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?p`?xMJ.Kb)G|x$G`INXQF:{A)'[	{BE@
u'|'}	QO*>	`	kPpN]	kHO ('-*** W.M.U. FREQUENCY COUNT PROGRAM V2 ***'//)('-This BANK was created with an experimental version of the BANK.'/' Please update the Bank by running BANKUP from area 220,220.'/' If you are not responsible for the BANK, contact the owner and'/' ask him to run the updating program.'/)('-ERROR:  Number of variables ',I6,' outside allowable range, Try again'/)('-')a=`(BANK T    DATA TTY  FORMADUMP )    {H{ V2   DSKC (80A1     + -<HOd8"$ D9 $ D0 $ D0@f8 ( H7 F: k F- n F- D <,, <^,Jj <Z,-' <U,-' : D1@f72Dj+ f F7 <H,! k o F-*d@d6 +0D+ <H,3E $.26b0b++
44 <b, <f,
 A3Dn+ <h,, <H,NX = D: > D; ? D; ? D< @ D< @ D= <T,7[ i D h D j D i D m o F*d+/ <S,F ,1D+" $ D $2D,+% <Q,CN 1D+( <O,3v+/ o D l D l o F*d*"7 $4 ( H=.$8&- 7( D7 <L,M~7@<+: <k, <n,
6$9+6 <H,NX $.26b0b+:+944 : D>.7 D=.7 D9.7 D8 > &= Fd = &= Fd 9 &= Fe $= De <I,z <p,,+} <H,
X7	d	d	e	e`7<:=h7mh*hx7pg7@f0812452@g0813452x9X8?P0g@>=X8DX8\$7X8cFREQ F, I, A-TYPE  FREQUENCY  COUNT  PROGRAM                     F    A    I    ('-',29X,'OPTIONS AVAILABLE:',2X,'SELECT',3X,'HEADER',3X,'MISS',3X,'FORMAT'/30X,'OPTIONS USED',5X,':',4X,A3,6X,A3,5X,A3,5X,A3/'-',29X,'VARIABLES USED:'//((37X,A5),9(2X,A5)))('-')(30X,'NUMBER OF ',A1,'-TYPE VARIABLES =',I7)('-',16A5)(' Number of ',A1,'-type variables =',I7)(30X,'NUMBER OF OBSERVATIONS USED=',I7/)(' Number of observations used=',I7/)('-')('-Please wait, your data is being processed'//)('-ENTER DATA')(' Format assumed: (80A1)')('-ERROR:  Illegal character in observation:',I7/9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the observation'///)('-***** VARIABLE ',A5,' HAS ',I3,' VALUE',A1,' *****'/)(' NOTE: More than 600 symbols encountered in variable ',A5,','/8X,'No further symbols will be considered, but the counts for'/8X,'those symbols in the table will be accurate.'/)S    YES  TTY  @NO   x.TMP .001 MISSIp00000h     00001SEQOUT    SEQINDELETE    DELETE    SEQOUT    SEQINDELETE    RENAME    SEQINDELETE    [Mk \d p @u #p Bw #p By #p B #p B $
 Dt $ Dt"u $ .w 

Q J' .y 
 J' . 
q J'.$8& 13Df+:8 <F,B", $ g Hs7H*+ f Hs.$8& <G,", $ F D  <J,
:; +"u $ F D .w <K,
:; +, *0D@dy *0D+" <E,>S k@f}*d" g Dk"u $ . ' H
 }.$8&% 13Df+2 <M,, k7F}+1 <P, <S,
 <U, <X,
*d,+= <Z,"6 $ F D  <],
:; +5, k7F}+< <^, <a,
*d9 $.26b0b+A+?44A $>.;&$> D/$ D{ <c,,7dy+ 1D+N j Dp h Dq <C,J{ $3D+M.dp+J <f," $ F
 D"&> $ F
 D & F$@h Fz:2dy+ y/($ &.. F3Fz+] <j, <n,
 Fz   F"U $ Dy6b0b+e+a4e4j4o4t4y4~O (
(s2J @5$+O (
(s3j @5$+O (
(s3* @5$+O (
(s2* @5$+O (
(s2j @5$+ $
$.y   s3H+ @h$ 3Dy+ _2H_+T:+  U2Hy+2Dy+  ( H$+ O 
_3J_@5(T+	:y8&`:; 
+R 3D0D++ <p, <r,
+P <u, <w, $ Dj"$>${.; D|"u $ F	 D@fx (> Hx.y /($.( H Fk Fl 1d+6"{ $ F D & Fi. D <{, <~,
7Dy+2 <, <,
 <@,!7dj+5.Dx <>,"+5 $> Dj.Dx <<,":; +' $ Di | Fx .y $.& F <, <	,
7fy+F2$+B <, <
 <, <9,!7dj+I.Dx <7,"+I x Dj.Dx <5," 0D+S <, <,
 13Df+P <, <,
 x0f3Df+S <!,BC $3$x+X3Dy+ 1F+ <,+fx!$H D $ Dr =2Fk+e i F=3$k2D++b"i.xh!&H F & Fr2D++e & Fr"k $hi H.$8&f k D| k1d+l e D| .  D <4,( $.73d7+r <!,BC $.D7 <, .w <!,
 l1f,+~.73d7+z <!,BC $.D7 <#, .w <&,
 $.6b0b++444 <2,$l+ <0,&[+ <.,# u3D+ $.73d7+ <!,BC 71D+ $.D7 <(,,:; 	+7Dy+ 1D+ <+,+ 13Df+ <-,,+ <0,, 0D+ <3,, $ D D $S&u D@dk Dl Dx D u Dj"u $ .@j'.$8&$@d{" $ Fs D/$$u.$ D $u D <6,"&./  F Ds s <9,
:s; +0,+8 $.x Ds <;, <>,
+,:x $2$y+r D $ Dr:2dy+q"&..y Fs  Fz"U $ D}6bz0b+G+C4G4L4Q4V4[4`O (
(2J @5$h+cO (
(3j @5$h+cO (
(3* @5$h+cO (
(2* @5$h+cO (
(2j @5$h+c $
$.} s  3H+h@dr 3Dy+q _2H_+<:+d  U2H}+p2Dy+l $ Dr+, O 
3J@5(<+k:}8&Br1D+,:{:;ks+){$uDj{.Du0d+$Di<,,"lF6b0b++}4&4C $ D7d{+C$u Dj {.D u1d+x i Dq l Dp:p <+,J{ 0D+ <?, 0D+
 <L, <N,
 hZDs:v2fk+# s 
 s J= 
 1 Ji*d:; + <),"@dv"k $:v0h>+* 
= J s 
i J 1+1 <P, <R,
 <U, <W,
 = Hs i H2 ( Hv.$8&& . l F7dv+9 <Y, <[,
 <^, <`,
:; + $2D+= <b, <e, D j p Fq*d?6b0b+C+B4&4C 13Df+G <h, <k,
3Df+I <!,BC <l, <o,
7d+ &2&u+N <q,d!(H H =3Dk2F++U /ih!$H D@d"u $ Hw D.  F{: . 0d, $, Dk &3&u+b"k $hi H.$8&_+o@d <u, <w,
 <y, <{,
 hZDs:2fk+o s 
 s J= 
 1 Jiji
 J*dg3&k+c $ Dr k F|2$k+s e F| =2Fk+x & Fr i F=2D++x & Fr <(,( $.73d7+| <!,BC $.D7 <~, .w < ,
 . 1f,+	.73d7+ <!,BC $.D7 < , .w < ,
444 <&,#+ <$,$l+ <",&[ 3Du+ $.73d7+ <!,BC 71D+ $.D7 < ,,:; w+X u1d+ < , d u Ap,~h=ih=ih=ix{h=ipph=ih=ih=ih=ixhs=ih2=iXjx2s%hs=ih2=iXjx2s%ppxuxuX0$s$X0&X0&$
$sHtPp^rH-h-HtPq^sH-h-ht@>sht@>2ht@>sht@>2ht@>sht@>2`t>tXt>vPpX00$X84$HtPq^wH-h-ht@>sht@>2X0L$$k(|X0R$X08`t>xSELECHEADEMISS FORMA$    (' OPTIONS?'/)(5A1)('-ERROR:  Option code "',A5,'" does not exist, Try again'/)('-WARNING:  Cannot use FORMAT with a data BANK'/9X,'Program will ignore this option'/)('-Options available are:'//' CODE     DESCRIPTION'/1X,4('-'),5X,11('-')/' SELECT   Option to consider only those observations meeting user'/10X,'specified criteria'/' HEADER   A line of at most 80 columns to be used as HEADER'/' FORMAT   Option to enter own format, Default: (80A1)'/' MISS	 Missing data will not be in calculations of percentages'/1X,12('-')/' ALL      All of the options listed above'/' NONE     None of the options listed'/' SAME     Maintain the options used in the previous run'//' Enter the desired options in a line separated by commas.'/)S    E    ALL  *    HELP A    ,    XhM         $NONE C%w \! <!d,, <!b,IQ  0D+! <!a,NX  2D!+!  2D!+!  2D!
