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?p ?xG?@Kb)G|xdG`INXQF:{A)'[
?{BE@w'|'}	QS*>	`
7S ('-*** W.M.U. CORRELATION PROGRAM V2 ***'//)('-This BANK was created with an experimental version of the BANK.'/' Please update the BANK by running BANKUP from area 220,220.'/' If you are not responsible for the BANK contact the owner and'/' ask him to run the updating program.'/)('-WARNING:  The following A-type variables will not be included'/' in the calculation of MEAN,etc:'/10(1X,A5))('-ERROR:  Number of variables outside allowable range, Try again'/)(1H-)a=`(BANK T    DATA TTY  FORMADUMP (20F)H{{ V2   DSKC      + -<L/Od8"$ D9 $ D0 $ D0 $ D7@d8 D@  D0  D0 <X,, <W,OF <R,1) <N,1) : D1@f72D+ ~ F7 & F <4,(d   F0*d@d9 -0D+ <4,7G $.26b0b+#+!464# <[, <^,
 = D: > D; ? D; ? D< @ D< @ D= A3D+/ <a,, <4,S4 <L,;]  D  D  D  D   F*d4+a <K,J -.$6b0b+;+:4;4B $ D  D   F*d>"? $4@h=.$8&@+a <I,GP 1D+; <G,7y@d; $ DH H q FA0F1F+V:; 

Q J =3D?+X.$ DG"*/
G G"&. F? 
Q q Hq.$8*P>?4dq:H3d?+G7d;+ <d,"; $ FA DH H <g,
:H; A+\, <h,, $.?$?7 .$( D: /.$./.,7 .$(.$6b0b+k+j4k4 :( ?(.?. D; <E,RZ7@D+x <k,,6$9+t <4,S4 $.26b0b+x+w464/ @ DG.? DE.? D>.? D<.? D:.? DH.: DF G &F Fx E &F Fy > &F Fy < &F Fz < &F Fz : &F F{ H &F F{ $F D| F $F D| F $F D} F $F D} <>,+1 &$: ?(. D; <<,RZ6@D+q @ DG.? DE.? D>.? D<.? D:.: DH.: DF.: DC.: D>.: D< G &F Fx E &F Fy > &F Fy < &F Fz < &F Fz : &F F{ H &F F{ F &F F| C &F F| > &F F} $F D} <5, <n,,+ <4,
 ?	x	y	y	z	z	{	{	|	|	}	}`;D@F ?	x	y	y	z	z	{	{	|	|	}	}`;D@Fh?h,x?p?@~0=12452@0=13452x9X8IP0@>=X8MX8e$=X8xX8qX8xCORL PEARSON R CORRELATION,  MEAN  &  STANDARD DEVIATION  PROGRAM('-',29X,'OPTIONS AVAILABLE:',2X,'T-VALUE----',A3,3X,'Z-VALUE----',A3,3X,'MISSV------',A3/50X,'MISSP------',A3,3X,'SELECT-----',A3,3X,'HEADER-----',A3/50X,'FORMAT-----',A3,3X,'MEAN ONLY--',A3,3X,'MATRIX-----',A3/50X,'MISSM------',A3,3X,'MISSR------',A3/29X,'VARIABLES USED:'//((37X,A5),9(2X,A5)))(' ENTER MISSING DATA VALUE, SEPARATED BY COMMAS')(72A1)(20F)('-There are two ways of entering missing data value(s).'//' (1)  A single value may be entered and be used as missing data symbol'/6X,'for all variables in the analysis or'//' (2)  A value is entered for each of the variables in the order of their'/6X,'appearance, separated by commas and 20 values per line.'/)(' ENTER DATA')(' Format assumed:  (20F)')(' Please wait, your data is being processed'/)('-WARNING:  Illegal character in observation:',I7/9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the observation'/)('-ERROR:  No calculation done on ZERO observations'/)('-',29X,'Number of variables',9X,'=',I7/30X,'Number of observations used =',I7)(1H1,16A5)('-Number of variables',9X,'=',I7/' Number of observations used =',I7)('-VAR-',4X,'SAMPLE'/' IABLE',5X,'SIZE',11X,'M E A N',10X,'VARIANCE',9X,'STD.  DEV'/' -----',3X,6('-'),11X,7('-'),10X,8('-'),9X,9('-')/)(1X,A5,I9,3F18.4)(//'-CORRELATIONS')(//'-SAMPLE SIZES')(//'-T-VALUE')('-WARNING:  Sample size too small for T-value calculation'/)(//'-Z-VALUE')('-WARNING:  Sample size too small for Z-value calculation'/){@E    H    2PxYES  TTY  @L    NO   x.TMP (,    P    00001SEQOUT    VARIANCE NEGITIVE PROGRAM ERROR!   [Mk \s p @M !p @ !p @
 !p @Q !p @R !p @V !p @ !p @	 !p @V !p @N !p @^ !p @W w D ,.$././7 .$(.$ D[ $ D"/2$/+ { Di y Dj < {,OW $3D\+.di+ < },@d $2 D@dU D $D&M D_"M $ . 

Q J' .
 J' .Q 
q J' .V 
w J'.$8&" $.M$M7 .$( DO 13Dw+A:8 < z,F z x F *0F+5 v F*d2 <!, z_DTZD\ \ <!,
:\; T+8"M $ FS D\ \. <!,
:\;S+=, ,0D@dw ,0D+E < y,BV6b[0b+H+G4H4P"M $ .@j'.$8&I"O $ .V@j'.$8&M+["O $ .@j' .^ J' .	 J' .V J' .N J' .W@j'.$8&Q +1D+c $3D2+ $2D[+c $.26b0b+c+b44
, <!
 2Du+m 2Du+m 2Dx+m  3D{+@d s 3Fz:*dn6d+ <!, <!,
(J'.$8&y $.26b0b++44
2dM M D <!," $ FZ D\ \.R <!,
:\;Z+, 2DM+ $.26b0b++44
/M $
 FZ D\ \.R <!,
:\;Z+,+$.26b0b++44, 0D+& <!#,,+& <!&,, $ D@dL <!),"M $ FY DN N <!,,
:N; Y++,: $2$w+i & F] D\:\2dw+h  FM"S $ D
6bM0b+;+74;4@4F4K4Q4VO \$(
02L @5$_+ZO \$(
03l @5$_+ZO \$(
03, @5$_+ZO \$(
02, @5$_+ZO \$(
02l @5$_+Z \$$
(3J+_@d] \3Dw+h ]2H^+2:\+[ \ S2H
+g2Dw+c $ D]+( \O 
8&66D]+(:L/$$M D"M $: 

/ JM 
( L = 
70L+sl(L =.$8&l 3dL+}+( $. D
+( $ D $2$+2$_+ $3$[+ < v,!}6b0b++4'4 < q,"9 L.DU6b0b++4'4 [1D+0D+6fU+ <!2,,+ ; <!5,, $>.;&$> D _2d;+1d>+ &> F_ _.$>&_ D+ ; D_ $ D" $ FX D\/$$_.$ D
*\$n"D	1d>+  &> F	" $ FW DN 3D1F+) ;&&>  FM3&	 F	6F	+) &> F	6dw+, y@f
 Fa D
@& F:M2dw+m w/($ &.N. FQ3F+: <!8, <!;,
 F M  F"S $ D6b0b+B+>4B4G4L4Q4V4[O (

(2J @5$c+^O (

(3j @5$c+^O (

(3* @5$c+^O (

(2* @5$c+^O (

(2j @5$c+^ $
@hM3Dw+m ]2H^+1:M+ M S2H+l2Dw+h 
+( HMO 
; a+/"M $ F` DM.
 /&$.&.N F
 <!>, <!A,
1+:/($M.M H 
 J = 
3J+j J =.$8&x:M; `+p6b[0b+
+	4
 < m,!}+ < h,"9 .DU:N; W+":\; X+ ; D"/2$/+3"M $ F_ D\$\/\7 .$(.\ DS.W  F] \.^ v H HL \.N H4f# \.^f S. ' H ]1d+0 S.  
