h,K/I6 Bh,>o*I@,>,Cr/I9,>o&IA,>,Cr/I9,>o$IA,>,Cr/I9,>o(IB,>,Cr/I9=8Hm,>o,C/I6+H0,>I3,J/I6,>I3,KG/I6,j+H0-*`P.I6 o8 Dh o~(IB0H +I( o  aH+I
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[NETLOG[NETLOG   Previous log file was:    Previous log file was: ]
%NETCOL%NETCOL Can't Open LOG file ( Can't Open LOG file ()
[NETCOL[NETCOL   Old log file:    Old log file:  re-opened]
%NETDET%NETDET "DETACH" argument is not a TTY
 "DETACH" argument is not a TTY
[NETDET[NETDET Job not detached]
 Job not detached]
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 DhZ&h,>,7/U U
hXJh,/@/U	+`v-*`P.U	,>o~,Q/U1B+N~,OD "+O
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ZdQJh,/,Z@/U	+`v-*`P.U,>o~,Q/U1B+O,O "+O,>o~,>U
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JhZ$h,>,J/UZ&h,>,KG/U@/U+`v-*`P.UZh4DOCZ(hQ(` Hh 
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JhZ$h,>,J/UZ&h,>,KG/U@/U+`v-*`S.U o,>,kG/U  Xh h &0D@ (0D@GaF+Oa 
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+Q ZlR`  & Fh. 
h Jh.,>TjZ$h.,>,>U,0/U Bh- h- U F @/U+`u-*`S o,>,kG/U 0X+Q,>Tk,>o,>U,Lr/U+`u &0X@ (0X@G`F+Q oXo~+Q	@+`u-*`P.U $ DhO@h,>o,OV/U Bh (6Fh@ *0F@
G $0F@G *0F
G $0F@GaH+Q(@@h@+Q< 
h0J+Q+@@h "+Q< h (1$@ *0d@
A &1$ @ *0d-@
AG *1$0@
GaH+Q9@@h "+Q< haD+Q< "+Q< h/U+`v-*`P.U	,>o~,Q/UaB+Q\,>o~,e/U Bh o~,>,kG/U0B+QI,>o~,kI/U0B+QI o~
 ,>h,?/U Bh5BQQ ( Hh 
UJhZ$h,>,7/UUU+QKh."o~,OV/U1B+QA+Q,>Tl,J/U,>Tl,KG/U@/U	+`v-*`S.U	,>o~,Q/UaB+R,>o~,e/U Bh o~,>,kG/U0B+Qw,>o~,kI/U0B+Ql o~
 @0x+Qv .("*7J 9Qm   Fh 
h (ad9Qm h2H(9Qm,>,Zn/U9QmO+R Zl h2H+Q{,>,>U,\
/U	 Zl[ Hh7Fh+Qv h2D+R,>,>U,\
/U	 h[
/U	/U	+`u-*`P,>o~,S	/U+`v-*`P,>o~,>Tm,T/U	5BR,>Tn,J/U,>Tn,KG/U,>To,J/U,>To,KG/U@+`v-*`P.U o~Z Fh,>o,Q/U0B+R!,>o,>U
hXB( o0F+R!,>o,>U
hZ($$.XB(,>o~,S/U@/U+`v-*`P,>o~,>Tp,T/U	5BR-,>Tp,J/U,>Tq,KG/U,>Tq,J/U,>Tr,KG/U@+`v-*`P.U6DL^+R6,>Tr,J/U,>Ts,KG/U,>Ts,J/U,>Tt,KG/U ( HhO@h o~,>,kG/U Bh $6Jh@ &0J@GaD+R@@@h "+RD haH+R6 
