Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - decuslib10-10 - 43,50516/baserr.exe
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?p` ?xE\YKb)/<jg/`INXg#	t{A)/{BE@t^vu 
&-u*>	`,0xs-ux,E\Yz}
&_@,>	v/r&6&62,> &6.6.8*x,> 6,> &6.8,>5V6,^
&`,~ZZ(/06@+?Z.6	v+fZ
(X(<Q6@ VqQ*@ ~ V6S68; V6@@7@@7
r+ib6+iZ(  V)ZP( V- ,' 7A9
K L/(7A+T:3,+M,XS6XX( V@*PS@@@*pRbq+q+b,X:2,+P7A+U+L />"`QV H@*p]bq1+b Z826,~ X X@*p^ bq+^
? Disk write error

? Not enough core

? Cannot access disk

? File saved but not preserved
R`6@@7@@7B6+iR7d66 $avG$ V7R`6"6+m",~ on more than one channel
? String record length < 1 or > 132
? IF END asked for unreadable file
? SET argument
? ON evaluated out of range
? Too many FN's, GOSUBs or error traps
? Data file line too long
? Illegal character in string
? Mixed random & seq. access
? Output item too long for line
? Bad DATA
?  File never established - referenced
? Failure on lookup
? Failure on enter
? Attempt to WRITE# or PRINT# to a file which is in READ# or INPUT# mode
? Attempt to WRITE# or PRINT# to a file which has not been SCRATCH#ed
? Attempt to READ# or INPUT# from a file which is in WRITE# or PRINT# mode
? Attempt to READ# or INPUT# from a file which does not exist
? File not found by RESTORE command
? Line number
? Mixed strings and numbers
? Output string length greater than record length
? File not in correct form
? Illegal filename
? Attempt to output a number to a string field or a string to a numeric field
? Output line more than 132 characters
? More than 132 characters in image
? Exponent requested for * or $ field
? Attempt to output a negative number to a * or $ field
? MARGIN too small
? Mixed READ#/INPUT# out of bounds
? PAGE length
? Channel number is <1 or >9
? Attempt to write a line number greater than 99999
? Impossible vector length
? Illegal char seen
? No room for string
? CHR$ argument
? INSTR argument
? LEFT$ argument
? String formula more than 132 characters
? MID$ argument
? RIGHT$ argument
? SPACE$ argument
? VAL argument not in correct form
? Subroutine or function calls itself
? Out of DATA
? Cannot erase file on channel 
? No fields in image
? No characters in image
? No such device 
? Quota exceeded or block no. too large on output device
? Device is write locked
? Out of room
? File  is not random access  record length or type does not match 
? Cannot lookup file 
? Cannot enter file  in line 
? File 
? File opened TO PLOT
? Input line too long
? System error
? Out of static list space

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