Vd/ ]/($]h DL5$- <!D,LF \.N < g,M @:\; _+ < c,+^ $ D[ 13Dw+8 <!E, <!H,
 < =,FF 12Dw+@ <!J,"9 $ F^ D\ \ <!M,
:\; ^+<, <!N, <!Q,
 $2$U+ ; <!S,, &.F7 D\:\ \2dM+p$\/\7 .$(.\ DS6b[0b+O+M4O4Q \ D\ U D]+T S D\.W  F] v D DL D7d]+Zd \.  F ]1d+F \.  
Vd/ ]/($]h DL5de < ],*a+G < \,M @ $.73d7+l < =,FF <!V,, $.D7:7 <!Y, \. <!\,
+F $3$M3D.+ ; &.73f7+u < =,FF $.D7 <!`,, $ Dh 13Dw+{ $ Dh h/$ Di.M&h Dh [0D+  < Y," [0D+  < U,#E@d"M $ F] D\"\ $: 
.	!* J'.$8& :\; ]+  < R,& .0D+  < O,)v6b[0b+ + 4 4  $.73d7+  < =,FF $.D7 <!c,, < L,& *0D+ +"/3$/+ ; $.73d7+  < =,FF $.D7 <!f,, [0D+ ) U0d+ ' <!i,,+ +"$.Ud D
 < H,$4 < E,& +0D+ ; $.73d7+ / < =,FF $.D7 <!l,, [0D+ 9 U0d+ 7 <!o,,+ ;"$.Ud D
 < A,% < >,& s M Ap,~XtM	VWHM[
			VWXtM		W`M			VXtM		W@MW		^			V	NXMU		V		xL0M\[W		^	V	N		@UM	R		V	^	NWxL8M	R				V	N	^WPUM	R		V8LM	R				V	N	^WPULM	R		VxMxMpi\HPih0H0^|X0b$$X8X9@$X})RX}(X9(X8X8&X8'X8*X0zv((X8/
@>x}X0?$M$UX8G$0X8H$M$UX0OX0OX0]$$]((L(X0_X0aX0cX8dX0kX8l@gVh p @!{ p @!s p B!t #p B!u #p B!r #p B!x4`"' !| D!r"!s $ F!x D!y/$$!t D!y.$ D!z"!y$!t !z/&. !z D!u"!u.!y D!t !u !u/!y.!u 
=3J'+"% =3H!r+"%:!u8&"
:!{"!t $ F!w D!z.!r !z.!y =F !z$!z/!z7 .$( D!v"!z $ .!v H!s.!x 
(=L'.$8&":!z; !w+":!y; !x+" !{ Ap,~@DATA SET TOO LARGE CONTACT CENTER  gVn \"3 p @"* p B", #p B"- #p B") #p B"+ #p B"/ #p B", #p B"2 #p B"04`"n "4 D")""* $ F"/ D"1 & F"*/$$", D"1"", $ F". D"2."1 = F"03F")+"c "2."- 3D+"c""2 $ "1. = F"+3F")+"a 
","+F/ "*."+ 
"+J "*."0:
:"*.$8("P+"d "2.D"*:"2; ".+"J:"1; "/+"F"/2$/+"n:3d+"k <"p,LF "* Fj <"q, <"s,
 "3,~x"4h@D=#SDG? \"} p @"w p B"{ #p B"u #p B"{ #p B"v@d"v""w $ F"z D"|$"|/"|7 .$(."| D"| "|."u"

."{h"{ H"y""| $ $/7 .((. H"x 
"y L"y:"v5l#."v "~ H?+#% "v."v 
"{n"{/ <#),M N'.$8&#:"|; "z+# "},~x"y(11X,'FEWER THAN 2 VALID OBSERVATIONS')('-WARNING:  CORRELATION UNDEFINED AT POINT:  (',A5,',',A5,')')(11X,'ZERO VARIANCE IN VALID OBSERVATIONS OF ','VARIABLE:  ',A5)#SDG? \#C p @#, #p B#0 #p B#* #p B#1 #p B#+ #p B#0 #p B#- #p B#+@d#*"#, $ F#/ D#1"#1 $:#*.#0 *3*'+#[ <$, #1.#+ 
#+ <$,
 <$,, #*.#+ 
#D J'+#} #*.#*"
#0 #*.#0n?/ N#/ #*.#1"
#- #*.#0pG/ P#,#, N#.5n#u <$
, #1.#+ 
6H#/+#q <$, #1.#+ <$,
5P#t <$, .#+ <$,
+#Y #*.#+ 
$2J+$C.$@j'+$g $.$ ' H$#$ H$2($2+$J6b$0b+$J+$H4$a4$U <$m, 
$ <$p,
2H$2+$P <$r,,3H$2+$S <$u,, $.$ 
$3 J'+$g $.$ '0h+$^ <$x, $.$ 
$ <${,
 <$},,+$S $.$ '/(h H$ $.$ 
%2J+%+.%@j'+%O %.% ' H%#% H%2(%+%26b%0b+%2+%04%G4%= <%V, 
% <%Y,
2H%+%8 <%[,,3H%+%; <%^,, %.% 
% J'+%O %.% '/(h H%5h%G <%a, 
% <%d,
 <%f,,+%; %.%!,
J%<%U,M4@<%T,M@@'.$8&%':%;%+%&%%Ap,~x%x%X8%$/$7X8%......... ('-',5X,13(4X,A5))(6X,'..',13A9)(6X,'.')(1X,A5,'.',1X,13F9.5)(1X,A5,'.',1X,13(I7,2X))W  \& p @%q p @%l !p @%j !p @%j !p @%s"h $ F%r D%m/$$h.$ D%i %m$h D%k3$%l+& %l F%k $.73d7+& <&o,FF $.D7 <&p,"&.%i/%k %i F%r D%u %u.%j <&s,
:%u; %r+&, <&t,"&.%i/%k %i F%q D%v <&w,
:%v; %q+&, <&y,,Od%l"&/%l.%i %i F%p D%u:%l3&h+&) i H%l$%u/%u7 .$(.%i D%m %l.%m D%k6b%q0b+&1+&/4&14&N:73d7+&C <&o,FF <&|,"&.%i/%k %i F%o D%p %p.%j <&,
:%p; %o+&7, <',"&.%i/%k %i F%o D%v <',
:%v; %o+&?, $.D7 <', %u.%j <',
"&.%m/%k %m F%n D%i %i.%j <'	,
:%i; %n+&I,+&j:73d7+&` <&o,FF <',"&.%i/%k %i F%n D%p %p.%j <',
:%p; %n+&T, <',"&.%i/%k %i F%u D%v <',
:%v; %u+&\, $.D7 <', %u.%j <',
"&.%m/%k %m F%t D%i %i.%s <',
:%i; %t+&f,:%u; %p+&&:%m; %r+&	 &,~X0%v$X0%x0%sX0%zX0%v$X0%x0%sX0%{$(X0%v$X0%x0%sX0%}$$TVALUZVALUMISSVMISSPSELECHEADEFORMAMEAN MATRIMISSMMISSR$    (' OPTIONS?'/)(5A1)('-ERROR:  Option code "',A5,'" Does not exist, Try again'/)('-WARNING:  Cannot use FORMAT with a data BANK'/9X,'Program will ignore this option'/)('-ERROR:  Options "MISSP","MISSM" or "MISSR" may not be used together'/' Please reenter the line'/)('-Options available are:'//' CODE     DESCRIPTION'/1X,4('-'),5X,11('-')/' TVALUE   T-value statistics'/' ZVALUE   Z-value statistics'/' MISSV    Option to enter missing value symbol(s).  In the case of a'/10X,'data BANK file,  This option enables other symbol(s) to be'/10X,'treated as missing data without altering the BANK.'/' MISSP    This option is mandatory if missing data is to be treated'/10X,'Pair-wise instead of observation-wise.'/' MISSM	 This option replaces MEANS for missing data'/' MISSR	 This option replaces a random normal number'/10X,'with the same mean and  standard deviation for missing data'/' SELECT   Option to conside only those observations meeting user'/10X,'specified criteria'/' HEADER   A line of at most 80 columns to be used as HEADER'/' MATRIX   Option to output Correlations on a disk file'/' FORMAT   Option to enter own FORMAT; default: (20F)'/' MEAN',5X,'Output MEAN and Standard Deviation only'/1X,12('-')/' ALL      All of the options listed above'/' NONE     None of the options listed'/' SAME     Maintain the options used in the previous run'//' Enter the desired options in a line separated by commas.'/)S    E    ALL  *    HELP (A    ,    XM         $NONE _C%w \(\ $ D' <)=,, <);,N- '0D+(j <):,S4 '2D(\+(p '2D(`+(p '2D(a+(p '3D(]+)9 (_@f**d(q"&$ $$ D' ' '2D(b+(w>'8&(s+)9 (a (b F'C*d(w@d'F"' $ F'B D'G ' F'G3F(b+)%2F(`3F6+)3F'M+) 'F0(+)%:'F F 'C+)% (b D' <)@, <)D,