o~( Fh+R6/U+`v-*`V,>.U,>o~,Q/U0B+RT@@h,>Tt,>o~,>U
Z&h,>,L}/U	 Bh h1h+RU $ Dh(H HhZ&h,>,7/U h(B+RtO@h TuZ( 
.*h TwZ, &6Q* xU Dh&aF+Rt,>U,Rv/U5BRt,>Tx,J/U,>Tx,KG/U,>Ty,J/U,>Ty,KG/U@/U,^+`u-*`P.U,>o,R/U Bh4BR~ &fU (]QH,>,S	/U "+R~@/U+`v-*`P.U Zl[ Fh7Hh+S o2D +S +S 
h[( Dh+S@/U+`v-*`P.U,>U,>U,w/U	:Zl,>o,>Tz,/U	 Bh>fZl+S,>U,>U,w/U	 h/U+`v-*`P.U,>U,>U,w/U	:Zl,>o,>Tz,/U	 Bh>fZl+S,>U,>U,w/U	 h/U+`v-*`S.U	 80x+S* .$"*  Fh h 
 aj9SZ Z FhR`  
hS(3DUS/U9S,>o~,>o,S-/U	+`u-*`S.U,>U
8+S9 "+S:@aB+S>,>h,>U,IT/U	,>h,^+S0,>U,+S0,g-/U+`u-*`P.U $ DhO@h,>o~,Q/U Bh6Fh+SH@@h,Se Bh 
h0J+S^@@h,>T{,>o~,>U,>U,L}/U	 Bh h1f+SU * Jh(F FhZ$h,>,7/U h(B+Sd 
haJ+SW $GDZm hA$4DSY@@Zm h(| 
A* JZm@ Bh haF+Sd ( Hh 
@/U+`v,>T{,J/U,>T|,KG/U$T|4DSl,>T},J/U,>T},KG/U(T~4HSp,>T~,J/U,>T,KG/U$T4DSt,>U,J/U,>U,KG/U(U4HSx,>U,J/U,>U,KG/U$U4DS|,>U,J/U,>U,KG/U(U4HT,>U,J/U,>U,KG/U6DZm+T,>U,J/U,>U,KG/U,>U,J/U,>U,KG/U@,~-*`V.U,>o~,Q/UaB+TQ@@h@@h@@h@@h,>o~,e/U Bh o~,>,kG/U0B+T,>o~,kI/U1B+T ( Hh 
 JhZ$h,>+T2 h Hh,>o~,e/U Bh o~,>,kG/U0B+T-O@h,>o~,kI/U Bh,>o~,e/U Bh h0H)+T- o~1F+T* * Jh U
,U/U	 Bh@@h hGhGh5HT4 $ Dh U
 FhZ(h,>,7/U U
+TV@0x+TP .""*  Dh hZ Fh7Hh+T;[ +T<@ Bh hZZ Hh $6Jh@ h (2J@G &6Jh@ h 62J @GA (6Jh@ &2Jh@GAaD9T5 * Jh,>h,>o~ o,/U	9T5 h+TV $ Dh U FhZ(h,>,7/U7U@/U+`u-*`S.U	 8  Dh2xU+Ta7F`+Ta 
ZmUtUuUvUwUwUxH]&<8p	x<M`<gB`h.=[1,2]h+&(
No NEXT job has been specified
Number of data requests is Next job is (sequence #) MJOB = [NTLCMD  FAL is already START'ed]
[NTLCMD  FAL is already START'ed]
[NTLCMD  SPL is already START'ed]
[NTLCMD  SPL is already START'ed]

%NETCMD%NETCMD No jobs cancelled
 No jobs cancelled
%NETCMD%NETCMD No jobs requeued
 No jobs requeued
%NETCMD%NETCMD No log file is open
 No log file is open
%NETCMD%NETCMD FAL is not running
 FAL is not running
%NETCMD%NETCMD SPL is not running
 SPL is not running