@f**d!"&$+$$ D!    2D!
+!7*d!#@d:"!3$+F!5 D ;0+F!:3F!: F  7+!O !
+!\3F!+!_2F!	3F!
+!S", $ D 3 
( ;3J +!>: 38(!7 <!m, <!p,
6$9+!2<!a,NX2$2D2+!A+!33D,+!B  3 & F* 20D+!G  32D,+!G <!q,,  : &3& 
+!7*d!M@d ::;;F5+!'7d:+! $,D,"  $ ( H*.$8&!Y+! <!w,,6$9+! <!a,NX !,~h ! X8 >P ? @ 7X8 @$ X8 F	X8 F	X8 O8a0 p @!{ p @!z #p B!| #p B!{ #p B!}@d!{"!z $ .!} '1H+":!{.!| 
/ J'.$8&" !{ Ap,~BLANK     G?-m \" !p @" !p @" !p @" l0d, $, Dk5d"& & Fk Fl " i." ' H2H"+"" " H " F 2&j+"m j.hi2hj+"m i/j&j/& i F" D"."  F" $ D"2F"+". " H" "2Fk+"3 " 2Fk+"< ".d+"k " 2Dk+"6 $ D" "2dk+"E." 3F"+"J "." 3$"+"L l0$,+"j"&/k." k ." 
' J  ." 
' J /$8&"@:k:l "." & F "." " F+"k ".":+"k k." 2d"+"W k." 3$"+"S k.":+"k l0$,+"j $.k D"+"E " D" k D" "."7 .$( D"." 3F"+"J "." 3d"+"a " D" "." 2$"+"e " D"""." D"0d+"Y " F"1$:"+"< $, Dl j.d"; "+"* ",~     -    (4(2A5,'VALUE',4X,'FREQ PERCENT'))(4(8X,23A1))(8X,A5,'NG',I8,F7.2,'%',3(1X,F14.3,I8,F7.2,'%'))(8X,A5,'NG',I8,8X,3(1X,F14.3,I8,F7.2,'%'))(2(1X,F14.3,I8,F7.2,'%'))(4(1X,F14.3,I8,F7.2,'%'))~HTTY  gep \# !p @"z !p @"t !p @"x $.73d7+# <$,BC $.D7 <$,"m( $ F"t D"p <$,
:"p; "t+#, <$,"m $ F"s D"n #_D"sZD"p <$,
:"p; "s+##:"n; "s+#!, $ D"w6br0b+#,+#*4#M4#,4#6 <$,"m $ F"r D"x "x o."z o."t 
"x <$,
:"x; "r+#/,+#I k0d+#< <$, p."z p."t <$ ,
+#I <$", p."z p."t <$%,
 &/m $ F"r D"x "x o."z o."t 
"x <$',
:"x; "r+#B,:7 m3Dk+$
 "w3Dm+$ $ D"w 12D#+#_ <$*,"&/m."w "w F"q D"o"m $ F"q D"x "x "o."z.o "o."t.o 
o <$-,
:"x; "q+#U:"o; "q+#S,+$"&/m."w "w F"p D"o:73$7+#u <$,BC $.D7 <$/,"m( $ F"w D"p <$2,
:"p; "w+#i, <$4,"m $ F"v D"n #_D"vZD"p <$7,
:"p; "v+#p:"n; "v+#o, <$8,"m $ F"u D"x "x "o."z.o "o."t.o 
o <$;,
:"x; "u+#x,:"o; "p+#b7Dl+$
 <$>,"l $ F"u D"y "y o."z o."t 
"x <$A,
:"y; "u+$,:7 #,~X0"z("oX0"~("yX0"($ ((X0#($X0#($($ ((X0#	($'(/X0"z("oX0"~("yX0#($'(/X0#($'(/     	    -----(5A1)(5(A1,'SYMBOL  FREQ PERCENT',2X))(1X,4A5,4(3X,4A5))(1X,A5,'NG',I5,F7.2,'%',4(3X,A5,1X,I6,F7.2,'%'))(1X,A5,'NG',I5,8X,4(3X,A5,1X,I6,F7.2,'%'))(3(1X,A5,I7,F7.2,'%',2X))(5(1X,A5,I7,F7.2,'%',2X))	TTY  	X	     gf \$f !p @$Q !p @$I !p @$P"l $ F$H D$Q.$Q  F$DA$i3F$j+$} $DA$g3D$h+$} $DA$k3D$i+$} $DA$1D	+$} $DA$0D	+% <%z,	 <%~,
 $j $J2F$I+% $k F$J*d$ $Q.$Q <&, <&,
:$Q; $H+$r $.73d7+%
 <%y,BC $.D7 <&,"m $ F$G D$D <&	,
:$D; $G+%, <&,"m( $ F$G D$D <&,
:$D; $G+%, $ D$O6br0b+%+%4%=4%4%& <&,"m $ F$F D$Q $Q o.$Q o.$I 
$P <&,
:$Q; $F+%,+%9 k0d+%, <&, p.$Q p.$I <&,
+%9 <&, p.$Q p.$I <&,
 &/m $ F$F D$Q $Q o.$Q o.$I 
$P <&,
:$Q; $F+%2,:7 m3Dk+%x $O3Dm+%m $ D$O 12D$h+%M"&/m.$O $O <&!,"
m ( J$E H$Q $Q 
 o .$P. o <&$,
:$Q; $E+%D,.$8&%A+%m"&/m.$O $O F$N D$C:73$7+%` <%y,BC $.D7 <&',"m $ F$N D$D <&*,
:$D; $N+%W, <&+,"m( $ F$M D$D <&.,
:$D; $M+%], <&0,"m $ F$J D$Q $Q $C.$Q.o $C.$I.o 
o <&3,
:$Q; $J+%c,:$C; $N+%P7Dl+%x <&5,"l $ F$J D$Q $Q o.$Q o.$I 
$P <&8,
:$Q; $J+%q,:7 $f,~P$R$D@$KP$R@$KX0$R($DX0$V($PX0$X$$ ((X0$]$$X0$]$$$$ ((X0$a$/$7(?X0$R($DX0$V($PX0$d$$'(/X0$d$$'(/     -    (5(A4,'VALUE  FREQ PERCENT '))(5(2X,22A1))(3X,A5,'NG',I6,F7.2,'% ',4(I9,I6,F7.2,'% '))(3X,A5,'NG',I6,9X,4(I9,I6,F7.2,'% '))(3(1X,I9,I6,F7.2,'%'))(5(1X,I9,I6,F7.2,'%'))~P~XTTY  gO \&X !p @&F !p @&A !p @&D $.73d7+&b <'X,BC $.D7 <'Y,"m $ F&@ D&< <'\,
:&<; &@+&f, <'],"m $ F&@ D&; &Y_D&?ZD&< <'`,
:&<; &?+&m:&;; &@+&l, $ D&D6br0b+&v+&t4'4&v4' <'b,"m $ F&? D&E &E o.&F o.&A 
&D <'e,
:&E; &?+&y,+' k0d+' <'g, p.&F p.&A <'j,
+' <'l, p.&F p.&A <'o,
 &/m $ F&> D&E &E o.&F o.&A 
&D <'q,
:&E;&>+'m3Dk+'V &D3Dm+'K $ D&D 12D&Z+') <'t,"&/m.&D &D F&> D&;"m $ F&= D&E &E &;.&F.o &;.&A.o 
o <'w,
:&E; &=+':&;; &>+',+'K"&/m.&D &D F&= D&;:73$7+'? <'X,BC $.D7 <'y,"m $ F&C D&< <'|,
:&<; &C+'3, <'~,"m $ F&C D&; &Z_D&BZD&< <(,
:&<; &B+'::&;; &C+'9, <(,"m $ F&B D&E &E &;.&F.o &;.&A.o 
o <(,
:&E; &B+'B,:&;; &=+',7Dl+'V <(,"l $ F&A D&E &E o.&F o.&A 
&D <(,
:&E; &A+'O,:7 &X,~X0&F(&<X0&I(&EX0&K$$ ((X0&O$$X0&O$$$$ ((X0&S$$'(/X0&F(&<X0&I(&EX0&V$$'(/X0&V$$'(/TTY  `g'TP \( p @(5`( $ Dm 13D(+( $ Dm+( $ Dm 13D(+( $ Dm k3$m Dm k&m  Dl k&m Dm k/$.m&m D( ( m Fm l1&+(( ( Fm*d(%@dp n Dp $2$m+(4 &/m $ F( D(@fo"(.& $ ( 