 '3F(_+)53F(c+)92F(^3F(^+)) (_ZD'@ '@ 'G3F'+)*d)
 <)F, <)I,
6$9+(d <):,S4 $2D2+) '@1D+) '@ & F* 20D+) '@0D+) <)K,, /./.,0d+)2 'G &3&'+)9 'G2F'+)#2D63D'M+)9+)#+)9 (a (b F'C*d)#@d'F:'G; 'B+({7d'F+)9 $ D'+) $ D' 20D+). $ D' <)N,,"' $ ( H*.$8&)/+)9 <)Q,,@d/ D/ D,+(d <)T,,6$9+(d <):,S4 (\,~h'(b'X8'NP'O'@'DX8'P$'X8'V	X8'V	X8'_
X8'is(10F8.5)('-Matrix file called ',A10)('-WARNING:  Pairwise deletion can result in "impossible" Covariance '/' matrices and subsequent analysis will be erroneous as a result.'/).MAT 600001ASCIISEQOUT    [&*< \)q p @)X !p @)V !p @)W !p @)\ )s Di )r Dj <*5,OW $3D)^+*.di+)} <*6,@d)W &/)X $ F)\ D)Y &.)W F)Y$)Y/)Y7 .$(.)Y D)W@f)]")W/&.)Y )Y:)].)\ 
/ J'.$8&*
 $.)Y D)^"&/)X.)^ )^:)] 
7 .*(
)Y J)X.)\.
/ L'.$8&* <*:,")] $ F)Z D)^ )^.)\ <*=,
:)^; )Z+*,:)Y; )\+* <*?, $.)W D)]"&/)W/)X.)] )] F)Z D)^ )^.)W <*B,
:)^; )Z+*), <*C, <*E, <*H,
 ,0D+*3 <*J,, )q,~pi)^HPi^)s^)tl)rX)_(X)_(hX8)`0iX8)c('-WARNING:  Variable "',A5,'" was deleted due to ZERO variance'/)G>d \*_ p @*O p B*M p D*W %p D*N %p D*V %p D*M %p D*X %p D*U %p D*P %p D*O <+H, *M.*N <+K,
2"*O++D"*O.*M *M .*N 
  J'.$8&*q"$.*M$*M7 .$( D*U6b*W0b+*z+*y4*z4+"$.*U.*M D*N"*O.*M $ F*T D*W *M.F*N"*W $:*N.*U 
  J' *N.*O 
  J'.$8&+:*W; *T+* *U D*N"*O.*M *M F*S D*W.*M  F"*W $:*N.*U 
/ J' *N.*O 
/*J'.$8&++D"$.*U.*M D*N"*O.*M $ F*R D*W *M.F*N"*W $:*N.*V 
  J' *N.*M 
  J' *N.*X 
  J' *N.*U 
  J' *N.*P 
  J' *N.*O 
  J'.$8&+:*W; *R++ *U D*N"*O.*M *M F*Q D*W"*W $:*N.*V 
/ J' *N.*M 
/ J' *N.*X 
/ J' *N.*U 
/ J' *N.*P 
/ J' *N.*O 
/ J'.$8&+0:*W; *Q++/"$.D*O *_ *O Ap,~X8*X$@SEQINDELETE    gVn@ \+X p @+X p @+N #p B+R #p B+M #p B+U #p B+W #p B+O #p B+L +Z D+L"+N $ .+M@j'.$8&+h"&/+N$+N7 .&( $ .+U@j'.$8&+n <,+, <,-,@d+X" $ F+S D+P <,1, <,3,
"j $ F+S D+V/$$+N D+U.$ D+V"+V$+N +V/&. +V +U/ H+N"+U..+R 
=3J'+, =2H+L+, /0H+,	"+U..+W ' H= /0H+, +U/"
+W */ J+Y"
+O */ J+Y <,*,L$ @=.$8&+:+X"+N $ F+Q D+W.+M +W.+U =F +W$+W/+W7 .$( D+R"+W $ .+R H+M.+U 
(=L'.$8&,:+W; +Q+,:+V; +S++y:+P; +S++u <,6, +X +X Ap,~p	+Y	+YhHh0H0^+[Pih@D=`>+\('+INPUT? (for help type HELP) '$)('+INPUT? ',$)('+OUTPUT? (for help type HELP) ',$)('+OUTPUT? ',$)('+Either a colon was missing or the file name',' is too long'/)(80A1)('+Device ',A6,' does not exist'/)('+Device  'A6,' cannot do input'/)('+Device ',A6,' cannot do output.'/)('WMU',I3,'.',I3)('+Only a /COPIES switch may follow a LPT:'/)('+Illegal character "',A1,'" in COPIES switch'/)('+Copies must be between 1 and 63.'/)(I2)('+Only switch available if for the LPT'/)('+Non-directory devices require no additional information'/)('+File name too long'/)('+Character"',A1,'" is not valid in a file name'/)('+Only one period is allowed in the file name.'/)('+BANK files must be read from the disk'/)('+Bank files can not be used for output.'/)('+PROJECT or PROGRAMMER number cannont be longer'/'  than 6 characters'/)('+Illegal character "',A1,'" in PROJECT-PROGRAMMMER',' number'/)('+ Comma missing between PROJECT and PROGRAMMER number'/)(O10)('+Nothing should follow the closing bracket for the',' PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number'/)('+File not found or protected'/)('R ',4A1,4X)('+You must have answered this question in this',' program previously to use "SAME" now.'/)('+You cannot do a /OUT while answering a /OUT'/)(' No output defined yet'/)('+To use the CONTINUE an input must have already been',' defined.'/)(' The answer to this question defines where the program is'/' to find the data.  It usually consists of a device, and'/' possibly a file name with or without a PROJECT-PROGRAMMER'/' number.  Devices may be specified by their physical'/' or logical name followed by a colon (:).  If the'/' device is a directory device (DSK, DTA), then a filename,'/' extension and PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number may follow it.'/' If the device used is a magtape or dectape, the tape'/' must be mounted, and in the case of a magtape it must'/' be positioned.'/'0DEFAULTS:'/' (1) If no input devices is specified but a filename is'/'     given, the default device will be DSK:.'/' (2) If a device which requires a filename and extension'/'     is specified, but no filename is given INPUT.DAT'/'     will be used.'/' (3) If no response is given (CARRIAGE RETURN is entered)'/'     the default is TTY:.'/' (4) If DSK: is specified as the input device, but no')('     PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number is used, the PROJECT-'/'     PROGRAMMER number of the job is used.'