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X~ ~P(H@xdmpmap	D"deIdeN?}})~~})~~8Qu\/83co_m 
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P		@	 	H "HUFD@	0`XX8P (08HP
yH1)file name 2)file extension 3)files in directory (where app	 !licable) 4)block address on original pack 5)block address on target pack 6)blocks in 	 *file 7)block address on target pack of superior UFD 8)if a UFD, points to first file  2entry in mapH5map.lstH7map.filH9dsk	D"SL}mW+'_{2](+	deI`!qd(a`2x	D"`!OM`bX`#lkv`~n`	Dzf5-BHUbQ8ndbQ\eMP$@PX446 6@8H8D"`SpbHfKb`H=KwgExY&8,gg	 9H

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