?}?y-*`P.XV oZ Dh hS(GH,>,>,Vb/XW Bh o*XW Jh h .XX&$.XX.$hQ$ fXY (5HV & Fh XY Dh h HhZ*h,>+VW hZ`R` o." Bh o.$ DhO@h o*XW Jh0J+V- h(XZ*XZDaH+V# & Fh XY Dh 
h JhZ(h+VW h ad+V) 
h Jh h &XF ,>,!2+V_ 
h Jh h &XF ,>,!2+V_ h0D+VA 
h (af+V@ h ah+V< 
haJ +V8 h Fh h (XH,>,!2+V_ h Fh h (XH,>,!2+V_ 
h Jh h $XD,>,!2+V_@ Bh 
h0J+VY o[ Hh 
h6F(+VG h   F(,>o o[,>,Vb/XW Bh h 
h.*QJ haD+VS Fh h *XJ Z` R` ,>,%+V_ ( Hh XY Fh 
o[( DhZ(h,>,7/X[ XY+Va h0D+Va 
h Jh h $XDZ`R`,>,%/X[ "+Va@/XV+`v-*`S.X[ $X Dhd & Fhd o~ Hhe 
o Jhe $hP DhfQ:hd,>,>,>X\, 0/X\ oS(GH X] H *mQJ@@ Fhf hf (XH,>,!2/X[Z*hT,> o.",>"X]8,>, 0/X\ o hP H  Dh 
0j+W $h Dh.&	,>Z*h,>,>X^, 0/X\+W  DhZ`h@@h@@h%Z$hQ$` Dhf,>oZ&hf,>,>X^,>X_,5/X_Z*hQ*` JhcS(GHh$Z(h,>Z$hc,>,p/XW0B+WZ*h,>,>o,%R/XWaB+W@@hf,>XVZ(hc,>Z$hf,>,Lr/X\ BhbO@hg hb Fhf *1&@
`J+Whc0D+W h% Hh * JhgO@hg,>hc,kG/X[ Bhf hf &0D@ (0D@G *1$@
G (0D@G *1$ @
G (1$0@ *0d=@
AGaF+WA@@hg $hc Dhh *jX`,>hh,e/X[ Bhhc "1H@hc $1F@G`B+W@ Bhg hg`D@@hg7Jh+W & FhgO@hg,>hc,kG/X[ Bhf hf *0D@
aJ+Wl@@hgZ&hhQ&` Fhhhc Xhh (0X@ *0X.@
GaH+WN@Fhh@@hl,>XVZ$hc,>Z*hl,>,Lr/X\ BhcO@hm hc Hhl5HW] hb Dhc Dhm hl *1$@
`J+WZ&hhQ&`,> o~Z$Q$`,>,&/XW,>h o~,>  Bhl,%g/XWAhl`B+Wq@ Bhg hf0F+Wo@@hghc Hhg hgaH+W+W oZ,>,!t/X[ o[,>,!t/X[ hcaF +Wx *GJhc 
hcaJ+X ( Hhf XY Dhg o FhgZ*hf,>,7/X[ XY+X hcaH+X"$ Dhc hc/X[+`u-*`P.X` o8 Bh o  Dh  FhO@h h 
 $Xa Dh0D+X 
  (ad+X "+X " Bh h0H+X $ Dh h0D+X ( Hh h0H+X $ Dh h hXB & FhO@h o~*Xa Jh0J +X.@@h[0Hm+X-Z,>,!t/X[ h[,>,!t/X[ 
h $\yQD(S&GF( Jh h (XH,>,!2/X[ Bh hS*BJ 
h`J+XQ@ Bh h (1$ @ *0d?@
AaH+X<@@h h.",> h.",> h&Xb8,>, 0/X\ h 
h ( H@@h h0F +XD@@h hZ
,>,!t/X[ h[,>,!t/X[@@h 
h0J!+XF@@h+XS h $0F @ *0F @
GaD+XR@@h ( Hh XY Fh 
hJhZ$h,>,7/X["+XThaH+XS@/X`+`v@	`iWXFhhx<9Z	hJ/Z',>Z,KG/Z',>Z(,'/Z' Bh,>h,A/Z',>h,A/Z'$Z4DXy,>Z,J/Z',>Z,KG/Z',>h,f
/Z',>Z,J/Z',>Z,KG/Z' Ux2fZn+Y
7DZi+Y,>h,>Z(,Cr/Z),>h,>Z),Cr/Z),>h,>Z*,Cr/Z),>h,>Z*,Cr/Z),>h,>Z),Cr/Z),>h,>Z),Cr/Z),>h,>Z),Cr/Z),>h,C/Z',>h,!E+Xk,>Z+,'/Z' Bh,>h,=/Z' h hXD,>Z+,>Z),w/Z):Zl:Zn:Zd Bh< HZl5hY,>Z,,>Z),w/Z),/ $ Dh h Fh,>ZZ(h,>,>Z,,0/Z- Bh 