/'0EXAMPLES:'/'  DSK:DATA.DAT'/'  TEST.DAT[220,220]'/'   MTA:'/'0The following responses may also be used after the first'/' response to this question.'/' "CONTINUE" - (For MAGTAPE) Use the next set of data'/' "SAME" - Use same device specifications as used before.'/' "FINI" - End of run.'/' "/PROG" - User may initiate the run of a bank program'/'          (STP, BANK, TAB, FREQ, CORL, or REGR) from'/'          this program.'/' "/OUTPUT" - Redefine the output device, the program will'/'             respond with "OUTPUT? ".'/)('0The answer to this question defines the destination'/' for the program''s results.  It usually consists of a device'/' and possibly a filename with or without an extension.'/' Devices may be indicated by their physical or'/' logical name followed by a colon (:).  If the device is'/' a directory device (DSK, DTA), then a filename,'/' extension and PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number may follow it.'/' If the device used is a magtape or dectape, the tape'/' must be mounted, and in the case of the magtape, it must'/' be positioned.  If the device is a lineprinter, the user'/' may request multiple copies by following the "LPT:" with'/' a "/COPIES:" and the number of copies desired (1-63).'/'0DEFAULTS:'/' (1) - If no input device is specified but a filename is'/'       given, the default device will be DSK:')(' (2) - If a device which requires a filename and extension"'/'       is specified but no filename is given OUTPUT.DAT is'/'       used.'/' (3) - If no response is given (a CARRIAGE RETURN is entered),'/'       the default is TTY:.'/' (4) - If LPT: is specified and no /COPEIS switch is used,'/'       1 copy is assumed.'/'0EXAMPLES:'/'  DSK:SAM.F4'/'  LPT:/COPIES:3'/'  MTA:'/)S              B    .    /REGR     /STP      DSK  /OUT      E    ~9    (K    HELP      /OUTPUT   N    LPT       CONTINUE  0    DSK       C    TTY  ?FINI      /FREQ     Z    I    /CORL     /BANK     ]    O    A    /    0z        ,    TTY        FINISH    @INPUT.DAT _SAME      :    {[    `7     END       /TAB      pa         OUTPUT.DATP         LPT  DSK  SEQOUT    SEQINSEQOUT    RANDIN    BINARY    S< \0s p @- p B-%p- p B-$p- p B- p B-P p B- @-V5 14 $.D-V@d- 1 D6 1
 D6 1 D5@d-1- <6,OJ0v- <6,NF@d- & F-R2d-+1K3F-V+1E2D,8+1B <6,,3D,8+1D <6,, F,8+1K6D,8+1H <6	,,4D1J <6
,, & F,8 <5~,N- -1D+5	 $ D- 1 -(3F1+1V -(3&1+1T -(2f1+1T 1AF-( - -( H-(:-*d1O -1D(+1_ -/&( - 1 H-(.$8&1Z -1D+4 -(3D6+4 1 1 F-*d1_ $ D-V D- -V -(3F1+2x -(3F1+1o -(3F6+2x -(3F5+2x -0f+1m -( H-:-:-V+1b <6,,+18 <6, 1_D-%ZD- - <6,
:-; -%+1q, <5},OJ6D-+1y <6, <6,
+18 -V1D+1 1A-5D2Z <6, <6,
+18 1 A-5D2 <6 , <6#,
+18 1A-4D2Z $2 D-:- <5|,NJ $2.D- <6%, <6(,
+<5y,OW7D-'+2:-V2-(3F1+2@ -(3F6+2@ -(3F1+2 <6*,,+18 -V -(2F1+2 -)2F1
+2 -*2F0}+2 -+2F0u+2 -+2F1+2 $.D-V 1 D- D- $ D-.d-V -V -(3F1+21 -(3F6+21 -(3&1+2, -(2f0~+2, -0f+2/ -( H-:-:-V+2" <6-, -V <60,
+18 <62,,+18 -1D+26 -2D1+26 - D- 1 D- <65, 1_D-$ZD- - <68,
:-; -$+29, <6:,	 <6=,
 -R0$0d+2/ -%(,84D2X <6?, -%( $,8 D0t <5x,OJ -%!&p83f-+2I & F,8 1A-4F2XF-"F-R -R1f2+2N"&2.f-R -R$8.& F-!7f8+2T( $,V D0t <5u,PN6$8+2X -%( $,V D0t <5r,PN@d8 <6A,+45 1A-4D2_1- -V0D+2_1-:-V -(2F1+2c <6D,,+18 -V -(3F1+4 -(3F6+4 1A-5D2j <6G,,+18 1 1 F-*d2j $ D- -V -(3F1+2} -(3F5+2} -(3F6+2} -0f+2v -( H-:-:-V+2m <6J,,+181-1- -V0D+2|1- <5q,OJ <6M, <6Q,
7+4Q3D0x2F0y7+4Q3D12F17+4Q3D12F1	7+4Q3D1
2F17+4Q3D12F17+4n3D12F17+503D0{2F0|7+53D12F17+53D12F17+5	3D12F17+5	3D12F17+5	3D02F17+5F@h-U 1ZD- - -3H1+3/ -3H0x+3+ -3(1+3& -3h0~+3/ -2h1	+3) -2(1+3/ <6S, <6V,
+18:-U1F+3/ <6X,,+18*d3 $3D-U+39 D- - -3D1+35:-1d+31+2v - 0x F- <6[, <6^,
 $ D-:-0d+3I -2F0x+3: -2F0w+3I -2F1+3I -2F0+3I & F- 1A-5F3F <6a,,+187D-V+3I <6d,,+18-- -V -(2D5+4 1 1 F-*d3L $ D-.d-V -V -(3F6+3_ -(3F1+3a -(3&1+3\ -(2f1+3\ -0f+3Z -( H-:-:-V+3O <6g,,+18 <6j, -V <6m,
+18 <6n,,+18 -1D+3l -!2D1+3h"& $ - H-/$8&3e 1 D-+3b <6q, <6u,
 <6w,	 <6{,
 1 1 F-*d3m $ D-.d-V -V -(3F6+3| -(3F1+3| -(3F6+3| -(3&1+3\ -(2f1+3\ -0f+3Z -( H-:-:-V+3p -1D+4 -!2D1+4"& $ - H-/$8&4 1 D-+3} <6|, <7,
 <7,	 <7,
 -V -(3D6:-V -V -(3F1+4 -(3F6+4 <7,,+18 - D- -P D-@d-'2D-V+4 <5n,OR7D-'+4 <7
,,+18 -%(,84D4. <7%!&p83f-+4 & F,8 1A-4F4.F-"F-R -R1f2+4$"&2.f-R -R$8.& F-!7f8+4*( $,V D0t <5i,PN6$8+4. -%( $,V D0t <5g,PN@d8 -1D+446D-V+42 <7,0D+45 <7,+45 <7, -%(-,8 -%(-,V -% -(	.-P F,tf- F- 1 F-$ 1A-4F4@ 1 F-$ 1A-4F4C 0{ F-$7F-V+4Of-R"F- ,80F+4H"(2/-Rh H-0F+4J -$ H:(,83H12J1+4O0F+4O 1  D::,8!$3D-+5-+5N <7, 1D-SZD- - <7 ,
