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SAM76 implementation on the DEC10                         < Page - 1 >

||                                                                  ||
||                SAM76 implementation on the DEC10                 ||
1.	DEC10 version

The standard set of functions found on all versions of the language is
defined  in  the  SAM76 language manual, and a copy of the definitions
themselves may be found in the file SFUN.DOC.

The implementation on the DEC10 provides a  number  of  functions  not
generally  available  on micro processor systems and not documented in
the SAM76 language manual; these are described in file S10FUN.DOC.

Additionally  a  number  of  other  conditions  unique  to  the  DEC10
implementation will be discussed below.

1.	Installing the SAM76 system

First compile, then load and finally "SSA" the file named S.MAC:




Then  place  the  saved  copy in "SYS" using the name "SAM76"; this is
essential so that user created run-time programs can find  the  proper
"HISEG". The user may first wish to change certain parameters found on
the  first  few  pages  of  the  source  program to suit special local
conditions; typically default protection levels.

2.	Caution about files created and "BACKUP"

In  order  to  protect  the user from accidentally destroying his work
space through the attempt of executing the "BF - bring file"  function
on  files  not created by the SAM76 system, a special means of marking
files created by the "SF - store file" or "UF - update file" functions
is used. These files when created are given a  creation  time  greater
than  "2400"  hours,  where  the real creation time may be computed by
subtracting f2400 from the time  shown,  dividing  and  dividing  this
number  by  three.  This  scheme  was used because DEC did not wish to
provide a "MODE" number for this system.

< Page - 2 >                         SAM76 implementation on the DEC10

This scheme usually causes no problems except when a version of BACKUP
is used to save and restore files, where that  version  has  not  been
corrected to guarantee file handling with absolutely no change in file
creation  time.  In the event that such a deffective version of BACKUP
is used, it is still possible  to  restore  the  files  by  using  the
"&BF,filename/"  expression  to  bring  the  file  into  memory,  then
resaving it using the normal "%UF,filename/" function.

Similar technique may be used to recover files which may have been put
onto DECTAPE using "PIP" rather than SAM76 itself.

3.	Available Functions

Files  SLIST.DOC  and STABLE.DOC provide a list of functions available
on the system. File SLIST.DOC is created by executing text  named  "A"
in file SLIST.SAM and is generated from the system in actual use. File
STABLE.DOC is an extract of the source program.