h Z- D( ZlR`+Xk-*`P.Z. o~&Z. Fh ( HhO@h*Z/ Jh Jh0Jq +Y3@@h&Z4FY0,>Z,J/Z',>Z ,KG/Z',>Z ,J/Z',>Z!,KG/Z' 
Zl (0HZd+Yc@@(+Yc h2FZ/+YF@@h o~,>,l/Z',>Z+,>Z),w/Z):
 JZl5jY>,>Z,,>Z),w/Z),/ Zl   *0FZd@
aJ+Yc@@ +Yc 
h2JZ0+YN@@h ZlZ Dh4DYK,>,!E/Z' Zl[ 4FYc,>Z/,+YK h0F+YY@@h,>Z!,J/Z',>Z",KG/Z' * JhS( HhZ&h,>,7/Z',>Z0,H/Z' Bh 
haJ+Zo,c/Z-O@h h Hh &1(@ $0h@AaF+Yd "+Z
h0J+Yg,j@ Bh h0D+Z
,>Z",J/Z',>Z#,KG/Z',>h,'`/Z' Bh,>h,J/Z',>h,KG/Z' 
h (0J'v@ $0J'y@GaH+Y},>h,>Z1Z&hQ&`,>,g /Z-Z*h,>,J/Z'Z$h,>,KG/Z',>Z#,J/Z',>Z$,KG/Z' & FhS* JhZ$h,>,7/Z' ZlZ 5FZ	,>Z$,J/Z',>Z%,KG/Z',j,>h,H/Z'@ Bh h Bh h/Z.+`v-*`P.Z',>Z1,R/Z' Bh4BZ,>,>Z%,/Z)@/Z'+`v,>Z&,J/Z',>Z&,KG/Z'@,~@	`XZgZ2Z5

X "M`[NETFSU  FAL started up]
[NETFSU  FAL started up]
[NETFAL[NETFAL Received connect]
 Received connect]
 FAL received [CNXFER]]
[NETFSD  FAL shut down by operator]
[NETFSD  FAL shut down by operator]
%%NETFAE  FAL Aborted due to error (%%NETFAE  FAL Aborted due to error ()
Error at top levelError at top level  ---	(Waiting for transfer to finish)  ---	(Waiting for transfer to finish)@	`-*`P,>o,Zt/]",>],J/]",>],KG/]"@+`v-*`P.]"Z$hQ$` Dh,>oZ&h,>,Z/]#Z(h,>,J/]"Z*h,>,KG/]"@/]"+`v-*`P.]# o~Z Dh7Fh+[7J+[,> o,>, 6/]# o B  
o~$]$ Dh (6&h@ *1f@
GaH+[h+@[+[S+[+[+[P+[Q+[R ] FhZ*h,>+[f o~*]$ Jh0J+[ "+[0J+[ " Bh+[S0J+[1 o~6$ +[),> ,>o, ]/]# 
o &F( o (H 
o~Z&(/Q&` FhZ$h,>,>o,"2/]# ] HhZ*h+[ 
] JhZ&h,>,>o,"2/]# o~[,> o,>, 6/]# o B+[w0J+[@ o~6&+[=,>,>o, ]/]# 
o (H( o $D 
o~Z(("Q(` HhZ&h,>,>o,"2/]# 
] JhZ(h,>+[u0J+[N o~6(+[L,>,>o, ]/]# 
o $D( o &F  
o~Z$("Q$` DhZ(h,>,>o,"2/]# 
] JhZ$h,>+[u ] FhZ(h+[f@@h+[S "+[ ]+[ o~*]%Ijh hZ 0D+[Z 
] JhZ(h,>,>o,"2/]# 
o~(]%0H+[a6&(+[` ] HhZ$h,>+[f ]+[^ haF+[c "]8+[d "]9Z*Q*` JhZ(h,>,>o,"2/]# o~7J+[s,>,>o, ]/]# o *J o &F  o~Z*"Q*` JhZ(h,>,>o,"2/]#+[x ] DhZ*h,>,>o,"2/]# "+\ o *J o (H hZ[
.,>,>]&,>o,g /]& o (H 