:-;D-S+4T,@d-)"& $ F-R D-6&-+4l <7!,(,83H12J1+4l -F-"F-R -R1f2+4b"&2.f-R -R$8.& F-!7f8+4h( $,V D0t <5d,PN6$8+4l -( $,V D0t <5a,PN:-; -R+4Z <5`,Nf7-%(,85D4r,<7#,,+18 -%(,8-*-%(,V-+-% ,t&1 F-"(	.,t F-P@f-!&2F-+4}@& F-F-"F-R -R1f2+5"&2.F-R5<54,OJ,-V0D+5 <7&,1A-5D2@(1,8- -% ,t&1 F-"(	.,t F-P@f-!&2F-+5? & F-F-"F-R -R1f2+5C"&2.F-R <5X,OJ -V1D+4O+4 -V1D+5K <76,, <79,,+18 <7<,, <7?,,+18 0s -% Ap-p -$ Ap-p - Ap -P Ap - Ap,~p--`0t0|0z-RX0t0|0z-R-!p--x-(`0t0|0z-RX0t0|0z-R-!`0t0|0z-RX0t0|0z-R-!p0t-X---'--Pp--`0t0|0z-RX0t0|0z-R-!p0t-`--'0w0wx-p--h-(0~-p--Pp--X8-WX8-ZX8-\X8-`X8-aP-h-$-X8-i0-X8-l0-X8-p0-P-t-$-$-X8-vX8-z$-(X8-P-h-&$-P.-&$-Rh-%P-%~1!P-^1"X8.X8.X8.P-h-@-X8.$-X8.P-h-@-X8.X8. X8.%X8.,$-(X8.3P-h-@-P.9-$-P-h-@-P.9-$-PX8.9X8.Bh-%H-%p-P-^1#-H-%p-P-^1$-8-%p-P-^1&-^1'1P.E-($-h-X8.G	h-%`-%h-X8.PX8.UX8.XX8.^X8/=?X8/|QX80M&(' ENTER HEADER')(16A5)     O% \7E <7R,, <7U, <7X,
"& $ F7B D9 02F7F+7P>9; 7B+7M 7E,~X87BX97D@1A    I    F    G    E    (    )    D    O    (400A1)(I5)9    0    I    O    A    8X`     PROBLEM   PROBLEM SEE DICK HOUCHARDO%[r \7n p @7a p @7] #p B7^ <9,	"7] $ F7c D7l 7l <9,
:7l; 7c+7,"7] 7] D7[ 7[ =2D7s+8>7[8&8 <9,LF@d7l:7l 7l2d7[+8( 7rZD7^ 7^ 7l  =3H7e+8	*d8 7l =3&7p+8! =2f7o+8!"& $ F7a D7[.7l2d7[+8! 7rZD7^ 7^ 7l.7[  =2H7e+81F+8!+8	*d8 7l.7[ =3&7p+8! =2f7o+8!:7[; 7a+8 $.7l D7l"&/7[.7l 7l = H<.$8&8%"$.D7[+8	@d7Z D7l $ D7]:7l2d7[+8j =3F7h+8* =3F7i+8* =3&7p+82 =3f7o+85 7] = H:7]3&7]+8*+8p $ D7Z 7r 7s FM*d87 $ D7^ 7^ 7l = FM:7l:7^ =3&7p+8? =3f7o+89 O2D7s+8E"& $ M HM/$8&8B 7s DM+8? <9, <9
,<9	 <9,
 7l =3D7h+8R"7\ $ D7^ 7] 7l  = H:7]2d7]+8p:7^8&8M+8* $.7l D7k $ D7c 7k =3F7h:7c =3F7i>7c7F7c+8Z:7k+8T"&.7k $.7l2d+8h"7\ $ F7e D7^ $.7l D7k 7k/7k 7k D7[ 7] 7[  = H:7]2d7]+8p:7[8&8b:7^; 7e+8_ 7k D7l+8*"$.7] D7[7F7Z+8q"7[ $  H=.$8&8m+8( <9,LF+8 $ D7["7a $@hq 7[ 
 2J7q+8w * Jq 
 2J7q+8y * Jq 
 2J7p+8| * Jq:
7[3j7[+8~ ( H7[.$8&8s 7n,~P7]7m7^(=x7tP7m7\@MP7n7\$7\x7uF    A    I    $    (' WHICH VARIABLES FROM THE BANK?'/)(5A1)(I5)('-ERROR:  There are',I7,' variables in the BANK and limit is set at',I7/9X,'Program proceeds, ignoring the excess'/)('-ERROR: Variable string too long, Contact computer center staff'/9X,'for help'/)('-ERROR:  Picking up 0 variables from the BANK, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Illegal entry for range    "',3A5,'",'/' Re-enter the entire list')('-ERROR:  Variable number',I6,' does not exist, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Illegal range specification, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  No variable selected from BANK, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" does not exist, program continues'/9X,'ignoring it'/)('-ERROR:  The following',I6,' variable names do not exist,'/9X,'Program continues ignoring them:'/(10(1X,A5)))('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" is not of the required ',A1,'-Type,'/9X,'It will be excluded in all analysis'/)('-ERROR:  The following variables are not of the required ',A1,'-Type,'/9X,'They will be excluded in all analysis:'/(9X,10(A5,1X)))(' ')('-ERROR: Variable "',A5,'" is used more than once,'/9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the duplicate'/)('-ERROR:  The following',I5,' variables appear more than once,'/9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the duplicates'/(9X,10(A5,1X)))('-All or some of the variables located in a structured data BANK may be'/' used for the analysis.  A "ALL" or "*" may be entered if all of the'/' variables are to be used.  Otherwise, enter the variables by either'/' their NAMES (as previously defined in the data BANK) or by their'/' variable numbers separated by commas.  Ranges of variables may also'/' be specified by typing the extremes of the range separated by a "-".'/'-Multiple lines are available to enter the list provided the'/' last character in the line is a comma.'/' The list should be terminated by an altmode or a carriage return.'//)E    H    9    0    ALL  -    *    L    ,    X     P    $E:]h6 \;U p @9W p @:
 $ D9X $t D: $>.;&$>$:.$ D: $.:&$ D:@d9Z D:
aD:"9X$@h: $@hM.$8&;l <?,, $ D9R <?],N- :0D+;t <?\,S4 9[2D;W+;z 9[2D;V+;z 9\2D;Z+;z 9\3D;\+?X"&$ $$ D: : 9Z2D;[+;>:8&;{+<qOd: : 9Z2F;Z+< & F:1D+<	 9Z2F;Z+<	 9Z3F6+< 9Z2F:+<	>: 6 F9Z ;[ ;[ F:
@d9T": $ F: D: 9Z F:3F;[+<B2F;Z3F;Y+<2F63F:+< 9T0(+<B:9T F :
+<B : &2F:+<2D63D:+<q:9Z ;[ F="9T $ D: : :
2h;W+<0 :
3(;X+<0::8&< :2D;[+<'"& $ :
/H:8&<#,;[ D:f,
 <?h,	 9Z <?l,
 :3D;Y+<:6b9R0b+<0+<.4<@4<o 9Z@fM <?m, <?q,
 =3F;Y+<F =3F;X+<F :3F;Y+<:6b9R0b+<:+<94<@4<o:9Z ;Y F= &"FM6b9R0b+<@+<>4<@4<o@d9T ;[ ;[ F:
*d<A::; :+<7d9T+<o $ D9R+< : D:3d9X+<I 9X F:@f:
 F9X & F:": $ F: D:.: D: <?s, <?w,
 :/$$$ D: :2F:+<U":.: F:": $ D9 9$$	 9 D: 9W1(3D+<`1H0D+<]+<`:
 L(M+<f :
 (	$9  9
Q::8Hq:9.:+H<M"$.9X4$?-4D?!+?$ :3D:+<i <?y, <?|,
+<i :1D+;o 9Z3d9X+<u <?~,, <?\,S4 $3$9Z+<z <@,,3d9+;n <?\,S4"9Z $ F: D:"M0F+=
7&L+<6&M+= <@,/$ D:":/&.: : F:
 D9 9 <@,
:9; :