m.J o.$8&(0:(; (+(. (,~('+INPUT? (for help type HELP) '$)('+INPUT? ',$)('+OUTPUT? (for help type HELP) ',$)('+OUTPUT? ',$)('+Either a colon was missing or the file name',' is too long'/)(80A1)('+Device ',A6,' does not exist'/)('+Device  'A6,' cannot do input'/)('+Device ',A6,' cannot do output.'/)('WMU',I3,'.',I3)('+Only a /COPIES switch may follow a LPT:'/)('+Illegal character "',A1,'" in COPIES switch'/)('+Copies must be between 1 and 63.'/)(I2)('+Only switch available if for the LPT'/)('+Non-directory devices require no additional information'/)('+File name too long'/)('+Character"',A1,'" is not valid in a file name'/)('+Only one period is allowed in the file name.'/)('+BANK files must be read from the disk'/)('+Bank files can not be used for output.'/)('+PROJECT or PROGRAMMER number cannont be longer'/'  than 6 characters'/)('+Illegal character "',A1,'" in PROJECT-PROGRAMMMER',' number'/)('+ Comma missing between PROJECT and PROGRAMMER number'/)(O10)('+Nothing should follow the closing bracket for the',' PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number'/)('+File not found or protected'/)('R ',4A1,4X)('+You must have answered this question in this',' program previously to use "SAME" now.'/)('+You cannot do a /OUT while answering a /OUT'/)(' No output defined yet'/)('+To use the CONTINUE an input must have already been',' defined.'/)(' The answer to this question defines where the program is'/' to find the data.  It usually consists of a device, and'/' possibly a file name with or without a PROJECT-PROGRAMMER'/' number.  Devices may be specified by their physical'/' or logical name followed by a colon (:).  If the'/' device is a directory device (DSK, DTA), then a filename,'/' extension and PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number may follow it.'/' If the device used is a magtape or dectape, the tape'/' must be mounted, and in the case of a magtape it must'/' be positioned.'/'0DEFAULTS:'/' (1) If no input devices is specified but a filename is'/'     given, the default device will be DSK:.'/' (2) If a device which requires a filename and extension'/'     is specified, but no filename is given INPUT.DAT'/'     will be used.'/' (3) If no response is given (CARRIAGE RETURN is entered)'/'     the default is TTY:.'/' (4) If DSK: is specified as the input device, but no')('     PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number is used, the PROJECT-'/'     PROGRAMMER number of the job is used.'/'0EXAMPLES:'/'  DSK:DATA.DAT'/'  TEST.DAT[220,220]'/'   MTA:'/'0The following responses may also be used after the first'/' response to this question.'/' "CONTINUE" - (For MAGTAPE) Use the next set of data'/' "SAME" - Use same device specifications as used before.'/' "FINI" - End of run.'/' "/PROG" - User may initiate the run of a bank program'/'          (STP, BANK, TAB, FREQ, CORL, or REGR) from'/'          this program.'/' "/OUTPUT" - Redefine the output device, the program will'/'             respond with "OUTPUT? ".'/)('0The answer to this question defines the destination'/' for the program''s results.  It usually consists of a device'/' and possibly a filename with or without an extension.'/' Devices may be indicated by their physical or'/' logical name followed by a colon (:).  If the device is'/' a directory device (DSK, DTA), then a filename,'/' extension and PROJECT-PROGRAMMER number may follow it.'/' If the device used is a magtape or dectape, the tape'/' must be mounted, and in the case of the magtape, it must'/' be positioned.  If the device is a lineprinter, the user'/' may request multiple copies by following the "LPT:" with'/' a "/COPIES:" and the number of copies desired (1-63).'/'0DEFAULTS:'/' (1) - If no input device is specified but a filename is'/'       given, the default device will be DSK:')(' (2) - If a device which requires a filename and extension"'/'       is specified but no filename is given OUTPUT.DAT is'/'       used.'/' (3) - If no response is given (a CARRIAGE RETURN is entered),'/'       the default is TTY:.'/' (4) - If LPT: is specified and no /COPEIS switch is used,'/'       1 copy is assumed.'/'0EXAMPLES:'/'  DSK:SAM.F4'/'  LPT:/COPIES:3'/'  MTA:'/)S              B    .    /REGR     /STP      DSK  /OUT      E    ~9    (K    HELP      /OUTPUT   N    LPT       CONTINUE  0    DSK       C    TTY  ?FINI      /FREQ     Z    I    /CORL     /BANK     ]    O    A    /    0z        ,    TTY        FINISH    @INPUT.DAT SAME      :    {[    `7     END       /TAB      pa         OUTPUT.DATP         LPT  DSK  SEQOUT    SEQINSEQOUT    RANDIN    BINARY    S< \,q p @) p B)"p) p B)"p) p B) p B)N p B) @)T5 -1 $.D)T@d) -