h ( Dh5D\ ( Hh,>h,>]&,>o,g /]& o *J ,>]' o,>,kM/]#@/]#+`v-*`P.]',>](,>oZ$hQ$`,>,k`/]& Bh o~,>Z&h,>, ]/]#@HhZ*h,>,J/]"Z$h,>,KG/]" o~[4H\,>[,/]",>](,I/]",>](,KB/]" o~Z4F\#Z
o~[(4D\.[( Hh,>h o8,>,\
/]# h[ Dh5D\(O+\/@/]'+`v-*`P.]( oZ DhZ&hQ&` Fh ( HhO@h 
hZ( Dh1$@ &0d@AaH+\=@@h *Jh Jh 
haJ+\@ $-Dh Dh ] DhZ&h,>Z(h,>,"2/]#,>oZ*h,>,f/]# o&]) Fh (1&@ *0f@
AaH+\M "]@+\^ hZ Fh *0F@
aJ+\T "]@+\^ $1&@ (0f@AaD+\Z "]A+\^0F+\\ "]B+\^0F+\^ "]C+\^ "]DZ$Q$` DhZ&h,>Z*h,>,"2/]#,>oZ(h,>,Z/]# $ DhO@h hZ
 Jh1*@ (0j@AaD+\m@@h@@h haF+\p *.Jh Jh 
] JhZ(h,>Z$h,>,"2/]#@@h o6*+\{ hZ 0D+\z*]4J\}+\|*]+\y(]4H\} " Bh haH+]Z$h,>,KG/]"Z$h,>,J/]"@/](+`v-*`P.]" oZ Fh h.",>,J/]" h.",>,KG/]"@/]"+`v,>] ,J/]",>] ,KG/]"@,~,>]!,J/]",>]!,KG/]"@,~@	`])]*]2]+]-].]/]0]1]3]5]6]*]>]>]>]D
ZmZmZm]E]H]K]N`0 ( F (h 

	(Listening) <RENAME<  >RENAME>  [DELETE] [BATCH] ---  <?UIF?>  <?INV?>  (deleted) >>BATCH>>  <<BATCH<<  =>  <= 

NETJOB  End  Start  Abort  Reque  
  ---	(On-line to QUASAR)  ---	(On-line to QUASAR)  ---	(Pending RESET)  ---	(Pending RESET)-*`V._m $^V Dh@@hQ:h " BZl,>_n,#%/_n(wA" B`= `=1&p+]Z "+]Z " BDh,>_o,>_o,#/_p *GJZm *`= JZl,j
XB`>Z``>Z``?S$;2 D`@Z``=Z``?R``? &^QF`@ 8h	x.+]f ",JM,>_X,g./_n,>_p,>_q,#/_p5B]r,>_X,J/_n,>_Y,KG/_n,>_Y,J/_n,>_Z,KG/_n,g-+]h,	J *QJh JUxXJ0 $d_Zj_[R`0Z&hQ&` Fh _[ HhZ$h,>Z*h,>,"2/_p,>h,>h,>_q,@/_p,>,k0/_p Bh _\ FhZ(h,>Z$h,>,"2/_pZ*h,>,J/_nZ&h,>,KG/_n,i1@0v+^
 ."`A@@9^	,>`N,>_r,IT/_p,>`N,^/_n+^	,>_\,J/_n,>_],KG/_n@,~-*`P._r $^0 Dh & Fh o HhQ:h[
o Jh0J@ $0J@GaF+^Z"'Q"` Bo@@h,>_]Z(o,>,>_sZ*h,>,L}/_s Bh1b+^.,>,'`/_n,>,J/_n,>h,'`/_n,>,KG/_n,>_^,J/_n,>_^,KG/_n@/_r+`v-*`P._t o~&_t Fh ( HhO@h*_u Jh Jh1*@ &0j'@A $1* @ &0j?@AGaH+^S@@h,>o~,>o,>o~,c/_uO@h 
h Jh &1*@ $0j@AaF+^G "+^U h0H+^M,>__,J/_n,>__,KG/_n,j@@h h0D+^R o~ 8,>,/_n@@h h Bh 
haJ+^T@/_t+`v-*`P._v o~&_t Fh ( HhO@h*_u Jh Jh2J_v+_@@h  Fh h 
 Jh(_w Hh,>,l/_n h Fh *0F@