+=,6$9+;g <?\,S4 : M3f:+= <@	, <@
+=::;:+<| $.: D: <@
 $ D: $ D:3d:+= : F: :6FM+=' = F:": $ D9 9$$	 9
 : H
Q$9 H
 9 Jq+=k:98&=::
 : F
Q+: M7FM+=1::
 ;[ H
Q M2H:+=k M$(	  9
Q M$(	  9 Hq+=k :
a:	 : M F:0$2$:+=6+=I5F=F": $ D9 
9$*	 9 =3F(9
 ;[ F
:: = H
Q+M H:	0D2d:+>>.$ D9Y : D9Y+=M :2d:3d:	+>>+=< $.:	 D9Y7D:+=Z2d:+=b D9Y 9Y3$9Y+>> :
 $.D:"&.9Y/9Y 9Y:9R *	$
Q *	$
(9JqDT+=k : = D:": $ D9 9$$	 9
2D:+=a 9 D9Y+=M:98&=] : D9Y :
 ;[ F
P &"F= H
Q+M:H: :3d9Z+= :3D:+>i $ D: &/: $ F9Q D9V.: D: <@, <@,
a:D9U9V$$D:3d:+=ye:UF::/9U	D: $ D: : 
Q :$$	 9 Dq+>e : 
Q D:": $ D9 9$$	 9
2D:+> : 9$(	  9
Q+9.9U7H9/Hq+>e:98&>	+>e.:7F:	2d:
+>+"&.:	/:
 .9S H9R 

Q J 
q J q 
/J8&>%":.9Y/9Y 9Y : *	$
Q *	$
(9 J q 
: J 
:.$8&>/ 9S.D:
 $3D9R.d: :2$:
+>g+=|e:7F,6$9+;g <?\,S4 : 
Q D:": $ D9 9$$	 9
3D:+>P:98&>D 9Y3d:+>K $.D:+>f : D9Y $/9Y.9Y D9S : D:	 $ D9R+># 9 D9Y3$9Y+>> & F9R"&/9Y.9Y F9S5&>! : &	$9Y 9
Q>&	$9Y 9 Fq 9Y.9U F
+>g D9Z.$ D:":
/(.: ::9Z 

q Jq 
.J8(>a:: :3d:
+=|:9V; 9Q+=r6d:
+>m <@,,6 9+;g+<y@d: D9X $ D9Y"&/:
.9Y9YyF:D:W0b+>y+>v4?	4?	4?	4?4?":1H+>|:: 

Q J =>:
5d> <@, <@",
+>j :
/&.: : 
Q.q8Hq : D9Y7`:
+?+>o 9W : q3H+?5D? q1H+?:9X 
Q HM+>|::; :+>r"$.:4$?5d? <@$, <@',
+? <@(, <@+,
": $ F9W D: : <@-,
::; 9W+?, <@.,,"$.9X4$?-5d?$ <@1, 9W <@4,
+?, <@6, 9W <@9,
"9X $ F9V D: : <@;,
::; 9V+?(, <@<,, :
1d+?Z@f: D9Y $ D: $.: D9Y 9Y3D9Y+?J 9Y/&/9Y 9Y D9 9 :  
Q+?=:98&?6 9Y D:
3d:+?J::+?1:: : 
Q F= 93F9Y+?H"&.F9Y.9/9Y 9 
Q q Hq.$8&?C 9 D9Y+?2"$.D9Y+?:"$.:4$?Z5d?N <@?, <@B,
+?V <@D, <@G,
": $ F9S D: : <@H,
::; 9S+?R, <@J,,+?Z <@M,,+;g ;U :
$:$=X8;X8;<=    >    <    ('-',29X,'SELECT OPTION:'/)('  SELECT OPTION:'/'  ?',$)(72A1)('-ERROR:  Invalid entry, Re-enter the line'//)('+ ?',$)('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" does not exist, Re-enter the line'//)(I5)('-ERROR:  Missing '' in an A-type variable'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  Too many values in the string'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  Multiple values can only be performed on a ''EQUAL'' CONDITION'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  ',15A1,' Is too long for A-type variable,'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)(37X,72A1)(G15.0)(I15)('-ERROR:  Cannot have a decimal point in a I-type variable'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  No qualifier accepted, Try again'//)('-ERROR:  Too many qualifiers requested'/9X,'Program will ignore the last SELECT statement'//)('-SELECT option allows the program to consider only those observations'/' meeting user specified criteria.  Instructions to the SELECT option'/' (QUALIFIERS) are entered on a line or on separate lines.  Each'/' QUALIFIER contains 3 basic parts:  VARIABLE, CONDITION, and VALUE or'/' VALUES to be compared against.  The variable may be specified by'/' either the variable NAME (if previously defined), or the variable'/' number (in the case of data BANK file, this is the number associated'/' with the BANK).  The CONDITION may be one of the following:'//6X,'CONDITION',5X,'MEANING'/6X,9('-'),5X,7('-')/9X,'=',10X,'equal to'/9X,'<',10X,'less than'/9X,'>',10X,'greater than'/6X,'<= or =<',6X,'less than or equal to'/6X,'>= or =>',6X,'greater than or equal to'/6X,'<> or ><',6X,'not equal'//)(' The value to be compared against must be of the same type as the'/' variable it is compared with.'//' Enter each QUALIFIER immediately after the ? is typed out by the program'/' Several QUALIFIERS may be ''OR'' together by entering the QUALIFIERS on'/' a line separated by semi-colons (;).  Enter a ^Z, a carriage return or'/' a blank line immediately after the ? to signify the end of all'/' QUALIFIERS.  Up to 20 Qualifiers may be specified.'//' EXAMPLE: To consider all those observations in which variable 3 is'/11X,'not ZERO, and variable 5 is less than 4 or greater than 8.'//11X,'SELECT OPTION:'/11X,'?3<>0'/11X,'?5<4;5>8'/11X,'?^Z'//)(37X,'SAME AS THE PRECEEDING RUN'/)S    .    E    H    9    0    -    TTY  ;    '    L    A    ,    PXhM              P    gdXz \BJ p @@T 13DBN+BZ <DX,, <D[,, <D^, <Da,
 =2DBL+Bd >2DBL+Bd >2DBP+Bd ?3DBU+DN =2DBJ+Bj >2DBQ+Bj >2DBS+Bj ?3DBL+DS@dw D@[:@[@d@S"&$ $$ D@S @S =2DBT+Bq>@S8&Bm+DE $ D@e BR BT F@_*dBr BP BT Fa*dBt@d@g D@d @e = D@d3DBT+B BSZD@P @P @e3F@d+C
*dBz:@d0d+B @d F@_:@e3d@S+Bw <Dd,,6$9+C <DW,S4"$.D@["@S.Dw <Dg,, <Dj, <Dm,
+Bk BT D@P @`3$BM+C @`3dBM+C <Do, <Ds,
"@T $ D@U @U 
Q3D@P+C<:@U8&C 21D+CA <Du, <Dx,
6$9+C <DW,S4 @b2DBT+C "& $ @_ H@`/$8&C BT D@`+C BT D@T <Dz, <D},
 <E,	 <E,
 $2$@P+C w0&
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q J@Q+CW @P2d:+C.$&$ D@e (>.;&(>$:.$. D@Z <E, <E,
:w @P Fw"@e.&$&.@P F@e$&	 d H@Q+CW w0$
+DK:wq@UQCW $>.;&$>$:.$ D@e $.:&$ D@h"@h $ F@V D@U.@e D@Z <E, <E,