 D6 - D5@d)-) <1,Jn,s) <1~,Ij@d) & F)P2d)+-H3F)T+-C2D(5+-? <2,,3D(5+-B <2,, F(5+-H6D(6+-E <2,,4D-G <2
,,A& F(6 <1|,IQ:)1D+11$+D) -/)%3F-+-T )%3&-+-R )%2f-+0
,-,F)*d-] $,D)S D) )S )%3F-+.u )%3F-+-l )%3F6+.u )%3F5+.u )0f+-j )% H):):)S+-` <2
_D)#ZD) ) <2,
:); )#+-o, <1z,Jn6D)+-w <2, <2,
+-5 )T1D+-| -A)5D.W <2, <2,
+-5 -A)5D. <2, <2!,
+-5 ,A)4D.W $2 D):) <1y,In $2.D) <2", <2&,
 <1w,J{7D)%+.:)S )%3F-+.> )%3F6+.> )%3F-
+. <2(,,+-5 )S )&2F-+. )&2F-+. )'2F-+. )'2F-+. )(2F,z+. )(2F,s+. ))2F-+. $.D)S - D) D) $ D).d)S )S )%3F-+./ )%3F6+./ )%3&-+.* )%2f,{+.* )0f+.- )% H):):)S+. <2+, )S <2.,
+-5 <2/,,+-5 )1D+.4 )2D-+.4 ) D) - D) <22, -_D)!ZD) ) <26,
:); )!+.6, <27,	 <2;,
 )P0$0d+.- )"((54D.V <2<, )"( $(5 D,q <1u,Jn )"!&p83f)+.G & F(6 ,A)4F.VF)"F)P )P1f2+.L"&2.f)P )P$8.& F)7f8+.Q( $(S D,q <1r,Kr6$8+.U )"( $(S D,q <1p,Kr@d8 <2>,+03 -A)4D.\-) )T0D+.\-):)S )%2F-
+.` <2B,,+-5 )S )%3F-+0
 -A)5D.g <2E,,+-5 -
 - F)*d.h $ D) )S )%3F-+.{ )%3F5+.{ )%3F6+.{ )0f+.s )% H):):)S+.j <2H,,+-5-)-) )T0D+.z-) <1n,Jn <2K, <2N,
)3D,s2F,t7+/G3D,w2F,w7+0O3D-	2F-	7+0O3D,v2F,v7+0O3D-2F-7+0O3D-2F-7+0O3D-2F-7+0O3D-2F-7+0l3D-2F-7+1.3D,y2F,y7+13D,~2F,~7+13D-2F-7+13D-2F-7+13D-2F-7+13D,}2F,}7+1C@h)S -
ZD) ) )3H-+/, )3H,u+/) )3(-+/# )3h,{+/, )2h-+/& )2(-+/, <2Q, <2T,
+-5:)S1F+/, <2U,,+-5*d/ $3D)S+/6 D) ) )3D-+/3:)1d+//+.s ) ,u F) <2X, <2\,
 $ D):)0d+/F )2F,u+/7 )2F,u+/F )2F,+/F )2F,|+/F & F) -A)5F/C <2^,,+-57D)T+/F <2a,,+-5)) )S )%2D5+0
 - F)*d/J $ D).d)S )S )%3F6+/\ )%3F-+/^ )%3&-+/Y )%2f-+/Y )0f+/W )% H):):)S+/M <2d,,+-5 <2g, )S <2j,
+-5 <2l,,+-5 )1D+/j )2D-+/f"& $ ) H)/$8&/b - D)+/` <2o, <2r,
 <2u,	 <2x,
 - F)*d/j $ D).d)S )S )%3F6+/y )%3F-+/y )%3F6+/y )%3&-+/Y )%2f-+/Y )0f+/W )% H):):)S+/m )1D+0 )2D-+0"& $ ) H)/$8&/} - D)+/{ <2z, <2},
 <3,	 <3,
 )S )%3D6:)S )S )%3F-+0
,<3,,+-5,)+D) )N,D)@d)%2D)T+0<1k,Jv7D)%+0<3,,+-5.)"((54D0, <3, )"(4$(5 D,q <1j,JnA)"!&p83f)+07&+F(6,A)4F0,F)"F)P")P1f2+0""&2.f)P+)P$8.&(F)7f8+0'(+$(S0D,q+<1g,Kr6$8+0+!)"(+$(S+D,q <1d,Kr@d8 )1D+026D)T+0/ <3
:); )P+0Q,@d)'"& $ F)O D)6&)+0i <3,((53H-2J-+0i )F)"F)P )P1f2+0`"&2.f)P )P$8.& F)7f8+0e( $(S D,q <1a,Kr6$8+0i )( $(S D,q <1_,Kr:); )O+0W <1^,J
 )"((55D0p <3!,,+-5 )"((5) )"((S) )" (r&- F)"(	.(r F)N@f)!&2F)+0{ & F)F)"F)P )P1f2+0~"&2.F)P <1\,Jn )T0D+1 <3$, ,A)5D.> -
A)4D1 <3&,+0
"& $ F)O D)6&)+1 <3(,((53H-2J-+1 )F)"F)P )P1f2+1"&2.f)P )P$8.& F)7f8+1( $(S D,q <1Y,Kr6$8+1 )( $(S D,q <1W,Kr:); )O+1 <1T,NX7D)+1  <3*,,+-5 ,{ZD) )!(p82h)+1%*d1  <3-,,+-5 )" D)  ) D)" )T D)R $ D)T!$ D)+-5@d) )  D)" )R D)T+-5 )"((55D12 <30,,+-5 )"((S) )"((5) )" (r&- F)"(	.(r F)N@f)!&2F)+1= & F)F)"F)P )P1f2+1@"&2.F)P <1U,Jn )T1D+0M+0
 )T1D+1H <33,, <36,,+-5 <39,, <3<,,+-5 ,q )" Ap)p )" Ap)p ) Ap )N Ap ) Ap,~p))`,q,z,x)PX,q,z,x)P)p))x)&`,q,z,x)PX,q,z,x)P)`,q,z,x)PX,q,z,x)P)p,q)X)))%))Np))`,q,z,x)PX,q,z,x)P)p,q)`))%,t,tx)p))h)&,|)p))Np))X8)TX8)XX8)YX8)]X8)_P)e)$)X8)f0)X8)j0)X8)m0)P)q)$)$)X8)sX8)x$)%X8)}P)e)$$)P*)$$)Ph)"P)"~-P)^-X8*X8*X8*
P)e)@)X8*$)X8*P)e)@)X8*X8*X8*"X8**$)%X8*0P)e)@)P*6)$)P)e)@)P*6)$)NX8*7X8*?h)"H)"p)P)^-!)H)"p)P)^-")8)"p)P)^-#)^-%-P*C)&$)h)X8*D	h)"`)"h)X8*NX8*SX8*VX8*]^X8+;?X8+zQX8,K&(' ENTER HEADER')(16A5)     O% \3C <3O,, <3R, <3U,
"& $ F3? D6 -2F3D+3N>6; 3?+3K 3C,~X83@X93B@.A    I    F    G    E    (    )    D    O    (400A1)(I5)9    0    I    O    A    8X`     PROBLEM   PROBLEM SEE DICK HOUCHARDO%[r \3l p @3^ p @3Z #p B3\ <4~,	"3Z $ F3` D3j 3j <5,
:3j; 3`+3},"3Z 3Z D3X 3X =2D3q+4>3X8&4 <5,H3@d3j:3j 3j2d3X+4& 3oZD3[ 3[ 3j  =3H3c+4*d4	 3j =3&3m+4 =2f3m+4"& $ F3_ D3Y.3j2d3X+4 3oZD3[ 3[ 3j.3Y  =2H3c+41F+4+4*d4 3j.3Y =3&3m+4 =2f3m+4:3Y; 3_+4 $.3j D3i"&/3X.3i 3i = H<.$8&4""$.D3X+4@d3X D3j $ D3[:3j2d3X+4g =3F3f+4( =3F3f+4( =3&3m+4/ =3f3m+43 3[ = H:3[3&3Z+4(+4m $ D3X 3p 3q FM*d44 $ D3[ 3[ 3j = FM:3j:3[ =3&3m+4= =3f3m+47 O2D3q+4C"& $ M HM/$8&4? 3q DM+4= <5, <5,
,	 <5,
 3j =3D3f+4O"3Z $ D3[ 3[ 3j  = H:3[2d3Z+4m:3[8&4J+4( $.3j D3h $ D3a 3h =3F3f:3a =3F3f>3a7F3a+4W:3h+4R"&.3h $.3j2d+4f"3Z $ F3c D3[ $.3j D3i 3i/3h 3i D3Y 3[ 3Y  = H:3[2d3Z+4m:3Y8&4`:3[; 3c+4\ 3h D3j+4("$.3[ D3X7F3X+4o"3X $  H=.$8&4k+4& <5,H3+4} $ D3Y"3^ $@hq 3Y 