aJ+^h@+_GO@h h Hh2H_w+_ `O8 D`O3d`O+^t,>_`,J/_n,>_`,KG/_n,>_a,J/_n,>_a,KG/_n+^,>_b,J/_n,>_b,KG/_n,>_c,J/_n,>_c,KG/_n@@h,>_dZ(h,>,>_x,0/_u Bh hS$h6 D@ Bh h2D_x+_G `P8 H`P3h`O+_,>_d,J/_n,>_e,KG/_n,>_e,J/_n,>_f,KG/_n+_,>_f,J/_n,>_g,KG/_n,>_g,J/_n,>_h,KG/_n@@h,>_hZ$h,>,>_x,0/_u Bh 
hS(< H(@ Bh+_G h2F_y+_@@h+_G 
h0J/+_=@@h o~  Dh2D_y+_ @@Ll+_G4D_G&_z.& FLl FLk,>_z,>_q,w/_p:
Zl,>Ll,Kk/_n,>_i,J/_n,>_i,KG/_n,>_j,J/_n,>_j,KG/_n$_k,>,>_{Z(hQ(`,>,g /_uZ&h,>,J/_nZ*h,>,KG/_n,>_k,J/_n,>_l,KG/_n,JM@@h Zl< DZl5d_G,>_{,>_q,w/_p+_G haF+_U,>o~,>o~,>o,c/_uO@h h Dh *1$@
aJ+_H "+_V h0F+_K,j@ Bh h0H+_T ZlZ5D_Q,>_l,J/_n,>_m,KG/_n,j o~,>,H/_n@ Bh h Bh h/_v+`v@	`_|_```X0
0``````````````!Xb`#`$`%`(`+`,`-`/,.`1`2`3`6$Ll`9`9`:`;xH((] 8
X8 XM`gB`"$hgg]>&HV?NETCMD?NETCMD No write access to SYS:NODTBL.EXE
 No write access to SYS:NODTBL.EXE
[NETRUN  NETSPL version  running]
  ---	(Processing commands)  ---	(Processing commands)

%NETFCH%NETFCH FAL crash rate too high
 FAL crash rate too high
 Restarting FAL]
%NETSCH%NETSCH SPL crash rate to high
 SPL crash rate to high
 Restarting SPL]
[NETATT[NETATT NETSPL re-attached to TTY NETSPL re-attached to TTY]
 at top level at top level`E2Q*PJx,>Z+(Q*PJx,>Z,>+(Q* PJx,>Z,>,>+(Q*0PJx,>Z,>,>,>+(Q*@PJx,>Z,>,>,>,>+(Q*PPJx,>Z,>,>,>,>,>+(Q*`PJx,>Z,>,>,>,>,>,>+(Q*pPJx,>Z,>,>,>,>,>,>,>+(,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~,]P,~g "Z:a ZcQ>~Z:hX,>,>,>,>,>,`w/a@	`(-*`P.f< o~  FhZ(hQ(` HhO@h*f= Jh5Jc (fJ Hh h0H+c
 *fJ Jh 
h0J+ch0H+c *fL Jh hZ*Q*` JhZ&h,>Z(h,>,"2/f= o~*f>0J/+c o~Z,> Dh,f(/f> 
hbf?[( Fh ZlZ 2Dh+c) o~(f? Hh $0HP-@ *0HP9@
G FhaD+c% f@+c(0H +c'U"+c( h"f> hbf@ o~(f? Hh $1( @ *0h/@
A &0H?@GaD+c2 "fM+c_0H+c4 "fN+c_0H+c6 "fN+c_2HfA+c8 "fO+c_0Hp+c: "fO+c_ &1(@ $0h@AaF+c? "fP+c_0H+cA "fP+c_ $1(@ &0h@AaD+cG "fQ+c_0Ht+cI "fQ+c_2HfA+cK "fR+c_2HfB+cM "fR+c_2HfB+cO "fS+c_ &3(fC@ $2hfC@AaF+cT "fS+c_0HP-+cV "fT+c_0HP9+cX "fT+c_2Hf@+cZ "fU+c_0H/~+c\ "fU+c_0HP+c^ "fV+c_ "fVZ*Q*` JhZ(h,>Z&h,>,"2/f= ZlZ