 BRZD@U @U$&	 `3F@P+CQ*dCK:@U; @V+CH+C w0$
+DK:w"&.@U$&.@U Fw &	$@U d F@Q w @[ F]:@S@d@W @P @[.d@g0d+C &.@e2f@S+C @e =3H=+C:@e BSZD@P @P @e  =3H@e+CZ*dCa w @g F@d@d @e = D@d @Q0F+Co3DBO+Cm <E,,+C:@e = F@d+Cq @d2$BM2dBM+C:@d0d+Cs @d Fa:@e2f@S+Cx = H@d2HBO3HBQ+Cx+Cq:@W1d
+C{ <E,,+C @d2DBQ+C2DBQ+D &2F@g+D $.@Q6b0b+D+D4D 4D4D  <E,,+C @d1d+D
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$w.@W BT H &
$w.@W <E,"@d $ F@c D@U @U <E#,
:@U; @c+D,:@e w @W HS2d@S+D @d3FBO+Br3FBQ+Cf 13DBN+D  <E$, <E',
+C a2DBN+D# b3DBN+C"@d $ D@U @U a2DBK+D+ $.@Q6b0b+D++D)4D,4DC4DC:@U8&D% $ D@e"@d @d>@e 
a J a/$8&D."@d $ BT Ha.$8&D2 BS BT F@Q*dD4 @Q1D+D= <E*, <E-,
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$w.@W <E3,
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$w.@W <E>,
+D <E@,,+C $3$w+DV <EC,,3d9+BZ <DW,S4+DV <EF,,"@S.Dw+DV <EI,, <EL,,6$9+BZ <DW,S4 13DBN+DV <EO,, BJ,~X0@hX8@kX9DE@n@$=X8@oX8@tX9DE@n@$=P@n@P@@`X8@u$@PP@n@T@@`P@|@T$@PP0@Z@>iP0@Z@>iX8@}X8AX8A
X8A@aP@d@n$aX0A@$=P@n@Q@aPA@Q(P@n@^@aPA@^$X8A	X8A(X8A-	X8A7OX8B@X0BF('1'/'-'/'-',29X,'WESTERN  MICHIGAN  UNIVERSITY'//30X,12A5///30X,'CALLING NAME:  ',A5/30X,'TIME-DATE   :  ',A5,2X2A5/30X,'TITLE',7X,':  ',16A5/30X,'FORMAT',6X,':  ',16A5/4(43X,16A5/))(30X,'DATA FILE   :  ',A10/30X,'CREATED ON  :  ',2A5/30X,'BY PROJ-PROG:  ',A1,O6,',',O6,A1/30X,'NUMBER OF VARIABLES IN THE BANK.',5(' .'),I7/30X,'NUMBER OF OBSERVATIONS IN THE BANK',4(' .'),I7)(30X,'NUMBER OF VARIABLES USED',9(' .'),I7)('-',29X,'DATA FILE   :  ',A10,A1,O6,',',O6,A1)DSK  S:5p \F p @ES <F,MQ <F,Mi <F, <F,
 20D+F <F$, <F',
7DES+F <F., <F1,
 12DF+F 21D+F <F2, <F5,
 F,~xEQxERX0ET@q(q$EQ@ER@1@(X0Ef02@;$5@<$6$:$;X0Ez$ESX0E~02$5$4$5$6('1',A5,'  W.M.U.   ',2A5,4X,16A5,3X,A5,4X,'PAGE:',I4/)('1',A5,'  W.M.U.   ',2A5,9X,12A5,18X,A5,4X,'PAGE:',I4/)TTY  a<P \FD 13DFE+FP $ D7 <FQ,Mi:87D9+FN <FR, <FU,
+FP <F[, <F^,
 FD,~xEQX0F9(q@ER@1$EQ$8X0F>(q@ER@q$EQ$8F    A    I    (' ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES'/)(' ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES: (',A1,'-TYPE ONLY)'/)(80A1)('-ERROR:  Format incorrectly specified'/)(' Any FORMAT specification must comply with the FORTRAN-10 Format'/' requirement. The FORMAT must also be enclosed in parentheses'/' and be no more than ',I3,' characters in length'//' Example:  ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES'/11X,'(I2,F3.0,1X,F2.0,I1)'/)S    .    E    (    H    (@    L    A    )    M    P         SYSTEM ERROR CONTACT COMPUTER CENTER    DSK  SEQINO$lH \GA p @Fg p @Fj !p @G $ DFf@f FFd FFh2FFj+GX <HC,LF 0H3DFg+G[+G\ <HD,, 1(2FFg+Ga <HG,  <HJ,
 Fd0$+Gc <HA,N- Fd0D+Gg <HK, <HN,
"&( $( DG G Fm2DGI+Gm>G8&Gh $ D+H? G DFg@dG:G2dFg+Gw Fm2FGI+Gn G/&/Fg G Fm HFm.$8&Gs"$.DFg+Gn6DFd+H  Fm2DGD+G~ Fn2DGC+G~ Fn2DGF+G~ Fo3DGH+H; Fm2DGB+H Fn2DGF+H Fn2DGH+H Fo3DGC+H? Fm3DGD+H Fm2DGE+H9 $ DFd"Fj $ .G 
GI J'.$8&H	 Fm3DGD+H  $ DFd &/Fg $ DG G Fm3DGB+H:G8&H:Fg GB FFm"$.Fg DFh <HQ, &/Fg $ FFj DG G <HT,
:G; Fj+H, <HV, <HX,+Ga"Fg $ Fm3HGD:Fh Fm2HGG+H%"(.HFh.$8&H! $.Fg&$.Ff2dFj+H9 Ff.G <H[,"Fg $ FFi DG G <H_,
:G; Fi+H-, $.Fg&$.DFf Fh0$+H76bFd0b+H7+H54H?4H7+Ga <H`,+H? <Hb,,+GT Fj(.Fj DG <He, <Hh,
+GT GA,~hFmGEFmxGIX8GX8G$ FeXG!@(FmPFhG!Fc$FmhP~GNPFc^GOPFgG!$FmhX8G"X8G'$GALL  HELP EMPTYSTOP OBS  $         -    .    *    /    ?    "    +    ;    (' ENTER # OF VARIABLES OR VARIABLE NAMES'/)(I5)(I5)(5A1)('-ERROR:  Number of variables ',I6,' outside allowable range,'/9X,'Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name list too long, contact computer center staff'/9X,'for help'/)('-ERROR:  Reserved character "',A1,'" in variable name'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',A5,'" is reserved'/)('+Re-enter the line'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',5A1,'" starts with a number'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',A5,'" is used in variables ',I5,' and ',I5)('-Enter correction in the order:  VARIABLE #, COMMA, VARIABLE NAME OR A - TO DELETE'/)(I,A5)('-This line defines directly and indirectly the number of variables to'/' be used in the analysis.  If a number is entered, it is assumed to be'/' the number of variables and variable name option is not selected.'/' If a variable name list is entered, the number of variables is'/' counted from the list.  Variable name list should conform to the'/' following rules:'//' (1)  The list is composed of 1 or more lines.  If more than 1 line'/6X,'is needed the last character in the line must  be a comma.'/6X,'The list must be terminated with a carriage return or an altmode.'//' (2)  Variable name is made of 1 to 5 alphanumeric characters, the'/6X,'first being non-numeric.'//6X,'The names may not contain any of the following symbols:'//6X,'*      ?      -      /      ,      +      ''      .      BLANK'//6X,'Nor may be any of the reserved words:'//6X,'ALL    HELP   EMPTY  STOP   OBS'/)E    H    9    0    -    L    @,    X`P         $mLz \J p @Hq <KQ,,@dHq J J F=*dJ! <KO,N- $ DHj Hq0D+J'7`9+J+KJ @2DJ+J- @2DJ+J- A2DJ+J- A3DJ+KH"& $ DHw Hw ?2DJ+J2>Hw8&J/ Hw DHl ?3F6+J5 ?3FHx>Hl"Hl $ DHw Hw ?3(J+Jd ?2hJ+Jd:Hw8&J7"Hl $ ? H=.$8&J= ?2DJ+JE"& $ = H=/$8&JA J D=+J? <KT, <KW,