 2J3o+4t * Jq 
 2J3n+4w * Jq 
 2J3n+4y * Jq:
3Y3j3X+4|(H3Y.$8&4q3l,~P3Z3j3\(=x3qP3j3Y@MP3k3Y$3Zx3sF    A    I    $    (' WHICH VARIABLES FROM THE BANK?'/)(5A1)(I5)('-ERROR:  There are',I7,' variables in the BANK and limit is set at',I7/9X,'Program proceeds, ignoring the excess'/)('-ERROR: Variable string too long, Contact computer center staff'/9X,'for help'/)('-ERROR:  Picking up 0 variables from the BANK, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Illegal entry for range    "',3A5,'",'/' Re-enter the entire list')('-ERROR:  Variable number',I6,' does not exist, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Illegal range specification, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  No variable selected from BANK, Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" does not exist, program continues'/9X,'ignoring it'/)('-ERROR:  The following',I6,' variable names do not exist,'/9X,'Program continues ignoring them:'/(10(1X,A5)))('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" is not of the required ',A1,'-Type,'/9X,'It will be excluded in all analysis'/)('-ERROR:  The following variables are not of the required ',A1,'-Type,'/9X,'They will be excluded in all analysis:'/(9X,10(A5,1X)))(' ')('-ERROR: Variable "',A5,'" is used more than once,'/9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the duplicate'/)('-ERROR:  The following',I5,' variables appear more than once,'/9X,'Program proceeds ignoring the duplicates'/(9X,10(A5,1X)))('-All or some of the variables located in a structured data BANK may be'/' used for the analysis.  A "ALL" or "*" may be entered if all of the'/' variables are to be used.  Otherwise, enter the variables by either'/' their NAMES (as previously defined in the data BANK) or by their'/' variable numbers separated by commas.  Ranges of variables may also'/' be specified by typing the extremes of the range separated by a "-".'/'-Multiple lines are available to enter the list provided the'/' last character in the line is a comma.'/' The list should be terminated by an altmode or a carriage return.'//)E    H    9    0    ALL  -    *    L    ,    X     P    $E:]h6 \7S p @5U p @6 $ D5V $t D5} $>.;&$>$:.$ D6 $.:&$ D6@d5W D6 D6"5V $@h
*d8@d5Q"6 $ F6 D6 5X F63F7Y+8@2F7X3F7V+82F63F6+8 5Q0(+8@:5Q F 6
+8@ 6 &2F6+82D63D6+8n:5W 7Y F="5Q $ D5 5 6
2h7U+8- 6
3(7U+8-:58&8 6
2D7Y+8$"& $ 6
/$8&8! 7Y D6
+8 <;`, <;c,
 <;f,	 5W <;i,
 63D7V+886b5P0b+8-+8,48=48m 5W@fM <;k, <;n,
 =3F7W+8D =3F7V+8D 63F7V+886b5P0b+88+8648=48m:5W 7V F= &"FM6b5P0b+8=+8<48=48m@d5Q 7X 7Y F6
*d8>:6; 6+87d5Q+8m $ D5P+8 : D63d5V+8G 5V F6@f6 F5U & F6"6 $ F6 D6.6 D6 <;q, <;t,
 6/$$$ D6 62F6+8S"6.: F6"6 $ D5} 5}$$	 5
 D6 5U1(3D+8]1H0D+8Z+8]:
05 L(M+8d 63D6+8i:6 (	$5}  5 H
Q:68Hq:5}.6+H8K"$.5U4$;+4D;+;! 63D:+8f <;w, <;z,
+8f"61D+7m75W3d5V+8r+<;|,, <;Z,NX $3$5W+8w <;,,3d9+7k <;Z,NX"5W $ F6
 <<,/$ D6"6/&.6 6 F6
 D5} 5} <<,
:5}; 6
+9,6$9+7d <;Z,NX 6 M3f:+9
 <<, <<	,
+9:6;6 D6 <<, <<,
 $ D6 $ D63d:+9 : F6 66FM+9$ = F6"6 $ D5} 5}$$	 52D6+9 :6 6 H
Q$5} H
 Jq+9h:5}8&9:6 6 F
Q+6 M7FM+9.:6 7Y H
Q M2H6+9h M$(	  5 H
Q M$(	  5
aHq+9h6M60$2$6+93+9F5F9D"6 $ D5} 
5}$*	 5} =3F(5+9?:5}8(95:6 7Y F
Q:&"F6 = H
Q+M H60D2d6+:;.$ D5W 6 D5V+9J 62d63d6+:;+99 $.6 D5W7D6+9X2d6+9` D5V 5V3$5W+:; 6 F5O.$/5W.D6 $.D6"&.5W/5V 5W:5O *	$
(5 J 
Q *	$
aJ$qD&9Q+9i 6 = D6"6 $ D5| 5|$$	 52D6+9 5| D5V+9J:5|8&9[ 6 D5V 6 F5O.$/5W.d6 7Y F
P &"F= H
Q+M:H6 63d5W+9 63D:+:f $ D6 &/6 $ F5O D5S.6 D6 <<, <<,
a6D5R5S$$D63d:+9wc:RF6 6/5R D6 $ D6 6 
Q$6 5
 Dq+:c 6 
Q D6"6 $ D5} 5}$$	 52D6+: 6 5}$(	  5 H
Q 5}.5R H5
`Hq+:c:5}8&:+:cV67F:S $.6 D62d6+:("&.6/6 6 .5Q H5O 

Q J 
q J q 
/J8&:#"6.5W/5V 5W 6 *	$
(5 J 
Q *	$
 J q 
6 J 
6.$8&:,5Q.D6$3D5P.d662$6+:e+9y 67F
Q D6"6 $ D5} 5}$$	 53D6+:N:5}8&:B 5W3d6+:H $.D6+:c 6 D5V $/5W.5V D5Q 6 D6 $ D5P+:! 5} D5V3$5W+:; & F5P"&/5W.5V F5Q5&: 6 &	$5V 5 F
Q &	$5V 5
aFq5V.5ReF5X.$ D6"6/(.6 6:5X 

q Jq 
.J8(:^:6.63d6+9y:5S;5O+9o6d6+:j4<<,,6 9+7d+8v@d6 D5U $ D5W"&/6.5W 5W F6 D6 

Q J =>65d:} <<, << ,
+:g 63$6+;"6/&.6 6 
Q.q8HqH6D5W7`6+;+:l 5U 6 q3H+;
Q HM+:y:6; 6+:o"$.64$;5d; <<!, <<$,
+; <<&, <<),
"6 $ F5T D6 6 <<*,
:6; 5T+;, <<,,,"$.5U4$;+5d;! <</, 5U <<2,
+;) <<4, 5U <<7,
"5U $ F5T D6 6 <<8,
