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RPGII Command Strings


1. Each file descriptor has the form:

2. Relfil receives the machine code generated by the compiler.
   If no code is desired, replace "relfil" by "-".

3. Lstfil receives the program listing produced by the compiler.
   If no listing is desired, replace "lstfil" by "-".

4. Src1, src2, ... are the RPGII source files required
   to produce one input program.

5. If "device:" is omitted for relfil or lstfil, "DSK:" is
   assumed. If "device:" is omitted for any source file, either
   the preceding device name is used, or "DSK:" is used
   if there was no preceding device name.

6. If the filename for relfil or lstfil is omitted, the filename
   of the first source file is used.

7. If ".ext" is omitted from the relfil descriptor,
   ".REL is used. If ".ext" is omitted from the lstfil
   descriptor, ".LST" is used. If ".ext" is omitted
   from any source file descriptor, ".RPG" is assumed.

8. If "[project,programmer]" is omitted for any file, "[user ppn]" is

9. Switches:

   A		List the machine code generated in the lstfil.

   C		Produce a cross-reference table of all user-
		defined symbols. (Not implemented version 1.)

   E		Check program for errors, but do not generate code.

   H		Type description of RPGII command strings and switches.

   M		Include a map of the user defined items in the lstfil.
		(Not implemented version 1.)

   N		Do not type compilation errors on the user's TTY.

   R		Produce a two-segment object program. The high
		segment will contain the calculation statements; the low
		segment all else. When the object program is loaded
		with the linking loader, RPGLIB.REL will be added
		to the high segment. (Not implemented version 1.)

   W		Rewind the device before reading or writing.
		(Magtape only.)

   Z		Zero the directory of the device before writing.
		(DECtape only.)