 Jh4Jch,>Z&h,>,f/f= &Fh $ DhO@h 
o~(f? Hh1( @ &0h/@A *0H?@
GaD+d@@h f5 FhZ(h,>Z*h,>,"2/f= hZ Fh0F+cz "fX+d0F+c| "fY+d $1&@ (0f@AaD+d "fZ+d0F+d "f[+d0F+d "f\+d "f]Z*Q*` JhZ$h,>Z&h,>,"2/f=,>h,>h, 6/f= BhO@h hZ
  Jh $1*@ &0j@AaD+d f5 HhZ*h,>Z&h,>,"2/f=,>hZ$h,>,ej/f= (Hh@@h@ Bh h (0F/~@ *0FP@
G $0FP-@G *0FP9@
GaH+d4@@h o~$fD,>,'`/f>Z&Q&` FhZ*h,>Z(h,>,"2/f= f6 DhZ&h,>Z*h,>,"2/f=,>h,>h, 6/f= Bh@@h h &1$@ *0d@
A (2DfA@G *3$fB@
GaF+dG@@h o~$fD,>,'`/f>Z(Q(` HhZ*h,>Z&h,>,"2/f=@@h h (3$fC@ *2dfC@
AaH+dQ@@h f6 FhZ$h,>Z*h,>,"2/f=@ Bh h $1&@ *0f@
AaD+d\@@h f7 HhZ&h,>Z*h,>,"2/f=@ Bh h &0Hp@ *0Ht@
G $1(@ *0h@
AGaF+df@@h@@h haH+dl 
f7 JhZ$h,>Z&h,>,"2/f=@ Bh * JhO@h o~&f> Fh1& @
aJ+d@@h (Hh o~&fD,>,'`/f>Z$Q$` DhZ*h,>Z(h,>,"2/f= &Fh@@h h &0H/~@ $0HP@G *0HP-@
G $0HP9@G *1(@
G $2HfA@G *3(fB@
GaF+e@@h@@h haH+e< o~$fD,>,'`/f> Bh 
hZ&/Q&` FhZ(h,>Z$h,>,"2/f= 
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(H@(o%NET%%NET?NET[NET???NETCOFABORQOLNAABUCERNINNODTMOCBTRJCOPRRDERERWERNCLQEXDFLXXXCan't Close Pre-allocate Open Rename Delete ??UNKNOWN FUNCTION??   for  for Remote system detected error -- Command Error -- ??UNEXPECTED ERROR --  ( (Maccode=, Miccode=]

ReadcreateCreateUpdateSimultaneous UpdateAppendCloseCheckpointUSETIUSETORenameDeletePreallocate ????? 	
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%Attempt to FREE storage that has not been allocated
&i8	b,j!>g3*>6@++++i- "i% B( B*,~
Can't do debugging printout.

NETSPL cannot be re-started.
Type R NETSPL to get NETSPL running again.
 DZZZ$ih D L N P R T V X +`v@++`v-*`P.j c Z ^ &j	 F o Dh L N P R T V X o~ Dc   
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[Please bring this output to your system manager]

[Please bring this output to your system manager]

(no end of record)
(no end of record)
Recv Recv Send Send (Dummy out)
(Dummy out)
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