:6; 5T+;&, <<:,, 61d+;W@f6 D5V $ D6 $.6 D5W 5W3D5V+;G 5W/&/5V 5W D5} 5} 6  
Q+;::5}8&;4 5V D63d6+;G:6+;.:6 6 
Q F= 5}3F5V+;F"&.F5V.5}/5V 5} 
Q q Hq.$8&;@ 5} D5W+;0"$.D5V+;7"$.64$;W5d;L <<=, <<@,
+;S <<A, <<D,
"6 $ F5P D6 6 <<F,
:6; 5P+;P, <<G,,+;W <<J,,+7d 7S 6 Ap,~h5X7Z6X86P65S@6
$=X87	6X87<=    >    <    ('-',29X,'SELECT OPTION:'/)('  SELECT OPTION:'/'  ?',$)(72A1)('-ERROR:  Invalid entry, Re-enter the line'//)('+ ?',$)('-ERROR:  Variable "',A5,'" does not exist, Re-enter the line'//)(I5)('-ERROR:  Missing '' in an A-type variable'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  Too many values in the string'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  Multiple values can only be performed on a ''EQUAL'' CONDITION'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  ',15A1,' Is too long for A-type variable,'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)(37X,72A1)(G15.0)(I15)('-ERROR:  Cannot have a decimal point in a I-type variable'/9X,'Re-enter the line'//)('-ERROR:  No qualifier accepted, Try again'//)('-ERROR:  Too many qualifiers requested'/9X,'Program will ignore the last SELECT statement'//)('-SELECT option allows the program to consider only those observations'/' meeting user specified criteria.  Instructions to the SELECT option'/' (QUALIFIERS) are entered on a line or on separate lines.  Each'/' QUALIFIER contains 3 basic parts:  VARIABLE, CONDITION, and VALUE or'/' VALUES to be compared against.  The variable may be specified by'/' either the variable NAME (if previously defined), or the variable'/' number (in the case of data BANK file, this is the number associated'/' with the BANK).  The CONDITION may be one of the following:'//6X,'CONDITION',5X,'MEANING'/6X,9('-'),5X,7('-')/9X,'=',10X,'equal to'/9X,'<',10X,'less than'/9X,'>',10X,'greater than'/6X,'<= or =<',6X,'less than or equal to'/6X,'>= or =>',6X,'greater than or equal to'/6X,'<> or ><',6X,'not equal'//)(' The value to be compared against must be of the same type as the'/' variable it is compared with.'//' Enter each QUALIFIER immediately after the ? is typed out by the program'/' Several QUALIFIERS may be ''OR'' together by entering the QUALIFIERS on'/' a line separated by semi-colons (;).  Enter a ^Z, a carriage return or'/' a blank line immediately after the ? to signify the end of all'/' QUALIFIERS.  Up to 20 Qualifiers may be specified.'//' EXAMPLE: To consider all those observations in which variable 3 is'/11X,'not ZERO, and variable 5 is less than 4 or greater than 8.'//11X,'SELECT OPTION:'/11X,'?3<>0'/11X,'?5<4;5>8'/11X,'?^Z'//)(37X,'SAME AS THE PRECEEDING RUN'/)S    .    E    H    9    0    -    TTY  ;    '    L    A    ,    PXhM              P    gdXz \>G p @<R 13D>L+>X <@V,, <@Y,, <@\, <@,
 =2D>J+>a >2D>I+>a >2D>M+>a ?3D>R+@K =2D>H+>g >2D>N+>g >2D>Q+>g ?3D>I+@P@dy D<Y:<Y@d<Q"&$ $$ D<P <P =2D>R+>n><P8&>k+@C $ D<c >P >R F<]*d>p >N >R Fa*d>r@d<e D<a <c = D<b3D>R+>} >PZD<M <M <c3F<b+?*d>w:<a0d+>} <b F<]:<c3d<P+>t <@a,,6$9+? <@U,NX"$.D<Y"<Q.Dy <@d,, <@g, <@j,
+>h >R D<N <]3$>K+?
 <]3d>J+? <@m, <@p,
"<R $ D<S <S 
Q3D<N+?9:<S8&? 21D+?> <@s, <@v,
6$9+? <@U,NX <_2D>R+?"& $ <] H<]/$8&? >R D<]+? >R D<Q <@w, <@{,
 <@},	 <A,
 $2$<N+>~ y0&
+@H2D2+?+ <N2f<R+>~:y F y 
q J<N+?U <N2d:+>~.$&$ D<b (>.;&(>$:.$. D<X <A, <A,
:y <N Fy"<b.&$&.<N F<b$&	 d H<N+?U y0$
+@H:yq<SN?U $>.;&$>$:.$ D<b $.:&$ D<e"<e $ F<T D<S.<b D<X <A, <A
 >OZD<R <R$&	 `3F<N+?N*d?I:<S; <T+?E+? y0$
+@H:y"&.<S$&.<R Fy &	$<R d F<N y <Y F_:<Q@d<U <M <Y.d<e0d+>~ &.<c2f<P+>~ <c =3H=+>~:<c >PZD<M <M <c  =3H<c+?W*d?_ y <e F@d<a <c = D<b <N0F+?l3D>M+?j <A,,+?:<c = F<b+?n <b2$>K2d>J+>~:<a0d+?q <b Fa:<c2f<P+?u = H<b2H>L3H>O+?u+?n:<U1d
+?y <A,,+? <b2D>O+?}2D>O+@ &2F<e+@ $.<N6b0b+@+?4@4@4@ <A,,+? <a1d+@ <A, <A,
+? <a a2D>M+?h><a &
$y.<U >R H &
$y.<U <A,"<a $ F<` D<S <S <A ,
:<S; <`+@,:<c y <U HU2d<P+@ <b3F>L+>o3F>O+?d 13D>L+@ <A", <A%,
+? a2D>K+@! b3D>K+>~"<a $ D<S <S a2D>H+@) $.<N6b0b+@)+@'4@*4@A4@A:<S8&@" $ D<b"<a <a><b 
a J a/$8&@,"<a $ >R Ha.$8&@/ >P >Q F<N*d@2 <N1D+@; <A', <A+,
 <A-,	 $
$y.<U <A1,
+@ <A2, <A6,
 <A8,	 $
$y.<U <A<,
+@ <A=,,+? $3$y+@S <A@,,3d9+>X <@U,NX+@S <AC,,"<Q.Dy+@S <AF,, <AI,,6$9+>X <@U,NX 13D>L+@S <AL,, >G,~X0<fX8<iX9@C<l@$=X8<mX8<rX9@C<l@$=P<l<N@<]X8<s$<NP<l<Q@<]P<z<Q$<NP0<X@>iP0<X@>iX8<zX8=X8=
