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      (a) Version number four of STP.
      (b) The write-up of STP, which is in RUNOFF format(STP4.RNO).
      (c) The write-up of STP, which is the output from RUNOFF(STP.DOC).
      (d) Subroutinues that are needed to get STP running, these  are  a
          part of our FOROTS (FORWMU.MAC).
      (e) The  documentation  for  the   WMU   subroutines   to   FOROTS
      (f) A file of  source  compares  that  we  have  made  to  FORTRAN
      (g) The command file which is used to compile STP (STP.COM).
      Note:  This file will be deleted automatically when used  by  F-40
          so make sure you keep another copy around.
      (h) The command file  which  is  used  to  load  STP  with  LOADER
          (STP.CMD).(CHAINB switch must be on)
      (i) The command file which is used to load  STP  with  LINK-10  V2
          (STP.LNK).(Requires OVERLAY option)
      (j) The compiled SAVe program of STP (STP.SAV,STPK4.CHN).
      Note:  These files have been created on a KI10  processor.
             Also STPK4.CHN must be stored under [1,5].
      (k) A test data bank (TEST.BNK).
      (l) The command file that is used to test the  program  using  the
          test data bank (TEST.CMD).
      (m) An output file from the command file to  be  used  to  compare
          answers from our KI10 using FILCOM(S1046.DAT).
      (n) Dummy file used when compiling STP (USAGE.F4).
      (o) Two dummy files used when loading STP with LINK OVERLAY
      (p) Code to allow the use of OPEN/CLOSE statements  with  F-40 V26
      (q) Source files for Decsystem-20 operation. See section 3.

     When running STP with the test set of data, you must answer "NO" to
     the  first  question,  then  type  @TEST.CMD, after "WHICH COMMAND"
     later STP will ask "ENTER DATA".  The required data is as follows:


     Then it should run by itself to the finish.

     There are seveal undocumented commands in STP.  The following is  a

        SYS    -  Exit and save (without printing) "ASSIGN"ed output
        DISCR  -  Discriminate Analysis (type help to first question)
        FRIED  -  Friedman Two-way Analysis of Variance
        SIGN   -  Sign Test
        SIZE   -  Gives the size of each overlay
        SAVE   -  Does the same thing as "STORE"

     Although they are not documented there  should  be  no  problem  in
     using them.
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     STAT PACK uses LOADER-CHAINB because STP is so large it must be ov-
     erlayed, and we realized not everyone has LINK-10 with the OVERLAY
     feature.  STAT PACK can be used with LINK-10 by using a dummy
     subroutine called CHAINB.

     An arbitrary value of 8000 data points has been set  in  STP,  this
     with  the  program  is  about  36K.   Since  STP  uses dynamic core
     allocation one may have a higher set of data points.  When STP asks
     if  you wish to change your data limits you may respone with "UNL".
     This will let STP grow to whatever CORMAX is set at.   If  this  is
     used  under a number that has virtual privilege.  It will work, but
     we do not suggest it because then it will be working against itself
     if it goes virtual. If several jobs are using "UNL" then this could
     have a effect on your computer.

   STAT PACK may be put in any area you chose, subject to the following

   If STP.EXE(or .SAV) is accessed from one of the Ersatz devices:
	OLD:([1,3]), SYS:([1,4]), STD:([1,4]), or NEW:([1,5]),
	or one of the specific areas; [1,4] or [1,5],
   then the chain file STPK4.CHN will be searched for in OVL: and
   failing that in NEW:.

   If STP.EXE(or .SAV) is accessed from an area other than those above,
   or is found via a LIB: search, than STPK4.CHN will only be searched
   for in that same area.

   CHAIN cannot be used if any of the MACRO sources are compiled with
   MACRO v52 or later.

2)  Documentation to changes made to our system and examples of  compile
     and load instructions:

     (a)  LOADER #610.5
     (b)  CHAINB #6.1A, 6.5
     (c)  Documentation on how to use CHAINB
     (d)  Example of compile and loading STP with F-40 or
     F-10 and LOADER or LINK-10 V2

3)  Decsystem-20 operation

      The modifications described below were supplied by "The association
      of American Railroads" and Western Michigan University can assume
      no responsibility for the completeness or correctness.

      (a) The files with .D20 extensions replace the correspondingly
          named files with .STP extensions.  The exceptions are:
          EXPUNG.D20 should be changed to ExPUNG.MAC and does not
	  replace anything and STPLNK.D20 should replace STPV4.LNK.

      (b) AAR notes that after STP is linked, the .HGH and .LOW files
	  generated must be converted to the Decsystem-20 ".EXE"
	  format by use of the CNVRT program. The program EXPUNG is used
	  by STP to clean up temporary files generated by STP. In addition it
	  appears that PRINT and ASSIG commands give output to the same file.