 <KZ,	 <K],
7dHq+J]0d+Ja"Hq $ FHn DHw J J F=*dJM Hw <K_, <Kb,
 <Kd,	 <Kg,
 =2DJ+JX J = F=*dJU J D?+JS Hw <Kj, <Km,
aDHw; Hn+JM+KK <Kp, <Ks,
6$9+J <KN,S4 <Kt,, <KN,S4"&$ $$ DHk Hk ?2DJ+Ji>Hk8&Je+K' Hk ?GH{4&Jo ?2HJ+Jo ?2H6+Jo>Hk 6 F?@dHl DHj"Hk $ FHu DHk ? FHv2FJ3F6+K3FH{+K3FJ+K! JZDHw Hw H{3FHv+J~*dJw Hj0$+K!:Hj Hv F=+K! <Kw, <Kz,
+K <K|, Hq <K,
6$9+K <KN,S4 <L,,"Hl.DHq+J  Hv Hk0F+K2D63DH{+K'7dHj+K! =3$J+K =2dJ+K <L, <L,
Q <L	, <L
 JZDHw Hw Hq  
Q3HHx+K*dK@Hq DJ J F=*dK Hv2D63DH{+K':Hk; Hu+Jr Hv3DJ+J 7dHj+K' $ DHj+K
"$.Hq4$J]4DKK &/Hq $ FHs DHw.$ DHw"&/Hq.Hw Hw DHl Hl Hw  
Q+K4:Hl8&K/:Hw; Hs+K++KK <L, Hw <L,
6$9+K9 <KN,S4 <L,, <L, <L,
 Hv3DJ+K@ Hw D
Q+FK' $.Hw DHv"&/Hq.Hv Hv 
P.8&KC"$.DHq+K' <L,,6$9+J <KN,S4 J Hq Ap,~h@JHqX8IPIHv@=PIHv$HqPI
Q@=X8I$HqX8I	X8I$HvX8I$
Q$Hw$HlX8I2	X9I;$Hw$HvX8I<Y e:~+  \L" DL# p @L p @L @dL  L# <L/,N@L *dL(!$x@dL L L  L" L#,~xL!	`Z(X^. >[.~(3~+L4	~+L?Z. \x <x*<x .->Nez+L;!"	b+  "L<	b+Z. h+ggM?Th
&LA	b+L/,
a.3@1,>S6O@M+LJgR~@1,>S6@@M,>,>@6 w+LW"M0B+LR!"A`X#p5@LO/#p!"X#p+LW\p+LWa.9'1,>S6,>,>O@M+LW,>
6+ _4`L_"`Q@,> <M,,^,> <M,
,^*bL\+Lj,> <M
,,^7@M+Le,> <M
,^+Lg,> <M,
,^Z5"Lj,> <M,
,> <M,,^,,> <M,,^,> <M,
1@#+Lx0@*+Lj,> <M,,^+Lj,^,^,^,~(' Type G to Continue, X to Exit, T To trace.'/2H *,$)(A1)(1H 14A5/)(1H A5,1X,O6)PAUSESTOP .pXMp XMp Mp Mp XLzX~Mp xgG@1,>S67cp+M$ (Bdb+M.M("+M .M("TB#p@,~4BM'+PLA0
M(#p+M  ,~>attempt to take SQRT of negative argC2|t(1,>S6 p4@MD @M3,> <ML,M4,^M2,~{e^bC2|p1,>S6 p5`M84@MD+PLA0MM#p3@MG+MF)r. !@MK! n@MK(|h"MG MH BMK MHMIMIMKMKMJ,~+DLA0
ME MJ,~  ,~ 0_i/X3 6P'M 5( bB W
R `@xM3ATTEMPT TO TAKE LOG OF NEGATIVE ARGI$P1,>S6 #p D F	b&".$&$7@"$  (@. &"* Mc)@
(@($~&$.$.&(D(F..1,#p**,~.$D.&-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-i&lP1,>S6 DN FN	b	&"j0 DN&" DNS Ao-&M "B N-&M[p(F{5FMt[w0F+M~+Mv ph& `f~+M~ "B N&"t DN-&M "B N&$2 $D N N,~ N N,~&" "B $D+ep1,>S6 N
 M?L@INXINXINXINXINXI2I2 I20I2@GiSHO1,>S6@ p.#p<XBN4Q#p %p8XD ND Ep*" #pXBN;@Ap p@
(1D+N71D+NA4.N;NDdNEFK1d>1D Kp
&NE,~     :
1,>S6	`
ZAp[Ap,~U>m61,>S6	`
 Ap,~HNPHO6gZxNO A=Qi7+ @	` 1pQ0A` NL@@NP O;* Nc@,O/4TO1T+Nk1T)+O1,O/4TNpT+Nn ."&""`QBNN O<	`+Nu O<+O$ INX	ih+N	`
&bO=&bO=`O>`Nd+N NL?`NO
&O>	`5HNoONM$,O/1T+O"0T*+Ng,O/1T',O/0T+Ng>@@O5,O'0T1T+O
O5 JO6+O
&OC	` $ OC,O)+O@
,O/0T1T.+O!1T+O 1t14+O(L.,Wh+OSLO7+OXLO7+O$,O&! >9 @O5  2 OD*&8+0@@O6 OD*&O8,O/1T+O'7,O/14,~1t+O-04 0t-,~4dO/.4T=O)0"d@81T 4,~ OE	b+ 	`+2ggG>n
Command error: 
HO6	v00	v`O6iSN
,7 OAp,~I4:1,>S6,P Ap,~44ON4OzKbN=1,>S6O@O{ p4BOV,P4@OV9OZ9OYKbN=1,>S6@@O{!$Lu 	`@Ap``a`+Oxa`+Oz DOQA (`O_/"#BOP@@OQ !pX@OM,> <OM,P,^7@Oz+OeOAp+Oy #pQ"A` $1@+Oj0`=dOg! H: @OO@@OPa|+Op[pd0@ +Ou[pd0@ +Ou+Os_w6@O{_w#`1 +OuSpXp @OP
&O{+Oy   Ap ,~ ERROR ON OPEN!
HHOHPG.t21,>S6@@Ap! A`.!p @O} O~ @O@@O@@P & "O}<1D+P
-P=bPO}<0D+PO " O~ @OO}<-P=bP7@OOAp !p<, O, P,~<&PO}1D+P   Ap+P1D+P1$+P1d+P0$ 0d-+P $DO+P"P:,PG0@+P6 p4BP8Lad+P5`b+P6 $0d"+P8&$$&(&}Z.GP:.&$.$ 7F+P+  ,~ A$&$(DG$1$((D(D
 	`5@P8 .2bM+P4 L.&7D!$Lu+P72"P;+P1 &p,P? 	`,~
&P; <P>,
"PF,PG 'Q&A` PF@1x,~180.8X=`PB,~.H  a|+PJ0"0b/ ,~0B1B,~0B/ ,~aJMm1,>S6,R+Pj@,Q?,R+PjZ"6Ep " B` "bPs $7cp $1B $dPs,Pl,Q^+Pk6cp0b "bPt$Q  ({."XB`&$@6@.$.$
a|+Pc[pdp0B +Pg+Pe_w#`1"+Pg6cp 0d $QD`,Q)+ ,R ,~
&Pw+Pi@b -p .Q,A` 

HH . 
Py+PoYC GaSa3 S;YC&<G<aS<a3&<E$;w|xQ PP{ B`1T!"L	b@XB`O@Q R- Q@,R
+R%!,2,R@!.~,R`+R.""1T""QBQ,R	f+ 1$9Q9+R 8Q@`Q R0*(Q R0	n@`N+R5 6`
 R61T R7 B` " B`\"
	b@ B`\"7	b!"Z(BrbR8	b
 BQ	b
+"`B`!"2	b`b`b+QY!"2	b!`2B`+QY!$2	d!$Lu+Q\ R8	b@R9,R9	d!$Lu BQ DQ,~@@Q R:*(Q$ BQ DQ BX B` DXZQ(D}	d ` DQ DX "2D`bR:d  "bR;,R@Q+R; Q$ BX@@Q% R>	b$+Qn!"Q&X"X*"X!"`
Q Q,R +R JX,R +R
&R? "bR:a`+Q+Qha`+Q,R Q+ +Q 	x HR	h	&(2 
PP{ RE.Q &..0P`bp+R
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,~:x,~ " BR-O@QO@Qg "?$R-+R$	d5DR R-(D DQ+R,> e`p+R 7 Q+R#l!Q+R"7 Q+R#l!Q:+@>,^+R
&RE,~ "
&RG,~ "
& ,R,	b (RU+R(
Q0CMQ Cannot do MPB QUEUE on GALAXY system. (R1+R(`` `P$` h


C2d;y1,>S66#p0b+S%@Ap S- $	b2+S "6@&Z&." p4DS.$(B{(D{0d+S% BS, DS+ ( & Q&	f2+Ri4&Ri1(~9Rf HS*3HS++Rv2(S++R}.(3(S, S, HS+@@S,@@S
 S-	d2+Rw3hS++Rn S,(F+S#6@S,+RyO@S,+RrOApZS
3bS++S%/"*S* BS++R~@Ap S+:!&@@S
!"x HS
.(3hS**bS S-	d2+ 3hS*+R6Ap+S%+RvZ	b+ @gp+S#6@&+SZ.$1$ $!	d+S% $QD&,S& pZaD $ S.	fQ&[[&.&."`b+S%!."!`aB	b:p	d+S%/'p.& Gp,~OAp,~G3]x1,>S6@	`+S),~
&S.	` S
Cannot write-enable high segment data area.