X8=@aP<a<l$aX0=@$=P<l<O@aP=<O(P<l<[@aP=<[$X8=	X8=&X8=+	X8=4OX8>@X0>D('1'/'-'/'-',29X,'WESTERN  MICHIGAN  UNIVERSITY'//30X,12A5///30X,'CALLING NAME:  ',A5/30X,'TIME-DATE   :  ',A5,2X2A5/30X,'TITLE',7X,':  ',16A5/30X,'FORMAT',6X,':  ',16A5/4(43X,16A5/))(30X,'DATA FILE   :  ',A10/30X,'CREATED ON  :  ',2A5/30X,'BY PROJ-PROG:  ',A1,O6,',',O6,A1/30X,'NUMBER OF VARIABLES IN THE BANK.',5(' .'),I7/30X,'NUMBER OF OBSERVATIONS IN THE BANK',4(' .'),I7)(30X,'NUMBER OF VARIABLES USED',9(' .'),I7)('-',29X,'DATA FILE   :  ',A10,A1,O6,',',O6,A1)DSK  S:5p \B p @AQ <B,I <B,I <B, <B,
 20D+B <B", <B%,
7DAQ+B <B+, <B.,
 12DB+B 21D+B <B0, <B3,
 B,~xAOxAOX0AQ@s(r$AO@AO@.@(X0Ad02@;$5@<$6$:$;X0Aw$AQX0A|02$5$4$5$6('1',A5,'  W.M.U.   ',2A5,4X,16A5,3X,A5,4X,'PAGE:',I4/)('1',A5,'  W.M.U.   ',2A5,9X,12A5,18X,A5,4X,'PAGE:',I4/)TTY  a<P \BB 13DBB+BM $ D7 <BO,I:87D6+BK <BP, <BS,
+BM <BX, <B[,
 BB,~xAOX0B6(r@AO@.$AO$8X0B<(r@AO@s$AO$8F    A    I    (' ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES'/)(' ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES: (',A1,'-TYPE ONLY)'/)(80A1)('-ERROR:  Format incorrectly specified'/)(' Any FORMAT specification must comply with the FORTRAN-10 Format'/' requirement. The FORMAT must also be enclosed in parentheses'/' and be no more than ',I3,' characters in length'//' Example:  ENTER FORMAT ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESES'/11X,'(I2,F3.0,1X,F2.0,I1)'/)S    .    E    (    H    (@    L    A    )    M    P         SYSTEM ERROR CONTACT COMPUTER CENTER    DSK  SEQINO$lH \C? p @Be p @Bh !p @C $ DBd@f FBb FBe2FBh+CV <D@,H3 0H3DBe+CX+CZ <DA,, 1(2FBe+C^ <DD,  <DG,
 Bb0$+Ca <D>,IQ Bb0D+Cd <DI, <DL,
"&( $( DC C Bj2DCF+Cj>C8&Cf $ D+D= C DBd@dC:C2dBd+Ct Bj2FCF+Cl C/&/Bd C Bk HBj.$8&Cq"$.DBd+Cl6DBb+D Bk2DCB+C{ Bk2DCA+C{ Bl2DCC+C{ Bl3DCF+D8 Bk2DC?+D Bk2DCD+D Bl2DCE+D Bl3DCA+D= Bk3DCA+D Bk2DCC+D6 $ DBb"Bh $ .C 
CF J'.$8&D Bk3DCA+D $ DBb &/Bd $ DC C Bj3DC@+D:C8&D:Bd C@ FBj"$.Bd DBf <DN, &/Bd $ FBg DC C <DR,
:C; Bg+D, <DS, <DU,+C^"Bd $ Bj3HCA:Be Bj2HCD+D""(.HBe.$8&D $.Bd&$.Bd2dBh+D6 Bd.C <DY,"Bd $ FBf DC C <D\,
:C; Bf+D*, $.Bd&$.DBd Be0$+D46bBb0b+D4+D34D=4D5+C^ <D^,+D= <D`,,+CQ Bh(.Bh DC <Dc, <Df,
+CQ C?,~hBkCBBjxCGX8CX8C$ BbXC@(BkPBfCBa$BjhP~CKPBa^CLPBdC$BjhX8C X8C$$CALL  HELP EMPTYSTOP OBS  $         -    .    *    /    ?    "    +    ;    (' ENTER # OF VARIABLES OR VARIABLE NAMES'/)(I5)(I5)(5A1)('-ERROR:  Number of variables ',I6,' outside allowable range,'/9X,'Try again'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name list too long, contact computer center staff'/9X,'for help'/)('-ERROR:  Reserved character "',A1,'" in variable name'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',A5,'" is reserved'/)('+Re-enter the line'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',5A1,'" starts with a number'/)('-ERROR:  Variable name "',A5,'" is used in variables ',I5,' and ',I5)('-Enter correction in the order:  VARIABLE #, COMMA, VARIABLE NAME OR A - TO DELETE'/)(I,A5)('-This line defines directly and indirectly the number of variables to'/' be used in the analysis.  If a number is entered, it is assumed to be'/' the number of variables and variable name option is not selected.'/' If a variable name list is entered, the number of variables is'/' counted from the list.  Variable name list should conform to the'/' following rules:'//' (1)  The list is composed of 1 or more lines.  If more than 1 line'/6X,'is needed the last character in the line must  be a comma.'/6X,'The list must be terminated with a carriage return or an altmode.'//' (2)  Variable name is made of 1 to 5 alphanumeric characters, the'/6X,'first being non-numeric.'//6X,'The names may not contain any of the following symbols:'//6X,'*      ?      -      /      ,      +      ''      .      BLANK'//6X,'Nor may be any of the reserved words:'//6X,'ALL    HELP   EMPTY  STOP   OBS'/)E    H    9    0    -    L    @,    X`P         $mLz \F p @Do <GN,,@dDo F F F=*dF <GL,IQ $ DDg Dn0D+F%7`9+F+GH @2DF+F+ @2DF+F+ A2DF+F+ A3DF+GE"& $ DDu Du ?2DF+F/>Du8&F, Du DDj ?3F6+F3 ?3FDu>Dj"Dj $ DDu Du ?3(F+Fa ?2hF+Fa:Du8&F5"Dj $ ? H=.$8&F: ?2DF+FB"& $ = H=/$8&F? F D=+F< <GQ, <GU,
 <GW,	 <G[,
7dDo+F[0d+F_"Do $ FDk DDu F F F=*dFK Du <G\, <G`,
 <Ga,	 <Ge,
 =2DF+FV F = F=*dFS F D?+FQ Du <Gg, <Gk,
aDDu; Dk+FJ+GI <Gm, <Gp,
6$9+F <GK,NX <Gr,, <GK,NX"&$ $$ DDi Di ?2DF+Ff>Di8&Fc+G$ Di ?GDx4&Fm ?2HF+Fm ?2H6+Fm>Di 6 F?@dDi DDh"Di $ FDr DDh ? FDs2FF3F6+G3FDx+G3FF+G FZDDu Du Dx3FDs+F{*dFu Dh0$+G:Dh Ds F=+G <Gu, <Gx,
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6$9+G <GK,NX <G~,,"Di.DDo+F Ds Dh0F+G	2D63DDx+G$7dDh+G =3$F+G =2dF+G <H, <H,
Q <H, <H
 FZDDu Du Do  
Q3HDu+F~*dG@Do DF F F=*dG Ds2D63DDx+G$:Dh; Dr+Fp Ds3DF+F7dDh+G$ $ DDg+G
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Q+G2:Dj8&G,:Du; Dp+G)+GI <H
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6$9+G6 <GK,NX <H,, <H, <H,
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P.8&GA"$.DDo+G$ <H,,6$9+F <GK,NX F Do Ap,~h@FDnX8D}PEDs@=PEDs$DoPE
Q@=X8E$DoX8E	X8E$DsX8E$
Q$Du$DjX8E/	X9E8$Du$DsX8E9Y	`Z(X^. >[.~(3~+H!	~+H,Z. \x <x*<x .->I:ez+H(!"	b+  "H)	b+Z. h+ggM?Th
&H.	b+H,
a.3@1,>NZO@Hq+H7gR~@1,>NZ@@Hq,>,>@6 w+HD"Hq0B+H?!"A`X#p5@H</#p!"X#p+HD\p+HDa.9'1,>NZ,>,>O@Hq+HD,>
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,^Z5"HW,> <H},
,> <H~,,^,,> <I,,^,> <I,
1@#+He0@*+HW,> <I,,^+HW,^,^,^,~(' Type G to Continue, X to Exit, T To trace.'/2H *,$)(A1)(1H 14A5/)(1H A5,1X,O6)PAUSESTOP .pXHmp XHnp Hpp Hpp XHgX~Hmp xI$P1,>NZ #p D F	b&".$&$7@"$  (@. &"* I)@
(@ $ &$.$.&(D(F..  #p**,~.$D.&-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-i&lP1,>NZ DI8 FI8	b	&"j0 DI9&" DI9S Ao-&I5 "B I9-&I5[p(F{5FI*[w0F+I3+I, ph& `f~+I3 "B I9&"t DI9-&I5 "B I9&$2 $D I8 I8,~ I8 I8,~&" "B $D+!$hX$h@@h*% "IA BhL " BhM+xeX2GiSHYC aSiSHINXGYC GSHiSHaSaSI'IR
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(1D+I[1D+Ie4.IIhdIiFK1d>1D Kp
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 Ap,~HItHJZgZxIs A=Qi7+ @	` 1pQ0A` Ip@@It J_* J@,JS4TJ:1T+J1T)+J$1,JS4TJT+J ."&""`QBIr J`	`+J J`+JH INX	(+J#	`
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&Jb	`5HJO Iq $,JS1T+JF0T*+J,JS1T',JS0T+J>@@JY,JK0T1T+J10T1T-+J84TJ8+J: $ Iq,JJ7@JZ+J81T+J<4TJH1T-+J>0T+J:,JS+J4!*Lu*
&Jg	` $ Jg,JM+J4@
,JS0T1T.+JE1T+JD1t14+J:(L.,Wh+J>SLJ[+J>XLJ[+JH,JJ! >9 @JY  2 Jh*&8+0@@JZ Jh*&J\,JS1T+JK7,JS14,~1t+JQ04 0t-,~4dJS.4T=JM0"d@81T 4,~ Ji	b+ 	`+2ggG>n
Command error: 
HJZ	*p0	+JZiSN
,7 OAp,~I4:1,>NZ,KB Ap,~44Jr4KKbN=1,>NZO@K p4BJz,KB4@Jz9J~9J}KbN=1,>NZ@@K!$Lu 	`@Ap``a`+Ka`+K DJuA (`K/"#BJt@@Ju !pX@Jq,> <Jq,K%,^7@K+K	OAp+K #pQ"A` $1@+K0`=dK! H: @Js@@Jta|+K[pd0@ +K[pd0@ +K+K_w6@K_w#`1 +KSpXp @Jt
HHK#HK$G.t21,>NZ@@Ap! A`.!p @K! K" @K#@@K#@@K$ & "K!<1D+K0-K;=bK+K!<0D+K9O " K" @K#K!<-K;=bK27@K#OAp !p<, K#, K$,~<&K4K!1D+K8   Ap+K41D+K81$+K51d+K@0$ 0d-+K5 $DK#+K;"K^,Kk0@+KZ p4BK\Lad+KY`b+KZ $0d"+K\&$$&(&}Z.GK^.&$.$ 7F+KO  ,~ A$&$(DG$1$((D(D
 	`5@K\ .2bM+KX L.&7D!$Lu+K[2"K_+KU &p,Kc 	`,~
&K_ <Kb,
"Kj,Kk 'Q&A` Kj@1x,~180.8X=`Kf,~.H  a|+Kn0"0b/ ,~0B1B,~0B/ ,~aJMm1,>NZ,M9+L@,Lc,M5+LZ"6Ep " B` "bL $7cp $1B $dL,L,M+L6cp0b "bL$LD ({."XB`&$@6@.$.$
a|+L[pdp0B +L+L	_w#`1"+L6cp 0d $QD`,LM+ ,M@ ,~
&L+L .Q,A` 

HH . 
L+LYC GaSa3 S;YC&<G<aS<a3&<E$;w|xL$ PL B`1T!"L	b@XB`O@L? MQ L?@,M@
+MI!,2,M*@!.~,M@`+MR""1T""QBL=,M@	f+ 1$9L]+M8 8L$@`L$ MT*(L= MT	n@`N+MY 6`
 MZ1T M[ B` " B`\"
	b@ B`\"[	b!"Z(BrbM\	b
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+"`B`!"2	b`b`b+L}!"2	b!`2B`+L}!$2	d!$Lu+M M\	b@M],M]	d!$Lu BL> DL?,~@@LB M^*(LH BLB DLC BX B` DXZL@(D}	d ` DLB DX "2D`bM^d  "bM,M@@LA+M LH BX@@LI Mb	b$+M!"LJX"X*"X!"`
LC LC,M@ +M$ JX,M@ +M8
&Mc "bM^a`+M#+M
a`+M#,M@ LA+ +M# 	x HM3	h	&(2 
PL Mi.L@ &..0P`bp+M.d
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,~:x,~ " BMQO@L@O@LAg "?$MQ+MH	d5DM< MQ(D DL@+M8,> e`p+MD7 LA+MGl!LA+MF7 L@+MGl!L@:+@>,^+M8
&Mi,~ "
&Mk,~ "
& ,MP	b (My+ML
&M},~@;`L?+LQ+MK	DHL%0CMQ Cannot do MPB QUEUE on GALAXY system. (MU+ML`` `P$` h	H LB


C2d;y1,>NZ6#p0b+NI@Ap NQ $	b2+N6 "6@&Z&." p4DN+.$(B{(D{0d+NI BNP DNO ( & Q&	f2+N
 HNN3HNO+N2(NO+N!.(3(NP NP HNO@@NP@@N.S"xZHN.:N..(3hNO*bN!$6@NPGDN. NQ	d2+N3hNO+N NP(F+NG6@NP+NO@NP+NOApZN.3bNO+NI/"*NN BNO+N"@Ap NO:!&@@N.!"x HN.:N.GFN..(3hNN*bN$ NQ	d2+ 3hNN+N#6Ap+NI+NZ	b+ @gp+NG6@&+N<Z.$1$ $!	d+NI $QD&,NJ pZaD $ NR	fQ&[[&.&."`b+NI!."!`aB	b:p	d+NI/'p.& Gp,~OAp,~G3]x1,>NZ@	`+NM,~
&NR	` N.p 
Cannot write-enable high segment data area.